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Jacki continued to eat her sandwich and giggle to herself much to her mother Alexa’s confusion. She was sure that her daughter would just be face down sobbing in her room for the rest of the day, hell even the rest of the week with what had happened to her birthday party. She didn’t blame her daughter for it of course. Her son had always been a complete entitled brat ever since their father had given him anything he had ever wanted. Their father had more money than they could imagine and yet never provided the rest of the females in the family with anything more than what was necessary for their survival. When he had died he left all of those funds to Drew who took after his father in not providing a cent of the fortune unless the family was in dire need of it. Unfortunately that meant they had to deal with his shit lest he one day decide he wouldn’t help the family out of an emergency. Due to his constant horrible actions the family quickly came to hate him, and after an outburst like today it was a mystery how her daughter could be in any kind of good mood. She could only wonder what was going on in her head.


Jacki snickered a bit at the sudden gagging noises her brother made from upstairs. It had been about fifteen minutes now and she could only imagine the kind of agony he must be in about now. Forced to swelter with a mouthful of her sweat that he could never hope to swallow. Submerged part way into her murky foot sweat, his cloth body unable to absorb all of the fetid liquid. The very idea of it gave her so much joy and the internal sounds of his pain only helped in adding to that joy. This ring truly was the best gift she could have ever hoped for and she had only just scraped the possibilities of what it could do for her. She had to think hard about what her next step was going to be. She had all the time in the world but she wanted to make sure what she did was just right. Then an idea hit her and she quickly shoved the remains of her sandwich into her mouth before tossing the plate in the dishwasher and took off upstairs much to her mother’s confusion.


Jacki flung the door to her room open looking at the half empty cup of her sweat and the crumpled pile that was her brother with a big grin. She thought hard as a pair of gloves appeared on her hands before she extracted her sopping wet brother from the cup and made sure to hold him arms length away pretending to gag on the filthy smell that poured from his cloth body. With a quick nod the cloth vanished and her brother now lie on the floor gasping and gagging back in his own body. He was no longer covered in her foot sweat but from the retching sounds he was making it was clear the taste and smell had gone nowhere much to her delight. She skipped her way over to him and came to a rest in front of him and crouched down so she could meet his gaze.


“Wow you look rough. I bet that wasn’t a fun experience was it. Well now that you can see what I can do to you is there anything that you might want to say to me. Maybe some begging and pleading for mercy? Maybe even an I’m sorry?” She says smugly. Drew opened his mouth to respond but Jacki pinched her fingers together and he quickly found his lips stuck together. He brought his hands to his mouth and began trying to pull them open to no success and to his sisters amused giggles. “Well I don’t care what you have to say. You’ve never cared what me ot mom or Megan have wanted to say before so why should I care about what you have to say huh? Nah I think I’ll put you through some more torture first and then MAYBE I’ll listen to what you wanna say okay?” She says bitterly before standing back up and placing a boot on the back of his head. She peered out the window and saw it was getting late now. There wasn’t much she could do now but she did have one idea, a torture that would last most of the night for her asshole brother.


Jacki pulled out her phone and checked her snapchat to find her younger sister Megan’s story. Clicking on it she felt a grin cover her mouth as she saw what was inside. Videos of her younger sister and her friends at a sleepover enjoying the night with each other. They had played some soccer, a sport her sister loved, and had spent time watching movies but now the more recent videos seemed to show something just perfect for what she had in mind for her brother. A game of Truth or Dare was underway and from the looks of it, it was one hell of a game. One video showed a girl suspended by a hook in a wedgie and another with a girl having to lick the bottom of one of the girls cleats. All Jacki would have to do was turn up the intensity of their game a bit with her new found abilities and direct them at their soon to be new guest and she would have a perfect punishment for her brother that would last all night long. There was just one more little thing that she would have to take care of. With a grin still on her face and a nod to her reflection who winked back at her obviously approving of the plan Jacki closed her eyes and opened them to see her brother slowly shrinking in size until he was no more than the size of a barbie doll. Perfect size for a couple of thirteen and fourteen year olds to really have some fun with. Then with a snap of her fingers Drew disappeared and Jacki began to change in pajamas as she turned into Drew’s thoughts. She wanted to hear every bit of what her now sadistic little monsters were going to do to her torture toy.

