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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which you learn the more boring parts of your new life, and you meet an unexpected third character. Insertion, masturbation, panty entrapment, and lesbian sex

And so Renee went about her daily business, with me trapped helpless in her vagina. I could hear her speak every once in a while, but her voice was too muffled for me to make anything out. The lubricant slowly dried out, eliminating what little chance of escape I had, and the walls of her vagina, expanded from hours of sexual abuse, began to close back together, trapping me ever tighter.

When the woman sat down, I felt her vulva  squishing up around me, the hard seat pressing up against my face. When she crossed her legs, her thigh muscles bundled around the front of her crotch and pushed me even deeper. When she slept, she kept her legs too close together for me to even try escaping. I could feel every step she took, and her vagina, with me trapped inside, shook with the swaying of her hips.

She rode a bicycle to class, the bike seat pushing up between her legs with every bounce, which pushed my feet against her cervix. She played volleyball, apparently, gyrating and jumping so enthusiastically that it took a little squeeze of her vagina every few seconds to hold me in. She even masturbated once, riding the washing machine until she orgasmed so hard that she fell off, and subjecting me to every little texture of her climax.

It was days before I finally saw the light of the outside world again. I never grew hungry, never grew thirsty, never seemed to need a breath of real air, and, unfortunately, never grew sleepy. It meant long, boring nights where even my most furious attempts to escape would only give her whatever the female equivalent of a wet dream was. I learned quickly not to move too much when she finally fell asleep; it was far too easy to bring her to orgasm, and far too difficult to wake her up. Her vaginal muscles were already inclined to twitch slightly while she dreamt, but making the mistake of pleasuring Renee in her sleep would bring untempered, bone-crushing clenches.

And, when she pulled me out for the first time, it wasn’t even to use me as a sex toy. She grabbed my head by her finger and thumb and pulled me out fairly quickly. She was naked, and sopping wet from the shower. I hadn’t even noticed that she was in the shower. I just took the scrubbing and pressing over the front of her vagina to be another quick attempt at pleasuring herself.

She held her phone out at arms length, and I saw in my brief glimpse of the screen that she was recording video. Despite the shocking light and cold of the outside world, I still had the presence of mind to realize how weird that was. What was she filming this for? Was there a chance that someone would see it, recognize me, and save me? I tried my best to gesture to the camera for help, but she moved me around too fast, her grip shifting on my body to pin my arms to my sides, squeezing so hard that I couldn't breathe. In a few short seconds, she held me just below her hips, forcing me to stare up at the dark, wrinkled cleft between her legs. 

“I think he's tired of being upside-down,” she said aloud. Was it to the camera? Then, in a sudden, nauseating motion, she fell into a deep crouch. The lips of her labia parted as she did so, revealing the bright pink flesh underneath.

A new pair of panties were halfway up her shins, and she carefully lay me in the center of them, presenting me with an ant’s-eye view of her beautifully-formed body from her legs to her breasts. The phone was still there, and I could clearly see myself, sprawled awkardly in the cotton hammock of her underwear.

And then she pulled the panties all the way on before I could react. One second, I was laying face-up on the stitched gusset of her panties, the next, my face was buried in the flesh of her crotch. The odor was overwhelming, the heat oppressive. And, when she stood up, her vulva tightened up, and her panties wedgied into a cameltoe, trapping me between her labia.

After that, Renee went about her business once again. I didn’t realize how sheltered I was from the ravages of her daily activities inside her vagina until now. Every time she sat, her full weight pressed tons and tons of hot flesh around me. When she biked, the seat seemed to be willfully pressing me into her body. When she exercised, the heat doubled and the odor of sweat was almost as strong as the odor of her vagina.

I only earned reprieve when she stripped her panties to go to the bathroom, and, even then, she planted her foot down on me to prevent me from escaping, and then it was back into the folds of her crotch I went.

The next time she switched my position, she put me underneath the back string of her thong, burying me deep between the cheeks of her ass. Facing away from her asshole, thank god, but every step she took pushed those powerful muscles together around me. And, sometimes, she would flex just for the fun of it, crushing me with a power unrivaled by anything I had been subjected to when she had been having sex with me.

And, another time, she slid me between her breasts before putting on a tight sports bra and going for a run. The sweat poured around me, and, even with the sports bra, I was still bounced around uncomfortably with every step.

But the majority of my time was spent inside Renee’s vagina. For a full two weeks, she never once masturbated with me again, though she did use the washing machine once more and, twice, shoved the showerhead between her legs until she climaxed.

Sometimes, she wore long dresses without panties, and, when I was upside-down, I had enough of a view of the outside world to see her titanic legs stretching down to the ground far below, but little else, and, despite my writhing, I made no progress towards escape. Sometimes, she would punish my attempts by squeezing her pelvic muscles tight, pulling me all the way back inside her as she crushed me alive.

It was difficult to keep track of time, but I could count the number of times that the woman fell asleep. It was fully a month after she first slid me into her vagina that something finally changed, besides my position. For her period, she had slid me between her ass again. My best chance for escape had been then, when she was sleeping, but Renee apparently slept on her back. Even if I had managed to work my way out from between her glutes, I would have found myself trapped beneath all of her weight.

