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It was a boring day, made especially dreary by the fact that the sky was overcast, making everything under it seem to be a dull and lifeless grey. Jessica was sitting on the couch, half watching whatever the hell was on TV and half on her phone as the clouds slowly rolled by outside the window. It really felt like a nothing day, nothing was happening. There was nothing good on TV, and all of her friends were either working or being forced to spend time with their families, so there was no one to hang out with; and to top it all off, summer was ending. 

Jessica would be entering her last year of highschool tomorrow, but it didn't excite her, it still meant a whole new year she had to sit through. But for now she would just sit on the couch, doing nothing as her 5'9 frame took up some cushion space and her long brown hair flowed down her shoulders in waves. She blew a piece of her hair that was bugging her out of her blue eyes. For some reason, that just reminded Jessica of her younger sister, Samantha, and her straight black hair. 

That damn runt, Jessica thought. Even she wasn't around to pick on today. Jessica's shorty of a sister went off two days ago for some kind of exchange program at another school. Jessica didn't really care enough to remember the name; she was just annoyed at it for taking away a possible source of entertainment. 

Being the older sister, Jessica would love to tease and torment Samantha to her heart's content. When they were younger Jessica would chase Samantha around the house until she caught her, pinning her down on the ground until she cried "okay okay! I'm Nano! You crushed me! Please get off!". It wasn't the most fun anymore, but Jessica did enjoy her little sister squirming under her. 

That's probably what gave Samantha her Nano crushing fetish Jessica secretly knew about. Or at least that's what she could guess going through her sister's internet history. Strange how those things work. 

Ugh. To think, Jessica was so bored that her mind kept wandering like this. So annoying. Why wouldn't something just happen??

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Jessica felt strange, considering that happened just as she wished for something to happen. Oh well, sure thought, the plot goes on. 

"I got it, sweety," Jessica's mom called out from the kitchen, her 3 inch heels clacking away on the tile floor. 

Their mother, Angela, was a decent 5’5, but even with her 3 inch heels she was still shorter than Jessica. Whenever she went without her heels Jessica could easily see her mother’s brown roots, the rest of her long hair having been dyed a light blonde. Angela was often away at work, but she did try to make time for her two daughters, She was a little hesitant at first, but when Samantha asked her to go on that exchange program thingy to the Nano school she just couldn’t say no.

Jessica stayed sitting on the couch as her mother answered the door. She heard her talking to someone, another woman, but Jessica didn’t really care to listen to whatever they were saying. Jessica just gave a little chuckle as she read another hilarious doge meme. After another few minutes Jessica heard the door shut and the clacking of her mother’s heels fall back into the kitchen.

“Jessica! Come here real quick! The exchange student is here, come say hi!” Angela yelled from the other room.

“Ugh.. come on..” Jessica sighed as she was forced to sit up from her comfortable seat. It was pretty annoying, but at least meeting this new student might be interesting. Jessica got up from her seat and began trodding off into the kitchen, her socked feet thumping gently onto the hard floor. 

When she got into the kitchen she say her mother smiling down at a small clear plastic ball on the table. As Jessica got closer she could see a tiny figure standing in the ball next to a tiny chair. The ball, of course, was a tiny safety carrier Nanos would sometimes travel in so they wouldn’t fall or get crushed. It was basically just a plastic ball with a platform and a chair, it was designed so the platform stayed level, so the little ones didn’t get thrown around.

The tiny Nano in the ball began waving to Jessica as she got closer, sitting down on a stool by the table. Jessica brought her face closer and could see some of the more finer details of whoever was inside. It was a tiny girl, maybe a year or two younger than herself, hard to tell. She wore a beige button up sweater with a dark blue plaid skirt that covered most of her thighs above knee-high socks. On her face was a big smile, showing pearly white teeth and red lips, her cheeks were pale but had a blushed hue to them that was most likely makeup. Her hair was completely black and set into two pigtails that didn’t quite reach her shoulders. She wore a pair of dark red-rimmed glasses that seemed to guard bright hazel eyes that could hardly hide any excitement she was feeling at that moment.

“Hi!! I’m Nicky! Nice to meet you!!!” The tiny girl yelled as loudly as she could, her voice coming through the ventilation holes in the top of the ball. 

Jessica just kept looking at the tiny waving girl, not even giving a moment to respond before turning back to her mother.

“How long is she staying?” Jessica asked, not showing any of the excitement Nicky was.

“Just a couple of months until the program is over. When school starts you’ll take her around to all your classes and all that, she’s mostly here to see Giant culture, so try to show her a good time, okay hunny?”

Jessica looked back down to the tiny girl, again not responding who was talking to her. Nicky was still smiling, trying to be polite, but also seemed confused. Why were they talking about her like she wasn’t literally right in front of them?

Suddenly a loud ringing pierced the air, going on and off multiple times in seconds. It was almost enough to make Nicky want to cover her ears. 

Angela reached into her pocket and took out her Nokia cellphone that was ringing, reading the caller ID.

“Sorry Jess, I gotta get going to work. Take care of Nicky and play nice,” Angela said, already walking away and putting the phone up to her ear, “Hey…….. Yes, I’m on my way! Just stall until I get there!.... What??”

Angela’s voice faded away as she walked out of the room and then out of the house, getting into her car and quickly driving away within a short span of time.

Jessica sat back in her stool, once again bored in the now empty house. Well, almost empty. A tiny voice began crying out from inside the tiny ball on the table.

“Hey! So you’re Jess? Nice to meet you!” Nicky yelled out again, unsure if she was heard the first time.

Jessica moved her gaze slowly to the tiny ball, again not immediately answering. Instead, she reached up slowly and pinched the ball up between her fingers, surprising the tiny girl inside. Nicky quickly grabbed onto the chair to steady herself as she was quickly moved up to Jessica’s eye level.

“H-hi!” Nicky said again, the sudden movement and now the giant blue eye both throwing her off slightly.

“I prefer Jessica,” Jessica said in a flat voice, staring straight at the tiny Nicky, “and you know, in that ball you kinda look like one of those toys you get from quarter machines.”

“Oh.. Uh, yeah, I g-guess.” Nicky said, not really sure how to respond, but steadily getting more nervous. She’d never really spent much time with Giants, this actually being her first time outside of people working in the exchange program.This was getting a little scary..

Jessica just kept looking at the little girl inside the plastic ball, the uncomfortable look growing more evident on her face. She shook the ball gently up and down, making Nicky even more worried as had to grip the chair even harder to keep from falling down. 

You know, maybe this exchange thing wouldn’t be so boring after all.

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