Drew tried to cover his eyes as a bright light seemed to penetrate his retina. One second the world seemed to be getting bigger right before his eyes with his taunting little sister’s voice ringing in his ears, next thing he knew he was face down on a totally different carpet. The other big difference was how much larger the carpet fibers seemed than usual. He could only fit a few in a clenched fist, which was very worrying considering what he had just gone through. Suddenly he began to hear something. The sounds of female giggling and laughter coming from all around him. Drew clenched his eyes as tight as he could before forcing them open one last time and trying to see through his blurry vision and ignore the bright lights. Slowly the world around him came into view, although he quickly found it was a world he didn’t want to see. Standing all around him was a small group of teenage girls all in some form or another of sleepwear grinning hungrily down at him. As he tried to push himself to his knees he felt a sudden force press him back down into the carpet and the sudden presence of sweat and the scent of feet beginning to fall down onto him causing him to start thrashing and causing the girls to begin giggling at his plight.


“Well look at his little one right here. I guess our game is about to get a lot more interesting isn’t it girls?” the one above him said to which all the girls let out a series of affirmations. What truly sent a chill down Drew’s spine though was the voice itself. A voice that belonged to his sister Megan who for some reason didn’t seem to recognize it was him who she was crushing under her socked foot. Drew opened his mouth to protest or make himself heard but felt his face even more firmly pressed down and the socked foot grinding him harder against the carpeted floor and making the back of his clothing slick with her sweat. Suddenly the pressure was alleviated and his torso gripped in her fist as he was swung in her swaying arm as the group moved somewhere else giggling and whispering to each other all along the way. Drew struggled against his youngest sisters fist to no avail before he suddenly felt his stomach dropped as he was tossed to the floor bouncing on the carpeted floor with a grunt. Then one by one he watched with dread as six young girls suddenly fell i place all around him in a circle, each one with their socked feet kicked outwards and with evil grins plastered onto their faces. Drew was confused why they all seemed so eager to torment him until he noticed it. Each one of the girls had a small pink glow at the center of their eyes, just like the pink glowing heart in the eyes of Jacki’s reflection. Their behaviour was all her doing, which could only mean bad things to come for him, especially at this size.


“You picked the wrong party to come to little guy cause now you have to join in on our game. You could always refuse but if you do then we have no choice but to put you somewhere you can’t peep on us while we just try and have a good time.” a hispanic girl in black thigh high socks and hotpants said before nodding over to a blonde girl in white and yellow ankle socks and pj bottoms who reached behind her. To Drew’s horror she pulled out a gym bag that seemed to be packed to the brim with the girls soccer uniforms. If he got thrown in there he would surely sink down and be suffocated beneath their sweaty sports gear. The girls all grin down at him as Drew simply takes a deep gulp and nods slowly causing the girls around him to all cheer and some to wiggle their toes in their socks either to taunt him or merely in anticipation of whatever was to come.


“Alright perfect. Now whose turn was it again? Oh right Hannah it was your turn to ask right?” Megan asked from behind Drew to a girl with short red hair with freckles who was wearing a pair of pink fuzzy socks with some floor grips on the bottom as well as a pair of hotpants and a tank top like the rest of the girls. The girl apparently named Hannah let a smirk fall on her face as she looked right at Drew in the center causing his heart to beat much faster. With no warning her foot shot outwards and slammed into his stomach before trapping him under the sole of her socked foot and letting the sweaty flesh inside marinate the sock, and by proxy him, in her sour smelling sweat. Drew squirmed to pull any part aside from his head out from under the girls feet much to everyone else's delight.


“Alright little guy you know how the game works right. Although just for you we are going to add a special rule. If you DO pick truth then you are still going to get a little punishment. Can’t have you getting off to easy huh?” Hannah says rubbing her feet up and down as the grips on the soles of her socks tug on his skin. Drew could only question how that was fair in his head, deciding that it was probably not the best idea to talk back to any of these girls. So with no response he listened as her smiling voice asked, “Truth or Dare?”


