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Beth smiled and waved at the crowd of people milling about, her rosy cheeks framed by her wavy blonde hair. She switched hands, lowering her left and raising her right, squinting slightly as the sunlight gleamed off the plastic jewels that dotted her white silk gloves. Dressed in a tight fitting Tinkerbell outfit, she mentally noted that things could be worse, given her new height of four inches. After all working at the ?Happiest Place on Earth? was her dream job, albeit it she had hoped for something a little taller. Still, she got to dress up everyday, modeling the new lifelike outfits appropriately sized for those affected by the shrinking virus.

Her face lit up as a little girl no older than three walked past, her eyes wide in awe at the tiny fairy?s movements. Beth leaned over, and blew the little girl a kiss, and chuckled to herself as the toddler smiled and tucked her head behind her father?s leg. Seconds later, the girl had disappeared into the crowd, and Beth turned around to face the busy sidewalks of Main Street, greeting thousands of park guests as they wandered about.

After another hour or so, she turnnd waved up to her coworker. ?Hey, Marcus!? She shouted, ?Can we take a quick break over in the shade? It?s getting pretty warm for me.? She watcorker sighed, and slipped hs cell phone back into his pocket. Marcus didn?t like being stuck on ?babysitting duty?, as he called it, watching over Beth or the other employees that were too short to work alone. He huffed, and kicked the brakes off from beneath the cart, and rolled it down the curb. Beth grabbed onto the shelf on her left, steadying herself with the boxes of merchandise as she and Marcus strolled across the cobblestone path. Finally, they reached a corner at the end of the street, shaded by a lonely willow tree and less crowded than the rest of the walkway.

Beth walked over to the register, and unlatched a small water bottle from the side of the cash drawer. She flipped the top up, and guzzled down a few mouthfuls of chilling liquid, before splashing a bit on the back of her neck to cool down.

?Yo, Beth,? Marcus said, his voice sounding obviously annoyed at his duties that day of keeping an eye on her. ?I?m gonna head out back for a smoke, be back in five.?

Beth sighed. Marcus wasn?t supposed to leave her alone while out in the public spaces, but technically they were on break, so there wasn?t much she could do besides nod and sigh. Before she had shifted on her heels, Marcus scurried off towards an ?employee-only? exit, whipping out his badge and a pack of cigarettes before his hand even reached for the door handle.

Beth turned around, and sat along the edge of the cart, watching the myriad of people stroll past her. Once in a while, she?d smile and wave at a passing child; even though she was on her break, she loved making the kids grin when they saw her. She finished off the water in her bottle, and grumbled under her breath, ?wonder how long he?ll be gone this time,? knowing Marcus was prone to taking extended smoke breaks.

A loud beeping startled Beth, and she whipped her head around to find the source. She sighed in relief as she saw it was only one of the electric scooters backing up along the sidewalk. The scooter seemed to struggle going up the slight incline in reverse, bogged down by the heavy passenger it was towing. Beth watched for a few seconds as the scooter finally lifted its last wheel up the curb and onto the sidewalk. She reached into her dress pocket, and fished out her tiny phone to text Marcus, when she noticed the beeping grew louder. She glanced up and saw the scooter closing in quickly, on a collision course with the cart!

?Ma?am, watch ou...AHH!?

Beth tried to scramble to her feet when the whole cart lurched backwards, the scooter plowing into the side she was standing on. Her phone flew out of her hands upon impact, spiraling over the edge of the cart and shattering on the concrete sidewalk below. Beth waved her arms in circles, trying to catch her balance, before stumbling forward onto the back support of the scooter. She let out a short yelp as she landed against the blubbery back of the woman driving the scooter. The wall of back fat in front of her shifted to one side before Beth could get her footing, and she screamed as she tumbled down between the obese woman and the lower back cushion.

The woman driving twisted around in her seat, looking to see what she hit. Seeing it was just an unattended merchandise cart, she shrugged and turned back in her seat, shifting her weight to lean back into the seat as she began to roll forward. The little scooter putted along under her weight, its little horn honking at anyone who stood in the woman?s way for more than two seconds. The woman, however, failed to notice the slight increase in padding against her lower back, and was completely unaware that she had picked up another passenger.

Beth squirmed uselessly between the flattening cushion and the woman?s back, her face forcefully twisted to the side so she could breathe. What little air she had was warm and humid, with a lingering scent of laundry detergent. She grunted as she tried to move, but her limbs were pinned firmly in place by the sheer size of the woman on the scooter. Tiny beads of sweat began to collect on Beth?s brow as she remained trapped, giving up after several minutes of trying to budge the massive wall of flesh.

