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‘Finally, you’re awake,’ the voice rumbled down like melodic thunder, the ground quaking beneath you.

The world swam, your stomach cramping as you tried to make sense of your surroundings.

‘I thought you’d never come around but gosh how happy am I that you did? I certainly didn’t want to go to all this effort just to squash you again.’ A peal of giggles fell around you as you struggled to your feet, a hand on your groaning stomach.

With your other hand you rubbed your eyes, trying to force clarity through the murk. The world emerged as though being drawn from underwater. You screamed.

Her laughter swallowed the sound, ‘Yeah that’s right hun, scream it out.’

She lifted her huge bare foot from where it rested on the table beside you and swung it above your head. The tan sole filled the sky, her truck sized toes flexing. ‘Oh nooo,’ she mocked, lowering her foot towards you, ‘what’s happening? Why am I so small? Please don’t step on me! Blah blah blah!’

You were sent sprawling as the huge foot slammed down before you, her massive toes scrunching mere feet from your trembling body. A sob of fear fell from your throat as a stream of urine dribbled across your naked thighs.

High above, reclining across the mountain sized couch, the giant woman pointed at you and laughed harder. She closed her eyes, her mousey brown curls tumbling across her bare shoulders. She looked so familiar though with your clouded mind you couldn’t place her.

‘Fuck, you’re ridiculous. You’re gonna be the best one yet aren’t you? If you’re done pissing all over my table, you’re gonna clean that by the way, I’ll start explaining what has happened to you.

So correct me if I’m wrong here but the last thing you remember, you were at home with your family. It was the 4th of July, you’d had a BBQ, you took a ton of pictures on your phone of your Frenchie eating a hotdog. Now you’re in my apartment, the size of a bug, trembling at the feet of a goddess that you vaguely recognise but from where?

Well let me tell you. You see that little device behind you?’

She gestured to the glowing canister behind you. It hummed gently, its stainless steel sides shining in the light that filtered through the sash windows.

‘That machine is your mom. It made you. That memory you have of the 4th? Yeah, it’s nearly Halloween. So how can this be? Well I’ll tell you shall I? You, the real you, shrank after your party. I couldn’t tell you the particulars as I never asked. What I do know is when you appeared on the local Shrinky listing, I outbid every other fucker for you. Like, by a lot.

You don’t know why though do you? You still don’t know who I am do you?’

You shook your head, your cheeks wet with tears.

She laughed again, adjusting herself on the sofa. Her toes flexed, rising higher than you stood before thudding back onto the wood. The impact shook your tiny body.

I’m a victim,’ she purred dangerously, smiling down at you, ‘I’m your victim. All through High School you bullied me, made fun of me for my weight. You’re the reason I spent years in therapy dealing with bulimia, you’re the reason I still spend hours every day in the gym.

And now you’re mine. Do you want to know what happened to the real you? Do you want to know how long you lasted? I’ll tell you; less than an hour.’

Her foot moved towards you, rising on its heel to loom over you.

‘That first you, you died screaming beneath this very foot. You begged, pleaded, offered me money, offered to worship me but you died any way. It was long and it was slow. Each time I bit off one of your limbs you screamed louder and begged for mercy. I can still see the look on your face when you saw your severed arm on my tongue, as you watched me swallow it and take it from you forever. Did you know I have a photo on my phone of your final moments? I’ll dig it out for you later, its hilarious.

In the end you were little more than a bloodied bean, a helpless torso crying in agony at my feet. In your final seconds you tried to crawl towards my toe, to put your lips upon my skin and pray to me as your goddess. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing, I thought I was going to pass out. You wiggled and wobbled like a maggot, sobbing the whole time.

I’ve gotta tell you, it felt amazing when you finally died. The sensation of your bones crunching beneath the ball of my foot, your flesh turning to goo. I’ll never forget it, it was amazing. In the end you were nothing, nothing but a squealing blob of flesh that died helpless and afraid.

You’d think that would be enough, that we would be more than even. Normally you’d be right but, well, I’m a vindictive bitch at times. At the same time I paid for you, I also ordered the Replicator. It cost a fortune but luckily I had a few dollars saved up. When that first you arrived I didn’t even look at you, I didn’t speak to you. All I did was tip your container into the machine and let it go to work.

I have no idea what happened in there and I don’t really care. What I do know is that when you stepped out, when you first saw me and started screaming, it lit up like Christmas. In that machine is your entire mind; all your thoughts and memories and emotions mapped out and ready to be copied over and over again.

Within two hours of you dying, I had another one of you confused and trembling at my feet. That one didn’t last long either, or the one after that. Every time you begged, every time I tortured you and every time you died. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many times I’ve killed you and in so many ways. I’ve stomped you, obviously, you’ve been eaten, you’ve been drowned, burned, frozen, buried alive, dismembered and more than once have been my little human dildo. I’ve gotta tell you, you are so good.

Every time you die, I just hit a button and the machine spits out a fully formed replacement. It’s crazy the stuff you can do with technology these days.