Drew had to take a moment to think before hesitantly responding with, “Truth?” while trying to make sure her writhing toe didn’t find it’s way into his mouth, he had had enough sweat in his mouth to last the rest of his life already. The girls sucked her teeth in annoyance for a moment as she seemed to look up in thought before a cat like grin covered her face and then was directed at him. It was not what he wanted to see and as he felt the pressure of her sole increase on his chest he knew that nothing good was to come of this.


“Alright then how about this? Would you rather we torture you without feet or torture you with our asses?” She says devilishly and instantly filling Drew with dread. Both options just sounded awful but he had to think of something. He tried to imagine himself in both positions and neither appealed to him in the slightest. He imagined himself stuffed in a stuffy cheesy smelling sock or god forbid between one of these girls thick sweaty ass cheeks unable to move in the slightest. When put into that perspective Drew instantly knew that being subjected to a sweaty ass would easily be worse. So with a deep breath, that he quickly regretted, Drew responded, “I’d rather uh...I’d rather take your feet.”


The girls all busted out laughing as the foot was lifted a bit before slamming down onto him causing him to cough and sputter into the sweaty sock that now covered his whole body. He heard the sound of rummaging before the foot was pulled away and Drew stared in shock as his sister was now holding what looked like a frilly pink dress and some mary jane shoes that would have fit on a doll. And sadly Drew happened to be the size of a doll, which can only mean one thing for him, and it wasn’t a penalty he was looking forward to. And on top of that Megan looked to the other girls who all seemed to nod as if they were one hive mind before she held the dress in the middle of the circle of girls. Then one by one the girls leaned over top it and swished their mouths collecting mouthfuls of spit. Drew could only stare with sad eyes as each girl spat a large glob of saliva onto the dress and rub it in before he felt himself picked up by two of the girls and forcibly stripped. Slowly he saw a tube of glue applied to the dress and watched the dripping fabric come closer and closer to his struggling body.


Drew cringed as he felt the warm gooey dress pulled over his body and secured to his skin along with a pair of tight mary jane baby shoes and was then dropped to the floor. He tried to pull the clothing away causing the gruop of pre-teens to cackle at his misfortune and caused him to simply force the girls saliva to ooze between his fingers in a pathetic display of panic to remove the humiating garb from his skin. If this was just the start of his penalties for picking truth maybe he was better off going with dare. Speaking of it was finally his turn to ask someone something and he turned to look at all of them. With any luck he could get her to take a dare and save him. He turned to finally speak to his sister only to have a blonde girl in thick black knee socks and leggings to cheer from behind him, “My turn, my turn!” and a hot socked sole slamming into his back and once again forcing him onto the floor. This wasn’t how the game worked it wasn’t fair. And yet there was nothing that he could do unless he wanted to incur more of the girls wrath so he simply stayed silent and tried not to burst into tears.


“Okay Truth or Dare cutie.” The blonde girl said. Drew had already made his decision after his shitty punishment the last time so with a long gulp he responded, “Dare.” with not much confidence. The blonde girl clapped her hands together in excitement and began thinking. Although that thinking didn’t last for very long as she snapped her fingers and smiled down at Drew making him question his decision almost instantly. The foot was pulled from his body before her hand wrapped around his body pinning his arms to his sides. The girl stuck her tongue out at the feeling of her and the other girls spit touching her hands and Drew tried not to gag from the feeling of it being ozzed out of his embarrassing dress onto his skin.


Suddenly drew felt himself pulled downwards back where he came from and forced face first against the black socks. With his arms pinned at his sides he found no way to defend himself from the sweaty fabric to spread the vile liquid all over his face, causing him to sputter and gag in disgust and the girl holding him to snicker a bit. She leaned down next to him and said in a whisper, although still loud enough for the others to hear, "I dare you to chew a hole through my sock and swollow everything you bite off.” Instantly he tried to pull every which way to try and escape his future torment much to everyone's delight. The girls giggled as the blonde girl curled her free finger into her thumb and brought it behind Drew. With one swift motion the girl let her finger fly as she delivered a brutal flick between Drews leg causing him to scream in pain. Taking advantage of his open mouth the girl shoved him face first into the sock filling his mouth with the salty filthy fabric and eliciting another fit of cruel giggles from the preteens all around him.


