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Author's Chapter Notes:


The character Lily has been completely changed and altered. Lily is now the 19 year old older sister of Maddie. The existing chapters have been changed and updated to reflect this change. It is suggested you re read chapters 1-4 to make sure you are caught up on these changes.

Thank you.






Maddie has experienced a multitude of predicaments in her tiny and insignificant little life, but it was times like these that she truly wished she was normal sized like the rest of her peers. As we look at her past, only then can we fully understand the extent of Maddie’s troubles, and more importantly the durability and somewhat invulnerable nature of this remarkable young teenager.


The cafeteria and it’s students were all but gone from Maddie’s vision as she was tossed into darkness. She was covered in sloppy applesauce and had been deposited into the salivating maw of school klutz Kendall. Not only had Kendall completely misunderstood Maddie’s cries and flailing, but she had actually decided to grant the supposed ‘request’ of her one inch snack. As Kendall began to swish Maddie around her mouth along with the applesauce, she couldn’t help but feel as if the little lady tasted quite delicious.


“Mmmm,” Kendall moaned softly, savoring the taste of the combined applesauce and student trapped within the confines of her wet mouth.


It was nothing but utter chaos as Maddie was tossed around inside of the blonde teens mouth, Kendall’s tongue forcing her against the roof of her mouth and repeatedly assaulting every part of her body. Maddie hardly had time to react let alone scream for help. Her head and feet and slapped hard against Kendall’s molars several times, and her entire body was coated in thick and slimy applesauce that was mixed well with saliva. To feel like a tiny morsel to be tasted was so inhumane, that Maddie couldn’t help but cry as she was helpless to stop it.


“Mmmm, mew tase sooooo good,” Kendall moaned, trying to speak as coherently as she could with a mouth full of Maddie and applesauce. Kendall had grown tired of savoring her tiny morsel however, and all thoughts of any residing doubt had long passed with the firm belief that Maddie had actually requested for this act to occur.


Maddie felt the base of Kendall’s tongue begin to shift her tiny body towards the back of the blonde woman’s throat, and she began to panic. She flailed with all of her might, but Kendall’s colossal tongue massively overpowered her as it pressed upward and forced Maddie face first towards the precipice of her devourer’s throat.


“Kend…” Was all Maddie could say before Kendall cut her off with a thick ‘gluck’ followed by an audible ‘gulp’ as the blonde giantess swallowed it’s little morsel whole along with all of the applesauce.


The tight confines of Kendall’s gullet surrounded Maddie on all sides, as her tears washed away from the saliva that had coated her entirely. Kendall’s throat muscles worked effectively as it worked Maddie towards the stomach of her blonde goddess, a woman so dull minded and incompetent that she couldn’t even tell that Maddie had actually been calling out for help. But because Kendall was so clueless, Maddie was now on a one way trip to her gut.


Maddie’s face hit a wrinkled and puckered surface, which revealed itself as the sphincter that connected Kendall’s esophagus to her gut before it opened wide and forced Maddie to fall a short distance into a steaming pool of hot acid. It smelt of bile to the worst degree, causing Maddie’s sense of smell to cringe. She was neck deep in a vast pool of acid and mashed up food, of which more arrived soon to splash all around Maddie as Kendall continued to pile her mouth full of lunch.


“K-Kendall!?” Maddie cried out, in utter disbelief of her current predicament.


‘This can’t be happening, she couldn’t have actually swallowed me right?’ Maddie thought to herself, ‘perhaps I’m dreaming? Oh God please let this be a nightmare!’


As if to taunt Maddie, Kendall’s stomach began to groan and gurgle loudly, forcing Maddie to cover her ears from the excruciating sound. She could hardly breathe, and no matter where she swam she found nothing but acid and food, of which was in the process of digestion as Kendall’s body worked to break down all that she had devoured before moving it along to her small intestine to continue the digestive process.


‘I’m going to die,’ Maddie thought, ‘she freaking ate me, as if I was a part of her lunch! Oh my God I’m going to die!’


