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It was a lot harder trying to scale her leg sideways. Ryan was doing his best to keep his feet from slipping too far down and being trapped under the weight of the giantess’s thigh, but this meant that he was only making the smallest of strides. Still, as the boy slowly made is way up the titan’s leg, he noted that his environment was getting hotter and hotter. There was a definite curvature to her thigh, and soon enough, Ryan reached what he was worried about reaching; her crotch.


Finally separating his tiny body from her slightly sticky, sweaty skin, he collapsed onto the ridge of denim before her. The centimetre gap between her panties and the jeans provided a much-needed break from the incessant squeezing that his body had undergone on his climb. Ryan wiped some sweat from his brow, but he couldn’t be certain whether it was his, or residue from the warm, moist flesh of the giantess’s inner thigh. Ryan was gasping still as the sweltering heat from her crotch bathed him in a  heavy, uncomfortable blanket of humidity.


The cave he found himself in was awfully confined and dimly lit, but through the gloom, Ryan dared a glance at the giantess’s crotch, tantalisingly within reach. Her panties were monochromatic, but with was too dark to see what colour they were. Still, pulled tight against her body, the thin fabric did little to capture the heat, nor the scent of her biblical vagina. The thick odour all but physically pulled him towards her, his minuscule penis standing fully erect and throbbing at the prospect fo being so close to her sex. It helped that from what he had seen, she wasn’t hard on the eyes either.


He stood at the end of the canyon formed by the giantess’s thighs, his eyes scanning for the best means of climbing out. He thought of scaling the creases of skin where her thighs met her hips, but the meaty legs of the giantess obscured these completely, the protruding crotch pushing the panties to form tight seals. HIs only way up was going to be up the thighs, or up her crotch. Wiping his brow again, he stepped forward on the even denim, pushing through the wall of heat towards her sex.


Valerie bit her lip, still writing down her teacher’s last sentence. She had an itch, a tiny niggle on her crotch, and she cursed herself for wearing jeans. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, but she glanced at the wall clock. She still had almost half fifteen minutes until the end of the lesson, until she could slip to the bathroom. She crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs and hoping to distract herself from  the itch.


Ryan was making good progress up the soft, moist material, pulling himself up by his arms and pushing off with his legs. His feet sunk easily into the panties, exerting little points of pressure on her skin beneath. He was hopeful of reaching the top and finally getting free when everything started shifting. At first he thought the giantess was going to get up again, but suddenly, the massive thighs on either side of him shot together. Ryan could only gasp as the immense walls of flesh slammed together expanding and pushing him firmly against her crotch; then they began squeezing. The air was forced out of his lungs as his face was buried in the soft meat of the goddess’s pussy, suffocating him in her heat. Mercifully the tender area hadn’t smeared his limbs, but he was completely trapped, encased in her flesh. He was wasn’t going anywhere, and worse still, he was struggling to breathe. He felt lightheaded and his chest was burning, but there was nothing he could do. The giantess was simply pressing him against her, and in doing so removing his right to air. He felt himself slipping out of consciousness, his futile efforts to push his face away from her growing weaker by the second.


After a few minutes, Valerie un-crossed her legs, tentatively testing whether or not the itch had subsided. Feeling no more discomfort, she carried on with the lest few minutes of the lesson with a small smile; crisis averted.




Michelle Turner stepped out of her BMW right outside the main entrance to the building. Despite being located in the middle of the city, the towering 30-story building had a secluded carpark away from the street, and Michelle’s parking space was right at the front. Despite her size, the imposing woman rose easily from inside the low set vehicle, dressed smartly in a knee length business skirt, loose-fitting blouse and blazer. Her burgundy, 3” high heels matched her collar scheme and clicked as she walked away from her car, crossing the sidewalk to pass between the automatic doors into the Bayside Pharmaceuticals headquarters.


“Good morning Ms. Turner,” her secretary said, standing as Michelle stepped out of the elevator on the 20th floor, “Your coffee’s on your desk.”


“That's what I pay you for Nina,” Michelle replied matter-of-factly as she walked by, despite standing, her personal assistant was almost a full foot shorter than her in her heels, her little head only coming up to Michelle’s armpit. “There's also something from R&D in there for the meeting at 10h30,” Nina called.


