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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which you get a very sudden introduction to your new life. Crush, giantess masturbation, and mild foot stuff. 

I woke up completely underneath the blankets. It was dark, it was hot, and it smelled like parts of my body that I didn’t care to think about. I moved to bring the blankets down, but found that, no matter how far I reached in any direction, I couldn’t find the end of them. Something was wrong, but I couldn’t know what until I could see what was happening, so I began to crawl forward, hoping that there would be an end to the blankets soon.

The second I was free from the blankets, blinking in the bright sunlight that shone in through Renee’s bedroom windows, I realized that I had, inexplicably, shrunk. Her bed stretched out before me like a limitless plain, and her pillow towered over me like a mountain. Everything in her room seemed massive; I could scarcely be any taller than six inches now.

It was just then that I noticed the woman I had fallen asleep with, my roommate, Renee. She was shorter than me, but now she seemed a giantess. She stood by the side of my bed, donned in nothing but her underwear, and her hands were behind her back, working at the clasp of her bra. She was young and beautiful, with a strong, athletic figure despite her relatively short stature. She had once been a gymnast, but retained her lean muscle and powerful thighs even now. Despite my bizarre situation, my eyes lingered on her body, the massive columns of her legs supporting her broad, curvy hips. God, I had felt like the luckiest man in the world taking a girl like that to bed, but I didn't realize that there was apparently a catch.

Now, garbed in only her silk underwear and towering high over my head, I got a full appreciation for exactly how strong she was. Smooth skin was stretched tight over well-toned muscle; what little body fat she had gave her strong, seductive curves in her hips and around her breasts, and smoothed the definition in her leg muscles.

Renee finally undid the latch on her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts sagged only slightly when released, hugging tight to her chest. “I’ve waited a long time for this,” she declared, looking down at me. I tried to avert my eyes, and she said. “No, you might as well look. It doesn’t matter now.”

So I looked. Her breasts hung down as she bent over to slide down her thong, and jiggled slightly as she shook her leg to kick it away. Her nipples were erect, and I couldn’t help but notice that she had shaved all her pubic hair off. With her feet askance, there was only a small space between where her thighs met her hips that I could see her labia, swollen and red. With the size of her leg muscles, she could have hidden her entire crotch by bringing her feet together, but she stood with her feet apart, hands on hips, proud of her body and looking down at me with a strange smile.

With a start I realized that I was naked as well, and sported a stark erection to boot. I scrambled to cover myself, and Renee almost laughed. She sat down on the bed beside me, and I nearly slid down into the deep impression her body weight made on my mattress. She sat with her back up straight, offering me a profile of her body as illuminated by the sunlight streaming in through the window. She was perfect, and the small irregularities on her otherwise smooth skin made her that much more beautiful.

I had enjoyed the appearance of Renee’s body before, it was impossible not to, but I could have never imagined that her raw, naked body would look quite this good.

“You won’t die,” she said to me, though she was looking up at the ceiling. Her breathing seemed unusually heavy. “Though you might not think that’s a good thing.”

With that, she swung her legs onto the bed, placing one on either side of me and presenting me with a line shot to her crotch. I only had a second to admire it from a distance before she brought her feet together around my body, clapping me between the smooth but tough soles of her feet, then drawing them towards her.

I sped towards her crotch at what felt like a blistering pace, though her actual motion did not seem particularly quick. Still, in only a second, I was brought up face-to-face with her vulva, radiating heat and covered in a fine sheen of lubricant. My arms and legs were pinned together between her feet, and there was nothing I could do but stare at the mass of flesh folded on top of itself.

She slid her left hand down onto her crotch and, with her index and middle finger, slowly spread apart the lips. Textured pink flesh seemed to leap forward, exposing her clitoris and the tight, dark entrance to her vagina.

My fear had quelled my erection before, but it was back, and rock hard. I squirmed in discomfort, trapped between her feet, but I was powerless to resist whatever she wanted to do with me. Her feet only parted when her right hand came down and wrapped around my body, and my split-second opportunity to move was gone before I could even consider escaping. One moment, I was trapped between her feet, the next, her hand held my arms and legs together with even greater strength.

She pulled me forward and, as she raised her knees to lift her vulva further above the bed, she pressed the entire front of my body against her crotch, forcing me mercilessly against the soft, hot flesh. Her left hand was gone, now caressing her own breasts, and the folds of her vulva enveloped my body like quicksand. 

And, before I knew it, she had begun to slide me up and down. Scrubbing her vagina with the front of my body with all the cold, merciless strength that she would a sponge. Unlike so many of the women I had pleasured, back when my body was larger than a dildo, Renee did not seem fond of savoring the rise to climax; she abused my body, and her vagina, in a quick, businesslike manner.

And it would have been fine if the force of her rubbing didn’t hurt so much. She pressed me against her crotch with such speed and force that, even with the lubricant, the heat was unbearable. The smell was overwhelming, and, every time I tried to gasp for a lungful of fresh air, I took in more fluid than oxygen. Also, without my hands to hold my erection to my body, it caught against every fold in her skin, bending around in a way pleasurable enough to be arousing, but not enough to bring me to orgasm.

It was torture, but the plus side to Renee’s cruel strength and speed was that she reached orgasm quickly. Her chest heaved, and her left hand fell behind her to prop her up. She scrubbed me against her crotch with even greater rapidity, if that was possible, and I could feel the powerful pelvic muscles that wrapped around her vagina contracting, pushing her vulva forwards and forcing the soft, hot flesh to well up around me.

But her climax was no reprieve. I knew it came because I felt her entire crotch squeeze forward against the front of my body, and a new fluid, opaque white and sticky, came from the depths of her vagina to mix with the lubricant that surrounded me.

I heard her rattling gasp, and her legs snapped together. The strength of a gymnast’s thighs immediately squeezed full force around her hand and my body. Muscles and tendons I didn’t even know existed pushed at me from all sides, seeking to crush me. I don’t know how they didn’t kill me.

When Renee’s orgasm finally passed, she lifted me into the air, right in front of her eyes. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing like she had just run a mile. Even after being treated to a front-row view of her vagina during orgasm, she still seemed stunningly beautiful. “Let’s see how invincible you are,” she said.

Then she placed me between her thighs, just a few inches away from her crotch. She wasn’t flexing, I knew because her flesh still yielded somewhat when I pressed against it. Her hand came away, leaving me trapped between her thighs. Perhaps, if I wriggled just right, I could...

And then she squeezed. She squeezed with force like I couldn’t even imagine. It could have killed me even if I had been full-sized. That it didn’t immediately crush me like a ripe grape was astounding, but I felt like it should have. I couldn’t breathe, I could only hear the sound of the blood pumping in my ears, but, through the haze, I could see the vicious smile on her face.

Then she began to rub her thighs together, the same way one rubs their fingers together to destroy a spot of grease. If the clenching of her thigh muscles didn’t destroy me, this surely should have. I was twisted and rolled around, contorted into painful shapes, and all the while compressed between the vice grip of her thighs. The tiny amount of lubricant that had spread from her crotch to the inside of her thighs was the only thing that kept this process from tearing me limb from limb.

It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like forever. Afterwards, Renee plucked me from between her thighs and held me upside-down by my legs above the bedsheets, studying my fluid-soaked body curiously.

“I’m impressed,” she said. “Well, get ready, because that was just the beginning.”

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