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Author's Chapter Notes:


The character Lily has been completely changed and altered. Lily is now the 19 year old older sister of Maddie. The existing chapters have been changed and updated to reflect this change. It is suggested you re read chapters 1-4 to make sure you are caught up on these changes.

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Maddie’s life has been far more dangerous for her than it would be for anybody else. At only an inch tall she was open to an array of possible accidents, and even scenarios in which she could be taken advantage of. As I tell Maddie’s story I felt it quite necessary to share one such moment in regards to an incident that happened to Maddie during her freshman year at Cohort High School, the very school she’s attended all the way up to her senior year.


Here we will introduce the notorious and mischievous teen known as Ariel. Since the dawn of Maddie’s freshman year, Ariel despised her off the bat. Maddie’s condition had taken on national headlines throughout her entire life, and she was no less than a celebrity among the media and all of those who watched it eagerly to learn of her life at one inch tall. Ariel was not only jealous, but extremely annoyed that Maddie was only popular because of what she considered ‘some stupid birth defect’.


Ariel never saw Maddie as a bug or pest, not in the slightest. In fact Ariel always treated Maddie as if she were a human being just like the rest of the students, but that didn’t change the fact that Ariel hated her with a burning passion. She would constantly prank and torment the young woman, with the sole goal of forcing her out of Cohort High so she could take reign as the schools most popular student. Petty of course, however Ariel was the pettiest of them all.


Ariel stood very tall at six feet and three inches, arguably the tallest student in the entire school. She had sandy blonde hair that came all the way down to her firm and round ass. She is not only a prized dancer, but also is captain of the schools volleyball team including being a track star. To make matters worse Maddie has always been cursed, because every single year Ariel has somehow managed to get the same class each period with her tiny nemesis, allowing her to always infest herself into Maddie’s life. She’s a well groomed teen that dresses like any typical teenager, but has been known to occasionally skip showers for the sole purpose of torturing Maddie with stinky means.


This specific incident however was arguably the worst ‘prank’ that Ariel had ever pulled, and probably crossed the line in terms of Maddie’s safety. It involved another teenage girl known as Kendall, your typical blonde ditz whose short hair only came down to her shoulders. She always wore revealing tops and short skirts, but only because she claimed it was the most comfortable to wear. She was by far the clumsiest girl in school, known to constantly run into students, trip on trash throughout the cafeteria, and even fall down the stairs every now and then. In terms of brain power there wasn't much there, but nonetheless Kendall seemed to perform well in her classes. Maddie always avoids this girl, because she is the most dangerous to be around in the entire school.


Twas lunchtime in the cafeteria as all the students of Cohort gathered in a line to get their trays of food from the schools cooks, food of which that was never all too good. Maddie was at the table with her friends, of whom we shall introduce later in this story. Right now the main focus is on Kendall, who stumbles in line as she grabs a tray and begins to pile food upon it. She had only filled her tray just a tad before tripping on her ankle and sending the tray flying behind her as she flung her arms in the air.


The tray plowed straight into the face of Ariel, who hissed with contempt as she looked herself up and down. Her shirt had stains of meatloaf and applesauce all over it, completely ruining the shirt.


“Oh golly! I apologize miss!” Kendall apologized profusely as she scrambled for some napkins to help wipe the food off Ariel’s shirt. As she grabbed the napkins and turned around to head towards the enraged Ariel however, she tripped on the same ankle yet again, falling forward and plunging into Ariel face first. The two landed on the ground with a loud thud as napkins flew about.


“Are you thick!?” Ariel shouted, “get off of me!”


Ariel shoved Kendall to the side, standing to her feet immediately as she stormed off in anger. Kendall let out a sigh of disappointment in regards to her clumsiness, yet again managing to make not only a fool of herself for the tenth time that day, but also managing to piss off the most influential student in Cohort! Kendall knew that Ariel would get her revenge, she’d simply have to hope it wouldn’t be too harsh.


Kendall got back on her feet as she grabbed a second tray for her lunch, while Ariel stormed off around the corner. The enraged teenage girl began to pace back and forth indignantly, plotting her revenge on the blonde ditz that had the gall to embarrass her in front of the entire cafeteria. As she continued to pace, her eyes set on the table of the one inch Maddie. Slowly a wicked smile spread across her lips as an idea began to form inside her mind.


“Two birds… One stone…” Ariel whispered beneath her breath as she vanished into the crowd of students wandering about.


While Ariel put her plan into action, Maddie was at the lunch table with her friends. You already know Reagan, Maddie’s long time friend from elementary. During this time period Maddie only had two friends, Reagan and Kylie. Kylie stood at five feet and eleven inches, with light brown hair and an attitude that reflects that of a tomboy. She loves sports, participating in the schools basketball, baseball, football and soccer teams all at once! She is one of the best, however her favorite sport out of the lot is soccer.


