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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which John goes to the mall, makes a handful of friends, has a snack, then tries out a new toy!

"Okay, let's see how this goes," John said to himself as he sat in his car. In his hand was a small device, not unlike those gadgets from Star Trek, which John could never remember the name of.  "Fader?" he asked aloud as he tucked it into his cargo pocketand exited his car.

The horn beeped once as he locked it and John joined a small crowd going into the mall. In a town as big as Heron the mall was always busy, but today was much more so. The day after Thanksgiving was a madhouse of course. And John was counting on it.

You see, John had a secret. A project, an experiment, that he'd spent years of his life working on. It was hardly perfected, and today was a trial to test some modifications he'd made, but so far he'd been ecstatic with his results. Right now one of his results, formerly named Wendy, was providing a mighty struggle in his rectum.

The first couple of days John hadn't been able to keep his hands off of himself but now that he was a little more used to the feeling of a human now reduced to the size and purpose of an anal toy squirming in his colon it was something he could just enjoy as he went about his day.

At work? No one knew a tiny woman now spent most of her days in his ass.

Out to eat? His stomach might be grumbling for another reason. 

Out on a date? She didn't know her predecessor was living a nightmare four inches tall inside the man who was so charming on their first date.

Letting his toy's constant movements keep a smile on his face John passed through the doors of the mall and was overwhelmed by how many people were there. But he didn't let that distract him from his plan.

First, of course, John ducked into the electronics shop. The clerk knew him and had set aside a large assortment of small gear for him. The manager didn't exactly approve of John getting special treatment but she was completely on board with the amount of money he gave to the store. John paid in cash, asked the clerk to hold it in the back room for him, and moved on. 

Today wasn't the first test of the...Fader? Saver? John shook his head. He'd remember what it was called someday. The first couple of times he'd used it a couple of joggers had found themselves tossed into jars filled with various chemicals. He was impressed by their fortitude though the one in the extreme base was finally starting to break down. But judging by her movements and increased panic she still wasn't running out of energy to move.


So he wasn't concerned with using it in public. Discretely of course. Which was a lot easier now that he'd figured out how to make it shrink people with their clothing intact. Even as busy as the mall was someone was sure to notice a suddenly appearing pile of clothes on the ground. Hiding someone's clothes on a jogging trail was easy, but it was even easier to just avoid that problem altogether.

On his way to the food court no one noticed three blonde girls, almost certainly sisters, suddenly vanish. And no one noticed John rapidly stuffing something into his cargo pocket. In the sporting goods store a brunette entered the changing room and didn't come out.

John adjusted a setting on the...Beamer? He rolled his eyes at himself.

Another brunette, casually browsing bath towels, vanished as John walked by. John knelt as though to tie his shoes while he inspected the mite-sized woman panicking in his hand.

Perfect! He thought to himself. This one he deposited into a small container on his keychain. Originally meant for toothpicks, now it was holding something a lot more useful.

By the time John was sitting down with a bowl of chili and a cold drink the toothpick container was half-full of women who didn't quite measure up to half a centimeter in height, and his pocket held enough two-inchers that John had stopped trying to keep count. And not a single alarm had popped up. 

It's a good day, John thought as he opened the toothpick holder and let out a pleased sigh. Casually he sprinkled his chili with dozens of tiny women. When the container was almost empty he screwed the cap back on. Then he took his spoon and stirred his chili to cool it as the steam rose and his garnishes strugged to stay afloat. Not that it mattered, of course. John was still working on making tinies that weren't nigh-invulnerable. 

The women gave the chili a little crunch, but John really should have picked something with a milder flavor. to see how well they worked as a seasoning They did give it a nice tickle though to compensate for the complete lack of spice. Just to check John bit down hard on one tiny several times then spit her into his hand.

A screaming young woman was now in his palm, wet from saliva but otherwise unharmed. With a mental shrug John popped her back into his mouth and washed her down with a drink of soda. He scraped his bowl clean and mopped up the last of the tinies before tossing his trash.

Then he got back to it.

As dozens of women made his stomach tingle pleasantly with their mindless panic, John experimented more with the settings on his...Stunner?

Two six-inchers got bent in half and stuck into a shopping bag that also held a new paperback from John's favorite author. One girl, John almost felt bad for her, got shrank so small John didn't even try to catch her in the air. The wind from him walking by probably threw her what seemed like miles to her. The janitor would inadvertently wax her into the floor that night as he redid that portion of the floor.

