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The principal?s office was silent, save for the gentle drone of the air conditioning vents. The chilled air wafted through the room, combating the heat of the Arizona summer that radiated through the picture window behind the absent desk. Opposite the desk, a small table was tucked against the wall, a small set of furniture spread out across the wooden surface. A boy, maybe three inches tall, lounged on a miniature couch, his sneakers dangling off the armrest. A few feet away, a small girl perched along the edge of the table, her feet swinging freely over the rounded.

The boy sat up and swiped his small backpack up from against the couch, slinging the brown pack over his shoulder. Though small, his teenaged body was surprisingly well toned, a reminder of his time on the football team before losing his height the shrinking virus. He meandered over to the girl, and plopped down beside her. Waiting in the principal?s office was a boring end to a long school day, but it was deemed the safest place for smaller students to wait for their parents.

?Any word from Mom yet??

The girl tore her eyes away from the window, snapping out of her daydream. Her chocolate brown hair swayed as she turned her head, the ends brushing against the tops of her shoulders. ?William, I told you twice already, she said she was stuck in traffic.?

The boy huffed, and leaned back until his back laid against the cool oak ground. Not having a phone sucked, but having to rely on his sister for communication was even more frustrating. An annoyed grumble reverberated in his throat, but his unintelligible complaining was cut short by the rattle of the door handle.

?Daisy, I thought you said she was running behind.? William said, shifting his weight to sit up. He glanced at the door, eager to finally be heading home from school.

?Mom, is that you?? William called out from the table. Daisy pushed herself up and walked along the edge of the table to join her brother. At only three inches tall, they preferred to stick together, to improve their chances of being seen. Too many stories of kids being crushed by unaware students or teachers had instilled a healthy fear of being undetected in the siblings.

?Mom? Hello?? Daisy cupped her dainty hands over her mouth, shouting towards the door. The siblings watched in anticipation as the visitor rounded the door, but were slightly confused as a stranger came into view. She was certainly not their mother, and didn?t resemble the principal or her secretary in the slightest. This woman was much younger, and in considerably better shape than most of the faculty. As the woman?s eyes scanned the room, a smile crept over her cherry red lips. She closed the door behind her and twisted the deadbolt swiftly, the metal lug locking into place with a soft click.

The sound sent shivers down Daisy?s neck. She recognized the girl instantly; she was Tammy, one of the teacher?s aides in her second period class. Rumor among the smaller students was that she was to be feared, and more than one shrunken student had conveniently gone ?missing? when she was around. The devilish look in the aide?s eyes told her to believe in the rumors, and a wave of chills crawled across Daisy?s skin.

William waved her hands above her head, blissfully unaware of the terrible stories Daisy had heard of this girl. His face lit up when the girl?s face tilted towards them, a deceptively cheerful smile plastered on the bigger woman?s lips. ?Thank goodness you see us,? Willam said as she breathed a sigh of relief, dropping his hands to his sides.

?Will, she?s not who you think...?

?Whew! It?s so hot out there!? The intruding girl declared, as she shimmied out of her gray t-shirt. The cotton material had several dark stains of sweat on it, most notably under her arms and cleavage. As the shirt was tossed aside onto the principal?s desk, William couldn?t help but stare at the perky round breasts this girl had, the full globes of flesh held in place by a skimpy bra that appeared to be a size too small. Daisy wasn?t as distracted by the gorgeous looks, and called out, ?what the hell are you doing here, Tammy??

The girl stopped in her tracks, her lower half covered by a blue plaid skirt. She giggled, removing her fingers from under the elastic waistband of the skirt, letting it snap firmly into place around her wide hips.

?I?m here to take you two home, silly!? Tammy stepped closer to the small siblings, her tanned skin sprinkled with minuscule droplets of sweat. As her bare tummy came within reach of the table?s edge, Daisy and William could see the tiny goosebumps forming on the girl?s exposed skin from the cool, air conditioned breeze. A twinge of sweat radiated from the wall of flesh, causing Daisy to step back and wave her hand in front of her nose. William stepped back too, but not because of the smell. His pants had a small lump forming beneath his zipper, and his shyness got the better of him as he retreated a half step behind his sister.

Tammy?s smile widened when she saw Daisy?s reaction to her sweat. ?Oh, you think I?m a little sweaty, huh darling? You should see my feet.?

Without warning, Tammy?s hand snapped forward, grasping Daisy from the table and dragging her over the edge. Her high pitched screams dropped off as she was quickly lowered down towards the floor.

William snapped out of his hormonal stupor, the sound of his sister in distress shriveling his manhood as his adrenaline spiked. Racing to the edge of the table, he stared over the precipice as Tammy kicked off her sandals, her feet slapping wetly on the wood floor. He watched as Tammy?s fist lowered to the ground, opening up and dropping his sister on top of the large, manicured toes.