Kylie isn’t the biggest on hygiene, and often has an odor that follows close behind. She claims she has no time to shower too often due to all of the activities she participates in, but Maddie and Reagan suspect it has to do with her fanatic parents who are known for their insane ways of ‘saving’ money by using less electricity and water and whatnot. Kylie is similar to Reagan in the fact that she too loves to tease and pick on Maddie. She will even have Maddie give her stinky feet a foot rub after long practice sessions. Maddie doesn’t mind, in fact Kylie has been suspicious for a long time now that Maddie may have a foot fetish, but she never confronts Maddie about it.


As the three friends were laughing and talking, Reagan and Kylie had faced one another to discuss a matter that Reagan felt necessary to bring up.


“Kylie did you hear that they might be cancelling the funding for the baseball team?” Reagan mentioned.


What!?” Kylie nearly jumped from her seat, “they’d better not! I’ve worked so hard on training the perfect team for select!!!”


“Yeah… Hopefully they find a way to keep it going but I thought you should know,” Reagan stated.


As Kylie and Reagan focused on one another, neither of them noticed the lurking figure as it reached for Maddie. Maddie was none the wiser as she felt the hand of a student close itself around her body. Next thing she knew she was inside the closed fist of a stranger as she was plucked away from her table. Reagan and Kylie were to caught up in sports talk to notice, as Ariel made off with their tiny little friend.


Maddie didn’t have to wait too long to figure out what was going on, before she felt herself plummeting a great distance. She shrieked with fright before falling into a mushy wet pool of applesauce. She stuck her head out from the surface and looked around to see she had been dropped into a cup of applesauce on a food tray, before looking up to see the malevolent smile of Ariel.


“Ariel!? What the hell!” Maddie shouted up at her.


“Oh? Thought you were hungry… Don’t you want some of Kendall’s applesauce?” Ariel snorted, “if you hurry you can eat most of it before she gets back!”


Maddie felt shivers run down her spine. She knew Kendall to be the most oblivious and clumsiest person in all of Cohort, and she knew that at her size the chances of Kendall noticing her inside the applesauce were as likely as being struck by lightning.


“Ariel… This is too far! Please let me out!” Maddie pleaded, afraid that Ariel might be overdoing it this time. She had tortured the one inch girl for most of freshman year, and Maddie never knew why. Most of it had just been embarrassing acts however, like being forced to smell Ariel’s dirty underwear after a track run or being stuffed against her ass cheeks inside her panties while she rode the bus home. This was borderline psychotic however, as Maddie felt that Ariel wasn’t fully understanding the extent of her actions.


“Too far?” Ariel pondered the thought for a moment before showing a grin even wider than before, “nah, I’m sure Kendall will notice you! And if not… Well I hope you taste good! Tootles!”


Ariel skipped away as she vanished within the crowd of wandering students. Maddie tried to move her way through the thick applesauce, but found it was very difficult. She tried to shout for someone’s attention, but the cafeteria was the loudest room in all of Cohort, especially during lunch. Not a soul could hear her cries, and she was left to fend for herself in the cold mushy sauce.


“Why am I such a klutz…” murmured the embarrassed Kendall, who had stepped away from her tray for a brief moment to get some milk. When she was grabbing the milk from the cafeteria lady the cap had popped off resulting in milk gushing out all over the woman. Kendall tried to help by aiming the bottle in the other direction only to end up milking the school principal!


They assured her it was simply an accident, but Kendall couldn’t help but feel as if her klutz curse was to blame. That’s what she called it, the constant clumsy accidents that always happened to her, the ‘klutz curse’.


As Kendall sat back at her table, which was barren of any other students, she set her milk to the right of her tray and stared down at her food. She was completely oblivious that Ariel was up to more of her mischief and had dunked Maddie into her applesauce, as Maddie tried waving her arms up at the giant teen to try and get her attention. The cafeteria was very loud however, and Kendall could not hear the tiny girls cries for help.


“I wish I had friends…” Kendall murmured to herself, picking up her plastic fork and poking the soggy meatloaf that was served to her.


“I wonder if I wasn’t so clumsy… If people would like me more…” Kendall wondered to herself, a sinking feeling inside her heart as she craved relationships of any kind to fill the emptiness inside of her.


Kendall showed a look of disgust at the meatloaf, not entirely sure if she was hungry enough to want to eat it. Instead she decided to eat her applesauce, which was probably the only edible thing inside this entire school. She didn’t really look at it too long, passing Maddie by with her eyes as she grabbed her spoon and raised it over the cup of applesauce. Maddie was screaming as loud as she could, terrified that this blonde goddess would end up devouring her.


