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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which you more fully explore your role as a sex toy. Vaginal insertion and giantess masturbation.

"I'm impressed," Renee said, her voice deafening at her massive size. She held me upside-down between thumb and forefinger, and my inverted visage of her face seemed to fill my entire world. "Well, get ready," she said, her voice clear even through the viscous layer of lubricant that coated my head, "Because that was just the beginning."

I barely had the energy to groan. Renee shifted her hand so that she held my legs fast together, then brought me down to her crotch. Instead of pressing me against her clitoris again, however, she leveled me out with both hands, resting my head against the wet folds of flesh between her legs.

For a second, I was offered a view of tons and tons of smooth, toned skin leading up to the underside of her breasts, and then she pushed, and I slid into her vagina with almost no resistance.

It was dark, incomparably hot, and incomprehensibly smelly. Every breath I took brought in more fluid than air, but, besides the feeling of mixed lubricant and ejaculate sliding down my throat, there didn’t seem to be a difference. Renee forced me all the way into her vagina, until my head hit the tight opening to her cervix at the end.

The walls of her vagina wrapped around me like a living, throbbing latex glove, pressing against every curve of my body. When that elastic force wrapped around my cock, it was the most satisfying thing in the world, but, now, it was suffocating, it was terrifying, but it was also the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.

No sooner had my head struck the bottom of Renee’s vagina did she begin to pull me back out again. My entire body, all the way up to my neck, squeezed out of her vagina, and then she pushed me back in. My erection was bent painfully far downwards by my reinsertion, and kept there as I was dragged out again, but the sensation was the closest thing to intercourse I could hope for, and, slowly but surely, I could feel the pleasure mounting.

Aided by the seemingly limitless flow of lubricant from the walls that wrapped around me, I slid bodily in and out of Renee’s vagina with just as little resistance as my penis would have. And, then, in the first step towards climax, her pelvic muscles squeezed.

Had I been the one fucking her, the sensation would have just been a pang of pleasure around my cock. But, as I was buried upside-down, all the way to my ankles, in her vagina, the pelvic muscles of a gymnast wracked my body with pain as they turned the walls that surrounded me rock-hard.

It was only for one split-second, but it felt as if she had placed me in the palm of her hand and clapped. It forced the air from my lungs, and, when the giantess’ womanly muscles relaxed, I gasped in pain, taking in a lungful of slippery lubricant and sticky ejaculate.

And that was only the first of many contractions. At first, Renee would have to drive me deep into her vagina nearly thirty times before another contraction wracked my body and hers alike. But, with time, they grew more and more frequent, until every third penetration was accompanied with a painful, enduring squeeze on every inch of my body.

I had long since orgasmed from the stimulation, and my pathetic squirt of semen had long since been lost to the oceans of vaginal lubricant. I was no longer aroused, but terrified. I hadn’t lasted this long, not by a long shot. How on earth was she doing it? Was she fighting the orgasm? What would happen when it finally came? When she finally came?

I would find out soon enough. Eventually, nearly every time I was squeezed through the vice grip of her vagina, Renee would have to forcefully extract me from the power of the contraction that grabbed at my body. But lubricant helped, and, even though I felt like I was being forced through rollers, the giantess persisted.

And, finally, Renee forced me so powerfully and so deep into her vagina that my head was driven against her cervix, and she climaxed. High above my head, she screamed, her back arcing, her legs shaking, her toes curling, her hands grabbing futilely at her thighs as clear fluid shot from her crotch. But all I experienced was a contraction that made my torture between her thighs feel like child’s play. An enduring, powerful contraction that forced the walls of the woman’s vagina to clench around me like a hand crushing a hard-boiled egg.

The orgasm soon subsided, though Renee left me buried in her vagina for the whole set of contractions that came with it. Each came later than the one before, but was just as strong as the first, and each caused her entire body to shake. Soon enough, though, the hand wrapped around my feet again and, unbelievably, the massive woman began again.

She tore me in and out of her vagina even faster than before, and the contractions came with greater frequency than they did the first time. The flesh around me was a pink blur, powerful muscles ravaging my body. I was never pulled out far enough to see the bright light or taste the fresh air of the outside, though at times I could feel that only my head was wrapped in the elastic flesh of the giantess’ vagina.

Renee had her feet behind her head, her left hand massaging her clitoris as her right hand moved with lightning speed, ripping me in and out of her vagina with speed that should have definitely killed me.

Her next orgasm came quicker, and it hurt even more than the first. But it passed just as quickly, and before I knew it, Renee was pumping her vagina furiously again, working her way to a third orgasm.

She was strong and she was merciless. After her second orgasm, she took her time working her way to her third, occasionally leaving me buried all the way to my ankles in her vagina just before she would have climaxed, subjecting me to a long, bone-crushing set of declining contractions, then starting the furious penetration again. Sometimes, she slowed down, quickly dragging me out of her vagina, slamming me back in, then leaving me buried deep, with my head pressed against her cervix, as a powerful squeeze of her pelvic muscles emptied my lungs and forced my arms and legs together.

