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The car ride seemed to last a lot longer than usual. Ryan had to fight to stay away from the toes that were bullying him at every given chance. It didn’t help that Liz seemed to shift her foot every few seconds; her brother was only grateful that she wasn’t tapping her toes. When the vibrating finally stopped, signalling their arrival at the school parking lot, Elizabeth Turner hopped out of the car, slamming the door behind her. The little jump felt like a flight in zero gravity for Ryan, as his body rose with a strange weightlessness before slamming down on the insole of the shoe, dangerously close to her toes. As he pace quickened, keeping away from her foot  became a lot more difficult. The noise outside was muffled, but Ryan could ell that he was no longer in the relative safety of his home, but the shoe he was traveling on had taken him into a much larger, much busier battlefield, teaming with giants. 


“Morning  Liz,” Laurie called from the top of the steps to the front doors, “No Ryan?” 


“Can you stop stalking me? Why do you care where  my brother is?” Liz shot back.


Laurie was silent, opting instead to follow her friend into the school along with Valerie.


As the morning bell rang in the distance, the three girls walked into their history class, taking their usual seats in the middle row, Liz sitting closest the window. Slumping down into her chair, Liz bent forward to get her note book out. Having fallen behind, Laurie frowned as  Valerie took the seat next to Liz. The bold girl did not meet her eye and Laurie sullenly sat on the third seat, enraged by the blatant attack on her position in the group. Beside her, Valerie  placed her book and pencil case down with a satisfied smirk, flicking her hair over her shoulder in triumph.


Inside of his giantess sister’s shoe, Ryan was in hell. Her walk down he hall had really heated up Liz’s foot and the front of her sock was already stained with little islands of sweat. The weight of the air was pushing his body down, all but forcing him to slow down, the heat was making him dizzy and the smell of her feet was getting stronger every second. He knew that he had to get out, but his mind was screaming that he was safer here than outside in the world of beings far bigger than he. Still, as the lesson started and Liz’s monstrous foot began  to fidget, Ryan knew he had no choice. He waited patiently for a chance, when her foot was set down … and pounced.


Throwing his body forward on the canvas insole of the shoe, Ryan leapt at the gap between two of Liz’s gargantuan toes, grabbing onto the sock like a net and pulling his body up. The sock sagged slightly, bringing him between the two beastly columns of flesh, which only served to motivate him to climb faster. He quickly called the mesh of cotton to reach the top of Liz’s foot. He cursed as he saw both the expansive distance he would have to traverse, but also how the shoe seemed to come towards her foot until it touched near the ankle: he was going to have to crawl. 


Despite his repulsion at the thought of getting any closer to her foot than he had to, Ryan dropped to his hands and knees and  began to crawl, shooting along the uneven cotton surface of the sock, and trying to breathe through his mouth to keep his nausea at bay. It took almost 15 minutes, but the little being eventually reached the point where he could crawl no more. Reluctantly, he lowered his face further, getting flat against the scratchy, now smelly sock that mercifully separated his body from his sibling’s slimy skin. Closing his eyes, Ryan pushed forwards, pulling his naked body along the fabric, He could feel the tension in the shoe’s material, pushing him against the sock without remorse. He felt every muscle contraction that rippled through liz’s foot, even when  she didn't’;t move it. 


After what felt like  an age, he felt the pressure lessen. He opened his eyes and saw a surprising amount of light, shining down from above. He had reached the opening. Here, the incline of the foot increased sharply to form the vertical tower of his sister’s ankle, soaring through the opening in the shoes and up to a pair of jeans, high above. But Ryan had a problem. How was he going to climb out. The ankle sock ended just shy of his freedom, but he could at least climb it until there. He hauled his little body upwards, becoming more and more aware of how big his  sibling really was. Upon reaching the end of his cotton climbing frame, he looked up towards the edge of the shoe, the brink of his escape. To his eye, the ledge that he would have to get over was about 3 feet above him, and maybe 6 feet away from his positioning against he skin. It would be a miraculous jump if he made it. 


Ryan was still contemplating his chances when he felt the titanic foot move. He clung on desperately to the sock as Liz’z foot soared into the air, then came crashing down again. He had crossed her leg over her knee. It was just the chance he needed. With the shift in angle, Ryan's jump was a lot more verical, and he felt that he could make it with enough of a swing. The only problem was the height. He knew the the shoe was no much further from the ground, but he didn’t have time o think through every little detail. Liz could move her foot at any moment and eradicate any hope of his escape. So he started swinging side to side.


