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Author's Chapter Notes:

In this chapter Beth and Sarah get a little tour of some of the more exclusive areas of the tunnel. This one has a little less tiny action, and a little more....sorta plot. 

Not as much explicit content, but that's coming up later.

"There's actually four levels here at the tunnel," their tour guide, a short brunette named Mara, told them.

Sarah had been on her third drink of the night, and the two of them had almost finished off their bowl of tinies when Mara had approached them with her perpetual grin. The girls would have gotten along fine no matter what; Mara's bubbly personality was the entire reason she had been selected to give contest winners tours. Once she had introduced herself the girls had quickly shoved the final two screaming tinies into their mouths. 

Sarah kept sucking on hers like a piece of candy while Beth simply swallowed hers down. Splitting the bowl between them had been a good call. Not that either of them couldn't have downed a bowl of tinies on their own, but being so stuffed would have overcrowded their stomachs and kept the vibrations from the struggling tinies down to where they couldn't enjoy their squirms.

So the two girls followed their guide up the spiral staircase that had been artfully concealed in a corner of the ground floor. Mara's ass looked great in the short dress that passed as her uniform, but in her quick glance Sarah wasn't able to see if she was wearing any underwear or not. Beth saw and poked her friend in the ribs, and each of them giggled.

Then they reached the top of the stairs and the music droopped to a level where they could all talk more comfortably. The floor had widened out to a large room, definitely smaller than the ground floor's dance area. In it there were people spread about, some on couches or stools. Most were still wearing more clothes than those downstairs but there was no mistaking what most of them were there for as tinies were frequently disappearing into whatever orifice was exposed.

"This seems a lot more comfortable than down below!" Beth said happily. The downstairs was definitely geared toward people with Sarah's drive to let loose, while floor 2 fit better with Beth's personality of slowly enjoying herself.

The single bartender waved politely to them, a good looking man with a short scruffy beard. He dropped something into a metal shaker and screwed the top on. He shook it up and poured out a pink liquid into a cocktail drink. With a final shake Beth saw two tinies fall into the drink, and as they walked by Mara picked it up and delivered it to a girl who looked far too young to be in a place like the Tunnel. If Beth had brought any cash to bet with, she would have put ten down that girl wasn't yet fifteen.

"Thanks Mar!" the tiny redhead exclaimed. Then she leaned back in her booth and took a sip, careful to let just one of the tinies slip between her lips. 

Sarah gave the girl a smile as they walked by then accidentally bumped into Mara as they reached their destination, a small raised area at the end of the bar. Then Mara turned a smiled at them, bouncing a little.

"So like I said, there's actually four levels here, welcome to level two!" she said.

"Now, it's very important you keep your wristbands on once we get up to three and four," she shook her wrist and the girls double checked they had theirs on, "because at that point it's a lot more free-for-all. You'll be fine with those one though.

"But here on two, we keep it more relaxed and calm. Everything still goes here, of course, but since a smaller part of our patrons come up here it tends to be a little more low-key."

As she spoke the two girls observed the room. The tiny girl Mara had given the drink to was enjoying it quietly, and Beth was more than a little surprised to see a hand poking out from below the tablecloth of the table she was sitting at. Using her imagination Beth could visualize that someone was kneeling under that table, face at crotch height to this girl who had to be the youngest person here. Since anything went even at level two, Beth could imagine what was going on there.

At the end of the bar, sitting at the last two stools, two guys were having fun tossing tinies back and forth to each other like popcorn, seeing who could catch the most.

Closer to the stairs a trio of older women was chatting casually with eachother and dragging some four-inch tinies through various sauces that were set in front of them. They would pop the tiny into their mouths, holding onto their feet, and suck the sauces off before pulling the screaming little person from between their lips.

"Do you want to hang out here or see some behind the scenes action?" she asked Beth and Sarah with a coy smile.

"Behind the scenes!" the two girls exclaimed. When Mara smiled and pointed at a narrow door they hadn't noticed before the two high fived each other.

The thought had frequently crossed Beth's mind, but not Sarah's at all, that the amount of tinies that the Tunnel had been using was unsustainable. Even outside the club she'd wondered from time to time how so many tinies were always available. Sure, everyone had eaten a few friends of theirs when the unfortunate person shrank to snack-size, but something about the numbers had never added up to her. Maybe this would shed some light on all that?

As they followed Mara through the door leading to the service hallway, the small redhead in level 2 shuddered in her seat. If Beth had turned to look she would have seen the hand under the seat begin to convulse then suddenly vanish, and the redhead's hand rapidly reach under the table as though to grab something she had dropped. Then the door closed. The bartender knew what had happened, of course.

He made good money to make sure their best paying customers got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it.

When the door closed the sound of music stopped immediately, to be replaced with a relaxing instrumental number playing at a low level. Just enough to keep the work area from being awkwardly quiet. Everything looked clean and shiny, everything the girls could see was either made of metal or something very close to it. 

"So now that you've seen level two, let's check out the rest of the facilities!" Mara exclaimed.

Sarah and Beth followed her happily into a long room that had one wall completely lined with machines that neither of the girls recognized. Every several often a light would blink green above one and it would shake briefly. Once they were all in the room Mara started speaking again.

"So these," she indicated the machines with one hand as though they weren't obvious, "are our cloning machines!"

She opened the tiny door at the bottom of the one closest and pulled something out.

"You see, we use way too many tinies to get them all from the general population," Mara casually tossed the one-inch tiny to Sarah, "So while we do get hundreds from places like malls and beaches, anywhere busy really, a lot of the tinies we have are actually tiny clones."

