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Jeff straightened his tie one more time, even though he'd need to do a lot of straightening up once he was able to sneak into the Tunnel. Hidden from view in a corner behind a dumpster, Jeff watched what he had been told was a side door to the city's most famous club. It didn't seem like it led to what was supposed to be the greatest experience of one's life, but he had a good feeling about it.

Ever since Evan, a guy Jeff had ran into at a bar, had told him about this side door, Jeff had been mulling the idea around in his head. Details on the Tunnel were always vague; people who managed to get in kept pretty quiet about it, besides saying it was amazing. And it wasn't like there weren't a thousand other ways to have a good time in town. But this was about more than just a good time. If Jeff managed to find a way in past the bouncers, he'd forever be the man among his friends. No one could top this.

But since he'd entered the alley ten minutes ago there had been no action by the door. His brown eyes had seen no one go in or out, and he restrained himself from running his hands through his dark hair in frustration. It was a warm night and he was dressed up. The last thing he needed was to have wasted half a night standing in an alley.

Just before he checked his watch for the hundredth time, the door opened and a petite young woman walked out. She wasn't wearing anything like a uniform, just a hoodie and some shorts, so if Jeff hadn't heard the faint pulse of music when the door opened he would have changed his mind about Evan's story being more than just a drunk story. The woman opened the door wide, waved to someone inside, and turned to walk away from Jeff down the alley toward the main road.

As quickly and quietly as he could, Jeff darted around the dumpster and managed to snag the door just before it closed. The girl he saw leaving didn't hear him, and he peeked inside the door before he pulled it open. It was dark inside and the pulse of music was low but distinct. When he didn't see anyone there, Jeff pulled the door open far enough to slip through it and made sure it closed quietly behind him.


There was no one around and he appeared to be in an access corridor. There were three directions he could go from here, but he knew from a little research that The Tunnel had to be straight across from the door. So that's the way he went. A minute later he was sure he had made the right decision. Even though there had only been a few side doors (one of which led to a huge laundry room) the sound of music grew steadily louder.

He smiled and straightened his tie again. It was a new red tie, the real fancy kind with alternating silver stripes that looked sharp with his black suit. Now that he knew he could get in whenever he wanted he'd likely dress less formally next time. But this was his first impression and he was going to make the most of it. 

After walking for longer than he had expected Jeff reached a crossroads in the hall, and he couldn't tell which way the music was coming from. His internal compass had gotten him this far, but now it abandoned him. It had seemed at times the tunnel slanted down, at others up. Was it possible he'd found some tunnel, pun intended, that ran below the Tunnel? If so it would take some searching to find his way up.

Picking right randomly, Jeff walked until he passed a blue door on the left. From behind it the music seemed a little louder. A staircase perhaps?

Jeff pulled the door open and the sound of music rushed over him. The light was a little strange, a faint blue that must have been from a fog machine from upstairs. He stepped through and


suddenly naked, Jeff fell several feet onto a large platform. He tried to scramble to his feet, but the pink platform was extremely slippery. Worse than smooth ice but it wasn't cold. Around him he could see what looked like doorframes without doors that all led to narrower hallways. 

He counted four doorways before the platform, walls and doorless doors and all, tilted sideways and Jeff slid yelling into one. Before he slid through the entry he saw that there was a word etched above the door in a cold mechanical print, but he was too disoriented to read it. 

The sound of music returned and grew quickly until it was overwhelming, and the tube Jeff slid through suddenly slanted left before suddenly opening. Jeff hadn't realized how fast he was going until he was thrown into the open air into a world awash with music, flashing lights, and

"Oh shit!" Jeff yelled as he finally had a moment to realize what had happened.

In the moment Jeff sailed through the air, he took in a lot of things. There was a crowd of people just below him, too busy partying to take notice of him. And each of them were a dozen times as large as he was.

He'd gotten into The Tunnel all right. Just not as a patron.

As that thought solidified in his mind, his flying body struck something solid and he had just enough time to realize he'd landed on the side of someone's face before a hand grabbed at him. Jeff jerked backward and fell, first hitting the person's shoulder, then sliding down their back before entering a free fall.

A moment later Jeff hit the ground and looked disblievingly at his hands. Before a boot connected with his side to launch him sideways again, he realized another thing: he had been made super tough. This was permanent.

