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Author's Chapter Notes:


The character Lily has been completely changed and altered. Lily is now the 19 year old older sister of Maddie. The existing chapters have been changed and updated to reflect this change. It is suggested you re read chapters 1-4 to make sure you are caught up on these changes.

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“Maaaaaaaaaadiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!!” shouted the all to familiar voice of a mother doing her morning routine as she shouted for her daughter to awaken from her deep slumber. After feeling confident that her daughter had most certainly heard her voice from downstairs, the mother went back to her duty in the kitchen where breakfast was in the process of being cooked.

Maddie’s eyes slowly began to open as her mother's voice woke her up, a thick migraine causing her to hold her head in ache from a late night of fun with her friends. Maddie moaned with displeasure as she tossed her covers to the side and stood up from her bedside. She took in the entirety of her bedroom, which she shared with her nineteen year old older sister Lily. Lily had decided to postpone college, or a job for that matter. She was pretty lazy around the house, usually found inside the bedroom smoking tons of weed while browsing her computer high. She always had stashes of snacks around the room too, which Maddie had been told were off limits to her.

Maddie slept on the tall dresser, which was mostly to assure that Lily was unable to mistakenly step on her or other such mayhem during the night. Lily never quite seemed to understand nor care about Maddie’s birth condition, which often led to unpleasant experiences for Maddie when Lily wasn’t in a good mood or was simply too high to care where she put her feet.

“Maddie!” Lily yelled from her computer desk, Maddie peering across the room to see her sister glued to the monitor, “breakfast!”

“Yeah yeah Lily I know,” Maddie said groggily, getting out of her bed and stretching her arms.

Lily closed some tabs on her computer before standing up and leaving the room in her panties. She never cared and neither did their mother, so she got away with it. Maddie stretched her sore arms and legs as she walked over to her little matchbox, which her mother had given her to store her tiny clothing. She pulled out a pair of black tights and a green blouse, which were some of the many clothes options that were manufactured for her unattested size.

You see, Maddie is as rare as they come, standing at only one inch tall. Believe it or not this magnificent teen was literally born at one inch tall, which was the result of a birth defect that only one in a trillion children are born with. This condition is so rare in fact, that it is speculated she may be the only one of her kind! She was so small as a baby, that many ponder how the doctors were able to safely and successfully deliver her at all. Maddie’s mother never saw her daughter any differently of course, but deep down she knew that Maddie would always be at risk in ways that no other ever could be.

Maddie’s mother actually had to get rid of the family cat, after a near fatal experience when Maddie had turned twelve. The cat had suddenly decided to hunt her down, despite how normal it had acted around her for years prior. Include the fact that most of Maddie’s peers don’t even know that she is directly below them and you have a whole host of dangerous encounters!

Despite all of this however, Maddie has learned a lot about herself and her body. Maddie has actually been stepped on by other students wearing converse, heels, flats and more. She has never gotten a bruise from any of these incidents, which Maddie attests to be the cause of her birth defect. She has actually received the nickname ‘Supergirl’ because everybody at her school knows how surprisingly durable she seems to be, surviving incidents where any mere insect would be annihilated. She is a scientific spectacle, and scientists and government labs have been trying to convince Maddie’s mother to experiment on her for years.

Literally everybody knows who Maddie is. The coffee shop down the street, all the students at her school, many political figures even! She’s even been covered in the media several times, and it’s reached a point where people see her on the street and aren’t even wondered by her size anymore because they already know everything about her. Maddie isn’t overly fond of the attention, but she doesn’t despise it either.

Maddie finished putting her jeans and blouse on before heading over to the tiny ladder that was built for her by her friend Kylie. You’ll meet Kylie later, but for now we watch as Maddie climbs down the makeshift ladder to the floor of the bedroom. The carpet used to be longer, but her mother had it changed to a shorter style so Maddie didn’t have to traverse what felt like a corn maze when trying to get around the house.

Maddie walked across the barren landscape of carpet as she headed towards the exit of her bedroom. What took others mere seconds took Maddie several more to make up for every step that her normal sized family took. Nevertheless Maddie in time would reach her destination, and in a pretty swift fashion than most would think. Eventually she arrived at the stairs in the hallway and began to climb down them, as her trip to the kitchen was nearly complete.

It took many years for her mother to let down her guard in terms of allowing Maddie to roam independently, especially after an incident where Maddie’s own mother had mistakenly stepped on her in the night on a trip to the bathroom. Maddie was restless and had decided to wander the house at three in the morning to try and tire herself, only for her mother’s quaking footsteps to loom from behind. Before Maddie was able to react the bare sole of her mother's silky smooth foot had crushed her flat beneath it, pressing her body firmly into the carpet.

To make matters worse her mother had thought it was a bug she had stepped on, completely unaware that it was her daughter wandering around so late in the night. She had ended up grinding her foot into the helpless creature under her heel, thinking it was a no good bug that she needed to dispose of. Of course she had ended up turning the light on to the hallway while turning her foot over to look at the remains of the ‘bug’ she had disposed of underfoot, only to see her daughter stuck to her sole.