Sarah held the woman in her hand upside down by one ankle and she and Beth looked closely at her. This tiny was a skinny brunette and wouldn't stop screaming in fear and confusion. She swung about wildly, unable to understand what was happening to her.

"But if they're clones," Beth asked, "does that take some of the fun out of it?"

"Maybe fifty years ago," Mara replied, "but our cloning technology is so good that these clones are all completely identical to the host. Memories and everything!"

Sarah gave the dangling tiny a flick.

"So that means each of these little snacks think they're the original!"

"Oh that is so hot," Sarah said back to her. "May I?" she asked, looking at Mara and raising an eyebrow.

Mara giggled and said "Go ahead."

In response Sarah held the tiny above her mouth and dropped her in. Then she carefully moved the tiny she'd been sucking on to the back of her mouth and casually swallowed her. Now her new tiny was full of flavor and fight again. Just like candy should be.

"So were the original people...." Beth started her question but wasn't sure how to finish.

"Oh yes," Mara answered as she guided them through another room full of machines from which an attended was gathering tinies and dropping them into a clear container, "Originals still make the best tinies, but mostly because during the actual shrinking process we can make them the super-tough type. These clones can last for a few hours in the tummy, longer everywhere else of course, but the real super-toughs can be used for all sorts of things like diet aids and alcohol cask flavoring. Just to name a few."

Around the tiny in her mouth Sarah asked, "How can food be a diet aid?"

Mara opened another door that led up several stairs. She answered as they walked.

"Super-toughs are good for years, and they're crazy expensive for most people. But rich people will buy one or two, and once you swallow them they can't pass out of the stomach so they make people feel full for longer."

"Wait, so they get the tingling and everything all the time?" Beth asked intrigued. The feeling of a tiny person suffering in her stomach was one of her favorite things. The idea that she could have it all the time sounded amazing.

"Yep, they never get tired and we tweak a few things to make them panic constantly so it's pretty much a blast from what I'm told."

"That's really cool," said Sarah before swallowing the tiny she'd been sucking on without a second thought. 

The group now entered a small observation room with a nice couch that faced a window overlooking another room. Mara gestured to them to have a seat, which they did. Sarah briefly shifted her hips to get comfortable, then reached between her legs and pulled a squirming tiny from her vagina. Now comfortable with her little annoyance out of the way, she leaned back and tossed the tiny to Mara when she held out her hands. She'd actually forgotten about that one until she sat down. Level one had been a blast for her.

Giggling, Mara took the tiny and dropped it into what looked like a mail slot in the wall.

"That one's going back down to one," she said. "But this," she indicated the scene through the window, "is level three, and now we're getting back into a more active environment."

Through the window the two girls were able to see a scene of pure debauchery. Sarah knew immediately that if this tour took any longer she'd jump out and find her way back to this level. Beth was very impressed but her natural curiousity made her wonder what level four had that this one didn't. Because this one seemed to have everything.

It was hard to tell exactly what they were seeing, but only because there was so much of it.

On one side of the room there was several women sitting on a long couch, all masturbating each other with medium sized tinies. The women would push the six-inchers entirely into their pussies, enjoy the sensation of the tiny being struggling for (what they thought was) their lives as they worked their bodies out of their fleshy prison, then shove the tinies back in as far as they could. 

As Beth watched, one of the women got up suddenly and stepped into a pile of clothes by her feet. The other women seemed to implore her to stay, but she made what looked like an apologatory statement before her tiny almost slipped upside down out of her pussy. She laughed and caught the tiny, then shoved him back upward. Then before he could slip back out she reached down and pulled up a pair of tight underwear and short jean shorts before hurrying out of the room with a huge smile on her face as she pulled on her t-shirt.

Sarah meanwhile was watching closer to the small bar area. What looked like two frat girls had in front of them a long line of shots, each with a one-inch tiny hip deep in an amber liquid. The tinies were struggling desperately to climb out while the college aged girls were clearly psyching each other up. Then together they started tossing back the shots as fast as they could. 

The brunette was outpacing the blonde, but they both finished their shots about the same time. When the brunette slammed hers down slightly faster she raised her arms in silent victory while the blonde finished her last shot.

The very idea of downing tinies that way made Sarah even more aroused than she already had been. Sure she'd done shotties before, and used far more tinies than the average person, but her budget just didn't allow for that kind of wanton use. Level one had been amazing, but the just barely turned back vibe of level three was even more up her alley. 

Mara seemed to read her mind.

"Sarah, if you like this you'll love level four."

"You two go on ahead," Beth found herself saying. This tour was awesome, but that redheaded girl in level two kept coming back to her head. "I really want to go hang out at level two."

This didn't surprise Mara at all. She knew what her real job was, and it wasn't purely tour guide. And she also knew that little redheaded girl was, in a roundabout way, her boss. Mara had seen what that girl liked and made a point of not getting in her way.

"Okay," Mara said with a big smile that didn't betray her thoughts. "I'll take you back there real quick!"

Sarah indicated that she would stay in their observation area to wait for Mara to come back, and the other two set off for level two.  As soon as they were out of sight Sarah peeked back toward where they had come from and located a staircase going up.

Throwing caution to the wind, she went up.

Beth thanked Mara for showing her around, and Mara was sure to let Beth know she'd come back down to find her shortly. Then Mara made sure Beth was getting a drink from the bar, Steve the bartender working his magic as always, and went back upstairs.

She wasn't surprised to find Sarah had vanished. 


Chapter End Notes:

The upcoming chapters will be shorter, but have more of the good parts in them.

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