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“Sorry I’m late ma’am,” the newcomer apologised as she entered the meeting room. Dressed in a knee length skirt with beige tights beneath, she walked with the air of someone who was often in a rush. This infuriated Michelle to no end. Tossing a yellow cardigan onto the back of an empty chair, the other woman placed a box onto the table. She then removed a shoulder bag and set it aside, passing to straighten her white blouse. Her green high heels (that matched her skirt), carried her to the front of the room, where she fixed her glasses and turned to face her audience. She took a deep breath; this was a big moment for her.


“Let's begin,” Angela Wycliff said, smiling. She was addressing no only her direct superiors; the heads of the Bayside Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Program, but also the regional manager of the headquarter branch; Michelle Turner. A few the people were in the room as well, secretaries and personal assistants, but that was unimportant.


“I'm sure you are all aware of the recently classified Griffiths virus  that had been  increasingly affecting the US population,”  Angela said, pressing a clicker to start her slide show. It showed a complex set of molecular diagrams, “For anyone just hearing about this, don’t worry, we’ve been under order to not disclose information about this in the interest of avoiding inciting mass panic.”


“The virus in question,” Angela continued, pulling towards her a second box that was already on the table, “has a very long and variable incubation period, so we have no idea how long it takes between exposure, and the start of symptoms. I should say, symptom, because the main one is …”


She tipped open the box and out tumbled six tiny bodies. There was a gasp from some of the secretaries, but the heads of R&D, and Michelle, only stared. The diminutive figures were struggling to get up on the wooden surface of the table, naked and shaking.


“… shrinking,” Angela finished. Reaching forward, she plucked one of tiny figures between a finger and thumb, careful not to pinch too tightly. The minuscule woman thrashed about, but was helplessly smothered between her finger pulps. 


“On average, our tests have shown that individuals will be reduced in size to around 5mm, maintaining normal proportions,” Angela continued, “Please fell free to examine the specimens but don’t touch.” 


She turned from the desk to continue her presentation, the tiny woman remaining in her hand. She was screaming into Angela’s finger, but the giantess was paying her no attention. She started to roll the woman’s body between her fingers, fiddling with her like a small stone. 


“Before you ask, don’t worry, these subjects have been strictly tested to ensure that their virus is inactive and cannot be spread,” Angela reassured, “So  we can come to the point of this talk.”


“Before the government will allow us to disclose the existence of this disease, they wanted a viable cure or treatment,” Angela said, “Bayside has been working on it, but so far, we haven’t been able to counteract the effects. However, we have come up with something. If you will look at the data on the slide, we’ve been trying to reverse the shrinking as much as possible. In doing so, we’ve managed to isolate a formula that can at best, increase an individual’s size by 200%.”


“So 2cm? That’s the best you can do?” Michelle interrupted, leaning back against her chair. She had handled one of the little things on the table, and was not shocked. She had known or at least suspected that the virus was real, but of course she had had personal experience. She had been hoping for a result  with the pharmaceuticals, but 2cm was not ideal. 


“Well, 2cm is all we can get to for now, but there is something else,” Angela tried to claw back her presentation, “In addition to the substantial increase in size, we have also managed to render the subject more durable. To face the imminent dangers inherent to their reduced size and visibility.”


“Meaning?” one of the heads asked.


“Meaning that the treated individuals will be able to withstand and recover from significant force, such as falling from around table height, or impact from a shoe, for example,” Angela explained, now if there are no more questions, I can continue.”




The suddenly amplified shakes of the ground alerted Ryan to the fact that he would no longer be alone. The door to the locker room burst open and a stream of girls poured in. Randall had chosen his position as best as he could, having tunnelled through the mountain of clothing, he crossed the plastic bench towards the blonde giantess’s backpack. Unlike the fatter one’s  the bag was on its side and Ryan managed to climb into the mesh pocket on the side. From inside, he was more or less sheltered from sight, but he could see through one of the gaps, the teenager boy in him not willing to pass up the opportunity to see inside a girls’ changing room. 


The titanic forms of the 16 year old beauties walked by him, toned legs and enormous asses moving right by him. The next pair of legs that came into view stopped. Ryan gazed up the length of the familiar thighs, following them to a tight pair of “shorts" that were little more than glorified panties. The dark green shorts were stretched across her hip, seemingly boosting the natural curves of her waist. Ryan could make out the gleaming bass of sweat on her exposed legs even from a distance, the glisten unmistakeable. Within seconds of the young women arriving, the air in the room changed. The once relatively fresh air was replaced with a heavy film of humid, stale, sweaty air. 