Kendall! Down here!” Maddie yelled at the top of her lungs, but only found it to be in vain as Kendall unknowingly dove her spoon into the cup.


Maddie shrieked as the spoon collided into the applesauce just beside her, nearly slamming her deep within the mushy and thick goop. Kendall pulled out an enormous spoonful of the sweet desert, thankfully not pulling Maddie along with it as she piled it into her mouth. The moans echoed throughout Maddie’s ears as she watched Kendall’s lips pucker up as she savored the taste. She watched in horror as Kendall’s throat began to expand, the applesauce going down her throat as she gave an audibly loud gulp.


“Mmmmm! Tasty!” Kendall moaned, rubbing her belly with satisfaction before diving the spoon back into the cup of applesauce.


This time her spoonful was twice as large, much of the applesauce falling off the edges as she raised it up towards her salivating mouth. Maddie was unable to avoid being scooped up as the spoon touched her feet from below as Kendall scooped her up with the tasty dessert.


Kendall please!” Maddie shouted, all but stuck in the thick wet glop of applesauce as Kendall unknowingly brought her before her wet pink lips.


Maddie watched in horror as Kendall’s titanic lips opened wide, revealing the entirety of her wet and hungry mouth. Her teeth weren’t perfect by any means, a gap visible in the front of her teeth while others were crooked here and there. They were very white however, and very sharp. Maddie could see the girls braces lined across her teeth, braces that would in time help the teen to have straight teeth. Maddie could see little glops of applesauce stuck in the braces of this hungry teenage girl. She watched as Kendall’s massive wet tongue protruded outward from her mouth to accept the spoonful, as Maddie stared towards the back of her throat where the rest of Kendall’s food had descended to its final resting place.


“Mmmmmm,” Kendall moaned as she began to bring the spoonful of applesauce and Maddie towards her open mouth.


No!” Maddie cried, closing her eyes and holding up her hands as she was brought forward.


As Kendall was about to gorge down the spoonful, her eyes had rested down upon the spoonful of her applesauce. She quickly paused when she noticed what appeared to be a tiny head sticking out from the mush, “huh? What the…” Kendall squinted her eyes as she got a closer look at her spoon. She could see the fabled one inch student, and for the oddest reason she had ended up in her applesauce!


Yes! Down here Kendall! Thank God!” Maddie danced with joy, feeling as if she nearly averted a death sentence.


Kendall could still not hear the tiny girl however, due to the unnaturally loud noise echoing from the students of the cafeteria. Kendall tried to ponder what reason there could possibly be for this tiny little girl to be inside her applesauce cup, and for Kendall there was only one clear answer.


“I can’t hear you… But you appear to have climbed into my applesauce! This clearly means that you were trying to become a part of my meal right? I mean why else would you be in my dessert?” Kendall said, a horrified look spreading across Maddie’s face.


“What!? No! Ariel put me in here!” Maddie shouted, flailing her arms like a mad woman.


Kendall gave Maddie a nervous look as she wondered what to do. On the one hand she found it weird that someone Maddie’s size would want such a fate, but on the contrary she was rather alone in this school and didn’t have any friends.


“I mean… Do you really think that it would be appropriate? I don’t know if it’s such a good idea…” Kendall questioned, completely misreading the panicked reactions of Maddie, “although I have to admit… No one has ever approached me like this before, and quite honestly it’s a little flattering!” Kendall giggled to herself at thought of this one inch student wanting to be devoured by her.


“Wait what!? Kendall no! Can’t you hear me!?” Maddie slowly realized that the noise in the cafeteria was drowning out her words, and unfortunately Kendall’s impotence had led her to the ridiculous conclusion that Maddie had desired to be devoured.


“And to think you went through all the trouble of sneaking into my applesauce,” Kendall giggled once again, “you are so adorable! If you were so fond of me eating you, I guess all you had to do was ask sugar!”


“Kendall!?!?” Maddie was at a loss for words, not sure what else she could do to tell Kendall how completely backwards her reading of the situation was. It was futile however, as Kendall was already convinced of her delusion.


“Well… I’ve never done this before so, here goes I guess,” Kendall tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. She raised the spoon above her mouth and abruptly tilted the spoon, dumping its contents along with Maddie into her enormous mouth.


Maddie plummeted on a soft and salivated surface with an enormous pile of applesauce, and as she looked out the mouth of Kendall she saw all the students in the cafeteria wandering about aimlessly before Kendall’s lips closed shut. Complete darkness consumed the terrified little teen, and she knew that she was in deep trouble…


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