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Author's Chapter Notes:

Fair warning there won't be exclusivly giantess stuff in here. Expect transformation (like this chapter) and some full sized stuff from both parties.


Jacki slammed the door as she stormed into her room and flipped face down on her bed, tears running down her cheeks and into the cushy sheets of her bed. She couldn't stand him, she hated him more than anything in this world. Her brother always made her life hell, no, not just her life but everyone's life. Her friends, her family, her friends family, the guy was a goddamn menace and she just couldn't take it anymore. And now he had ruined her birthday her sweet sixteen at that.


He showed up slurring and throwing things, he was always so spoiled and thought the whole damn world revolved around him. Today was no different, he showed up intoxicated at her party, started hitting on her friends despite being three years older than them, he trashed her presents, and as an extra added twist of the knife he stumbled over and sent her massive cake crashing right into the ground before yelling at HER and stumbling into his room in the basement flipping off all of them. Now all she could do was cry into her bed and let her hate for her brother fester and grow. Finally her face was pulled from the soft blanket the sound of a massive banging on her window.


That probably wouldn't be an issue if not for the fact she was on the second floor of her house no where near any trees. Jacki looked up at the window, puffy face and teary eyed, seeing nothing there. She was about to plant her face into the bed before the pound banging started again. She had had enough nonsense for today as she shot upright and stormed over to the window in a huff before flinging it open and looking around aggressively. All she saw was the swaying trees and felt the hit summer sun beating down on her tear stained face. She turned to leave but out if the corner of her eye a small glint caught her attention. Turning back to look at it Jacki wiped some tears from her face and reached down to grab the small black and gold box that now sat in her windowsill. It seemed to vibrate at her touch and emitted a slight warmth into her hand.


Despite her confusion Jacki felt something at the back of her mind. A tingling sensation that seemed to egg her on, begging her to open up the small box resting in her hand, a begging that she just couldn't seem to argue with and despite any protest she may have wanted to give Jacki popped the lid of the small black box open. Inside of which was a metal ring that appeared to have been colored pink with the Venus symbol holding a chain attached to the Mars symbol which looked shackled around the line of the arrow. Jacki simply raised an eyebrow and pulled the ring from the box and held it up to her eye. Outside of the strange design there didn't seem to be much wrong or strange with the ring aside from the strange vibration that seemed to come from where her skin made contact with it. With a shrug Jacki went to toss the ring into a box on her table with the rest of her jewelry happy for the distraction from her sorrow, until a strange feeling overtook her. One that again begged her to place the ring on her finger. So against any form of judgment or free will Jacki slid the metal ring onto her middle finger, maybe out of spite for how her brother had the audacity to flip her off after ruining HER party. At first she didn’t notice any changes, she simply shrugged and went to fall back onto her bed, that is until she heard a voice. A voice that sounded exactly like hers coming from the other side of the room.


“Finally! Do you have any clue how much work it is to exert pressure on something while I’m still inside of the ring. Waaay to much that’s how much. Anyways at least now I’m finally free, well as free as this is I guess.” Her voice says from...the mirror. The full body mirror that rested on the far wall of her room. Her reflection seemed to be talking to her although with what looked like some minor changes. Now Jacki was an attractive woman, fairly large breasts and a perky butt that she usually wrapped in some tight jeans and a tank top. Despite knowing this though her brother had always made her feel weak, insignificant, and because of that she always acted weak or submissive. This reflection of her though, it bore a powerful stance with a hand on it’s hip and a stance that pushed her large breasts forward and a predatory glint in her pink eyes that seemed to have glowing hearts as the iris.


Jacki jumped backwards in panic and was shocked when her reflection didn’t do the same and instead let an amused smile across her lips and a cocky expression cover her eyes at her real self's reaction. Jacki ducked behind her bed glaring at her reflection and finally noticed that the ring she wore on her finger her reflection wore as an entire glove with a long chain attached to it that seemed to extend past where the mirror could see. With some confusion Jacki cleared her throat and croaked out, “Who...who are you. What are you doing in there. Are you me I don’t get wha-” She started before her reflection held a and up and shook her head.