Despite the reek, Ryan still found himself fully erect, his penis throbbing as the giantess turned her divine rear towards him, the glorious heart-shaped mass filling his field of view. Despite the imminent danger, his only thought was to try to get closer to the goddess before him, his primal lust for her ass all but making him leave his hiding spot. His frustration only grew when the giantess began to disrobe.


Never thinking twice about her routine after Phys. Ed, Valerie slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts, catching her panties as well, then tugged them down. She bent forwards as she slipped out of her clothes, sticking her bare, beautiful ass right in the direction of her bag, and the tiny boy shaking with arousal inside it. Her cheeks spread, putting on display a tight asshole and toned glutes, as well as a sparsely haired pussy. 


Wiggling her shorts off her feet, Valerie removed her top and bra in one movement. She let them drop to the bench with her socks. Reaching into her bag, she fished out a towel and shower gel. Stretching the muscles in in her back, the girl walked off towards the shower block. 


He was deaf to the noise now. The colossal beings and their movements didn’t seem to scare him so much. Ryan was climbing out of the pocket before he knew what he was doing. He was on the bench in a moment. The plastic surface shook as different people placed and removed great weights on and from it. All he had eyes for were the giantess’s clothes. He had seen the way her body had glistened, and his animalistic brain was unstoppably drawn to her. The raw power of her size and the sexual pull of her features was overwhelming. Ryan crept along the bench towards the pile of her discarded clothes. 


Suddenly, a great shockwave rocked the bench and Ryan was snapped out of his trance. Incalculable tonnes of weight landed on the surface less than a foot from his goal. The massive rear end belonging to Laurie forced the plastic to bend beneath her weight, groaning as it supported her. Ryan gazed at the mountain range of her thighs, her belly rolling as she bent forward to remove her socks. Bare  breast hung from her chest, resting on her abdomen in all their glory. Her light brown hair fell over her face, the odd strands crossing her shoulder onto her chest. 


Her thigh was easily over  ten times as tall as he was, and strangely excited Ryan. Still, the tiny boy’s mind pulled him towards his initial goal. Quickening to a jog, he arrived at the upturned bra. The scent of the giantess was overpowering. The strength of her body odour brought Ryan to his knees. He was still drawing in lungfuls of her when the bench moved again. The larger giantess had risen and  was now walking to the showers with a towel around her torso. 


He tentatively took a step onto the brassier. The soft cushion of the inside fo the cup was like a mattress. His steps barely made an indent as he walked from the edge towards the centre, towards where her heavenly tit would have been pressed. He had barely enough time to savour the moment before he felt an immense presence over him. He turned to catch a glimpse of a blue towel, but before he could once again look upon Valerie, the bra was folded. The other cup was brought on top of Ryan, the two soft cushions smothering him as Valerie packed it into her bag. The tiny boy was trapped in darkness, flooded by the scent of the girl. 


The item of clothing was only loosely packed, and as it expanded, Ryan was able to breathe freely again. The inside of Valerie’s bag was spacious enough, a few books on one side and a pencil case hastily stuffed. The bra was shortly followed by a pungent pair of socks and then Phys. Ed. clothes. Ryan was pressed tightly into the clothing, but thankfully, a combination of the cushioning from the bra and sufficient space in the bag kept him from being crushed. He heard the sound of a zipper as the bag was closed, encasing him completely in darkness. 




Mia strode to the ladies room, her dark heels clinching on the ground as she walked. Each step swayed her hips, hugged by a grey pencil-skirt over black tights. A white blouse under a small grey coat covered her ample breasts and torso. They wobbled as she walked, hands free, having just finished a very interesting meeting. After stashing her laptop with the minutes at her desk, she was on her way to conduct her won experiment. For a science department, the speaker of the meeting really hadn’t had a great attention to detail. The strawberry blonde entered the washroom and waited a moment, listening for anyone else being present. As no sound could be heard, she found herself a stall. 


