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A single mother tries a new dating app, with surprising results

Rated: X
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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.), Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
Size Roles: M/f
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Published: October 29 2019 Updated: June 12 2020

1. Trish's First Meetup by Thatgirlyouknow [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (9145 words)

I'm excited to say that this is my first commissioned story! Thank you all for your readership and support, and thanks to REDACTED for letting me put this on paper!

From their mind through my fingertips, enjoy!

2. Trish and Jeff Expand Their Horizons by Thatgirlyouknow [Reviews - 0] (9596 words)