“That isn’t really important to be honest. Anything your mortal brain could come up with probably couldn’t quite meet what I actually am. So for now let’s just say I’m your fairy godmother or something like that. Honestly that isn’t even close but screw it I know you can at least understand that.” She says pushing her brown hair over her shoulder and blowing some out of her eyes. Jacki always kept it long but that seemed to be bothering whatever entity was inside the mirror. “Look we could sit here all day and talk about what I am, well probably longer than that but let me make it nice and simple for you. I am an entity that feeds on the power that other people feel when they wear the item I’ve attached myself to in their world. In your case it would be that ring there on your finger.” She says pointing to the middle finger of her gloved hand. Jacki looked at it confused before noticing that the Mars symbol was absent from the glove on mirror Jacki’s hand.


“Why does your glove look different than the ring.” Jacki asked pointing to the gloved hand. For a moment she felt a little foolish pointing at her own reflection. Then again the whole situation was a bit silly so it was hard to hang onto that for to long. The entity looked at her hand a bit confused then let her smirk come back and moved that hand to her hip instead and began inspecting the pink painted nails with noticeable surprise than admiration of the job that Jacki had done.


“Oh well that’s because the other end is attached to the conduit.” She said looking back at Jacki who had a confused expression on her face and mirror Jacki let out a long sigh before continuing. “Look it’s simple, I send out my items that I’m attached to across the multiverse and they randomly seek out people in the area with a great desire to be on top. Then once the wearer puts me on it directs my power to both them and the person who they wish to have power over the most as well as a bit of power to the people around the two of them. The more you take control the more I grow in power, a win win situation if ya ask me.” Mirror Jacki explained in an exasperated voice. Jacki meanwhile has a dumbstruck expression on her face at this explanation and slowly stands to walk from behind her bed and up to the mirror until she stands right in front of it.


“So let me get this straight. I have the power to dominate whoever I want to dominate most in this world. Just as long as I wear the ring right?” Jacki asked as she held her hand up and began fiddling with the ring using her other hand. Mirror Jacki chuckled to herself and also walked closer to the mirror until they were almost nose to nose with ow close they came to each other. Despite the fact she was in a mirror Jacki could swear she could feel the warmth of the entity's breath on her skin, a thought which scared her more than she would like to admit but the thought of having that kind of power pushed that fear to the side.


“Oh you have no idea just how right that is. You also have no idea to what extent I’m talking about. As long as you wear the ring I grant you a small percentage of my power. Lucky for you that means more than you could imagine. As long as you hold my ring you have the power to influence the minds of everyone in the same building as you as well as whoever is around your target. But that’s just the start, you can control the size shape mind and body of both yourself and the target. You can make him do or be anything your mind could imagine and as long as you do and make them suffer, I grow in power. A sweet deal don’t ya think?” Mirror Jacki said and placed a hand against the glass of the mirror looking expectantly at Jacki.


Jacki couldn’t believe her ears. Both in a figurative and literal sense, there was no way a ring could do something like that right? Well she could always test it out right? I mean the mirror version of herself did say that she could change herself as well as whoever she was attached to right? With that thought in mind she simply closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she tried to think of something she wanted to do. She was a bit distracted though as she cringed at the feeling from inside her boots. Despite the hot summer sun Jacki had chosen to wear fuzzy fur boots that matched with her outfit. This of course meant that her socked feet inside were squishy and sweltering in the sweaty confines of her boots. If she could just drain it somewhere else then she would wear them more often but alas-


She felt her eyes shoot open in shock as she suddenly noticed that the sticky gross feeling from inside of her boots was just gone. She quickly jumped onto her bed and began yanking one of the boots from her feet much to mirror Jacki’s amusement. Jacki stared in awe as her she looked at her now perfectly dried sock and well as a clean looking and smelling boot. She let out a gasp of surprise and looked over to her mirror self with a massive grin. The mirror version of herself seemed to reciprocate this joy and pointed over to Jacki’s desk. Jacki turned and looked with wide eyes as a cup of murky liquid now rested on top. Walking over and taking a whiff confirmed her suspicion as the rank scent of her own sweat filled her lungs. The thought of the cup on her desk did cross her mind during the thought and sure enough her sweat now filled the glass. She looked over at her mirror self with real joy, some of the only joy she had felt all day.