Then a massive leather boot struck his side and he bounced off several legs until he hit the ground again. Jeff skidded once on the ground and rolled. Before anything else could hit him he leapt to his feet and ran blindly away from the crowd of titans. 

Above him the music roared and people were having a blast. And below them Jeff ran for his life. Someone spilled a little of their drink and Jeff stepped in the sticky spot the mess created. It threw off his pace, but he managed to reach a step that seemed to lead away from the dance floor. It was taller than he was, but fear made him strong so he was able to pull himself up the first with ease.

Jeff prepared to climb the second step and took his first running steps when a hand wrapped around his torso. He twisted his head to try and see who held him but was unable. The hand didn't seem to take any care with him, but instead was held at its owner's side while they walked. The swaying motion would have made him sick at full size, but the process of making him an incredibly tough tiny had also toughened up his stomach apparently.

"I got another!" he heard a female voice say, and a chorus of female voices cheered in reply. His world moved rapidly again and he was dropped on a massive table. When he got to his feet he saw that he was surrounded by five women including the one who had grabbed him. All the women were beautiful and on a normal night he'd have been happy to chat up any of them, especially the blonde wearing a tiara. But tonight was not a normal night.

"Okay, one more shot and I'll go for the record!" the blonde said. Now that Jeff had another moment to see her, he saw that the tiara she was wearing said 'Bachelorette' across the top. 

Then he got to watch in horror as all the women grabbed shot glasses from the other side of a massive bowl and clanked them together. The women all cheered "Same penis forever!" then tapped their glasses on the table. In that moment of downward motion Jeff saw a two-inch tall woman in each shot glass surrounded by an amber liquid. Then the shot glasses rocketed back upward to the horror of their occupants and the giant women tossed back their shots.

When the glasses made it back to the table empty and the women were all coughing lightly as they dealt with the whiskey, Jeff had a sudden realization that he'd done the exact same thing they just had on almost every night out he'd ever had. By now the tiny women would be struggling and churning the alcohol in the stomach of their giantess and enhancing its effects. If they were lucky they weren't super-tough and the fumes in their new environment would render them unconscious. But Jeff knew tinies for ingestion were almost always super-tough. Those women would struggle for weeks, or longer if their new owner didn't bring them back up after twenty days like recommended.

The mere memory of how tinies felt in his stomach gave Jeff an erection despite his situation. As horrible as this situation was, he knew how amazing it felt to consume a tiny living being for his own amusement.

"Ready girls?" the blonde yelled over the music. 

"Heck yeah!" the brunette said, slamming a massive tube of lubricant down onto the table. "I've been waiting all night!"

"Seriously Eve," said the redhead behind Jeff, "I'm thrilled you're getting married but I'm even more pumped you could come out tonight."

Jeff turned to look at the redhead as she took a drink from her glass. He saw her down a dozen micros with her dainty gulp, and lick a few off her lips. 

"Also that record needs to be broke," she added with a laugh, and she tipped the massive bowl on its side. From it spilled several naked men, all roughly the same height as Jeff.

"Well let's get to it!" yelled the blonde. She stood and revealed that she was wearing a white dress with a loose short skirt. The reason for that became apparent when she turned away from the table, knelt on her chair, and lifted the back of the skirt up. 

And with that the girls set to their merry task. It was obvious they had done this several times before, and Jeff was unlucky enough to be witness to Eve's attempt to break her own record from the opposite side of the table. All the women were thrilled to help, although the redhead seemed a little distracted with her hand below the table. 

The men tried to scatter as best as they could but there wasn't much hope. One by one they were snatched up and unceremoniously dragged through a little blotch of lubricant the brunette had poured on a napkin before being shoved headfirst into Eve's anus. With each tiny man inserted the women yelled out the number as though it were a great game, until it was just Jeff on the far end of the table and one other tiny that the Brunette had already snatched.

Jeff had tried to leap off the table twice, only to be stopped each time by his originalcaptor, a short (relatively) blonde who just might have been the Bachelorette's sister. Now she nudged him forward, as though he would want to go of his own accord.

"Two more, Eve, and you've got a new record!" she yelled to her sister over the pulsing music. Eve made no sign if she heard her, she was turned slightly to look behind her and it was obvious she was in a state of absolute bliss.  Twelve three-inch men had been shoved inside of her to this point and the sensation was overwhelming for her. They were tightly packed enough that the new ones just shoved the previous ones deeper into and around the different turns of her colon, but not tight enough to not be able to struggle in blind panic.