Locking the latch, Mia out down the seat and listened again for anyone else inside. She was satisfied that the recently fitted, floor to ceiling walls and door would stop anyone from interfering, so she reached into her shirt. Parting her cleavage, she found her prize. Glued to her left breast, buried in the soft flesh was a tiny, 2cm tall woman. She was breathing hard, fighting to stay conscious in the hot canyon. Reaching inside with manicured fingers, Mia pinched her tiny body between her thumb and index finger, and plucked her out, letting her breasts swing back together, sealing her cleavage. 


Elodie gasped as her lungs were filled with fresh air for the first time in almost an hour. The giantess had seemed friendly enough, with kind looking brown eyes and long, dark, wavy hair. She reminded Elodie of one of her neighbours, a nice middle-aged women who had babysat her once in a while. However looking now into the hungry eyes of the young giantess, she felt none of the warmth that had initially drawn her to Mia. After having been stuffed into her cleavage, Elodie had been fixed tight until just now, so she was rejoicing in her new found freedom, despite being still firmly in the giantess’s grasp, several thousand feet above the ground. 


The dimly lit space was unfamiliar to her, but as Mia continued to observe her prize, Elodie made out the white form of a toilet. She swallowed hard, starting to shake.


“Please, you don’t have to do anything to me. Just … let me go, please,” she begged, trying to make eye contact with her captor, but only able to look into one enormous eye at a time. Mia smiled. Then giggled.


“That was too cute. Sorry hun, but this is too good a chance to miss,” she replied softly, keeping her voice low enough to not risk being overheard, “I couldn’t help but wonder what you little things could do. We didn’t get much of a practical demonstration now did we?” 


Elodie slowly shook her head, not wanting to displease the goddess, but her submissive nature only further aroused Mia, whose smile broadened, “Now you want me to get a good understanding of how you work don’t you? I mean that’s the first step to acceptance isn’t it?” 


Elodie was beyond confused. What was this woman talking about? She didn’t want to be accepted! She wanted to be back to normal! Wasn’t that what this stupid company had promised her? Hadn’t they said that they were her best chance of getting back to normal? It was all she could do not to scream as she recalled the weeks of humiliation and … well, torture she had endured as a guinea pig for the sadistic scientist who had brought her to this office. Now this woman, who had no idea what she had been through, was talking about acceptance. Her shaking now came from a mix of fear and rage.


“Now, let’s find out what you’re good for,” Mia suggested, turning around and bending over. She carefully placed the diminutive creature on the seat, causing her to squirm as her bare skin touched the cold, filthy plastic. As the secretary stood upright again, Elodie had to crane her neck to look up at the towering figure. Mia’s hips dominated her line fo sight, far wider than she had ever seen before, especially compared to the skinny scientist; the shrunken woman had no chance of seeing beyond the titan as she stood with her legs apart, looking down at her from above the balcony of her breasts. The skirt rose like a sheer face, bulging out ever so slightly at her belly. The massive moons of her boobs obscured her face from the tiny girl, hanging over her like orbs in the sky. 


Elodie watched her gigantic arms reach around her sides and hike up her skirt. The tiny woman backed away, then stopped dead as she felt the toilet seat curve. Glancing back, she froze as she saw the edge of the plastic, a few millimetres away from the fatal drop into the artificially blue water in the bowl. She gulped and turned back to the giantess, now with her skirt bunched up around her tummy. 


In the later spring heat, she wore no leggings, instead showing the minuscule girl her bare, tan legs. Soaring into the air, the thick columns of smooth flesh met at their zeniths at a black thong. Elodie’s eyes widened as she observed the tiny triangle of fabric covering her clean shaven pussy, the thin strip below it disappearing between her asscheeks. She stepped towards the tiny girl, her heels clicking against the bathroom floor.


“Well, what do you think? Think you can show a girl a good time?” Mia giggled at her puny prisoner, swaying her hips from side to side. Elodie gulped as she gazed up her legs and at the startlingly large crotch above her. Without waiting for a reply, the secretary reached down and scooped up the tiny woman, ignoring her minute yelp as she pinned her between her middle and index fingers. Between the two towers, Elodie watched her legs come shooting towards her and the fly past as she was lifted along them. 


Mia giggled as the she drew the little thing towards her sex. Finally reaching the thong, Elodie was assaulted with a thick, mixed musk; the growing door of sweat sneaking under the thin coat of her deodorant. The giantess seemed to be taunting her, holding her just out of reach of the colossal crotch as her hips continued to sway. To Elodie, the movements were like tidal waves, immense and breathtaking in their sheer magnitude. 