The work was unimaginably taxing on his body, but after a few swings, he let go of the sock, launching his body towards the bright outside of the classroom, towards freedom. He sailed past the brim of the shoe with a millimetre to spare, and then he fell. Ryan landed hard on his shoulder as he tried to absorb the impact of the fall. He rolled onto his back, breathing hard as he grimaced through the pain. Looking directly up, he followed the back of Liz’s leg miles up until it reached the underside of her chair.  He glanced over at his arm and moved it a little. Deciding that he was well enough to move, he got to his feet and looked around.




They had approached the counter and the cheery redheaded woman behind it stepped up to the till. She took the bottle from Jenni as her friend shifted uncomfortably behind her. Jeremy’s body was now lather in the nervous girl’s sweat, helping to adheres his body to the lip gloss. He felt the bottle below moving however, more of it sneaking out of the panties.  


“That'll be $3.99, and I’ll need some ID,” Annie said.


“Uh, we … I forgot my ID at home,” Jenni stuttered, not making eye contact.


“I'm sorry girls, but I can’t sell you alcohol without ID,” Annie shook her head.


“Oh, uh … that’s okay, we’ll come back,” Jenni stammered, “Let's go Cindy.”


The two turned to leave, heads facing the floor, hiding their smirks. It worked every time; no one suspected that a failed alcohol purchase was actually a cover for shop lifting. They were only a few feet from the door now. *Click*


The girl’s froze. The container of lip gloss that had rolled out of Cindy’s pant leg rolled on the floor away from the door. The cashier was already on her feet.


“Excuse me girls, but it looks like you dropped something,”Annie said, shaking her head.


Both girls gulped. The woman walked up to the lip gloss and picked it up, wiping it against her pants leg.


“A little sweaty, I wonder where you were stashing it,” Annie said. She stood between the blushing teens and the door, arms folded across her chest. “The rest please,” she said, stretching out her hand and glaring right through Cindy., reducing her to a sweating mess. Her hadn’t trembling she reached behind her back. Jenni was silent. 


The air had gotten hotter and Jeremy was suffocating from both the heat radiating off Cindy’s body and the sweat that was seeping into his mouth from her ass. Just as he thought he was going to pass out, the waistband was stretched above him and a trickle of fresh air shot down to him. He wasn’t grabbed, but he felt himself rising as Cindy pulled out the lip gloss, to which he was now stuck. The air around him cooled quickly as he was withdrawn from her pants, and tossed carelessly into a waiting hand. Before Jeremy could get a look at who it belonged to, soft fingers closed around the cylinder, trapping his body against it. 


“I'm going to have  to take your photos and put it on our shoplifters board,” Annie said matter-of-factly, “go stand by the counter.”


The teens obeyed without question, their heads held low.. Annie tossed the lip gloss cylinders onto her chair and pulled out her phone to snap some pictures. Jeremy mercifully landed on top of the cylinder, groaning as his broken arm was tugged and shaken from the impact. The shock was enough to dislodge his body from the plastic, and he came to rest on a softer surface. The tiny man was exhausted, but still managed to get onto his knees. He looked around and swore as he realised where he was.


The surface of the chair was curved so that the massive silos of lip gloss were at the centre and he was a little further up the left incline. The mauve fabric cushion was firm enough for him to walk along, but he wasn’t sure yet how mobile he was. HIs left arm was still a mess, bent at an awkward angle above the elbow, but strangely, didn’t hurt too much. Maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through him that made him ignore the minor injuries, preferring instead to stay alive. He got to his feet o survey his surroundings, but shook at what he saw. The chair shook with minor vibrations as the two teenage giantesses left the store, and Annie turned to face the chair. Despite being significantly higher up than when he was on the floor, Jeremy could still appreciate the colossal scale of his employee. 


Her wide hips swayed as she approached him, her hand already reaching behind her for her phone. Jermey started to wave his good arm but it was no use; Annie was already lost in her device. Jeremy only fully understood the danger he was in when Annie was standing next to the chair. The colossal thighs rose like cliffs before him, bulging forward and threatening to burst through the tight denim that enclosed them. Each one was as thick as a building, and seemed as heavy too.


