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Ryan stirred as the ground thundered. He opened his eyes and panicked as he still saw nothing, but they quickly adjusted once more to the darkness of the shoe. He quickly looked himself over in the dim expanse, and was relieved to find himself unharmed, but the sound outside was getting louder. He stood shakily as he tried to process everything that had happened. He looked down at his naked body and was shocked to find his penis fully erect. Surely the terror should have rendered it flaccid in a heartbeat, but he had after all just woken up. 


The tiny boy walked towards the only source of light and air in the old Converse, walking softly amidst the dunes formed by gargantuan feet. A thousand thoughts were racing through his head but he tried to stay focused, tried not to get lost in his own panic.


How had he shrunken?  How had he survived on the floor at such a tiny size? What had happened to his clothes? How had he slept for so long? What had knocked him out? How the hell was he going to get anyone’s attention without being seen? 


The latter was predominant on hi mind when he reached the heel indent in the shoe and looked up into the blinding sky of his hallway. His eyes were struggling to adjust, when a shadow fell over the warehouse-sized shoe. A single finger enters the gap and pressed against the back wall of the shoe, pinching it between that and another outside. The shoe was jerked into the air by the heel and Ryan tumbled back down its length to the toe section. 




“HELP! STOP!” shouted someone in the distance before another deafening boom silenced them. Jeremy dared a glance over his shoulder while forcing his legs to keep him moving. The monstrous figure of the woman was still far too close for comfort. Her dark green flat was as wide as a four-lane highway, and rose two stories into he air, yet it struggled to contain her plush foot in its canvas walls. The pale white flesh rose to form a thick tower of an ankle before disappearing beneath a tight pair of green trousers, rolled up at the bottom. The emerald fabric flared out as it rose to accommodate the giantess’s broad hips and sizeable ass, a single copper button struggling to hold its waist closed. Her top was cropped and loose fitting, showing off a soft, undefined belly, the tiniest hint of auburn hair peaking out from over the waistband. 


Annie Johnson stepped into the FoodBarn, a small whole foods market on the corner of a city block. The faded sign outside was welcoming enough, but the store itself was not in the best of conditions. With only four real employees, it was a small business to be sure, but as Annie walked in for the morning shift, there was no sign of anyone present; certainly not Jeremy, the owner and Kyle, who worked in the stock room. Seeing that the shelves were full however, the 26-year-old woman thought nothing of it. She took another step towards the closet that served as a staff room, her cruelty-free coat in one arm and her backpack slung over the other. 


Jeremy barely recognised his employee, but her long, fiery hair was unmistakeable, even if her normally 5’7" stature was now several miles tall. The 54-year-old man couldn’t help but lust over the planet sized breasts that pushed out her loose green top for a second longer, before deciding that life was worth more than a cheap ogle. He continued to run towards the shelves, hoping that he could take some shelter from the fate that his stock-room boy had suffered.


Annie hadn’t heard the infinitesimal crunch as her food had landed, and now as it rose, and imperceptible streak of red rose into the air, the stain of Kyle’s body all but wiped clean from the floor as her foot ground it as it rose. The remnants of his existence clung to her sole, only to be smashed into the floor again, each time leaving sa smaller mark until he was nothing. 


She strode to the staff rom and tossed her coat onto an empty shelf. It was odd that there were a pair on the shelf above, but she thought nothing of it. Tussling her auburn hair, she smiled at herself in the mirror, a slightly round face with soft hazel eyes and a gleaming row of upper teeth smiled back. She slipped her phone into her back picket, having to dance around to stretch the already taut jeans for any give, before skipping to the door and flipping the sign to "open." 


Jeremy cowered at the foot of the shelves as the thundering of Annie’s steps passed by, shaking the world like a series of meters colliding with the earth. He knew that each one could have spelt his demise as his mind kept replaying the sight of Kyle’s death, replaying the horrible crunch as his body was churned to a pulp under a single careless step. He would have to be careful if he wanted to survive, but he needed a plan. Annie was the only one in the store so she was his only hope … for now. 




Ryan had barely gotten up when he felt the shoe shake. Looking up he could see a terrifying sight: the colossal form of a sock-covered foot, sliding in through the opening. Ryan screamed for Liz to stop, but inside, he knew that she wouldn’t hear him. INstead, he stood, mouth gaping, as the beastly toes approached him. He could see them flexing and relaxing, bulging with destructive power, as they shot towards him. In a desperate attempt to stay safe, Ryan rushed  to the end of the shoe and pressed his little body against the canvas, praying that there was a little room between him and where the toes would stop. 