Mia’s other hand arrived on the scene, one finger tugging the triangle of fabric to the side to reveal the grand gorge of her vagina. The pink skin folds were each several times larger than Elodie was, out-turned and bright like a flower. At the upper tip of this display sat her clit, a protuberance that Elodie though looked a lot like the head of a penis, only larger. The tiny girl reckoned that Mia’s clit was at least as wide in diameter as her abdomen, the warm skin radiating heat from a great distance. 


“Don't be shy,” Mia whispered seductively. She chuckled at the thought of the tiny creature having any control over what was about to happen. Her massive fingers rushed towards her pussy, carrying Elodie between them. The minuscule girl screamed as her body was suddenly buried in hot, moist flesh, and she found it hard to breathe. Mia jolted a little as the little one’s skin met her own, awakening some primal pleasure from the contact. She pressed the helpless thing deeper into her skin, smothering her and enjoying every little squirm as it tried to fill its burning lungs with air. 


Mia pulled back, allowing a red, gasping Elodie to catch her breath. The giantess couldn’t help but laugh as she peered down the length of her gorgeous body at the pathetic little woman, barely breathing after suffering at her fancy. The power was fantastic … but it was time to get serious. She didn’t have all day and someone would soon notice that she wasn’t at her desk. 


Shutting her eyes, Mia thought about what the little woman would be enduring as she once more, brought Elodie against her. The tiny girl shrieked as the fingers took her back against the unbearably hot, slimy pussy. This time taking her higher, and pushing her right against the goddess’s clitoris. The two fingers landed on either side of the bump, pushing Elodie’s entire body against it. The pressure being put on her chest was enough to empty her lungs, despite her face remaining free of the skin. That all changed as Mia started to rub.


Elodie continued to groan as the two fingers began to move her in a circular motion, forcing her body against the most sensitive part of the titan’s womanhood. At the peak of every circle, the diminutive woman found her face smothered against the giantess and she shook with all her little might to try to get free. The motions were getting faster. Mia was in a state of bliss, as her flailing prisoner sent jolts of pleasure through her with every desperate thrash. She rubbed her faster and faster, now rather forcefully buffeting her clit as her excitement built.


Elodie could hardly breathe, the minute intervals where her face was freed not long enough amidst the brutal pace of the carnal act. Reaching a peak of speed, Mia abandoned the circles to merely flick Elodie across her clit from side to side, battering her pathetic little body to feed her sexual pleasure. The tiny girl felt herself losing consciousness as her body was thrown from side to side with terrifying force, her little brain rattling around in her head as if she was in one car crash after another. As her breathing started to slow from her dazed confusion and exhaustion, Mia came, moaning softly as she pushed Elodie firmly against her throbbing vagina. The shrunken woman was buried in the pulling skin, exhausted and suffocating; she blacked out. 


Mia leaned against the side of the cubicle, panting as she let the waves of pleasure slow. She withdrew her hand carrying her little toy, letting her thong slip back into place over her twitching pussy. She smiled broadly at the limp body between her fingers, coated in a thin film of her vaginal juices. She was about to tuck the little thing away for use later when a knock on the cubicle door startled her. 


“You done in there?” asked a rushed voice. In her panic, Mia turned quickly, and Elodie slipped from her fingers. The giantess swore as the tiny girl fell hard against the toilet seat, bouncing with a sickening little crack before tumbling into the bowl.


“Just a minute,” Mia said, rushing over to the bowl and reaching into the toilet, her fingers heading for the floating body. She stopped just short and realised that she had no where to put her. Mia really didn’t want to keep the toilet-water-soaked thing on her person. Standing up, she decided to cut her loses. The giantess tore off a wad of toilet paper and tossed it in over the tiny body. The cold water made Elodie’s eyes open, gasping before the thick white sheet fell over her. Mia turned and unlocked the door, making some apologies or other to the woman waiting on the other side. 


Meanwhile, Elodie was fighting for her life despite her exhaustion. The toilet paper was soaking up water like a sponge and with each second, sinking further into it. Spread over the tiny woman, the sheet was dragging her down, stopping her from floating. Drowning her int he toilet bowl, a last punishment from the uncaring giantess who had just used her. Abandoning any hope of getting around the toilet paper, Elodie began to tear, using all her strength to break through the layers of wet tissue as her lungs burned, threatening to gasp in the foul water at any second. She paid no attention to the shadow falling over the toilet seat. 

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