“And that’s only the start kiddo. But you have to think bigger, and more importantly you have to think meaner cause whoever this chain is connected to is your target. Who do you want to rule over the most in the world right now. Find them and do whatever it is your heart desires. I promise it gets more fun the longer you do it, for both of us.” Mirror Jacki says with a wink. Jacki grins knowing instantly who that chain is attached to. She spins on her heels and turns running to her door with both boots now on before stopping to look behind her at mirror Jacki and opening her mouth which was quickly stopped as her reflection held up a finger and smiled. “You can call me Warden before you ask. Don’t ask why I’ve done enough explaining for one day.” She says with a smirk. Jacki nodded and flung her door open as she sprinted down the stairs.




Drew was finally coming down from his bender and was now trying his hardest not to let the headache make him just give up on life all together. Having the kind of money that he did left to him by their father before his passing Drew just didn’t know what to do with it. While he could share it with his bratty family he didn’t see the point in it. No he knew that his father would much rather him have some fun with the money that fell into his account. And fun he was having. Women, alcohol, drugs, and anything he wanted in his room he had.He was living the life and he wouldn’t let his bitchy family of women take control of it.


One such member of that family seemed to decide that it was a good idea to come an bother him down here now. He groaned as is door opened up and he heard the thunking sound of the girl stomping down the stairs to his lavish room in the basement. Drew turned to glare at his younger sister bounding down the steps with a bright smile on her face. Drew rolled his eyes and looked away as he caught a glimpse of his reflection. He stared in confusion as it looked like a long chain was attached to a shackle on his neck. He rubbed his eyes thinking he might still be a bit drunk but the image remained there, plain as day. His train of thought was derailed as his sister snapped her fingers to draw his attention as he turned to her with a snarl.


“Jesus what the fuck do you want Jacki. You want an apology for the part. Sorry there happy now get the hell out of my room ya brat before I make you get out again.” He spat and forced his head back down into his pillow trying to block out even the sound of silence to help his headache wear down. Instead he noticed something strange begin to happen, a bitter taste started to coat his mouth that quickly turned sour and salty. This couldn’t be the alcohol he had never had a taste like this fill his mouth, it was downright repulsive. Drew shot up and went to run to his miniature fridge but the sound of his younger sisters voice seemed to stop him.


“Hey stop moving right now.” She barks as Drew stops in his steps completely frozen. The panic in his eyes meant her idea had worked. Jacki sashayed next to him before stopping in front of him with a look of someone trying to hold back laughter. “You are probably so confused right now aren’t you. Well let me enlighten you. Right now all the sweat from my feet in these gross boots is flooding directly into your mouth. And that’s just the start of what I can do to you now. I bet it tastes so gross huh?” She says spinning the ring on her finger much to Drew’s confusion. When did she get that ring, he was pretty sure he had trashed her gifts when he had arrived. That thought was casted aside as Jacki walked and sat down on his bed much to Drews anger. Then he noticed in the reflection of a trophy he had that Jacki’s reflection looks...different. In fact the strange reflection seemed to wink and wave at him despite him hearing no movement behind him. He then heard the sound of his sister humming in thought behind him.


“Now what do I do with you. I’ll be honest I’m not really sure exactly what I’m capable of yet but I have to think of something really good to start with don’t ya think.” Jacki said with a surprising amount of confidence for herself. Drew was much too busy trying to endure the onslaught of foot sweat that now flooded into his sealed closed mouth like a river. Suddenly his sister snapped her fingers and closed her eyes. Her reflection however seemed to gasp and then snicker before giving Drew a mocking pout much to his confusion. That isn’t at all how his sister normally acted. What the hell was going on right now. But once again his train of thought was ended as his whole body began to tingle. Not a good tingle either, more like when your leg fell asleep but seemingly through his entire body both inside and out. He tried to squirm us discomfort but simply couldn't before his vision slowly began to darken.


