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John goes to visit his aunt, but ends up staying longer than he thought

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Published: May 03 2019 Updated: May 23 2019
Story Notes:

This is my first story so please leave feedback. I'm not sure whether or not it's good enough to continue so any comments/criticisms are more than welcome

1. Chapter 1 by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (2344 words)

Edit: I made a very brief one word edit, just to show that John has been naked since he shrunk

2. Choices by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 1] (2744 words)

Hi guys, thank you so much to the people who left a review. It motivated me to keep going so I really appreciate it. Again, I'd really like feedback for this. This is the first time I've written anything remotely like this and this chapter ended up way longer than I planned it to be so I'm not sure if it's any good. Hope you enjoy anyway.

3. Back to normal? by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 3] starstarstarhalf-star (3594 words)

This is a largely shrink free chapter. There's some towards the end but it's more about trying to show Beth's powers of manipulation. Hope you like it and as usual please leave a review!

4. Along for the Ride by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 1] (3150 words)

Thanks so much to everyone who left a review. It's had the dual effect of motivating me to keep going and hoping I don't ruin the story. Please continue to leave feedback, it's all appreciated, good and bad.

5. Life of a pet by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3121 words)

Sorry I've taken a while to update. I've had the idea for the chapter for a while but didn't know how to do it. Hope you enjoy and as always, keep leaving reviews!

6. Here Goes Nothing by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 1] (1355 words)

These next 2 chapters take place at the same time through different perspectives. As always, keep those reviews coming and hope you enjoy!

7. There goes Nothing by Anynamewilldo [Reviews - 1] (2139 words)

This is the same chapter from the perspective of the 2 giantesses. I hope it works well together but I suppose that's up to you guys to decide. There's also 2 more characters introduced in this chapter. They probably won't be featured for the rest of the story but I'm planning another story around one of them. Hope you like it!