Little was just the word. The grinding monsters of Liz’s toes settled millimetres from Ryan’s hyperventilating body. The behemoths sinking into their usual grooves in the sole, but threatening to collide with him at any moment. While the faintest scent of soap still clung to the giantess’s skin, even the few steps it had taken  her to get down the stairs had already spurred the production of beads of sweat between her gigantic toes. Ryan could smell the heavy door in the air, and he knew that it would only get worse. HE was determined to stay as far from the toes as he could, but just then Liz finished putting on her shoes and stood up, shifting her foot with enough force to knock Ryan off his feet. He tumbled face first onto the nearest toe, his nose slamming against the tough, pink fabric. The smell of her foot flooded his very being and Ryan gagged, only to be thrown up against the roof of the shoe with his titanic sibling’s next step., He fell onto the top of her toe, barely having time to catch his breath before he was thrown forward, landing on the sole, dangerously close to the toes that could grind him out of existence. He scrambled to get away but was thrown around again, each step assaulting his  body, and bruising him all over.


After what seemed like hours, the foot settled, and Ryan could feel a vibration all around him. His tiny body was picking up the unnoticeably small shaking of the car that Liz was now sitting in. While the shoe muffled his hearing, he could make out voices far above him.


“Where's Ryan? Is he late again?” he heard his mother ask.


“I saw him go to a friend’s house yesterday,” Liz replied, “I think he’s staying over there and going straight to school.”


“Did he say that?” Michelle asked.


“Pretty much,” Liz replied.


“Then he’s coming home tonight?” the woman asked again. Ryan’s heart fluttered, his mother would notice that he was missing, at worst by the end of the day. He only had to stay safe for that long.


“Maybe. Maybe he’s working on a project and staying there tonight too. I don’t know,” Liz shrugged. And just like that, Ryan’s hopes crumbled. How long would he have to endure whatever hell this was? Would his mom look for him? He tried to calm himself down, but he was sweating, and not just from the already swampy air inside the shoe, or the heat radiating from his sister’s foot.




It was a hot day. Jeremy was still slumped at the foot of the shelves and had nearly given up hope. The little fan on the ceiling was too far away from him and certainly too small to dispel the heat of the spring morning. While it had been chilly earlier, the sun was beating down and turning the city into an oven. He was distracting to worry that he would die from dehydration before being crushed at this rate. He had been unlucky, choosing to run to a shelf stocked with organic liquor, in the middle fo the shop. He had already seen several customers come through but none had even stepped in his direction, pounding along with their heads miles above him, their eyes not searching for his tiny form. It was far too risky to venture out towards another shelving unit, but how long would he have to wait before someone would notice him. 


Annie was content at the counter, her eyes fixed on her phone and occasionally scanning the store. Luckily it was largely open plan, so they didn’t need cameras to stop shoplifters. There were only a few people in at the minute anyway so she could carry on scrolling through her social media. She made a mental note to post something later, perhaps with a quote from one of the many unread books that sat by her bed at home. She was still thinking about this when two teenagers walked into the store. 


Like a bad caricature, Cindy and Jenni were polar opposites. At 16 years old, Jenni was all but anorexic. She rarely ate and when she did, she insisted that it was the most responsibly sourced. it didn’t help that she was 6 feet tall and her body needed more food than the average girl. As a result, she was extremely skinny, with skin the clung to her bones and cheeks that were on the brink of caving in. With dark hair that was thinner that it had once been, falling to her shoulders, she looked like she was ill most of the time, but still was too active for her own good. Her friend was a different case entirely. While Cindy totally shared her friend’s disdain for eating, she had a bad habit of binging when she got too hungry … or when she wasn’t hungry. The strawberry blonde was thus on the heftier side, with a waist almost three times that of Jenni and an almost comically opposite plum figure. The teens crossed the store trying to make minimal eye contact with the cashier, as they walked down the farthest isle. 


Jeremy watched the youth walk by, their enormous boot clad feet pummelling the floor as they went. How could even teenagers be so huge? As he pondered the true helplessness of his situation, he noticed a shadow fall over him. He looked up at the immense tower that was Jenni’s body come towards him, having to back up as the heavy black boot fell like an anvil before him. The building sized shoe would certainly have killed him and it smelled of rubber. The sweater she wore hung off her gaunt frame like a tarp and Jeremy was somehow reassured that she was less of a threat, despite being several hundred times his size. Suddenly, as if to challenge his calm, she squared down, and the tiny man was stunned. Would he be found. He stood up and started to scream for help.


