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Every time I was left out of my siblings’ secret bonding time, I felt another layer of bitterness being added in my heart. Nevertheless, there was always a day that just belonged to me and Rachel—our birthday. Thankfully, our seventeenth was no different. I took off from doing any farm work and she took me down a path into a forested spot we considered our own. It was by a large lake at the foot of a mountain. Here we partook in our favorite activity. Our parents let us have fourteen prisoners to ourselves, and we set them loose on an all-day hunt.

She swished my latest catch in her mouth. If the man wasn’t so terrified, I was sure he would at least take some pleasure from her dexterous tongue. Of course, the same could not be said of her teeth. Her first bite sent the man howling like mad. She had become quite adept at chewing off exactly what she wanted from her food. If she wished someone dead at once, a quick decapitation was in order. A slower death called for only bits of limbs to be severed at a time. This time, she stuck out her tongue to show me she had chomped off his lower legs. Then, with a tilt of her head, his still squirming body fell behind her throat.

She clutched two victims in her hand, the last ones available. Her previous kills had come from crushing them in her fist, squashing them under her skirt so that her bare ass felt them pop, eating them alive, and two others I made fight to the death for her amusement. All that was to warm her up. I decided to be more proactive about what I could offer her sexual cravings. I didn’t have a giant dick to stick in her or the lips to kiss her properly, but I did have an imagination.

“Are you wet, sis?”

She cocked her head. With a sly smile, she answered, “Uh-huh. Playing with humans like this always gets me going.”

“Then it’s time to find you a release. Take off your top.”

A full grin spread on her lovely lips. “Yes, sir.”

With one hand, she grabbed the bottom of her pink top, lifted it, and tossed it on to a tree. For the first time ever, I clearly witnessed her massive orbs of fleshly bliss before me. Unlike Mom’s lighter, smaller nipples, my sister’s were darker and puffier. Several locks of Rachel’s dark blonde hair swung to cover half her face, making her look even sexier.

“Godsdamn, sis. You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, Ryan. I was beginning to think you didn’t think I was pretty.”

“What? Do you think I’m insane?”

“Well, I know you think Mother is pretty. You’re always spying on her now. Mother thinks it’s cute, but I never caught you doing that to me.”

“Oh, but how can I? You’ve been out with Alex so often, how could I follow? Anyway, I’m sure a real giant touching and kissing you is more fun than me just staring from a distance.”

Her eyebrows rose. “Wait, do you think Ryan and I have been having sex?”

“Uhh, yeah.”

“But we aren’t!”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I want you to be my first! We’re twins! It’s only right that you and I share each other’s bodies before anyone else gets to.”

“Wh- I mean, if that’s true, what have you two been doing, then?”

She giggled. “Well, at first we were curious about our bodies. We got naked for each other, but it felt wrong that I was letting my younger brother go that far without his older brother getting his chance, so I stopped it from going further. Still, we found fun in other ways. For one, Alex still loves jerking off while he watches me play and practice with humans. He also likes me telling him what to do with people. I got that from you. He kinda likes being dominated, I think.”

I laughed, both from hearing that my giant brother likes to be ordered around, and that my sister was being so damn considerate. “Crap, sis. I had no idea. I… I was getting jealous of you two. I thought you were…”

“Gods! I’m so sorry! I was going to say something earlier, but when I thought you were more interested in a more experienced giantess, I figured you were happy enough.”

I shook my head and laughed in relief. “I feel a lot better. You have no idea how much I love you right now, Rach.”

“Oh, Ryan, I love you too!”

Her hand reached down and snatched me up. She shoved my upper body on to her moist, plush, puckered lips. I was able to kiss her upper lip in return. Her tongue soon exited its lair, and a coat of her sweet, mildly irony saliva covered most of my head and shoulders. I didn’t mind. Her lips and tongue kissed and tasted my upper body for several heavenly moments.

I lied on her palm when she stopped our first kiss. I needed exaggerated breaths to recover the air I could not easily gain smothered by her all-encompassing love.

“You know what will get me even wetter right now?” she asked. “If I can taste your cum.”

Her deeply feminine tone transfixed me. I removed all my clothes in a jiffy, getting her to see my manhood in all its glory. It was barely noticeable to a three hundred foot girl, but our suddenly stronger connection made me feel much bigger and prouder. She slowly licked her lips before sending them down to my waist. Feeling her lips graze my dick for the first time almost had me cumming right then, but I held firm, desperately not wanting it to end so soon.

She savored my taste, as she used more tongue than lips when she lapped down to my thighs. She even took my left leg in her hot mouth for a while, then went back to work on my waist. Her writhing tongue pushed my legs apart at the thighs. Its very tip cradled my balls, painfully engorged with my seed. The adept tongue fondled them. Her powerful muscle easily lifted my lower body so that her mouth could take in more of me.