Daisy yelped as the ground beneath her undulated, Tammy?s toes wiggling vigorously as she struggled to stand up. The rough skin below her reeked of sweat and dirt, and Daisy?s cringed as her hands felt the damp flesh against her palms. Suddenly, the massive foot shifted, and Daisy screamed as she tumbled onto the floor.

Tammy laughed at the pathetic squeaks from the floor. She turned her eyes back to William, who began to back away from the edge of the table.

?Here, want a better view, little boy?? She snickered, scooping the tiny brother up in her hand. She placed him down next to her other foot, providing William with an unobstructed view of his sister. Before Daisy could stand up, the towering sole lifted into the air, hovering just above her fragile body.

"Daisy!" Will cried out, his arm outstretched in futility as the behemoth foot settled on top of his sister. Her shrieks were quickly muffled into muted screams, her wrists flailing just out from under the sweaty sole.

Tammy stared down at her feet, watching as she slowly pivoted her foot back and forth against the hardwood floor. The tiny girl pinned beneath her foot tickled slightly, her pathetic efforts to escape like a tingling massage for the underside of her arch.

"Mmmfff!!!" Daisy's pleas for help were smothered by the thick doughy sole that weighted down on her. Every inch of her body was coated in Tammy's foot sweat, and her muscles ached. The limited air around her was a veritable jungle of moisture and heat, humid and reeking of stale sweat and dead skin.

After a few more minutes of toying with Daisy beneath her foot, Tammy finally lifted her leg, planting her foot down between the tiny siblings. She watched in amusement as Will raced out from under the table, kneeling beside his older sister as she regained her breath.

Will scrunched his nose as he wrapped his arm around Daisy, her damp clothes practically dripping with the sour odor of Tammy's foot. She was sitting up, panting for breath with a bewildered look in her eyes. Her eyes didn?t even flinch as Will knelt down in front of her face, her expression frozen in horror as Daisy?s sweat trickled down her cheek.

"Daisy! Daisy!" He called out, trying to snap her back to reality. After several firm shakes, she finally locked eyes with him, and began to whimper. Will hugged her tightly against his chest, a surge of anger welling up inside of him. Nobody treats his sister that way and gets away with it!

"You bitch!" He shouted up at Tammy, clenching his fist in the air. "You fucking bitch!"

Tammy reached down, and scooped up the tiny shouting brother. A short squeak of protest escaped Daisy, before her brother was yanked up into the air. Tammy held her hand up to her face, her warm breath washing over the tiny, frightened boy.

"What did you call me, you little shit?"

Will trembled slightly, then stood up in Tammy's palm, his feet sinking into her smooth skin. "I said you're a fucking bitch, motherfucker!"

Tammy smiled. "That's a lot of talk coming from a little shit like you. Maybe I should put you where you belong..." Her fist snapped shut like a steel trap, trapping Will within her grasp. She lowered her hand to her waist, and beneath her skirt.

Daisy sat whimpering in a puddle of sweat as Tammy's hand began to ruffle beneath the pleated skirt. The tiny girl had an unobstructed view of the action, as Tammy's empty hand fished her white panties to the side. She could hear her brother scream, before being plunged between Tammy's firm butt cheeks. Tears began to well up in Daisy's eyes as Tammy adjusted her panties, sealing her little brother in the mammoth ass crack.

Tammy flexed her glutes a few times, squeezing Will firmly between the fleshy globs of her butt, muting his screams. Her fingers traced the narrow crack, before adjusting her panties back into position.

"Keep it up,? Tammy taunted as she glanced back over her shoulder, ?and I?ll treat you like I treat the rest of the shit in my life.? She clenched her cheeks once more, mashing the poor boy further into her sweaty rump. Smiling darkly, Tammy turned to face the weeping girl on the floor.

?Hey, worthless,? she snapped down at the blubbering sibling. ?Your little brother doesn?t feel half bad back there. Though, I bet he?s not enjoying it as much as I am.? Tammy?s hands ran down along her hips, then grabbed her firm cheeks in both hands, slowly grinding them up and down against each other.

?Mmm... I bet it?s really sweaty back there,? Tammy sighed, the lump in her ass squirming in protest. ?All that hiking out in the heat makes a girl all sweaty and gross. Isn?t that right, Daisy??

Daisy yelped as Tammy?s big toe nudged her onto her back, the colossal digit resting on top of her and pinning her legs underneath. She wailed as the pressure increased, straining her knees back against the hardwood floor. The stink of Tammy?s sweaty foot permeated her senses, and Daisy gagged as the towering foot slipped higher and covered her midsection.

Tammy took a step back, then bent down towards Daisy. Resting her hands on her knees, Tammy could feel her panties tighten against her butt as she lowered herself. She smiled, and gradually crouched lower and lower, feeling the thin cotton underwear sliding up her crack, taking little William along with it. The canopy of fabric hung over Daisy?s head, and she could see a thin line of dampness running along the length of Tammy?s crack. The distinct outline of her brother struggling to get free sent shivers down her spine, watching helplessly from below.