As one would, Annie turned around to face away from her chair, giving her boss a not altogether unwanted view of her sizeable rear. To Jeremy, the planet-sized prominences of her ass cheeks were unimaginable; their shadow completely enveloping him, causing him to tremble. The green jeans were stretched to their limit, struggling to contain the orbs of soft, meaty flesh. Her crop top allowed him to see the  arch of her lower back, the milky white skin in stark contrast with the dark, forest tones. 


Then they started to fall. It was all happening too slowly to be real, but Jeremy couldn’t move either. As Annie  tapped away on her phone, the titanic woman sat down, her enormous ass descending with haste on the chair, and her decrepit boss. The green mounds fo her buttocks shot down towards him, and all he could do was raise one  arm to defend himself. Annie’s right butt cheek struck the chair like a meteor, hitting Jeremy’s puny body without the slightest deceleration. The helpless man’s insignificant  bones gave way without a fight, allowing the crushing weight of the giantess’s rear to shatter them. His body crumpled under her weight, and as she leaned back into her seat, what was left of his flesh was compressed. His organs exploding into the tiniest red spot on the vast expanse of her ass. A little shift her butt smeared Jeremy’s remains across the chair, erasing him from this world with a carless wiggle of Annie’s titanic rear. 




At once, Ryan realised the danger he was in. While a classroom was intimidating at normal size, being only a few millimetres tall made the whole thing terrifying. The door seemed a week away across the tiled desert, littered with titanic chair legs and table legs and the legs of giants. On Liz’s left was a wall, rising quickly to a window about 3 miles in the air, a slight gap at the base allowing a breeze  to filter through the otherwise sealed room. Turning his head, Ryan looked up the desk behind his sister. Tight denim-clad legs crossed at the knees, emphasising the width of a gorgeous, curvy waist, the left ass cheek slightly raised off the chair. Most of the girl’s body was hidden from Ryan by the desk, but he could definitely make out her face. A round, tan face with with soft features, carrying a little more fat than the rest of her body. Her eyes were fixed on the desk before her, occasionally glancing up at the teacher. Ryan waved his hands but saw not even the slightest hint of being seen: he was too small, he wouldn’t get noticed from afar. 


To Liz’s right was another desk. Ryan had almost certainly seen the girl before, but he was hard pressed to remember her name. She was very attractive. Ryan stared at the golden locks of hair that cascaded over her shoulders, the bare skin peaking out from over the brim of a grey blouse that hugged her deltoids. Without a strap in sight, the entire thing had  to be held up by the elastic top, and the giantess certainly had the figure for it. A sizeable pair of perky, perfectly rounded breasts held up the garment, and this coupled with the cropped bottom, made it seem more like a loose fitting bra than a top. Ryan gazed at a soft abdomen, a few creases showing from her bending forwards as she wrote at the desk. 


Her seat was at the  height of a mountain top, the plastic frame supporting a sizeable ass and gigantic thighs, shooting quickly over its course to developed calves. Unlike Liz, her feet were quite still, and her jeans led all the way down to the tops of her clean, white Nikes. She was quite far away as it was and it seemed like his best option at being discovered, so Ryan carefully stepped out from under Liz’s chair. 


Ryan had definitely had a nightmare about being caught naked in a classroom, but now, walking between the desks, bare to the elements, he wasn’t worried about decency. The class was going on oblivious to his presence, his minute stature not enough to catch the eye of a single person, student nor teacher. The floor was cool under his feet, and he had to fight the urge to run. There was danger all around him, but it would be a futile effort, it was too far to run. 


As the lesson drew on, the giantess grew ever larger as Ryan approached, passing under the  shadow cast by her desk, he finally arrived at her feet. The shoes that had look so easy to scale now stood before him in all their might. The thick rubber base looked clean, but there were enough marks in the material to provide holds for Ryan to climb it, so as the unaware titan took her notes, the tiny boy began his ascent. 