Her lips closed around my dick and balls, my feet grazing her cheeks. Her tongue then really went to work. She gently licked my cock and balls, and a mild sucking pressure was placed upon them. I couldn’t help grunting out an extended whimper from the most pleasurable sensation I had ever felt. It took less than twenty seconds before I creamed into her mouth, more than I ever had, though to her it would merely be a couple of drops. She licked my limp cock for a few seconds before releasing me.

As I recovered from my orgasm, I asked, “Did you actually taste anything?”

“I can taste when a man is barely sweating, so of course your cum makes an impact. It’s like a sour drop of fruit juice or something, and I want more.”

She restarted her kissing session with my body, reactivating my cock in no time. However, she first wanted more of my overall flavor. Her tongue turned me over so that it now had access to slither all over my backside. It kinda tickled when her solid wetness glided over my ass. My cock rubbed the softly tough skin of her palm.

“Hey, don’t give your cum to my hand, silly! It goes in my mouth!”

“It will, but first I want you to lie down.” Curling her fingers around me, she obeyed. “Now put one man on each nipple.” Her fist hovered over her right tit. She dropped a man on that firmly supple hill. The second man dropped on the other a second later. To those men, I said, “Use all your energy to stroke, lick, bite, or pinch her nipple. Don’t do it and she’ll just eat you now. Make her happy, and you have a chance to live. Begin!”

The frantic men listened to their instructions. Rachel moaned in approval.

“Put me on your lips, Rach.”

She lowered me on to said spot. Even without smiling her lips were almost as long as I was tall. I laid on them lengthwise. Too absorbed in the moment to think about how funny I must have looked, I started thrusting my man-rod between her lips, essentially fucking them. The thin skin here felt better than her palm.

“Take off your skirt and underwear. Once I cum, I’m going to make you cum next.”

I watched her hands go toward her rising waist. It required a bit of shaking that wobbled her miniature mountains, but she hurriedly slipped off her clothes. Like most giantesses, she only had to worry about a patch of fine pubic hair, so it required nothing to special to keep it cleanly shaven.

Not as sensitive as before, I grazed my cock along her precious lips for a couple of minutes. I then blew my newest load as deep in her mouth’s crevice as I could push. Sensing it, my sister poked her tongue out to sexily lick her lips clean.

“Put our slaves deep in your pussy.”

Aching to have something in her hungry lower mouth, she used both hands to seize her toys that had been valiantly keeping her nipples hard. They screamed as she pushed them into her soaked cave.

“Now I want you to push and rub me against your clit until you cum.”

Her fingertips plucked me off her flushed face. I flew over her delectable looking tits. A quick sixty feet farther down and my front side was being body slammed against the steaming folds of her pussy. I could smell the pungent, sharply sweet heat emanating from her opening. I expected her to use my body like a dildo or something, but she was tender as she buffed her outer folds with me. I got coated in a fluid more viscous than her saliva pretty quickly.

Her slow rubbing stopped completely. Taking the hint, I used my hands to caress her slightly loose and stretchy skin. She quivered from my measly touch. I heard at least one of the unwilling cave divers still bawling. My fingers unfurled the hood protecting most of her clit. My slick fingers traced the borders of her melon sized bulb. She gasped a little when I did this, prompting a round of shallower, faster breathing.

Not wanting to be too rough before she was ready, I tested her sensitivity. First I stayed near the base of the clit. The next step was to run my fingertips over it. She squeaked out cute pants here. Next, my whole hands massaged the smooth, taut redness. Her grip on me tightened. Her free hand squeezed her enormous breast. She shouted in ecstasy when I kissed her clit as my hands bolstered their barrage. Several moments later, I felt her hips thrusting up to meet an invisible cock.

“Ahhhh! Ryan! Kiss me there again! Just keep kissing it!”

I kissed and licked her thrilled bulge. I was sweating like crazy, but I only had my concentration on her pleasure. I manipulated both hands to squeeze as much of her clit as possible. With one long lick, she screamed. Her entire form went stiff as something beneath me pulsated. The hand that had been on her tit crashed into the earth so she could dig her powerful fingers into the soil. Her climax was so overwhelming, she could not keep me in place. She released me and let me slide to the ground.

For the next couple of minutes, I simply heard her hard breathing and watched as some of her frothy cum leaked out of her. Unable to help myself, I dipped my finger in her sticky juice and tasted it. The pre-cum on me was neutral tasting compared to the tangy nectar in my mouth now.

Ultimately, my lover sat up to get a look at me. She smiled with the afterglow of someone satisfied to the fullest. For a second I thought her hand was coming for me, but her fingers mined inside her pussy. They came back out holding two lifeless toys utterly saturated in her bubbling cum. With only one use left, she popped the dead men in her mouth and grinded them down to delicious atoms.

After she swallowed, she picked me up to plant the most adoring kiss I ever received. I tried returning it. When she pulled me away, I saw her eyes gleaming with a watery sheen.