A torrent of fluid began to rain down from above, which appeared to be milk of which Kendall was gulping down rapidly. It splashed atop Maddie’s little head, and the pool of acid began to rise as Kendall’s stomach became fuller from all the food and fluids she had devoured. More food began to rain down after Kendall had finished her milk, and the chewed remnants fell on top of Maddie who was directly beneath the sphincter.


“Oof!” Maddie groaned, as the pile of chewed food pinned her beneath the pool of acid. She struggled to breathe and made every attempt to free herself and swim to the surface, but the chewed food only sank closer to the bottom of Kendall’s stomach, dragging Maddie along with it. She began to run out of air, and panic began to set in as she realized her end was near. She would become a part of Kendall, her life ended to supply nutrients to the growing blonde teen. Maddie’s eyes slowly began to close shut, as she faded out of consciousness.


Kendall had finished eating her lunch, and let out an audible burp that echoed throughout the cafeteria. She then raised her shirt and patted her flat tummy with satisfaction, “oh boy! I cannot believe how delicious that was! And who would of thought that she’d be so delicious?”


Kendall giggled heartily to herself, totally unaware of the suffering she had put Maddie through by misreading her cries for help. Kendall rubbed her belly as she tried to feel Maddie’s movements inside of her, only to realize she felt nothing at all.


“Hmmm, guess she’s too small,” Kendall shrugged as she stood to her feet and grabbed her tray, placing it on a nearby rack as the bell rang. She skipped off to class, forgetting about Maddie entirely as she continued the rest of her school day.


As a few hours went by, and Kendall went from class to class… Maddie was still very much alive within the confines of the blonde teens stomach. She was completely unconscious however, her body barely floating on the surface of acid. Almost all of the food inside of Kendall had been deposited into the small intestine, and Maddie’s body floated closer and closer until one of her feet got caught by the sphincter that was emptying the contents of Kendall’s gut.


Maddie’s unconscious body was pulled through, her body being moved into the small intestine to prepare for the next stage of digestion. She was barely breathing, but somehow the tighter confines didn’t suffocate her. How she made it this long was remarkable on it’s own, her body still hardly affected by the acids of the stomach. Her clothes were long gone however, and the small intestines had already begun to coat her in a multitude of digestive enzymes to help break her body down into nutrients for Kendall.


As Kendall sat in her chair staring at the teacher in the front of the class, she felt her lower stomach groan as it digested the contents of her now empty stomach. She smiled to herself as she remembered swallowing Maddie the one inch student, who she thought had asked to be eaten. Kendall rubbed her belly softly, expecting that the one inch little teenager was long gone and broken down into nutrients to provide for her body.


She felt no remorse of any kind, certain that she had done the cute little Maddie a favor by granting the request that she had never actually asked for. Kendall’s thoughts began to wander off as she focused on the teacher. Another two hours went by until the final bell rang for school, and Kendall headed home for the day.


Maddie’s friends wondered what had happened to her, worried for their friends safety and completely oblivious that she had been devoured by a moronic student who was incapable of reading people.


Kendall went about the rest of her day, doing some homework among other things. By the time Kendall had prepared for bed, Maddie’s body had made it to her large intestine for the final phase of digestion. There was only one thing however… Maddie was still alive. The small intestines had proven unable to digest her, doing no more than inflicting a few burns. Something about Maddie prevented her from being digested, and not even Kendall would have been able to anticipate it.


The morning was near, and the digestion process of Kendall’s meal the previous day had been complete. Maddie was towards the end of Kendall’s bowels, where she finally began to awaken.


‘What… What happened…?” Maddie slowly opened her eyes, only to find that she was in very tight quarters. The smell was absolutely dreadful, and the air was so polluted with the foul stench she was nearly unable breathe.


‘W-what’s happening!? Where am I!?’ Maddie thought, beginning to flail around frantically, ‘oh my God… I’m still inside Kendall aren’t I!? Am I still alive!? How is that even possible!?’


Kendall felt her stomach groan, and it had stirred her in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes as she felt an unusual and uncomfortable feeling inside the lower regions of her bowels, which she assumed had probably meant that she had to go to the bathroom. She tossed her covers and kicked her feet over the side of the bed, slipping her smooth bare feet into her bunny slippers and heading towards the bathroom. On the way however, she managed to trip on the edge of her bed frame and fall flat on her face.