So what’s happening now? Well it’s simple. I got bored. There’s only so many times I can stuff you up my ass y’know? I decided I need to do something creative. This latest upgrade can substitute the synthetic flesh for a rubberised polymer. It’ basically indestructible. That’s what you are now, if that wasn’t clear.

This new version of you can take pretty much anything I can think of and bounce back. You’ll still feel everything of course, every broken bone and scrap of torn flesh will be real but not fatal. For me, that makes things much easier as I’m sure you can appreciate.

One of my favourite things to do with you is to put you in my gym shoes before a workout. The expression on your tiny face as you look out of my shoe is incredible. You always plead for mercy for as long as you can before you have to start running or end up under my foot. Half the time I barely make it out of the door before you lose an arm or a leg. Honestly, I can only imagine what you go through in there, it must be like an oven. Pretty much every time I finish a session there’s barely anything left of you. At best you’ll be on the verge of death, choking on my sweat as you bleed to death. Normally you’ll just be mush between my toes, a red blob and nothing more. It’s really quite pathetic.

Now though, you’ll survive every time. No matter how many times I step on you, no matter how hard I torture and torment you, you’ll survive. Your bones will mend, your flesh will knit, you’ll choke up my sweat, my cum whatever. And then we get to do it all over again, isn’t that great? I don’t know about you but I am super excited.’

You sank to your knees, head spinning. A pang of agony stabbed through your abdomen, causing you to double over.

‘Oh yeah,’ she beamed, leaning forwards. Her smile widened, her eyes shining with joy, ‘I almost forgot to tell you the best part. I’m guessing you’ve got some pretty bad bellyache right now don’t you? Is it cramping, is it like you have never eaten before in your life? No need to answer me, I know you are. I know you are because that’s how I made you.’

She clapped her hands together with glee, laughing as you groaned in pain, ‘I can’t believe how good that sounds to say it aloud; I. Made. You. I designed you to be a little different. It took me a hell of a long time however I finally decided the perfect punishment for you. Just being tortured isn’t enough. It’s been done, its basic, it’s boring.

No, you deserve something more. You know back in high school I didn’t keep anything down for a week. Sometimes longer. Do you know how much it hurts to be endlessly hungry but no matter how much you eat, you have to get it out of your system? Of course you don’t.

Well, soon you will experience something similar. I’ve made you into something very special. I designed you to always starve, to always be hungry. You’re idiot mouth is always going to search out food, to flap and chew like a stupid little Pac-Man.

But guess what, that still isn’t the best part. It would be too simple to let you lose yourself in food, to obsess over something so normal. You can still eat regular food of course but it won’t stay down, it won’t satisfy. What you need is something more personal, something unique. You need me.’

The massive woman paused, watching with delight as you clawed at your hair with grief. Another spasm of pain went through you. The ground shook as the huge foot before you slid forwards, her toes resting just out of reach. You began to salivate.

‘That’s right, you get it. That hunger, that endless desire? The only thing that will satisfy it will come from me. Strands of fabric, chunks of dust and dirt, my sweat, my saliva, my vaginal juices and everything beyond; that is what you’ll eat, that’s what you’ll hunger and beg for. When you’re in my shoes you’ll swallow my sweat until you’re ready to burst. At the beach you’ll lick sand from my toes even as your insides tear and split.

You’ll never stop, you’ll never sleep, you’ll never do anything other than lick and kiss my body. This is your life now, cool huh?’

Your stomach rumbled again, you had to eat soon. You were getting desperate.

High above you the goddess chuckled and spread her toes. That space between them, beside her big toe and second looked so inviting, so delicious. Without thinking you began to crawl forwards, your mouth already open, tongue hanging out like a dog.

‘Ah ah,’ she chided you, a long finger descending from above to pin you painfully to the table top. ‘Not so fast, if you want it, you need to beg me for it. Come on, beg.’

She spoke as though talking to an animal. You choked out the word, gasping for breath beneath her crushing weight. ‘Please.’

‘Please, what?’ she asked, innocently.

‘Please, let me,’ you gasped, ‘please let me lick your toes.’

‘I’m sorry, who am I to you again? Come on, do it properly or I’ll take my sweet little foot away and you can try again next week.’

‘Please Mistress!’ you squeaked, ‘Please Goddess, please, let me worship you, I need you. Please, let me lick your toes.’

She pretended to consider your request, each second ticking by like an eternity. ‘Ok,’ she smiled regally, reclining in her seat and dismissing you with a wave, ‘you may.’

Her attention turned to her phone as you lurched forwards, scrambling between her massive toes and flying to her skin. She was warm to the touch, your tongue raking across the wall of flesh before you. The taste was salty, it was exquisite.

Tears of both sorrow and joy poured down your cheeks as you began the task that would last the rest of your life.

‘Thank you Goddess,’ you mumbled between desperate licks, your stomach flipping, ‘thank you!’


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