Noticing that I noticed, she produced a wet chuckle. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think I’d get this emotional.”

“I’m glad to see I’m not just an extra big toy to you.”

“Shhh! Don’t talk like that. I love you as my twin and now as my lover! How can anyone be more important to me? Just because you’re not my size doesn’t mean I can’t possibly love you more than Alex or our parents. And you did make me feel amazing just now. I can’t wait to get you in my pussy.”

“I can’t wait to cum inside it. I’m just not sure I have much more to give right now.”

“I bet you do.”

She lightly pressed her lips on my hips. Her tongue came out to rewarm my body with her muggy slickness. Every twitch of my cock made it harder and longer. I felt a little raw down there, but in an offbeat way, that added to the buffet of sensations more than detracted from it. She flicked her tongue roughly over parts of my body that could take it, but became much gentler on my face and cock.

She stopped the licking to lean back, supporting herself on an elbow. She then lowered me on to her pillowy left tit. Her three foot tall nipple had deflated a tad, so I knew what my job was. Like I had done to her clit, I rubbed my hands around the base of the big nub. When my hands stroked the bumpy skin upward, I leaned over to kiss the top of the nipple. I tasted a bit of salty seasoning that came from her sweat.

After a happy, guttural moan, Rachel said, “You’re so strong. Your hands feel like the weight of ten men.”

Heartened, I risked a neck cramp by moving my head back and forth to give her swelling lump a nice shine with my tongue. I risked carpal tunnel syndrome by putting all my strength in my kneading fingers. She responded with endearing squeaks. With her teat at its most erect, my teeth joined with my other actions. I bit down hard, not fearing I could break skin or discomfort her. She yelped and bit her lip. Her hand reached down to scrub her clit.

“G-go to my other nipple,” said Rachel’s shaky voice.

Eager to not leave her untouched for too long, I dashed to her twin tit, my hands and feet sinking somewhat on her giving skin. I bounded my way to her second stiff protrusion. I embraced it and tried to lift it off her. I was barely strong enough to tug it a couple of feet. She still enjoyed the effort I put in. I bit down and pinched all over the erect nipple. I garnered a chorus of moans and little yelps from her.

When I guessed that she was revved up all the way, I said, “Sis! Put me in your pussy!”

It felt more like gravity itself pulled me down rather than her hand. In a flash I was struck by a blasting heat wave. Her exposed pink flesh was exposed a little more as she spread her legs apart to insert my body. Her folds gulped me down head first. She was so wet that I slipped in easier than if I dove into a pool, if danker and far darker. Her inside was a furnace that would have boiled a normal human. I almost felt sorry for the two guys that had been in here.

Keen on getting her off before I dehydrated, I concentrated my movements on my hips and arms. I hoped to learn her weak points eventually, but I was too disoriented and new to this to do more than haphazardly feel her out. I humped her quivering vaginal wall and stroked the gooey inner flesh with my hands. I spun around and did the same thing to a different area. A greater trembling occurred right then. Her muscles contracted and the boiling fluids coming out increased in thickness and quantity.

Taking that as a good sign, I shifted my focus to my dick on this spot. I pounded against the wonderfully weird, semi-liquid cunt. She rippled and constricted all over me. I only realized I was cumming because another hormone induced surge fried my cognizance. Her cunt pulsed and squeezed me for an undefinable amount of time, threatening to melt me so that I could be one with her cum.

My first real awareness of myself came when I found myself coughing on the ground. Then I felt myself being lifted. I turned to see a very sweaty, red Rachel looking at me with embarrassed concern.

“Are you okay, Ryan? I didn’t mean to keep you in for so long. It’s just my orgasm kept going and going, and-”

I laughed. “I’m fine, sis… I’m glad to hear… I gave you a good… orgasm.”

“Maybe it was more than one. Look how dirty you are. Let me help.”

Like a cat licking her kitten clean, she lapped up her cooling juices off me. Of course, while I was left cleaner, I wasn’t exactly clean. Neither of us were. She didn’t feel like walking all the way to one of our home baths, so she ambled to the lake for a quick dip.

When we came out of the water, she kept me in her cupped hand. I was dead tired and dozing off. With the inbound twilight shimmering off her fair skin, I put all the love of a brother and lover into an “I love you.”

The last thing I heard from her was a symphonically fading “I love you too."

Chapter End Notes:

If anyone wants another of my tall tales, I put up a twenty thousand something word story on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. It's called An Enticing Apocalypse. Check it out if the following summary intrigues you.

The gorgeous giantess arrived without warning and with clear intentions. She wasn't interested in speaking with world leaders or do anything she considered tedious. However, as Derek Bennett soon discovers, she is not entirely callous. In the midst of her crushing, erotic play, and eating, the mortal man and goddess learn more about one another and form a bond that benefits them physically and mentally. If Derek can keep her amused, he might just live long enough to see his entire world crumble beneath her massive feet.


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