Michelle swiped her key card and entered her office, a large rectangle with two tinted glass walls. One gave her a one-sided view of the city, looking over most buildings and a park some distance away. The other gave a similar view into the office. Closing the door behind her, she strode across the marble floor to her desk, where her large coffee stood on a coaster (as specified to her assistant). But at the centre of her desk was a box marked fragile.


Michelle walked around her desk to her chair and spun it towards her so that she could sit, she then fixed her gaze at the box from Research and Development, and noted to her disgust that one of the corners had been torn. She was going to have to fire Nina if that damaged any of the materials. Still, she would wait until the meeting to find out what was in the box, so she pushed it to the front of her desk, clearing her workspace.


Ten minutes earlier, Jackson had triumphed over his prison. The bruised 23-year-old had had enough; someone was going to find out about how he and the others had been treated, and then Bayside Pharma was going to pay. In a deranged fervour, he had managed to tear through the corner of the thick cardboard box and as light broke into the darkness, he escaped. But the light was blinding and the few scenes he could make out, made no sense. He knew that he was less than an inch tall, yet he was catching glimpses of the city skyline. His confusion only grew as he stumbled forward disorientated. Then he fell.


He hadn’t noticed the edge of the desk and tumbled a great distance before he landed on the cool surface of something leathery. The air was knocked out of him and her felt a sharp pain in his back. He tried to stand but his legs no longer obeyed him and in a panic, he realised that he couldn’t move anything below his neck. He wanted to scream, but the sound got stuck in his throat as an electronic beep sounded through the room, and a door opened in the distance.


Jackson froze as something clicked against the stone floor, the sound cutting through the silence just as the vibrations shook the surface he was on. He craned his neck to see sideways but it was non use. Without moving, he was forced to stare at the brightly lit ceiling of the room, making out only the edge of the desk above him. The sounds grew louder, taking on a much more powerful tone as something approached him. Jackson was breathing fast as a shadow fell across him and he made out a person.


This was not the first giant he had seen. Or were they normal sized? Whatever the case, he shouldn’t have been surprised about the size difference, if not for the fact that this monstrosity was something  else entirely. The dirty-blonde behemoth was as if double the size of any of the scientists that had imprisoned him; both in stature and size, and her red blazer gave her the distinct appearance of a movie villain. Jackson’s gaze fixed on the gigantic protrusions of her chest, the rotund breasts pushing out against the white blouse like small planets.


Suddenly, the surface he was on spun around, placing the giantess directly in front of him. Looking down his body, he could properly make out the enormousness of this woman, her hip flaring out to match the width of the black desert he lay on. The office skirt did little to detract from the shear size of her ass, bigger than anything he had ever imagined. The African-American man was mesmerised, forgetting his situation and letting his mind want only to get closer her delicious booty.


Unfortunately, his wish was granted. Jackson realised too late that she had her back turned to him and with unexpected speed, she began to sit down. Michelle was more graceful than the average person her size, but to the minute man on her chair, her ass came crashing down with little grace nor mercy. Jackson only saw the burgundy skirt expand as it shot towards him, hitting his body with a thump. His body was instantly buried in the fleshy beast of the woman’s gargantuan butt, the meaty mass filling the entire surface of the chair. As her weight fully came down on hi, he heard the chair groan and so did his body. His ribcage shattered with a tiny pop and the air rushed out of him as his chest collapsed. He felt the squish as his abdomen liquified under the pressure and dissolve in the heat. His arms and legs splintered as they were forced to curve around her now iron-like rear. HIs head only remained, smothered directly between her butt cheeks, smothered by her skirt.


Incredibly, Jackson was still conscious, but that only lasted for a moment. Michelle leaned ever so slightly to one side, but the tiny movement shifted her massive ass across the chair, and Jackson’s face was smeared between her and the leather chair, reduced to a little red droplet on her crimson skirt. The sweltering heat beneath Michelle was reducing his remains to nothing, barely a noticeable stain was left of the man that disappeared under the goddess’s butt.




Ryan woke up with a start, gasping for air. His chest ached from where he had been lying, and he froze as he realised where he was. With his arms on one side, and his legs on the other, Ryan was straddled across the crutch point of the giantess’s  jeans, once more in the gap between the denim and her crotch. Ryan sucked in the hot, stale air in the cavern, thankful to be able to breathe again. As  she took another step, he swayed, and grabbed desperately to stop himself from slipping. He managed to wiggle himself to straddle the crutch point with a leg on either side, trying to shift his weight to counteract the movements of the gigantic girl.