When his vision finally came back it wasn't much better. All Drew could see was a pale white flesh color that seemed to cover his entire view much to his dismay. That and a stench seemed to flood into his nose. He went to go try and cover it but found no movement in his arms. Hell he felt no movement anywhere he tried to move. He quickly began to panic as he tried his hardest to do anything he could. Alas all Drew seemed to be able to do was wait for whatever was to come. And come it did as he suddenly felt his whole body move quickly, making him nauseous before he finally came to a stop and felt a cold terror wash over his entire body. Mostly because standing before him was his sister Jacki, only now absolutely massive in size and clenching his body in a fist that he could now see much more clearly. His entire body had been changed to looked like a washcloth with an image of himself stitched into it on his knees looking to be begging with his hands together. Despite how humiliating it seemed it was the last thing in his mind at the moment as his sister let a wicked grin cross her face.


Without a word his sister raised her arm into the air and, due to the tank top she was wearing, revealed a sweat soaked armpit. If Drew could groan he would have but all he could do was stare in fascination at the slick wet pocket of flesh that now seemed to almost dwarf him in size. It was surreal and honestly wouldn't have been to bad if it wasn't for the scent of her disgusting body odor cooked up from the heat in the house that wafted into his unprotected face. Then with no warning he felt as he was sent hurtling straight towards his sisters armpit before slamming into the fetid skin. Instantly Drew could feel his senses assaulted like never before. It left as if his tongue had direct contact with Jacki's sweaty pit, filling it with the bitter rotten taste of his younger sisters sweat. It also felt as though someone had poured a liter of sweat right up his nose making him wish he could cough it up as well as filling him with the scent of the sweat which was as bitter as it tasted much to his horror. And yet all Drew could do was endure it unable to fight back in any way. He was trapped in his own cloth body.


"God this is everything I hoped for and more. And just think I have no limits to what I can do to you. God I'm going to make you wish that you had never EVER messed with me or anyone else in this family. Get ready for a life of help brother." Jacki said relishing in this victory. She sounded so unlike her usual self. Although it was hard to hear her as he now found himself moved to her other armpit and sandwiched within it as his sister used him to floss the sweaty crevice of her body. She giggled a bit at the feeling of him running across a ticklish part of her body but it was worth it knowing he was surely suffering in there. As she felt the sweat slowly be absorbed by her asshole brother and her pit become more and more dry she debated whether or not she should cause her body to sweat a bit more so she could torture him for longer. Then an idea crossed her mind as she pulled her rag brother out of her pit and dangled it in front of her own face stifling laughter. Drew was not dripping with his sisters nasty sweat and was beginning to stain.


“Awww is my asshole of a brother not feeling to good as his little sisters sweat rag. It’s okay how about you take a break from my tasty armpits ya?” She says mockingly. For a split second Drew let a feeling of relief wash over him. Relief that was swiftly yanked away as he watched his sister grab two ends of his body and slowly lower him downwards as he began to panic. He would struggle if he had a body to struggle with before he finally came to rest against the bottom of Jacki’s fur boot. He heard a giggle come from above followed by his sister’s taunting voice saying, “Get ready Drew cause you are gonna help me clean up my boots like a good nice older brother.”


He didn’t even have time to react as his sister began to run him back and forth across the tread of her boots. Instantly Drew could feel his body dampening and absorbing the mixture of dust, dirt, and god knows what else from the bottom of his sister’s boots before absorbing them into his body. He could taste the foul taste of it filling up his mouth and the scent of dirt as if his face was shoved into the floor. He would gag if he had the mouth to do so but instead all he could do was internally scream in pain as his body was harshy shredded against the tread of her boot. And just as he felt a moment of bliss when he was pulled away he was quickly moved over to the next boot and violently used to clean the bottoms of the other boot beginning the hellish cycle all over again. Finally after what felt like forever his tattered body was pulled away from the now decently polished boots. She had even used his body to wipe the fuzzy outsides of each boot quote “Just in case”. As his rag body was dropped on the bed Drew just lie there in agony. His mouth was coated in a mixture of bitter dirt and sweat from his sister. How the hell was she doing this and more importantly why was she doing this. He knew he could be rude but surely he didn’t deserve this.