?I think he needs to go a little deeper, don?t you think?? Tammy traced her index finger down the length of her slit, the pad of her finger resting on the outline of William?s head. The cotton began to stretch inwards as Tammy gradually applied pressure to her fingertip, slowly wedging the squirming boy?s face further between her cheeks.

Daisy wiped her eyes, and cried out, ?stop, please! You?re hurting him!?

Tammy paused. She heard Daisy?s plea, crystal clear. A dark, wicked grin flashed across her face, turning Daisy?s blood cold.

?Push him deeper? You sure about that?? Tammy nudged her finger closer to her anus, the first knuckle flush with her cheeks.

?No, stop!? Daisy wailed, stumbling to her feet. ?Let him go!? She staggered towards Tammy?s ankle, tears streaming down her face. Her fists pounded weakly against the bony ankle above her head as she began to grow hysterical.

Tammy giggled at the gentle taps on her foot. She pushed her finger in a bit more, feeling her panties stretch and tuck in more. The struggling in her ass grew more pronounced, and Tammy lingered for a moment as she savored the pleasure coming from her behind.

Daisy slammed her fists against Tammy?s pale skin one more time, her legs buckling slightly as she collapsed against the monolithic heel. She turned her head, the muffled screams from her brother finally reaching her ears over the sounds of her own sobbing. Tammy?s finger was pressed in pretty fall; only a pair of indentations where William?s feet were still remained visible. Daisy?s vision blurred as she watched Tammy press her finger all the way into her crack, up to her palm.

Tammy felt a wonderful sensation against her backdoor as her finger wedged poor William fully into her asscrack. The tingling feeling crept up her spine, and forward to her womanhood, triggering a wave of lust through her nerves. She adjusted her new butt toy for a moment, making sure he was snugly pressed up against her puckered hole. Finally, she jerked her finger free, pulling out the wedgie and sealing William?s fate. Tammy pressed her hands on her knees, and stood up straight and tall, towering once again over Daisy.

William was enveloped in total darkness, but every inch around him was alive. The walls mashed against him from both sides, slowly squeezing the air from his lungs. His skin felt the radiating heat from Tammy?s ass, and within seconds he could feel sweat beginning to form around him. But worst of all was the smell. William fought the urge to vomit as he finally drew a breath, the air thick with the fragrant scent of sweat and musk. While he didn?t smell shit, he knew that wouldn?t last, given how Tammy had treated them so far. The rubbery orifice in front of him twitched at every movement, and William prayed it would stay clenched shut for the duration of his stay.

Standing up, Tammy felt her cheeks smush William ever so slightly more, trapping him firmly at the entrance to her rectum. Below her, Daisy had melted into a puddle of blubbering tears. Watching her brother be subjected to such a horrifying fate was too much for her to process, her mind switching off for the time being as she curled up into a fetal position and sobbed.

Tammy bent down again to scoop up the crying girl, her cheeks parting ever so slightly as she did. The wiggling in her cheeks resumed as a wave of fresh air penetrated the damp crack for an instant, but Tammy stood back up before William had a chance to escape. She cupped her hands around Daisy?s weeping form, the tiny sister almost inconsolable at this point. Without saying a word, Tammy pulled back the cup of her bra, exposing a firm, pink nipple to the cool air. Her hand tilted towards her chest, as she quickly dropped Daisy into the gap between mammary and cotton. Hardly a squeak of terror had escaped from her bra before Tammy let it snap shut, slamming the tiny girl into the spongy flesh, the miniature head wedged just beneath her nipple.

?Mmm... that should keep you warm,? Tammy moaned softly as she fondled her breast, squishing the delicate flesh between her fingers as the weak protests massaged her from within her bra. Only a small lump in the bra gave any indication of Daisy?s position, her body pressed firmly into the yielding skin as she struggled to breathe.

Tammy wiggled her hips in delight as she felt the two siblings squirm against her body. Her skirt swished back and forth, and her breasts jiggled slightly with the motion of her curvaceous body. She reached over and grabbed her shirt, slipping it over her messy bun with ease. As she patted the fabric into place, she smiled as the lump of Daisy?s trapped body was completely obscured. She waltzed across the room and slid her flip flops back on, before opening the front door. Her face was greeted with the warm, dry breeze of Arizona air as she stepped out into the sunlight.

?Hope you two don?t mind that I walked here,? Tammy giggled, the heat already causing her skin to perspire. ?I?m sure I?ll be all hot and sweaty again by the time I get home. But don?t worry, you two can help with that.? She patted her chest and clenched her butt, triggering another wave of pleasant struggles from her little captives as she began the long walk home.
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