After what seemed like hours, the scooter finally jolted to a stop, and Beth felt a faint breeze of air as the woman leaned forward. Her upper body finally free, she renewed her struggles, pressing one hand each on the leathery cushion and plaid fabric of the woman?s clothes. She pushed hard, trying to lift her hips and legs from being sandwiched against this woman?s flabby body, and felt a wave of joy wash over her as her legs began to rise. The smooth fabric of her outfit helped slide against the seat, giving her a slight advantage over the friction of being stuck for so long. Just as her knees began to feel the rush of blood back to them, Beth felt the woman stand up, and lost her grip. She shouted in fright as the wall holding her in place was suddenly gone, letting her fall unceremoniously onto the seat of the scooter.

Beth rolled head over heels once before coming to a stop, right in the middle of the seat cushion. The leather was faded and wrinkled, with two indentations on either side of Beth, each one easily ten times larger than she was. Beth groaned and roller onto her back, then gasped as she looked above her. The woman?s dress had draped over her like a giant curtain, blocking out most of the light, but Beth could still clearly see the pale white cheeks of her enormous butt hovering over her. The lack of visible underwear sent a chill down her spine; she would have guessed that a woman like this would be wearing a pair of wide panties, not a skinny thong tucked between those mountains of ass!

Before Beth could stand up and run, the sky began to fall. She let out a terrified scream that was quickly silenced as the woman slammed her bottom back into the seat, sealing Beth in the fleshy tomb of her asscrack.

The woman wiggled her butt back and forth in the seat, trying to iron out the lump in the cushion. She bounced a few times for good measure, feeling the lump compress in her crack as she settled back into the scooter. Content with her seating arrangement, the woman began to chow down on the popcorn and churros she had just purchased, stuffing her mouth with a chubby fistful of buttery kernels.

Beth could barely breathe, her rib cage felt compressed beyond a safe limit as she whimpered underneath the massive woman. The heat around her rose quickly, and she could feel the dampness of sweat beginning to form. Beth tried not to think about the fact that most of the sweat she felt probably wasn?t hers, but the sweaty ass that was her current home. The smell wasn?t too bad, but the faint odor of shit was still present in the air as Beth sucked in a precious breath of air.

Time passed agonizingly slow for Beth, who wiggled occasionally to see if she could break out from this hellish position. The sweat began to buildup around her, and once in a while a droplet would trickle down onto her, slowly but surely drenching her costume in salty perspiration. The wafer thin wings strapped to her shoulders were mangled and crushed against her back, the tiny wires meant to hold their shape a mild irritant as they rubbed against her back. A few inches in front of her face was the woman?s thong, straining against tons of cellulite and fat that was piled on top of her. Her feet and arms were pinned tightly in place, unable to move even an inch. The sounds of the park around her were quite muffled from the thick layers of fat surrounding her, leaving only the groans of the scooter as it whined under the weight of the oversized load it carried. The otherwise silent prison was broken by a low gurgle, and Beth began to struggle more as the rumbling grew louder.

Patting her belly, the woman felt her meal beginning the first stages of digestion. She sipped down the last of her large soda, before leaning to the side to let out some pent up gas. A satisfying hiss escaped her sphincter, and she sighed in contentment at the relief of pressure in her bowels.

Beth gagged as the hurricane of noxious fumes washed over her. The heat seemed to triple as the woman readjusted her seat, pressing Beth?s poor face into the sweaty fabric of her thong. Her eyes waters from a mixture of the sweat and foul air, but Beth was still pinned helplessly in place. A jolt from the scooter sent ripples through the woman?s ass, and Beth sobbed softly as she felt her face pressed harder against the smelly cotton thong. Her sobs turned to screams as another wave of gas leaked out of the woman?s anus, bathing her in the stench of questionable dietary choices. Beth?s vision began to go blurry, as her lungs burned for oxygen. As a third fart rumbled past her, Beth finally found the merciful blackness of passing out.


When Beth finally reopened her eyes, she let out a sigh of relief. Above her, rows of fluorescent bulbs cast a blueish light down on her. The racket from the crowd echoed off the tile walls, and Beth became keenly aware of the unmistakable rush of water behind her, the kind a toilet makes when flushed. Beth whipped her head around just in time to catch an unobstructed view of her unaware captor?s behemoth ass, the flabby cheeks jiggling as the massive woman struggled to pull her thong back up into the abyss of her crack. Without so much as glancing behind her, the woman waddled backwards towards the electric scooter, placing one foot on the floorboard and hoisting herself up onto the scooter. Beth moaned weakly as the light from above was eclipsed by the heaving curves of the woman?s ass, and could only whimper as the woman allowed gravity to run it course. A muffled squeak escaped from beneath the mammoth rump, followed by a low hiss as the foam cushions were compressed under the weight of its rider.

Buried beneath tons of fat, Beth groaned weakly. Her lungs screamed for a full breath, something she knew might not come for a long while. The limited air smelled of stale sweat and excrement, and Beth tried not to gag as the moist flesh rolled over her face. The massive glutes flexed a few times as the woman adjusted her rear in the seat, forcefully smushing Beth?s cheeks together and causing her lips to contort in pain. Her crumpled wings crackled and snapped, the pressure too much for the frail costume accessory.