Forced that deep into her vagina, with nothing but my feet sticking out, only my head escaped the ravages of her contractions. The walls of her vagina clenched tight everywhere but in the tiny space around her cervix. But that meant that all the fluid that had built up on the walls was forced upwards to fill the tiny cavity. The hot, slippery, translucent white mix of bodily fluids completely submerged my head. Sometimes, the contractions were so enduring, holding my head under this salty fluid for so long, that I could not help but take a lungful.

And yet I didn’t drown. I almost wished I could have, just to be released of this sexual torture. Renee’s first orgasm had taken almost half an hour to reach, her second no more than five minutes. But she skated on the edge of her third for an hour, two hours, maybe more. It felt like an eternity.

How could she stand it? Being that close to climax for that long? She must enjoy torturing me more than the actual sexual pleasure. At this point, the halt in motion of her orgasm would have been a welcome respite, the body-breaking contractions of her herculean pelvic muscles notwithstanding.

Or so I thought. I was halfway into Renee’s vagina, buried all the way to my thighs but with most of my legs sticking out, when I felt the distinctive powerful, rhythmic contractions of her orgasm. This time, my head was not spared, and the elastic walls around me turned to stone against my face, seeking to crush my skull. I could feel the pressure in my very ears. My joints cracked as they were twisted together by a crushing force that even her legs could not have matched.

And, just as soon as the muscles around me relaxed, they squeezed tight again, with only a brief second between for me to gasp in pain and prepare for the next contraction. I could hear Renee’s racing heartbeat through the elastic walls around me, and, when the contractions came, her vagina pushed so close that I could feel her pulse against every inch of my skin.

Eventually, the contractions grew weaker and less frequent. Renee’s hand wrapped around my legs and finally tore me all the way out of her vagina, flinging me down onto my bedsheets, which had been darkened by the fluid of her orgasms. As I lay there, coughing up my lungful of all the fluids that her body had submerged me in, I saw that Renee had wound up with her legs behind her head. Her entire body shook from the aftermath of the orgasm, and she untangled her legs to bring herself up to her knees, scooting forward until her thighs towered over each side of me. Heavy, viscous drops of lubricant formed on the lips of her vagina and fell down to the bed, some landing on me.

“You’re still alive?” she asked, shocked and breathless. Her face was flushed, and red scratch marks were on the backs of her thighs. Her skin from the waist down glistened with fluid, as well as parts of her upper body that she had grasped at with her free hand. There was a very clear handprint on her left breast.

“Definitely worth what I paid for,” she said aloud, as if there was someone else in the room who could hear her. A pause, then “Well, Tentacious, you win. Hope you like your new home, little guy.”

With that, she reached down and grabbed me again, lifting me all the way to her mouth. She stuck my head and shoulders between her lips, then pushed me in slowly with her finger. When all but my feet was in her mouth, my head so deep as to be staring down the dark maw of her throat, she pulled me back out, sucking her own vaginal fluids off every inch of my skin on the way out.

I wasn’t dry when I was back in the open air; lubricant had merely been replaced with spit, but it was good enough. Still, it didn’t seem like I would be clean for long, as Renee widened her split a little and brought be back down between her legs.

This time, I went into her vagina feet-first, and slowly. The glistening lips parted readily at my presence, and hungrily consumed my lower legs, my thighs, my waist, all the way up to my chest as Renee pushed me in by my head with just a single finger.

“You’re going to be in there for a long time,” I heard her say, though all I could see was the perfectly smooth skin of her inner thighs and the well-lubricated flesh of her vagina all around me. “Maybe you’ll live long enough for me to use you again.”

With that, she pushed me the rest of the way in, until my feet bottomed out and almost my entire body was buried in her vagina. Even after her sexual exercise, my body was still longer than her vagina, and, with her legs spread wide, my entire head was still out in the open air, though my view was limited to her inner thighs, her labia, and the pelvic mound that led up to her stomach. It was a view I would have paid anything for not that long ago.

She brought her feet back together as she stepped off my bed. Her legs were large enough that the tops of her thighs folded over her vulva no matter how she stood, unless her legs were spread completely apart. It meant that her massive thigh muscles closed over my head, pressing as mercilessly around my skull as the walls of her vagina did around the rest of my body, and darkening my view of what she was doing.

Every now and then, she shifted a little so that I could see out. I got a glimpse of Renee’s room as she bent over to pick up her clothes, and a completely unimpeded view of her sliding her thong up her legs, right up to the point where the soft cloth pressed up against my face, coloring everything a pink hue. And then the world went dark as she got her jeans on. When she stood up, I was suspended completely upside down, but neither gravity nor the gallons of lubricant that surrounded me helped me slide downwards. I writhed back and forth to gain a little purchase, hoping to slither my way out of her vagina, but a single gentle squeeze of her vaginal muscles, nowhere near the full force that had wracked my body before, pulled me all the way back in. 

Despite my humiliating position, despite the pouding of Renee's heartbeat and the squelching of the flesh that surrounded me, I could hear her voice quite clearly. "Well, that's it for me. Hope you enjoyed the show, see you next time!"

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