Jenni crouched down to find the cheapest alcohol she could. They  had pulled the same stunt at dozens of other places but just in case, she didn’t want to spend more money than she had to. As she pulled to a bottle of something called Cleanse, she could swear she heard someone screaming. 


Jeremy wasn’t sure what he had expected. He was trying so hard to get the titanic girls attention, yet doubted that he would succeed, so when she did look down, he was too stunned to react. The massive head tilted down and a pair of car-sized eyes scanned the floor at the foot of the shelves before locking onto him. Jeremy could see the pupils dilate and constrict as they took him into focus. then the eyes lit up.


Before he knew what was happening, a colossal hand shot down towards him, long, train-like fingers enveloping him, engulfing him in darkness. Jenni snatched up the little man and stood up quickly, pausing for a second as she got dizzy. She glanced around quickly to make sure that no one had seen what she had found, then darted towards her friend, her little prize clasped firmly in her left palm. Jeremy’s ears popped as he was lifted from the ground and then shaken as the giantess walked off with him in her hand. The tiny man  could feel the tense muscles in her hand as he was pressed into her warm, slightly clammy palm.


“Cindy! Cindy! Look what I found,” Jenni whispered excitedly, opening her palm to her friend where she hoped no one could see them. 


Jeremy was blinded as light returned to his eyes. He found himself sitting on the giantess’s palm and looked up to see another. Jeremy recoiled as this second giantess came into focus. Unlike the first, this one seemed very threatening. Instead of a skinny, girlish frame, the blonde teen was humongous, with plump cheeks and an enormous torso. From Jenni’s hand at was it level, Jeremy could truly appreciate the vastness of the girl’s breasts, stuffed into a black top that did little to hide their volume. She fixed her gaze on him with a hungry excitement. 


“NO WAY! DID YOU STEAL IT?” the second giantess boomed.


“NO, I JUST LIKE FOUND IT? the first replied.


“DO YOU THINK IT WORKED HERE?” the second asked.








“WHY DO I HAE TO TAKE HIM?” Cindy demanded.




Seemingly begrudgingly, the second giantess accepted, and Jeremy felt himself falling as he was dropped from the skinny girl’s hand into the waiting palm of the larger giantess. Without so much as a warning, the hand closed around him and and he felt himself fly around the teen.


When the hand opened, he was held between a plump thumb and  index finger, his feet dangling as his body was smothered between the two plush pads of her finger tips. And then he fell. His world seemed to slow down as he took in his surroundings and began to understand what was happening. He saw the store around him rising as he fell, and looked down. Instead of the floor, below him was a triangle of fabric. He could see the tower-like arm of the giantess pulling back the tip of the fabric, the waistband of her jeans .. and her underpants. The material seemed strained to the point of nearly tearing and the tiny gap that formed between her gargantuan buttocks and her finger was just large enough for two of Jeremy’s body lengths to fit. He fell past the waistband and his world became darker. He saw the horribly strained cotton of the panties fly past as he approached his destination. The crevice formed by the teens butt cheeks was at least a mile high, and at its base were two rolls of sustainably sourced lip gloss, one resting firmly within the canyon, and the other poking out of the cotton cover. 


Jeremy opened his mouth to scream, but at that moment, Cindy released her clothing and the space she had created snapped back to lie flush against her skin. Jeremy was just at the level of the first lip gloss when the walls around him closed in. His body was violently slammed against the teen’s skin, wedged between it and the plastic container of the gloss. His left arm was bent at an angle around the cylinder and he felt it stretch. 


“Ready?” Jenni asked impatiently.


Cindy took a step, tentatively testing to see if her stolen goods  were secure. As the thick, constrained cheeks  slide past each other, Jeremy’s arm rolled along the container. The tiny man shrieked as the upper arm snapped, the make up proving stronger than his little body as the giantess’s ass compressed his body. His scream was lost however, as his open mouth was instils filled by the pallid flesh of the teenager’s rear, muffling his cries and all but cutting off his oxygen. 


“ I think one of the lip gloss things is loose,” Cindy said, reached behind her just as the teens approached the counter.


“Shut up!” Jenni hissed, “Just forget about it. Hi, just this Cleanse please.”


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