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Story Notes:

This is my first attempt to write something a little shorter. Light on description, use your imagination, and enjoy!

"It's all down here," John said as he led Wendy through his kitchen to the basement door. Wendy followed him happily; John had proven to be a very nice guy since she'd first met him. One date had become two, then three, and tonight John had agreed to let Wendy see his 'top secret' project.

She knew he was a researcher at the local lab, but he hadn't been able to tell her what exactly he was researching. He did, however, tell her he had an extremely similar project going at his house. Wendy being the curious type, and not getting any weird vibes from him, thought after three great dates it would be okay to see his place. 

And takes things further of course. Wendy wasn't a prude by any means but after several months of not getting any she was ready to go. Especially since she'd snuck a glance at John's bulge last week when he'd spilled water on his pants. 

So without any hesitation she followed John down into his basement. The house itself had been clean and tidy, John's large black dog Poof had given her a friendly 'Woof' when she entered and then resumed his nap. Her creep radar was completely quiet.

John flipped on the light switch and proceeded down the stairs. The lights came on in groups, first the set at the bottom of the stairs, then sequentially moving outward. He heard Wendy gasp behind him as she got far enough down the stairs to see how large his basement was. It had taken him awhile, and was technically illegal, but his basement area spread out about three times as far as it had originally when the house was built. 

It was also full of equipment. Most of it John had built himself over the past couple of years; that was one thing Wendy had admired about him when they'd first talked.

This was a guy who could commit himself to one thing for a long time.

Wendy didn't recognize anything beyond a few computer screens and keyboards. One table seemed to be lined with what might be empty test tubes, another covered in large cylinders that were slowly rotating around their bases. 

John turned around and opened his arms to gesture at everything.

"Here's my home lab!" he announced happily. He'd only shown it to a couple of people and each time they'd been impressed. Until they found out what he was working on. Which was a shame because he knew the girl of his dreams would really love his project. Hopefully Wendy was that girl.

"This is really impressive!" Wendy exclaimed as she looked around. "What is all this?"

"Oh, this is basically all for one huge pet project of mine," he replied as he motioned her over to the center table. This one was about the size of a standard dinner table, but it was the only table covered by a large gray sheet. 

Wendy followed him over, taking in as much of everything as she could. Her eyes passed by a man-cave setup in the far corner complete with a massive TV, gaming system, and couch. She giggled to herself. 

"Men," she thought as she mentally rolled her eyes.

"Want to see what this is all about?" he asked, smiling and grabbing the sheet in the center of the table. When Wendy nodded, he snatched it upward and revealed several large jars and little figurines.

"Here," he said, grabbing a small object and passing it to her. In her hands was an incredibly detailed little model of a car. When she peered closer she could even see what looked like differently worn tires and a little crack in the windshield.

"Wow, this is a great model," she told John, "So is all this stuff some kind of super 3D printer?" She handed the car back to him. 

"Oh no," he said taking the car back and setting it gingerly on the table, "All this stuff is about shrinking things."

"As in, that was a real car?" Wendy asked. John nodded and beckoned her over. Wendy was excited, this was amazing!

"But my end goal is for living things," he said, leaning forward to grab one of the jars. Wendy could see something swimming in it. A fish?

"Like fish or something?" she asked, leaning forward to take a look. When she saw what was in the jar she gasped and straightened back up.

"No, like people," John said holding the jar up so she could get a better look.

In the jar Wendy could see a tiny woman, maybe four inches tall, completely submerged in water. The woman was swimming toward the wall, waving her hands at Wendy and....trying to yell? The woman, no, girl, Wendy saw, was completely naked and couldn't have been a day over sixteen.

"John, is that a real person?" Wendy asked, her danger alarm suddenly going off. If he was serious, then she was in serious trouble. Did he think she would like this?

"Oh yeah," he said, setting it down and grabbing another jar. "She's subject ten, the first super-tough one I managed without things getting really weird. Here's thirteen."