With no way out and desperate not to receive another smashing blow to his testicles Drew swallowed what little pride he hand and bit down with all his might. Instantly he came to regret it as the vinegar like taste of the blonde girls feet consumed his taste buds and his eyes began watering at an insane rate. It was downright repulsive in every sense of the word but the worst part was, he wasn’t done yet. Slowly Drew began grinding his teeth back and forth causing the girls to break into harpie like laughter. Drew could feel as fibers from the sock began ripping from it and finding a home between his teeth and all over his tongue, a few even catching in his throat causing him to gag even more. The stench of her sock and the taste of the sweat soaked sock fibers made Drew sick and he could barely contain the vomit that kept trying to force its way out of him. How had it come to this, just a few hours ago he was living the life. Fresh from a party, tons of money in the bank waiting to be spent, and a nice cushy room to rest in. Now he was face first in his youngest sister preteen friends sock being forced to tear a piece of the sweat filled cloth off with just his mouth.


Finally with a strong tug that wrung out an entire mouthful of tear inducing salty sweat Drew finally managed to rip off an entire piece of the sweat stained sock as all of the girls around him cheered. He turned to spit it out but found the blonde girls finger shoved over his lips forcing the soiled cloth to stay in its place. Drew looked at her with panicked eyes almost pleading for her to release him but the smile on her face said she had no such intention. With a smug expression on her face she uttered the chilling words, “Now swallow it.” Instantly Drew began to shake his head from side to side eyes tightly shut as he tried to wake from this nightmare. He felt as the girls chuckled and used the finger holding his mouth shut to slowly shake his head up and down as if nothing as the circle of girls began taunting him saying things such as, “Looks like he agrees. Get that sock down little boy.” or “Look Laura he’s so excited to eat your sock he’s shaking.” and so on and so forth. Finally the girl Drew finally kew as Laura tightened her grip on his torso causing him to weez in pain as she brought him to her face. Using her free hand she simply flicked the air as hard as she could before slowly moving the finger down towards his vulnerable testicles. Drew knew he had no choice so with one deep breath, catching a whiff of all the sweat that coated him, he swallowed as hard as he could feeling the salty sock material slide down his throat and join the rest of the girls foor grime in his stomach. Finally Drew could hold it back no more, letting tears run down his face as the girls began taunting him, making kissing noises and cooing that, “Their baby doll was crying”


Finally Drew was dropped the the floor a sobbing heap of terrified tiny man. And as another foot approached and crushed him he knew his night was far from over. The rest of the night was nowhere near as easy as the first two tortures. The things he was forced to endure by the manipulated preteens was downright inhumane. To name a few one of the girls named Lynn had forced his arms to his sides with string making him unable to use them and forced him to walk across a thin piece of wood. Beneath him all the girls wiggling toes hungrily moved around as if waiting for him to make a mistake. As he neared the end one girl “accidently” bumped into it cursing him to fall down onto the carpet. Instantly all of the girls feet began wrestling and fighting for his body sending him into a hellish sea of stinky sweaty sock covered toes from which there was no way to fight back.


Another dare was for Drew to climb into the panties of her black haired friend before being pulled into the sweaty abyss of her fat cheeks. The girls spanked their friends ass causing his entire world to shake and be battered endlessly by the meaty cheeks. Eventually the girls took a break from tormenting him to continue a normal game of truth or dare. Although taking a break wasn’t the right term as he stayed plastered in her crack the entire time they played consumed by the sweaty cheesy hell of her ass compressing him from all sides. Every now and then the girl would let a brutal eggy fart slide from her guts causing all the girls in the room to break out into laughter reminded that I was being forced to endure the brunt of the gaseous attack. When he was finally pulled out of her disgusting panty prison it was only to be dropped back into the center of the sweaty feet circle for another round of disgusting torments.


The truths weren't much better. They constantly asked him things that would make his torture more horrible. They would give him options such as “I was thinking about either making you eat a mouthful of toe jam or forcing you to clean my armpits. Which one would you hate more?” Or asking him things about past tortures such as, “What was the worst part of my feet to clean just so the other girls know where to make you spend time.” Not to mention the penalties for the truths which all seemed to revolve around treating him like a doll, although not in any way that could be considered good. They forced him to take a “nap” tucked into their socks or eat “baby food” which was god knows what mixed with their foot sweat wrung out from their soccer insoles. Your sister was easily the most cruel of them all making you endure the worst of the punishments.