But, about a week after her period had passed, I felt her vagina lengthen somewhat, and fluid began to eke from the walls. A gentle squeeze of her pelvic muscles pulled my head under, depriving me of my view, but I could tell that she had lay down.

The lubricant was all but flowing from the walls around me now, filling my mouth with a taste I had not experienced in weeks. I felt Renee’s vagina shift in a way that meant she had just lifted her legs up and spread them wide, and then her fingers came down to her crotch and picked the lips of her vagina apart, letting in light.

The first thing that I saw was the massive pink tongue another of my roommates, Kristi. Did she know I was here? Ignoring the stunning revelation that the two women were lesbians, if she found out where I was, she could help me. I tried to shout, but the elastic walls surrounding me clenched tight, cutting me off before I could even inhale.

The contraction pushed me forward, forcing my head and shoulders out of Renee’s vagina. Kristi, whose longer, paler face was right in front of me, didn’t even look surprised. Her head came down again and her mouth closed around me, her tongue working its way between my chest and the walls of Renee’s vagina. Another contraction pushed me further out, and the tongue worked its way down to my waist. It curled between my legs, then pulled me completely out of Renee's body.

She was surprisingly dextrous with her tongue. With my body all the way down to my knees in Kristi’s mouth, the tongue worked its way across my torso like it was a living organism, slavering my body with spit but also removing Renee’s smelly, salty natural lubricant.

Then Kristi grabbed my feet and plucked me out of her mouth. For the first time, I saw her naked body. She was less tan, but more slender than Renee, and her body showed somewhat more definition. It was clear that she was well-muscled, but there was even less fat on her than there was on Renee. There was a space between her legs, even when her feet were together, and I could see that her vulva was clean-shaven as well. Her skin was soft and fair, and her slender stomach, well-rounded breasts, and smooth crotch showed no sign of tan lines.

Renee was on her back on her bed, her legs spread wide, and Kristi was kneeling just in front of her. Kristi surveyed me for a second, holding me upside down, then leaned forward and brought me back between Renee’s legs. She placed her left hand on Renee’s waist, and she rubbed my head up and down the thoroughly-lubricated outside of Renee’s vagina, tantalizing the sensitive flesh with my body. I heard a soft moan come from one of the two woman, then Kristi set my head against the opening to Renee’s vagina, and pushed me in.

She had a firm grip on my legs, though her hand only grasped up to my knee. She forced me in as deep as she could while maintaining her grip, and I was stunned to find that my head bottomed out, striking the giantess’ soft cervix. The walls even seemed to grip me tighter, though Renee’s pelvic muscles were still relaxed. Had I grown larger? Did these women have the power to control my size?

I didn’t get the chance to follow that train of thought for too long, however, because, no sooner did my head strike the mucous-covered entrance to Renee’s womb did Kristi began pumping my body in and out of her lover’s vagina. She ripped me in and out with savage force and unbelievable speed, striking Renee’s cervix with my head so hard that it even hurt me, then tearing me almost all the way back out again, with nothing but my neck still inside the massive woman’s vagina.

I was fully penetrating Renee twice a second, moving so fast that I could barely tell when her vaginal muscles were contracting. But the speed was lifting her to orgasm quickly, and her vagina did squeeze tight, both trying to deny me access and hold me in. But Kristi was relentless, and forced me in and out of Renee’s body that, despite the lubricant and despite the contractions, every fold and feature of her vagina was moving back and forth with me.

The orgasm still took ten minutes for Renee to reach, and, when it came, Kristi didn’t even give her a moment to breathe. She did slow down, but, instead, she started twisting. She turned me back and forth as she pushed me in and out, making the same motion that she would with a screwdriver. I was only moving half as fast, my head striking, and then twisting into Renee’s cervix only every second or so, but it was even more torturous.

The twisting exposed every side of my body to the strength of Renee’s vaginal contractions. Normally, there was a way that I could face that better accommodated the shape of her vagina, but, with the twisting, there was no such relief. A squeeze would crush me, and then I would be turned into it, my legs and arms twisting around as my body was exposed to the strongest axis of the contraction, then turned back.

Renee was unprepared for this new motion, and her second orgasm only took two minutes. It seemed like forever, and, when it came, Kristi held me still, buried so far into Renee’s vagina that her cervix dilated and wrapped hungrily around the top of my head. I was forced to ride out the contractions, which came with every one of her rapid heartbeats and didn’t seem to lessen in strength for a full sixty seconds.

Kristi had only released me because Renee had forced her hand away, bringing her legs together to stop the other woman from continuing to penetrate her so that she could savor this orgasm. It took a while, but, when it was finally finished, it was Renee who grabbed my legs and pulled me out of her vagina.

And, when she did, I saw that Kristi was lying on her back now, her head on the pillow and her legs raised up. Renee was standing on her knees when she pulled me out, and swung me about as carelessly as if I were a lifeless toy as she switched positions. She swung one leg over Kristi’s head, then settled down, pushing her crotch against Kristi’s face as she leaned forward, carrying me down the length of Kristi’s body as she did so.