The brunette touched Eve's shoulder and when Eve nodded, she gently began pushing the man she held into Eve's ass. He fought for all he was worth, but he had no chance of saving himself. His arms just slipped on the massive anus and helped ease his transition from a tiny to an anal toy. The brunette had to push a couple of her fingers inside her friend to make sure the man would go deep enough to stay in and it was obvious Eve was just about to run out of room. 

No more, thought Jeff, no more, just let me go, let me go.

"One more!" Eve yelled. 

And Jeff was grabbed by the smaller blonde and tossed to the brunette. She dragged him quickly face-first through the warm lubricant and brought him close to her friend's ass. With a smile she turned Jeff around and blew him a little kiss. Then he felt his feet get encircled by a warm, wet surface.

Looking down he saw the massive anus swallow his feel up to his knees, then his hips. He wanted to struggle but knew his best bet was to go in smoothly, and hope to push off the man before him and slip his way out of this woman's ass. Otherwise who knew what else they had planned?

When he was in up to his chest, a finger pushed down on the top of his head and shoved him the rest of the way in. His feet contacted someone else's that were kicking violently, but Jeff kept his arms over his head. When the finger that pushed him in retracted, he looked up at the closing sphincter and saw that it was just close enough for him to get a hand into the opening to keep it from sealing him in forever.
With a little wiggling he got another hand into the opening and struggled with all his might to push open Eve's asshole in order to escape. After a desperate moment he was able to get it open just enough to push his head and one arm through.

I can do this! he thought to himself. Until he looked up.

The brunette's face was a few inches away from him, and when they made eye contact she held up a large orange butt plug. Then winked at him. 

"No!" Jeff screamed as the plug forced him back into Eve's rectum. A moment later all he could hear was the loud music and the screams of those he was trapped inside this warm humid hell with. The plastic pushed against him, pressing him further until with a brief sucking sound it halted its progress. It was all the way in. And they weren't coming out.


The next afternoon Eve woke up on her sister Ella's couch half naked and half laying on a six-inch tall teenager that had struggled all night to pull herself from Eve's pussy after she had passed out mid-masturbation session, only to get trapped under one of Eve's thighs as she rolled over in her sleep. 

Smiling lazily Eve picked up the tiny girl, who had been a cheerleader before she accepted a job interview at the wrong company, and tossed her onto the coffee table. She sat up and grabbed a stasis box that she put over the top of the tiny girl and turned on. Now when she turned the box off, the girl wouldn't have experienced the in-between time. It kept them fresh for longer.

But when she sat up, Eve was reminded of what she had done last night.

"I broke my record!" she exclaimed, and suddenly she felt the men in her colon start struggling again. The plug had certainly done its job, none had slipped out all night. She was tempted to keep them in there but knew that many wouldn't be safe for that much longer. Eve walked to the bathroom.

In the tub she carefully pulled the plug out, relishing the sensation as it 'poppped!' its way out of her body. At first only one tiny fell out, a good looking guy with short black hair and she picked him up and tossed him in the sink. Moments later the rest of them followed him out as her body expelled them all into the tub.

She counted thirteen dazed tinies, fourteen with the one in the sink, and silently praised Colo-Clean for putting her colon on pause for the night. Her sister Ella might have loved the feeling of tinies getting stuck in her excrement, but Eve preferred them clean. And speaking of...

Knowing they couldn't climb out of the tub, Eve left them there and walked to the sink. She picked up the little man there and washed him thoroughly, ignoring his swinging arms and legs, but glad he still had the energy to struggle. Sometimes the super-toughs turned out to only be that way for a couple hours.


Jeff sputtered up the last of the water as the giantess held him in her hand. She reached for something high up that he couldn't see and placed it on the side of the sink. The hand moved over it and Jeff saw it was a stasis box, half full with frozen tinies already. Just before he thought he was going to be dropped in, he heard a thoughtful noise.

"One wouldn't hurt," Eve said.

Suddenly the hand lowered bringing Jeff with it, and in a moment he saw Eve's asshole again as she spread her cheeks as best as she could with one hand.


The tiny let out a yell as she pushed him back into her asshole, but she loved the way it got cut off when he slipped the rest of the way in. Satisfied with her little squirmer, Eve set about cleaning the rest of her new toys and dropping them in the stasis box. She'd have to keep him in there until she saw her fiance. He loved using tinys during sex almost as much as she did.

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