“Ouch!” Kendall shouted in pain, “oh gee, silly me!”


Kendall laughed at the mishap and stood to her feet as she continued towards the bedroom, only to step on a stray lego left around by her younger brother, “yikes!” She screamed, the hard plastic digging into her heel. She held her foot in the air and inspected it’s underside, rubbing her fingers along her foot to soothe the pain.


“Damn it I told him not to leave legos in my room!” Kendall murmured to herself before continuing forth to the bathroom.


As she attempted to head out of her bedroom however, she mistakenly walked directly into the door frame, bashing her forehead against the hard and indented wooden surface, “holy macaroni!” Kendall held her face in pure agony, the blunt force doing quite a number, “Why do I have to be so clumsy!?”


Kendall was absolutely infuriated at this point, but managed to suck up the pain and exit her bedroom as she turned the corner into the hall. As she did so however she instantly collided face first with her father, as the two of them staggered backwards in pain.


“Ow!” Kendall moaned, “dad!? What are you doing up!?”


Kendall’s father rubbed his now sore nose, before angrily saying, “You woke me up! Stop yelling! It’s six in the morning for christs sake!”


“Oh… Sorry,” Kendall apologized, as her father turned around and returned to his bedroom. Kendall let out a sigh of disappointment, unsure of why she was so damn clumsy all the time. It’s as if her life was absolutely cursed.


Her stomach began to grumble some more, the feeling inside of her becoming very uncomfortable. She quickly entered the bathroom and pulled down her pants as she sat on the toilet. Only now she felt something even weirder, the feeling as if it was directly against her asshole, but from the inside.


“What the…” Kendall was confused, it felt as if something was trying to push itself out through her anus, but not of her own accord. She didn’t have to use the bathroom at all she realized, it was something else entirely.


Immediately she was overcome with thoughts of swallowing Maddie, and her eyes opened wide in astonishment. “No. Fucking. Way.”


Kendall quickly got off the toilet and grabbed some toilet paper before setting it on the floor. She then turned around and bent her ass downwards as she spread her cheeks wide, “I hope this works…” Kendall whispered to herself with doubt.


Maddie had been pounding and inching her way closer and closer to Kendall’s anus, the end of her digestive tract and the only exit from the hell hole that Maddie was trapped in. She was having such a hard time breathing that she feared she might lose consciousness again, and if that were to happen she knew that she’d be excreted from Kendall’s ass into the toilet and flushed away. That was not something she desired to happen, not even close.


Eventually her hands touched a wrinkled and tight surface, which she knew had to be Kendall’s asshole. She began to pound on it with a raging fury, attempting to push herself through it to free herself from this never ending nightmare. All she remembered was being pinned beneath the pool of acid in Kendall’s stomach, and darkness engulfing her.


Maddie had thought she had died, yet awoke inside Kendall’s large intestine. Though it seemed like a miracle, and she was completely oblivious to how such a feat was accomplished, she needed to get the hell out of her devourer first. Finally the wrinkled surface began to open, and light poured over Maddie as Kendall’s muscles began to force the little teen through Kendall’s tight anus.


“Oh my…” Kendall moaned, squeezing as carefully as she could to avoid excreting anything other than Maddie. She was successful, because as she looked between her legs from above she saw the tiny little classmate plop onto the pile of toilet paper.


Maddie fell with a ‘thud’ before quickly rising to her feet. She now realized she was butt naked, her clothes long gone and digested within Kendall. She inspected her body carefully to find it was nearly unharmed, and she was overjoyed.


“I’m… I'm alive!?” Maddie began to jump and dance with joy, pleased to know she had made it out of Kendall in one piece, “woohoo! I'm alive bitches!


As Maddie praised her life, and Kendall awkwardly stared at the naked little teen that she had just squeezed from anus, one thing that stood out the most was the fact that she had survived. Maddy soon realized she was a very special young lad, and that though she was only an inch tall, she could survive even the most dire of circumstances.


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