He rapidly climbed over the toe section and found himself on the top of her sneaker. Despite the apparent cleanliness of the shoe, Ryan was assaulted by a stale smell of sweat; the shoes belonged to someone athletic. Pushing the thought aside, he continued on his pilgrimage towards a saving grace, walking down the length of the shoe towards the ankle. The shoe was uneven, but even so, Ryan seemed to be getting  the hang of moving through the vastly more difficult world of a shrunken human. He reflected on how fortunate he had been to not be hurt, but then that wasn’t entirely true. He should have been badly bruised from the hellish ride in Liz’s shoe. He should have at the very least dislocated his shoulder from his landing on it earlier. Yet he seemed to be unscathed as he reached the giantess’s leg; he was recovering from injury a lot faster than normal.


The smell coming from the sock was ten times worse than the shoe, forcing the boy to breathe through his mouth to avoid gagging. Still, determined not to end up at foot level again when the giantess eventually stood up, Ryan doubled his resolve and began climbing again. The cotton provided an excellent rope ladder and the boy shot up past the joint to meet the cut of the jeans. The sock didn’t quite reach, but Ryan was determined to continue. He  could see how the denim was flush to the goddess’s skin; all he would need to do was get under it and he could climb freely with just the tension holding him against her. He shakily stood atop  the brim of the sock, a thick, white sports accessory, and reached up.


He couldn’t quite reach! Suddenly, he heard a terrifying sound. Chairs scrapping against the ground: class was over. While his mind couldn’t reason how he had spent almost an hour walking and climbing, he knew he had a more pressing concern. A book slammed shut above him and the foot he was on started to move. He was on the brink of salvation, but one tumble and he could easily end up underneath the 1000-ton shoes he had just climbed. With a desperate burst of hope, he bent his knees and then sprang up, reaching for the denim that would save his life.


HIs left hand made contact as the leg swept to the side and nearly batted his little body away. his fingers dug into the hard material and he held on. The impact swung his body out, only to crash it back against the firm flesh once more, mercifully striking between the goosebumps where hairs had recently been pulled. Summoning all his strength, Ryan threw his other hand up and clasped the jeans before pulling  himself up. With super human will, he managed to tuck one arm under the jeans and the get his head in, then his other arm. The giantess’s leg swung and he felt weightless as it flew through the air, his little legs dangling outside the jeans. With an all mighty groan, he pulled his body up, completely disappearing under the 16-year-old’s pant leg. 


The denim pinned his body against he skin, a pale tower of hairless ivory, populated by sparse bumps. He guessed that she had waxed recently but aside from that, the skin was only a frame to climb. His stomach jumped around as she stepped, her foot rising then crashing down on the earth. His body shook each time, but he remained pressed against her. Deafening himself to the noise and tensing against the vibrations, Ryan began to pull himself up. Each time the powerful muscles in her legs contracted, the air would be squeezed out of his lungs, but he persevered, determined not to end his life suffocated against a girl’s calf. The air was getting hotter and heavier as he rose up her leg, the material of her jeans not allowing much circulation through it.


He finally reached her knee and was forced to stop. The giantess was still walking and each step caused the great lever of her knee to bend, compressing the denim behind it with uncaring force. Ryan knew that if he were in those folds, his body would be crushed with ease. He had to find another route. Moving horizontally, he started to curve around the top of her calf, eventually moving around the leg until he reached the side. He had no way of knowing if he was on the safe outside of her leg, or the more dangerous inside. Judging himself as  being as safe as he could hope to be, he continued his climb, his course being forcefully shifted with each step, as the colossal knee continued it motions.


Suddenly, the rhythmic bending and straightening of the leg stopped. Ryan froze up, thinking that the giantess had noticed his puny movements. The thigh then began to shift, flexing and expanding to fill the space inside the jeans. Ryan felt himself being pushed firmly into her skin, the almost unnoticeable hairs on her body leaving a pattern of marks on his. Her leg seemed to continue to grow until Ryan felt like his lungs would explode from the pressure of the tight denim on his back, smothering him against her flesh. A mighty rattle spread through the leg as the giantess sat down with a pronounced groan from a chair. The tiny boy thanked his stars that he hadn’t been calling the back of the monstrous leg that was now crushing down against the chair. 


The musk radiating from her leg was lighter than the smell from her socks. Ryan struggled to turn his head to the side, freeing his nose and mouth from the embrace of her thigh, sucking in as deep a breath as he could. She was sitting, which meant that he wouldn’t have to worry about the leg movement, but Ryan still had to climb out from the now sauna-like jeans.


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