Renee wrapped one arm around Kristi’s left thigh, pulling it even further to the side, then brought me down between Kristi’s legs. I had one last view of Renee’s face, biting back the pleasure of Kristi exploring her crotch with her tongue, then I was plunged deep into the hot darkness of Kristi’s vagina.

The other woman’s insides had a different texture, a different color, a different strength. If anything, the elastic walls seemed to clutch at my body with even greater force. Her vagina was deeper; Renee was able to push me in all the way down to my shins before I struck the quivering, mucous-covered cervix at the end. I was pushed up against it and then left there for a second, feeling the fluid flowing over my skin, the heartbeat pressing through the walls, and then Renee began to penetrate her lover with my body.

The speed was unbelievable. Before I knew what was happening, I was out, then in, out and in, out and in, faster than the time it took to describe it. My body filled Kristi’s vagina, and then was gone in a split second, letting the elastic walls close back together with a squishing sound. I penetrated the giantess with unparalleled speed, force, and depth, Renee’s hand moving back and forth against Kristi’s vagina faster than I would have thought safe for her.

Needless to say, Kristi was brought to orgasm by my body faster than would have been possible even with a machine. Her muscles squeezed tight, pushing up against my body and pressing my limbs together, after no more than a few seconds. And, before the contraction had even subsided, I had been torn in and out of the massive woman’s vagina twice. Renee was unfazed by the resistance her lover’s pelvic muscles offered her, and had no care for my body as she whipped it back and forth. 

The next contraction came right on the heels of the first, and the next came even faster. It wasn’t long before, at the speed with which I was torn in and out of that woman’s vagina, it didn’t even seem that the contractions were discrete anymore. And, not long after that, Kristi’s orgasm finally came.

It was only then that I knew what a full-bodied orgasm actually felt like. I was in the giantess as deep as I could go, my head pressed against her cervix and with fluid flowing all around, and then the muscles around me squeezed together with unbelievable force.

I felt the hand tug at my legs again, but, for the first time, I didn’t move. I couldn’t. Neither of the women would have been able to crush me so completely with any other part of their body. Even putting me under heel and pressing down with all their weight would have felt pleasant compared to this. Muscle turned rock hard, elastic flesh bundled up around every curve of my body, and lubricant flowed rapidly to escape the collapsing voids that it filled.

The only thing I could feel through the contraction was Kristi’s heartbeat. As quick as a rabbit’s, but powerful enough that I could feel it pressing up against my skin even through the tons and tons of flesh that wrapped around me, crushing me.

Eventually, the contraction finally subsided, and Renee tore me out of Kristi’s vagina before another one could follow. Then she took the front of my body and rubbed it savagely up and down across Kristi’s soaking, seizing crotch. My face was pressed against the hot, soaking flesh as each contraction made it bunch up forward and press around my body. Her clitoris retracted into its hood with a contraction, then slapped against my chest with the release. The muscles of her vagina pushed outward, letting out a squirt of lubricant onto my face, then fell back into a deep, dark maw.

And there was no rest. As soon as Kristi stopped writhing underneath Renee’s weight, her legs stopped kicking and her pelvic muscles stopped contracting, Renee leveled me out, pressed my head against the woman’s vagina, then pushed me back in, once again beginning the savage process of bringing her lover to orgasm.

The two women continued at this for longer than I could believe possible. Renee brought Kristi to orgasm dozens of times, and Kristi, in turn, explored her lover’s genitals with her tongue. I, on the other hand, was plunged in and out of Kristi’s vagina over and over again, then rubbed furiously between her legs as she rode out another climax.

Eventually, both women rolled onto their back on the bed, gasping in exhaustion. Renee still had her hand wrapped tight around my body, rubbing it idly up and down her stomach.

"I think he's all tuckered out, you guys," Renee said. Who was she talking to?

“Give him to me,” Kristi said. Renee obligingly passed me into Kristi’s hand, who spread her legs wide, and, holding my legs together with two fingers, pushed me headfirst into her vagina.

She did it slowly, and yet it still elicited a small but powerful squeeze from her pelvic muscles. I could hear the squelching as the wet, elastic walls absorbed my body, see the lubricant welling up and pouring out as my body displaced it. Soon, everything but my feet were inside her, and my head was pressed up against her cervix. I was in as deep as I could go.

And, with that, she sat up, cross legged, on the bed. Her vagina was directly underneath her, and my feet were being pushed into the blankets as the weight of her body pressed down on me. She slid back and forth, clearing lubricant from between her legs and shifting me around inside her vagina.

And then she stood up again. Kristi had a gap between her legs when she stood, just wide enough that I could feel the cool air blowing around my ankles. Just enough space for me feel the cloth of her panties as she slid them on, feel it slowly growing moist as it absorbed the fluids that dripped down the walls around me. And, with that, Kristi went around her day, with me trapped inside her vagina.

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