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I woke up, and I noticed that there seemed to be a large elastic band around my torso. I seemed to be pinned against something made of felt, but I couldn't see anything. It was dark. I looked around, trying to get a sense of my surroundings. Suddenly, a voice said, "Stop squirming." It was Anisah's voice, but it sounded as though it were being played on a mechanical device or something. "Where am I?" I demanded. After a while, I received an answer. "You're working for the 4IM now. But you probably already knew that. 4IM stands for 4 Inch Men. Mr Littel, we specialize in commercializing the use of size altercation, to possibly make existing jobs more efficient, and create new one. The technology used to make it is expensive, but is balanced out by the costs for our services. Naturally."
"So wait... size altercation? What's that? And what does that mean for me?"
"Basically, the technology to shrink things. People, too. We've already made a bit of money off of our jobs. And right now, Aidan, you are tiny. We've shrunk you down. We're taking you to our next client."
"Well, what's the client gonna do with me?"
"Know we do not, nor do we care. We have a microscopic tracker in your neck, so we'll know where you're at at all times. Do not worry. You'll be safe." Suddenly, there was the sound of loud knocking on wood. I could hear a door opening, and a woman's voice saying, "Hi! How can I help you?"
"I'm looking for a Malleah Tellado. I have a delivery for her."
"That's me."
"Alright. We just need you to sign right here. And here you go." I felt as though the room I was in was shifted. After a while, light seeped in, and nearly blinded me. When everything cleared, I could see a girl's face. She was around my age, dark skinned with black hair. She had brown eyes. Her mouth opened to form an O. Then, a hand reached in towards me. A gigantic hand, when compared to me. She grasped me by the shoulders and pulled me out of the elastic binding. She turned me around, and I could hear her whisper the word "Wow..." She dropped me onto a wooden table. "Whats your name, little man?"
I pretended to be silent, or maybe not to hear her. She got really close to me, and muttered, "I guess you dont talk much, do you?"
I, once again, remained silent.
"That's okay. You'll talk sometime. Are you hungry?"
Realizing I hadn't actually eaten once today, I nodded my head.
"Alright. Let's get you something to eat." She plucked me off the table and shoved me in her tight pants pocket. She walked downstairs, and then went into a pantry. She pulled out some bread, and tore off a hunk. She dropped it on the table before pulling me out. I was dropped onto the bread, and she said, "Eat." I tore some of the crust out, and began chewing. After a while, she pulled me off and said, "Alright. You've had your food. Now it's time for you to have your fun."
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