He tossed this smallar jar to her and the figure inside slammed against the bottom inside despite the green-tinted fluid all around her. Wendy held it up to her face and saw with horror that a small brunette was held to the bottom of the jar by what looked like glue. The small woman, who might have been thirty, waved and pointed at John, clearly trying to warn Wendy.

John lightly grabbed the jar back from Wendy. Wendy tried to keep her face neutral, but John knew she wasn't the girl he was hoping for. 

"I picked her up outside a library," he explained, shaking the jar and flipping the little woman around as much as she could with her feet being unable to move. "She's been in some pretty nasty acid for a couple weeks, no damage at all!"

He set the jar back down as Wendy backed away slowly. John seemed to be searching for a specific jar to show her. 

"You see, I've got to test them in all sorts of conditions before I can try to sell them."

He slid another jar out and Wendy could just barely make out a six-inch tall girl floating in a cloudy fluid. There was a strip of tape on the lid with the words 'Base 12.1/14' written on it. 

Another jar slid out as Wendy got closer to the stairs. She was too nervous to simply turn and run. She was sure he would catch her. 

"This one's my favorite," he said turning around with the new jar. Wendy's distance didn't seem to worry him. Had he thought she was just looking at some of his other equipment and not trying to get to the stairs?

"The little dancer in here," he shook it and Wendy briefly caught a glimpse of a tiny hand in the dark fluid as it hit the wall then was pulled away, "Has been swimming in what is essentially stomach acid for about a month. So once I figure out how to dial around the toughness settings I think they'll make great snacks too."

Wendy couldn't take anymore. Only a few meters from the stairs now, she turned and ran. John was ready for this of course. 

John simply sighed when he noticed she wasn't into his tiny women. He ignored Wendy as she backed toward the stairs. He didn't even get upset when she turned and ran. His failsafe hadn't been deactivated by his personal code, so when Wendy got near the base of the stairs a tiny flash of what could be mistaken for lightning reached out and tapped her on the shoulder. In a moment her clothes collapsed to the floor as her body shrank instantly.

"Well Wendy," he said to the tiny form struggling to free itself from a mountain of clothes, "I'm a little sad you're not into this, but thanks for volunteering for another test of mine. I always need more volunteers."

Without any more waiting, John walked to the pile of clothes and lifted up the shirt. Beneath it was Wendy's form, four inches tall. A little bigger than he had been aiming for, but now he had more data to calibrate the shrink ray. 

Even if Wendy wasn't the girl of his dreams, she definitely was the girl of his fantasies now. The idea of using a tiny woman as a personal plaything is what had started him down this road of researching shrinking technology, and now that he'd done enough 'real' experiments on other little women he was ready to start somemore....productive product testing.

John picked up Wendy's naked form, enjoying how her breasts felt under his fingers, the smoothness of her legs leading up to her sex. Then without any ceremony he popped her screaming form into his mouth. At four inches tall she was just a little too big for him, so he let her tiny feet stick out of his lips as he walked toward the corner of his basement that he'd turned into a massive entertainment area.

"She tastes even better than subject one!" he thought to himself. He'd been unable to control himself when he'd shrunken his first subject, a college freshman who'd taken a wrong turn back to her dorm. Before he'd even made it off campus she'd made her way down his throat and was kicking up a wonderful storm that let him bring himself to orgasm twice before the kicking stopped. That's when he'd realized he needed to make the tinies tougher.

He pulled off his shirt and kicked off his pants and underwear before sitting on the couch. With a click of the remote the TV came on, and while enjoying the taste and feel of Wendy's tiny form in his mouth, he navigated to his favorite porn video. He stroked himself slowly as he sucked on Wendy, trying to drive his tongue between her legs but unable to really feel or taste anything from her vagina. Not that he was too bothered by that; everything else about this was absolutely wonderful.

