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Brittany gasped as the lights flickered on. Intricate lace curtains hung across the picture windows, offering a seamless view of the sunset. The golden carpet molded beneath their feet as they walked into the room, tossing their bags beside the door. As her eyes turned to the beds, Brittany let out a squeal of delight.

"Ashley, you didn't..."

Ashley simply nodded. "Told you the royal suite was the best." Her hand gestured towards the glass orbs resting atop the pristine sheets, one on each bed. Inside each clear globe was a cowering tiny, no more then two inches tall. Brittany rushed over to the closer bed, and scooped up the ball. Paying little heed to the tiny man being jostled around inside, she held it up to her face to see him better. Her breath fogged up the glass as she peered inside, her bright pink lips parting into a comical smile.

"Do we have to... you know..."

"Return them?" Ashley finished her sentence. "No, they're complimentary with the room, Brit! Enjoy it, play with it!"

Brittany shifted the glass ball in her hand, sending the miniature man tumbling around within. It took her several seconds to find the seam, the orb crafted so precisely it hardly left an blemish in the rounded glass. Her fingers wrapped around the ball and twisted, popping the top off and spilling the tiny man onto the bed.

"Whoops! C'mere, you!" Brittany dropped the glass halves onto the bed, landing on either side of the tiny as he staggered to his feet. Before he could get his footing, a set of manicured white nails prodded his back, and wrapped around him like a vice.

Brittany toyed with her little "complimentary item" as Ashley began to unpack. She glanced at the unopened orb laying on her bed, its occupant futilely trying to roll the glass to the edge of the bed. Little did it realize the indentation in the mattress held it firmly in place, until its new owner chose to move it.

Ashley approached the bed, and lifted up the glass to her face. Without a word, she unscrewed the two halves, dumping a screaming woman into her exposed cleavage. Ashley let out a giggle as the squirming between her boobs tickled her tender skin, then proceeded to press her breasts together. Rocking her hands up and down, Ashley smeared the poor tiny between her tits, coating her in the thin film of sweat that had built up in the humid Cancun heat.

"Brit, when do you wanna head out?"

Brittany looked up from her hands, and giggling when she saw Ashley fish the tiny woman out of her cleavage. "I dunno, twenty minutes? I still have to change."

Ashley sighed, "should've changed before we left....."

"You told me to hurry up, so I did!" Brittany stuck her tongue out, before placing the tiny man back in the glass ball. "Now, you stay put, little toy, while I get changed into something a little sexier." She trotted off with her suitcase into the bathroom, wheeling the overstuffed luggage across the tiled floor.

Ashley smirked down at the woman in her hand. She was sobbing, her hands clasped together as she begged to be released.

"What's that? I can't hear you, runt." Her bubbly demeanor was unnerving for the poor woman, who just continued to sob in front of the giant rich brat. "You want me to let you go, don't you?"

The tiny's sobs slowed, and she nodded her head vigorously. Ashley lowered her hand to the floor, and set the woman down.

"Like this?" She nudged the woman on, towards the door.

Staring in disbelief, the woman turned her head to face the enormous girl, then back to the door. Without a second thought, she took off, trudging through the thick carpet fibers that brushed up against her knees. Glancing back often, she was dumbfounded when the giant girl made no attempt to recapture her. The crack beneath the door grew larger as she approached it, and her heart pounded with the anticipation of freedom!




In three swift steps, the tiny's path was cut off by Ashley's titanic foot slamming into the carpet, mere inches from the woman. Unable to stop completely, she slammed face first into the hard rubber heel, knocking herself back onto her rear. She began to wail, partly from the pain of running into the massive shoe, but mostly because of the hand that descended from the sky to swoop her back into the giant bitch's game.

Ashley held the girl up to her face. "You actually thought you'd get away?" Her hot breath blew across the tiny woman's face with each word, her hair flailing as if in a hurricane.

"You're mine to do what I want with," Ashley continued, bringing the woman closer to her open mouth. She could hear the frantic screams of terror as she stuck her tongue out, and brushed it against the tiny's upper body. "I could eat you just like that, and nobody would even care if I told them."

The woman was bawling her eyes out, thick gobs of spit smeared across her naked body. The air felt cold as she was hastily lowered, and curled up in a ball once she was dropped onto the corner of the bed. Ashley wasted no time in wiggling her yoga pants down to her knees, exposing a thin pink thong that disappeared between her bulbous ass cheeks. She reached for the crying tiny on the bed, and held her cheeks apart.

"And if I want to put you in my ass, and pull up my pants and leave you there, then I'll do just that!" Her hand pressed between the firm globes of flesh, and she twisted her hand to press the squirming tiny against her asshole. A soft moan left her lips as Ashley released her cheeks, trapping the woman firmly in place. For good measure, she slowly pulled up her yoga pants, the tight black fabric clinging to her every curve as she sealed the woman's fate for the night.

"Enjoy the ride," Ashley said sweetly as she smacked her butt, "I'm sure I will."

As the elastic on her pants snapped into place, Brittany stepped out of the bathroom. Her face was flushed, and her eyes sparkled as she smiled at Ashley.

"Brit, what took you so long?"

Brittany's smile only widened. "You said we could do whatever we want with them, and oh my god is this one a fighter!" She patted her crotch with her hand, and the two laughed hysterically, before heading out the door.
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