It was a horrifying experience for Maddie’s mother, who thought she had nearly killed her daughter. Maddie wasn’t injured at all however, and merely experienced an uncomfortable sensation under the pressure of her mom's foot. Over time Maddie’s mom began to realize that Maddie was indeed durable beyond comprehension, able to withstand force that no normal being would ever be able to endure. Because of this revelation Maddie’s mother, in time, was able to allow Maddie to be more independent around the house.

Maddie had finally reached the bottom of the stairs, as she heard her mother's voice yet again, “Maddie I know you’re only an inch tall, but I know you too well and you should've been in here by now! Chop chop!!”

Maddie rolled her eyes. Her mother would always make remarks about her height, and her expectations of what she believed Maddie should be able to do in which manner of times. Maddie was always annoyed by it, wishing that her mother could cut her some slack at least once a week. Was she not entitled to sludge around once in a while? She experienced sleep deprivation just like others who stayed up too late, or maybe this was her mother's way of punishing her for staying up late to begin with.

Finally Maddie arrived in the kitchen, seeing her mother hovering above the island countertop as she set down some plates and silverware. Behind her on the stove was probably pancakes, which Maddie could smell from down below. Her mother looked up and saw her standing at the kitchen entry, a smile crossing her face.

“About time!” her mother joked, as she walked over to her tiny daughter on the kitchen floor.

Maddie’s world began to quake as her mother's booming footsteps came closer and closer. Before her was her mother’s colossal bare feet, which were about a size ten in women’s. Her mother had very large feet, even for normal sized people. Her feet were kept pristine and very well groomed, her toenails painted a midnight purple. Maddie had always felt a slight attraction to the feet of women for whatever reason, but she also had a hidden attraction to her mother’s feet as well.

Maddie would never tell or share this secret with her mother of course, out of fear of being scolded. It was her mother after all, and she’d be lying if she didn’t feel somewhat guilty for finding the gorgeous feet of her mother so tantalizing. She was quickly pulled from her thoughts however as she felt the fingers of her mother’s gentle hand pluck her from the kitchen floor, her world rising in the air as her mother brought her up to her face.

Maddie was engulfed by the sight of her mother’s large eyes, nose and lips. Her mother had gorgeous long and straightened blonde hair, with hazel eyes that would cause any man to fall for her instantly. Her lips were plush pink, and really shined with the features of her jawbone. Her mother was gorgeous throughout, and Maddie wasn’t a fool not to notice it.

“Hope you had a good night’s sleep my dear,” Maddie’s mother cooed, puckering her lips as she embraced her daughter with a titanic wet kiss.

Maddie felt her entire body become engulfed by her mother’s moist wet lips, as they covered her from head to toe. It was an incredible feeling however, one that Maddie never grew tired of. It’s as if she was siphoning the love right from her mother's lips, a feeling that brought overwhelming calmness upon her.

“Was up late last night with the girls, but otherwise yeah I slept alright,” Maddie responded.

“Well time for breakfast! Reagan will be here to pick you up for school soon and I don’t want my little darling heading out hungry!” Her mother exclaimed before walking her daughter over to the island counter and placing her upon it.

Maddie was set down next to a plastic doll plate, which her mother used as proper means to feed her diminutive daughter. Of course the portions were always too large to be totally eaten by the tiny teen, it didn’t stop her from trying. Maddie found that she could practically eat as much as she wanted, never gaining weight that would cause her to become fat in any means whatsoever. It’s as if her metabolism was crazy fast, because she never had an ounce of fat on her body since the day she was born.

Maddie’s mother picked up the pan in which she had cooked the pancakes, bringing it over to the island counter where Lily and Maddie were waiting with empty stomachs. She gave Lily four large pancakes and then carefully plucked the miniature pancake and set it on Maddie’s plate. It was still twice the little teens size, but that didn’t stop her from trying to gorge it all down.

“Oh my, you are quite hungry aren’t you?” Maddie’s mother giggled as she watched her daughter devour the itty bitty pancake, turning around and placing the cookware in the sink as she began to do the dishes.

Maddie could hear her older sister nearly choking behind her as Lily seemingly swallowed all four pancakes whole. Maddie looked at her with disgust, unsure how anyone could eat so much food in one gulp. As Maddie watched her sister in awe, the doorbell rang and echoed throughout the house. Maddie’s mother turned her attention towards the living room where the front door was to be seen, and shouted “come on in!” to let the person on the other side know that the door was unlocked.

The door opened swiftly as a teen girl pranced into the house. Her name was Reagan, Maddie’s best friend since elementary school. Reagan was seventeen years old just like Maddie, and stood at an average height of five feet and six inches. Reagan had auburn colored hair that rested just below her shoulders, her piercing green eyes looking across the room and into the kitchen to see Maddie waving at her from the countertop.