“What do you think we’ll have this term?” Laurie asked, as the three girls walked along the first floor to the changing rooms. The corridor had glass panes on one wall, overlooking the gymnasium. There were a few students already in their Phys. Ed. clothes sitting about, waiting to start.


“I just hope we don’t get stuck on something stupid like track,” Liz said, swinging open the door to the near empty changing room. They always waited until most of the other girls had finished. No one dared question Liz about why. They chose a corner and chucked their bags onto the bench, ready to get changed.


Ryan suddenly felt the giantess stop, before he could manoeuvre himself, he heard the pop of a button and a zipper fall. The tiny cavern flooded with light and Ryan felt a sudden drop. The denim ridge he sat on suddenly shot down. It came to a stop and Ryan could see. The jeans bunched up and he could now see the bright lights overhead, as well as a bit of the room. From the base of the cup formed by the denim, Ryan could make out a row of hooks on the wall before him, which could only mean one thing. They were in a changing room.


On either side of him rose the towering walls of the giantess’s tanned thighs, stretching the jeans between them. Above his, he could see the panties, to which he had only moments ago been so near, now miles away. But instead of just the crotch, Ryan now gazes at the entirety of the divine creature’s pelvis. While the mauve panties were stretched across the front, the fabric was hopelessly twisted and bunched towards her rear, disappearing between the two colossal mounds of her ass. Ryan had only a moment to appreciate the view before a titanic hand grabbed the jeans and pushed them further down. The motion violently shifted the ridge he had been sitting on and the boy was thrown backwards. Curling himself up, he rolled down the newly created decline and off the edge of the jeans.


Ryan closed his eyes as he felt his body plummet a great height, he was sure this would be it, but when he finally hit something, it wasn’t the concrete floor he had been dreading. His fall was almost completely cushioned by a bunched up ball of cloth. He opened his eyes, shaking from the terror he had just experienced and saw the towering figure before him, hunched over and reaching into a bag, her back to him.


Unlike the giantess who had brought him here, the beast he now gazed on was colossal. He could only really see her bottom half, but that told him more than enough about the size of this monster. Her legs were bare, thick meaty columns of pallor. Impossibly, they were thicker than the previous giantess’s had been, but had a softer tone to them. The skin seemed looser and was dotted with creases and cellulites. They shot up like telescopes, growing into a pair of thighs that met near the knees and then pressed together all the way up to her grotesque rear. A loose-fitting pair of pink panties did little to cover the hellish ass that jiggled was she moved. As she straightened up, the pink cotton disappeared, as if being devoured by her cheeks, the gargantuan mounds squeezing together firmly. Her bare back attested to her having removed her top, and Ryan quickly realised that this was what had saved him from the fall.


The ground shook ad the new giantess turned towards him, exposing a soft belly than hung off her front, puckering at the centre into a belly button large enough to swallow him. Breasts large enough to cover small towns hung threateningly over it, restrained by a black bra. She was close enough to him that they obscured his view of her face, but Ryan was more worried about the foot that now reached for the top he was lying on. He turned to try to get out of the fabric desert but struggled against the shifting ground. He caught a glimpse of the other giantess, the beautiful blonde; her bare feet just centimetres from him, then he was whisked up.


The larger giantess carelessly flicked her top, with Ryan in tow, into the air and onto the bench which stretched the entire length of the room. Ryan came to rest underneath the mound of cotton, unable to see what was happening around him. Terror rose up within him at the prospect of something heavier being thrown on top, so he started to try to find a way out.


“You guys ready?” Valerie asked, stuffing her remaining clothes into her bag.


“I am, just waiting on the whale,” Liz remarked, nodding at Laurie who was struggling to get her obscenely short Phys. Ed. shorts on. With an almighty tug, she pulled the fabric up over her buttocks, the green material only just able to stretch over her entire rear.


“I'm ready,” she mumbled, thrusting her feet into her shoes and looking up, her face red from the effort she had already put in to get changed. She pushed her pile of clothes against her bag and walked out with her friends.


Ryan was bundled into the ball of clothes and roughly pushed aside, thwarting his escape. He heard the muffled voice of the giantesses far above and could have sworn he recognised one of them, but after a brief discussion, the thundering quakes around him fades as they left, and Ryan was left alone in the tangle of clothing. He worked out that he had about an hour before the end of Phys. Ed. An hour before the giantesses returned. An hour to find somewhere to be found, or to hide.


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