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Story Notes:

Hello! I'm new to the size community and this is my first story of hopefully many to come! I also have a Twitter account if you'd like to read more sizey-nonsense! https://twitter.com/tiny_trent


He woke up in darkness. A sweet smell surrounded him. He couldn't move as he was stuck between seemingly hundreds of hard objects. He screamed for help... 

"HELLO! W-WHERE AM I?! S-SOMEONE PLEASE!-" Suddenly he was violently thrown around among the hard objects. His skin cut as he tumbled while his prison was turned upside down. He tried to grab onto any of the objects around him to stop his tumble as he grimaced in pain. He closed his eyes while he found himself freefalling along with the objects. The clanking noise rang in his ears as he and the objects collided with another smooth, hard surface. Luckily he was on top of the objects, or his journey would've been over, crushed underneath one of them before it truly started. Through the pain from the cuts on his body, he opened his eyes to see that the sweet-smelling objects were of unnatural colors. Red, green, blue...these couldn't be natural structures. Each object appeared to be as large as his body as he struggled to climb on top of one to get some semblance of a vantage point when suddenly a waterfall of white cascaded onto him and his rocky landscape. He was caught up in the current of the liquid, almost drowning as he couldn't stop himself from swallowing a somewhat large chunk of it in his mouth while he was violently thrown to the surface. He tasted it. It...it tasted like milk. He coughed and sputtered in a panic, realizing that the sweet objects were just pieces of cereal and his massive prison he woke up in was just a box designed to hold thousands of tiny cereal pieces that he was now the size of, and this new area was a bowl. As he darted his eyes around floating in the milk, he looked up to see a titanic woman with dark brown hair casually bringing a massive spoon into the bowl as her hazel eyes never looked in his direction. 

"HELP PLEASE I-I'M DOWN HERE IN THE BOWL I-CAN'T GET OU- *The spoon impacts the cereal a few hundred feet to the right of him. The sound of the spoon piercing the cereal almost shattering his eardrums as he frantically swam in the other direction while the spoon was lifted with streams of milk raining down on him throwing him under once again as the spoon was lifted hundreds of feet into the air into the woman's mouth as she crunched down. The sound of the cereal being crunched filled him with dread as she chewed seemingly hundreds of cereal pieces that could easily be him. As she chewed, she quickly brought the spoon back down for another bite. This time the spoon was sent directly under where he found himself floating as he felt himself being lifted along with milk and the colorful cereal. He screamed at the top of his lungs as the spoon got closer to her mouth. 

"PLEASE MAM! HELP ME! PLEASE DON'T EAT ME PLEASE STOP" - he said through tear-filled eyes. Her eyes never looked down as he continued to plead. He was just a speck on her spoon. He'd already given up hope when he noticed a smirk appearing on her face just as she opened her mouth to eat what would be only her second bite. Before he could form anymore pleads, he was already inside of her mouth with the cereal. The humidity was instantly making it hard to breathe as he was sent violently towards her molars with the colorful grains of cereal. *CRUNCH* her left molars came down and turned the cereal into mush as he yelled and pleaded inside of her mouth. As if she could hear him, her tongue moved and grabbed him, throwing him to the other side of her mouth under her left molars. Her taste buds and the ridges of her tongue scraping his skin as pieces and chunks of it ripped off while he writhed in pain covered in milk, cereal mush, and saliva. He opens his eyes through the pain just in time to see her molars come crashing down on him. *CRUNCH* his body was ripped apart and painfully shattered under one of her teeth. His bones didn't put up any resistance against it as she continued chewing *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH*. She swallowed the mixture of cereal with a small hint of blood from the tiny man who never stood a chance. She caressed her hand along her throat cooing while she swallowed. Another smirk appeared on her face as she said one word with a smile,





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