Reagan was nothing like Maddie, and was considered the peak of popularity at their high school. She was into fashion trends and looking as sexy as she possibly could to attract anybody that she could find to give her the attention she felt she deserved. Despite all this however Reagan never seemed to let it get in the way of her relationship as Maddie’s best friend. Though she’d never let anything ruin their friendship, Reagan would admit that she loved to tease on Maddie every now and then. She couldn’t help herself considering how easy it was to do with Maddie’s size and all. Simply put Maddie wasn’t able to do anything at all if someone decided to have their way with her.

“What’s up lil’ cupcake?” Reagan greeted, shooting a mischievous wink at her teeny little friend.

“Not much! Little groggy from last night…” Maddie responded.

Reagan approached the countertop and rested her elbows on top of it, “twas a wild party! Did you see what Kali was doing with that bo…” Reagan stopped herself from finishing the incriminating sentence as she felt the stare of Maddie’s mother upon her. Reagan looked up at the mother who had an eyebrow raised high as her arms folded.

“You two had a completely safe and appropriate time last night, right?” Maddie’s mother said with the utmost sarcasm, no fool to the shenanigans that she knew Reagan constantly dragged her tiny daughter into.

“O-of course! Only the safest fun was performed last night!” Reagan snickered to herself, as Maddie’s mother rolled her eyes and turned around to continue the dishes.

Maddie shot a glare up at her loud mouth friend, “are you trying to get me in trouble!?” Maddie whispered softly.

Reagan held her index finger up to her soft lips, shushing her little friend as she gave a sly wink in response, “well we’d better get going to school now! Come on Maddie!” Reagan promptly plucked Maddie from the countertop, as Maddie’s mother raised a hand to wave them off as she focused on her chores.

Reagan held Maddie inside a closed fist, quickly striding to the front door before she could cause any more trouble in Maddie’s home life. As she exited Maddie’s house she could hear Lily’s voice from the kitchen, “bye bye sis!”

Reagan could hear Maddie’s muffled voice inside her fist, which sounded along the lines of, “goodmpf bye!”

Reagan closed the front door behind her, opening her fist and giving Maddie a wide grin as she looked down at Maddie sitting in her palm. Maddie crossed her arms and frowned up at her friend, “I really don’t like it when you close me in your fist… It gets all sweaty on your palms and it’s very cramped!”

“Yeah I know, that’s why I do it!” Reagan giggled to herself as she plucked her friend from her palm with her free hand, “do you mind a ride in my bra again? I’ll need both hands to drive and the last time you were in the passenger seat a speed bump nearly sent you flying out the window!”

Maddie rolled her eyes at the fact that Reagan had dismissed her complaint, but then nodded to confirm that her bra was probably a safer spot to travel in than the bumpy passengers seat. Reagan reacted to Maddie’s approval swiftly as she held her friend above her massive breasts. Maddie dropped her jaw in reaction to seeing Reagan’s very large breasts. They had to be a double D at the very least, which struck Maddie a bit odd because she could have sworn they weren’t so big just last week.

“Reagan wait!” Maddie cried before her friend could drop her into her cleavage.

“What’s up?” Reagan asked, curious to know why Maddie seemed so surprised.

“Have your breasts always been this big!?” Maddie blurted, her curiosity killing her from the inside.

Reagan giggled, “staring are we? Well gee Maddie… One might think you’re lesbo or somethin’!” Reagan laughed yet again before answering Maddie’s question, “to answer your question, no. My mother finally caved and let me have that boob job last weekend! They look great don’t they??”

Maddie couldn’t believe it, “you got a boob job? I mean yeah they look good… But they looked fine before too…”

“Yeah but now they look better!” Reagan dismissed Maddie’s comment, “they’ll pop a lot more in my designer clothes! And just wait till Prom… I got a dress that’ll make all the boys and girls drool just you wait!”

“Uh… Ok…” Maddie murmured.

“Alright seriously though we’re gonna be late if we don’t leave! I’ll pull you out once I pull into the school parking lot,” Reagan swiftly let go of Maddie and sent her plummeting a very short distance before feeling the plop as Maddie landed feet first between her colossal breasts.

Maddie could feel Reagan’s heartbeat from within her chest as she sank between her friends cleavage all the way up to her chest. She spread her arms and gripped the sides of Reagan’s boobs to prevent herself from sinking any deeper, as Reagan entered her car and started it. Her parents were rather wealthy, giving her a Dodge Charger as her very first car. She revved the engine and sped down the road as she headed to school.

Maddie enjoyed the ride as she tried to hold on to the soft fleshy surface of Reagan’s bosom, her friends tits pressed tightly around her little body. They bounced up and down giving Maddie quite the ride as Reagan drove over speed bumps and such. Though it was a bit of a hectic ride, Maddie would admit she didn’t mind it at all. It was rather comfortable for her actually, and she’d admit it if she were questioned.

The day had only begun, and despite Maddie’s somewhat easy life… She would soon be encumbered with a series of crazy and unfortunate events...

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