On the screen a young blonde girl, obviously older than the 18 she claimed to be, got lost and entered a gloryhole at the back of an adult bookstore while looking for the restroom. John smiled, enjoying how well she could act younger, and spit Wendy out onto the palm of his hand.

Just as Wendy recovered from the shock of being spit out of John's giant mouth, she felt the hand she had landed in start moving. She wiped the saliva from her eyes just in time to see herself being propelled toward a massive wall of flesh easily twice as tall as she was.

"Oh shit!" she yelled out as John wrapped his hand around his penis, pushing Wendy hard into the pulsating flesh. Then he started stroking, dragging her up and down his cock. She was sure the friction was going to start tearing her skin or break her arms, but no matter how roughly she was used Wendy couldn't feel anything breaking. Except her will. 

John used Wendy as a little stroke toy for a few minutes while the blonde on the screen overcame her surprise of a massive black cock coming through the hole in the wall. 

"Ready for the real trial?" John asked Wendy rhetorically. He didn't stop stroking with her in his hand, but he shifted his hips downward and got his feet on the couch with him. 

With his left hand, he took Wendy off his cock and kept stroking with his right hand. Wendy screamed at him, but as far as he was concerned those squeaks were the sexiest thing he'd ever heard. He moved his left hand down, letting her struggles massage his balls for a moment, before moving her further south. 

Wendy struggled for breath as the massive testicles threatened to overwhelm her, but luckily she was only held there for a few seconds. Then the hand that had clamped around her waist moved her again, and spun her so that she could see straight ahead.

John's massive asshole was only inches away. Wendy had a moment to realize that it was probably one of the nicer ones she'd ever seen before she felt herself move toward it.

Screaming Wendy pushed her hands above her head to try and keep herself out, but instead her hands only slipped on the smooth skin of his sphincter and slipped inside. The heat on her hands was incredible and John simply kept pushing. With her arms inside of him, her head slipped right through as well. There was a moment where her breasts acted as a small stop but John was so much stronger than her he probably didn't even notice the resistance. 

Once she was halfway in, John stopped. Wendy was in hell. She screamed and swung her arms as much as she could, overwhelmed with the heat and smell of John's colon. Her feet kicked outside of him and she wiggled as much as she could to try and move herself back out. All for naught.

John smiled as he felt Wendy's struggles halfway in his asshole. He stroked himself a little faster as he enjoyed the feeling of her panicking inside of him. Then he felt her start to slide back out. 

He reached down with his left hand again and found her kicking feet. With a sigh he grabbed them and pushed Wendy further up his asshole. Her struggles inside intensified; this felt so wonderful he couldn't possibly last long as his strokes picked up speed.

Knowing he was close, John put a finger against her feet which were almost flush with his asshole and pushed lightly. With a faint 'pop!' feeling Wendy fell completely inside his asshole. There was a brief pause as she fell inside and realized what happened. Then Wendy fought even harder, struggling in any direction she could, pushing at the walls of his colon in a desperate attempt to find his sphincter and fight her way out of this dark fleshy prison.

All this intense sensation was too much for John and he grabbed a tissue moments before shooting the largest load of his life directly into it. Three spurts. Four. Five. Finally his orgasm died down and John relaxed slightly out of breath. 

"That was incredible Wendy!" he said, aiming his voice down toward his lower half.

Maybe she heard him; it was impossible to tell. All he knew for sure was that her struggles hadn't slowed down at all and this was the greatest thing he'd ever felt in his entire life.

John leaned forward and grabbed a thick lab notebook.  He made a few notes before closing it and standing up. Wendy's little form was shifted around and continued fighting pleasantly. He jumped from side to side to feel her flop around in his colon. John felt his cock starting to harden again already.

"This is gonna be a fun night," he said to himself as he sat back down. This time he stroked himself more slowly as he enjoyed his new butt plug's movements. 

"Maybe tomorrow I'll go get another freshman and see how two feel."

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