The woman maneuvered the scooter to the stall door, and leaned forward to unlatch the thin metal bolt holding the door in place. After her pudgy fingers fiddled with it for a few seconds, she finally managed to slide the lock to the open position, and the door slowly creaked towards her. Her physical exertion leaving her winded, the woman huffed and dropped her bottom back into the seat, sending another short squeak out from under her butt. She chuckled at the peculiar sound, and wiggled her thick cheeks into the seat as she settled in for another few hours of roaming the theme park.

Beth screamed in agony, the mass of cellulite muffling her cries of pain. The mountain of ass the dropped onto her surely would have pulverized her had she not been aligned perfectly with the giant woman?s crack. Beth whimpered in the dark, sweaty crevice as the scooter whined to life beneath her, the jostling of the tires sending ripples through the flabby skin piled around her. Beth could only hope that the scooter?s battery died before she did, her hopes of escape slowly crushed with every bump and jiggle of fat around her.

*Several hours later*

Thousands of people crammed into the cobblestone streets, the sidewalks lined with brick buildings coated in dazzling lights. Along the cordoned off walkway, a steady stream of bodies moved one slow step at a time. A small gap in the crowd existed in front of the lady on the scooter, her chubby hand mashing against the horn every few seconds if someone dared step in front of her.

Beneath the woman, Beth groaned in despair. She had no idea how long she had been trapped under the mammoth rear parked on top of her, but her hopes of escape were beginning to dwindle. The scooter kept lurching with each start and stop, sending long ripples through the flabby skin piled around her. What little air she still possessed was sweltering and humid, and every breath filled Beth?s nose with the faint tingle of salty sweat.

Suddenly, the world felt weightless for a split second. Beth gasped as a beam of light poured in around her, giving her a snapshot of the world outside this woman?s ass. As quickly as it appeared, the light was gone, and Beth felt the immeasurable weight crash down on her once again, pressing every ounce of air from her lungs. She coughed and moaned as she tried to regain her breath, a droplet of sticky sweat dribbling down onto her face and soaking into her matted hair.

The crowd began to dissipate once outside the park gates, and the scooter began to chirp, a small orange battery symbol flashing on the handlebars. The woman chuckled to herself at the timing of it all, and steered towards the drop off area. As she pulled up to the curb, the scooter chirped once more and died, the indicator lights fading out as the wheels ground to a halt. The woman huffed, and shifted her weight, rotating her gigantic butt on the seat. Her pudgy feet flopped onto the ground, and she slowly pushed her weight up onto her legs.

Beth screamed in pain as the sweaty ass cheeks smeared across her, stretching her limbs to their limits as she was contorted by the monstrous forces. The sounds of fabric tearing mixed with her muffled cries, her outfit finally pushed to the limit as the seam along her ribs finally shredded under the force. Just before she blacked out from the agonizing pain, the weight was lifted from her body, and Beth felt a cool rush of air wash over her. She gasped and sputtered, her lungs filling completely for the first time in hours. Her dress and hair were soaked through with sweat, and the fresh air sent shivers down her spine as the stark temperature difference began to register with her nerves.

Laying there defeated, Beth didn?t see the woman waddle away from the scooter. She didn?t see the roaming child walking among the strollers and scooters. Only when a pair of hands descended on her did she even react, but Beth was too weak to do anything more then groan softly. She was hoisted into the air, a faint silhouette of her body surrounded by a puddle of sweat. Only a crumpled pair of fairy wings remained as a memorial to her nightmare of a day.

The world around Beth was a blur as the young child lifted her into the sky, swinging her around like a doll. Beth cupped one hand over her mouth, the nauseating motion causing her stomach to twist itself in knots. As the spinning stopped, Beth tried to get the girl?s attention, but was silenced as she was shoved into something dark.

?Hey! Let me out of here!? Beth cried out, her voice faltering as she shouted. Her back rested against something fuzzy, and Beth could just make out the outline of a rotund yellow bear. The air filled with the plastic rustling of a shopping bag, and Beth looked up to see the sky slowly closing in around her.

?No no no!?

Beth struggled to claw her way up the soft material, but it was too late. The bag shook as the knot was pulled tight, and she slipped down deeper into the darkness. Her sides were wedged between two soft surfaces, but at least this time the stench of ass and sweat wasn?t polluting the air. However, it was much too soft for her to get any purchase and pull herself free. She struggled for a few minutes, before throwing her arms up in frustration.

Beth sighed and crossed her arms, hoping whoever had sealed her in would help her out when they got home. The exertion of the day mixed with the gentle swaying of bag to and fro, and her eyes began to grow heavy. After a few moments, she relented to the wave exhaustion washed over her muscles, and she closed her eyes.
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