Easily the worst of the night was given by her during a dare round. His sister had always been somewhat meek and honestly fairly kind and yet for some reason now she seemed to be downright sadistic. Her dare was simple, “Open your mouth and eat whatever I put into it.” Drew could only watch in horror as his sister placed her toes right above his face letting the cheesy scent of her feet cascade down onto him. She easily had the worst smelling of the group and the sight of her sole was downright disgusting. Plack specs picked up from her socks and destroyed soccer insoles dotted all across her soles that were coated in an obvious thick sheen of old and new sweat. Looking up with his mouth open Drew cringed as a single drop of his sisters sweat fell into his mouth. But the worst was yet to come as he watched his sister grab the sock that was just moments ago on the now bare foot above him. In full view she used it to wipe the sweat from her underarms before bringing it right above her toes. Then to to his horror Drew saw his sister purse her lips and a small stream of saliva begin to cascade down onto the sock. Slowly the saliva leaked through the sock picking up the disgusting sweat mixture within. Then the mixture slowly leaked through the sock and began to ooze between her toes before collecting the sickening deposits of her filthy toe jam. Finally the slimy substance dripped from between Megan’s toes and right into his open mouth.


Drew finally could hold it in no longer as he instantly threw up onto the floor below him. All of the girls burst into a mixture of laughter and disgust except his sister who simply glared down at him. Drew silently pleaded to Megan with his eyes hoping and praying that she would find some compassion in her heart to finally end this torture. Instead the sock was pulled away and Drew could only sob as she wiped up his tiny pile of vomit with the sopping wet fabric before placing it back over her toes and coldly telling him, “Get back down there and open your mouth. Do that again and you’re going in the toilet for the night.” Drew managed to keep any more of the contents of his stomach down that night much to the dismay of the sadistic little monsters all around him. As late night finally came the girls were at last growing tired. Drew was just happy to have this litteral torture come to a close after having to lick every stain out of a gym sock which was quite literally impossible. Ready to go to bed Drew began to curl up on the floor but the taunting voice of his sister ended that quickly.


“Oh no you don’t torture toy. We have a special place for you to sleep tonight. We can’t have our little doll run away from us before tomorrow now can we.” She said as she retrieved a jar from the kitchen. He watched as they poked a single hole in the top of a lid. Then one by one the girls pulled out their soccer cleats as well as the sneakers they wore casually. Confused Drew simply sat on the floor trying to make sense of whatever the girls all seemed to be giggling at. Then it all made sense as one by one the insoles of the different pairs of shoes were extracted. Some were barely used and simply looked a bit shiny with a few months of residual sweat plastered into them. But others like his sisters had a clear black stain in the shape of her foot and tears in the rubber from literal years of being sweated into and absorbing foot grime. One by one the insoles were shoved into the jar until there was almost no room left. Then with a glint in her eye and a nod to her friends Megan pointed the jar at Drew. Two girls each grabbed an arm and a leg as Drew thrashed and pulled and screamed is hardest for freedom, for mercy, for this to just end. Instead all that happened is the two girls very slowly, almost as if taunting him, moved him closer and closer to the jar filling his nose with more and more horrid foot stench. Then with no mercy to be found the duo forced him head first into the jar, making sure he was deep enough to no longer be able to struggle.


Drew was sure he was in hell, all the torture he had endured had to have proved that much right? But as if god decided to prove it could get worse Drew felt water slowly flow all over him drowning him in a liquid that picked up toejam and sticky smelly sweat before pooling just below his face before the lid was screwed in the jar. Drew was confused, the water did smell foul and would likely grow worse as it soaked up more and more sweat from the insoles over the night but he didn’t see much point. That is until about an hour in when he began sweating profusely and the environment was thick with moisture from the sweat saturated pool below. They had likely stuck his jar next to a heater of some sort. Which could only mean that for the rest of the night all Drew could do was wait, sandwiched between a dozen plus insoles from a group of sweaty soccer sadists, and cook inside of her own personal foot sweat sauna. Drew would have screamed but he was afraid of catching anything more in his mouth. So instead he just hung there upside down, and suffered the stench.




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