Suddenly Drew was pulled from the bed and brought back to dangling in front of Jacki’s face who still had a smug smile on her lips as she stared at him. “Almost done with this phase of your torture Drew. Just one more thing for you to take care of. You got the outside of the boots nice and clean but you still need to get the insides.” She says with a smirk. Drew began to scream internally as much as he could as his sister turned him around to face the two boots resting on the ground. Now that he was facing them Drew could smell the cheesy disgusting scent of his sister’s feet wafting up to him like thick tainted air. He couldn’t protest as he was slowly brought down to one opening of a boot and his sister moved to pick it up. Without a word Drew was forced into the opening of the boot and straight into the insole of it.


The sweat soaked, gunk covered insole of the boot seemed to burn upon touching Drew. Not due to heat, although it was downright sweltering inside of the confines of the furry boot, but because of the sheer acrid taste and smell of the tattered insole. Instantly Drew’s mouth filled with the salty sour taste of his sister’s disgusting foot sweat that oozed from the insole into his body. Once again it felt like someone had took his nose and shoved it right into the crevice of his sister’s toes and there was no way to shake away. All Drew could do was suffer the scent and taste as Jacki dragged him across the insole slowly as if wiping it across his tongue. Back and forth he went picking up a mixture of sweat and gunk from her feet, all of which he felt himself absorb. At this point his mouth felt downright full of the mixture of dirt and sweat from all over his sisters body. Despite his desire to he couldn’t swallow, the mixture of everything he picked up just felt like it was trapped in his never closing mouth.


She dragged him across the insole before moving him to the tops and the tunnel where her foot entered into the boot making sure to take great time and care in dragging him across every inch of the inside of the boot to make sure he gathered every bit of er disgusting foot sweat. Jacki knew her feet could get downright rank, and now with her new abilities she could make them as bad as she needed to. As it stood the only person who had fet more nasty smelling than her was her mother, something Drew would get very well acquainted with in time she though with a snicker as she moved him to the next boot. She could only imagine the absolute agony that her horrible brother must be in right now. The thought of it filled her with so much joy as she pressed down with all her might to make sure the sweat from her boot insole poured into Drew’s body.


Finally she had cleaned both of the boots and couldn’t help but cover her mouth in suppressed laughter at the sight of her dripping cloth brother that dangled in her hand. She had one last thing she wanted to do while he was trapped in this form as she began to make her way back up the stairs, her brother tightly gripped in her fist. She couldn’t help but giggle at the idea the closer she got to her to her room. Flinging the door open Jacki danced her way over to the cup that still rested on her table by the mirror. With a grin Jacki brought her brother to her face one last time before pulling him away and pinching her nose.


“Jeez Drew you smell like...well like my sweat I guess but I suppose that’s my fault right? Well not really, you have been a rotten brother to me all my life so you kinda had this coming. Well don’t worry I’ll change you back, or at least out of this form after oooone last thing okay?” She asked as if Drew had any way of responding to her. Then with a cocky smirk Jacki let Drew go and drop downwards. Then much to her delight she watched as drew’s rag body fell into the cup of her redirected foot sweat and began to slowly suck all of the fluid up. Suddenly an idea came to her as she closed her eyes and began to focus on her brother trying to hear his thoughts. And once again much to her delight she listened as Drew internally screamed in agony. She listened as he felt an entire cup of her filthy salty foot sweat flooded into his mouth and nose and all across his body with no way to defend herself. Jacki felt a warm tingle cover her body as she finally realized just how much power she had. So as she left the room and her brother behind in the cup, but making sure to tune into his screaming mind, Jacki made her way to the kitchen to make a quick meal and give her brother a little time to fester in agony. She was hungry and more importantly she had a mission. She had to figure out just how she was going to use her wonderful birthday gift next.


Chapter End Notes:

Let me know if you have any ideas for the next torture. Skys the limit!

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