And as John walked back to the electronics store to get his box of items, another dozen threes made their way into his pockets.

Out at his car John sat his electronics in the trunk as his pockets vibrated slightly from the struggles of his new toys and test subjects. He sat in his car and pulled one of the six inchers from his shopping bag. A hard tug and twist on her leg confirmed that she was just as invulnerable as the rest. But unlike the rest, her leg pulled several inches like so much taffy before snapping back to its original shape.

Curious, John pulled the clothes off her struggling form. The material tore easily off her body until she was completely naked and doing anything she could to cover herself up. With a little manuevering John pulled her legs apart and held her arms still with one hand and some awkward bending on her part.

Smiling at her face and the adorable little screams she was making, John stuck his pointer finger in his mouth and covered it with saliva. Then he lined his finger up with her tiny pussy and started pushing in. Her screams stopped for a moment then redoubled as his probing finger forced its way into her.

John looked in amazement as her pussy stretched around his finger, thicker than one of her legs, and gripped it tightly. He pumped it in and out a few times amazed at how it looked and felt, then pulled it entirely out. His finger was completely clean and as he watched her pussy simply closed back up and suddenly looked as though no titanic object had forced itself inside, an act that would have killed any full sized woman.

I wonder...John thought. He looked around the parking garage, full of cars but devoid of people. My windows are really heavy tinted...

Throwing caution to the wind, and the tiny brunette to the passenger seat for the moment, John unzipped his shorts, slid them and his underwear down, and grabbed his rapidly growing cock. With his anal toy consistently vibrating and anticipation of what was coming it only took a couple of strokes to get John rock hard and standing at his full seven inches. His toy, who he didn't know was a high school exchange student from Italy, had curled up on the passenger seat. At sixteen she'd only ever seen one penis before.

Only thinking of what was to come, John spit on his hand and lubricated the head of his penis as much as he could. Then he grabbed the little brunette who just last week had started studying to get her license, and held her over his penis. When she saw what he was doing she struggled with everything she had. John barely noticed.

He simply grabbed her legs and pulled them straight outward at the hips. Everything stretched as he hoped it would, as though she were some kind of realistic gummy doll, and when he thought he'd widened her pussy enough for him John pushed her against his tip. It was wider than her entire body.

For a moment nothing happened and John wasn't too surprised given he'd only used spit as lubricant. Then he felt his tip shift, saw his toy's eyes roll into the back of her head as she passed out, and suddenly an inch of his cock disappeared into her tiny body. Disappeared wasn't quite the word though; she fit so tightly around his massive cock that the outline of his helmet was easily visible under her wildly distorted belly button.

Yes! John thought victoriously as he continued pulling her down. 

The shape of his head simply moved upward through her body as he was able to get more of himself inside this new toy. When it seemed impossible that any more of him could fit her torso simply stretched more to accomodate.

The phaser, that's the word, Phaser! he thought, had worked exactly like he had hoped it would. Or that setting had at least.

Finally after another incredible feeling pull John gazed down at his handiwork. Like a fancy novelty condom he had a sixteen year old Italian girl stretched over his cock. With one finger he could trace the veins through her body, all the way from his base to the helmet that had stopped moving upward just below her neck and simply stretched her torso longer. The only part of her that wasn't obscenely stretched was her head.

Feeling his climax coming on just from being so excited John grabbed her body and started jerking. It was just a little rough, next time he definitely needed lubricant, but it was enough to get him ready to climax just as she recovered from passing out.

As soon as she started screaming again John couldn't hold back anymore. He came hard and yanked her down as far as possible on his dick. Her head briefly stayed the same shape as her open mouth tried to scream as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her. Then the sound stopped as her head swelled, filling up with John's cum as he unloaded inside of her.

When he was done and had caught his breath, John peeled her off his cock. She'd passed out again, but that was okay. When she was completely off, which had made a neat sound like the snap of a rubber band or a cork from a wine bottle, John was ready with a tissue to catch any semen that might leak out.  Instead nothing did, though her head resumed its normal shape.

"Like nothing even happened," John said to himself smiling. 

Fishing a two-incher from his pocket as he pulled his pants back up and tucked himself away, he popped a girl into his mouth. He didn't ask, of course, but if he had she may have told him next week she had planned on taking her college entrance exams early. Humming John put his car into gear and slipped the still-dazed Italian back into the shopping bag with the other six incher and his new paperback novel. He sucked on the confused girl in his mouth and enjoyed the flavor all the way home.

He couldn't wait to try the rest of his new toys.

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