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Sally's dorm room was a war zone. A pizza box and plastic red cups teetering on her dresser, a half-empty beer bottle resting on the floor. Various articles of clothing scattered across the room, flung against the back of a chair, or strewn around the bed. And on that bed was her victory for the night: a tall frat boy who was pounding away at her, the two of them caught up in a drunken love making session.

For Travis, it was another glorious Friday night in college. He had finally worked up the courage to make a move on Sally, and after the nerves had been dulled by a few cups of alcohol, the two had worked their way back up to Sally's dorm. He was rock hard, and the sight of Sally dropping her clothes into a pile on the floor was almost enough to send him over the edge. She knelt on the bed, her ass arched into the sky, beckoning him to come play with it. He greedily obliged, and the two descended into a sweaty mess of expletives and sex.

A series of grunts and moans filled the bedroom, coupled with the strained squeaks of the bed frame. Sally reached up and grabbed a fistful of her hair, her eyes scrunched shut and mouth wide open. Travis began to work his way south, planting wet kisses along the panting ribs and tummy of Sally as she moaned softly. His tongue danced around the neat trim of her bush, eliciting a short gasp as Sally's clit yearned for attention. He smiled deviously, and pressed his gaping mouth over her love button.

"Oh fuck, yes," Sally moaned, grabbing a fistful of Travis's head and driving his face harder into her crotch. Her hips bucked in rhythm to his tongue's movements, her moans becoming more and more vocal as she approached a quivering orgasm. Grabbing her pillow and burying her face into it, she screamed in ecstasy as her thighs clamped around Travis's head, her juices flooding his eager mouth. She leaned back and sighed, dropping her pillow to the floor as she panted for breath. A ticklish trail of kisses worked its way up her ribs, and she twirled her fingers through Travis's curly locks.

"You weren't kidding about having a 'special talent' with that mouth of yours," she cooed, her face flushed under a thick layer of makeup. Travis grunted triumphantly, then pulled the covers up over them. His lips pressed gently against her neck, and the two drifted off into a drunken slumber within minutes.

Travis rolled over a few hours later, his head pounding like a drum. The air around him felt warm and a bit humid, but he didn't feel the covers over his body. It was completely dark, and Travis rubbed his eyes a few times to see if it was just his imagination.

"Shit, no more grog bowl for me," he muttered, rubbing his palms against his temples to relieve the aching hangover he was enduring. Shifting his weight and sitting up, he reached to the side for the nightstand... but it wasn't there.

"Weird, did I roll over that far?" He reached to the other side, searching for the edge of the bed. No luck. Travis's heartbeat began to increase, as a sense of dread began to set in. He had seen it on the news, but didn't think it would ever affect him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered over and over, standing up and searching blindly for something to gather his bearings with. Suddenly, the ground shifted beneath his feet, and Travis stumbled about to stay upright. A dim sliver of light shot across the sky, giving him a faint idea of his surroundings. Right in front of him, a pair of tits the size of a house rested, one on top of the other. The dim outline of a nipple hung a few feet above his head, jutting out in the darkness.

Travis stared in awe, forgetting about his situation for a moment as his eyes wandered up and down the gorgeous landscape. There was no doubt in his mind that these massive tits belonged to Sally, or someone at least equally well endowed. He was snapped back to reality as the lovely sight began to move, the enormous mounds of flesh slowly toppling towards him.

The blood in Travis's veins ran cold. His mind recalled that he had heard about a few guys in the frat "mysteriously" disappearing within days of the shrinking virus inflicting them. Many were never heard from again, but a few had turned up days or weeks later, usually crushed or flattened in a myriad of ways. Travis certainly didn't want to end up like any of his fellow frats, and turned his back to the collapsing mountain of mammaries. However, in his state of inebriation, his coordination was lacking, and not ten steps later he was flailing headfirst into the mattress.

"Wait, Sally! Wake u....mmmff!"

The sleeping student heard nothing as she shifted in her sleep, silencing his squeaks as she rolled onto her stomach. The faint tickle of resistance between her breasts did little to rouse her from her alcohol induced rest.

Travis thanked the stars as he squirmed under the squishy mountain that rested on top of him. He had been lucky enough to be trapped in her cleavage, and spared being smothered to death under Sally's gigantic tits. Still, he was pretty much trapped, and at the mercy of a woman who was drunk and soundly asleep. Several minutes of struggling and pushing against the jiggly flesh did little to free Travis from his predicament, so he finally huffed in defeat and gave up. Each breath Sally took gently compressed Travis between her boobs, and a small patch of sweat formed around his tiny body.

The minutes turned to hours, and Travis was jolted awake as Sally shifted once more. His body was soaked in sweat from her perspiration through the night, and he fell from between her boobs with a wet splat. Groaning at the rude awakening, he turned to face the sleeping goddess. The light creeping in under the covers told him morning was approaching, so maybe he had a chance of getting her attention. Yeah, that seemed like the right thing to do, he thought. Better than being squished again without her knowing he was even there.

Travis began to clamber up the pillow, working his way towards Sally's face. Her cheeks had smudges of makeup across them, her mascara and eyeliner smudged into dark circles around her eyes. The plump lips that just hours before were wrapped around his cock were parted slightly, a gentle gust of air flowing in and out from between them with every breath she took.

Finally reaching the top of the pillow, Travis raised his hands above his head, and began to shout, "Sally! Wake up! It's me, Travis!

After jumping around in front of her closed eyes, Travis's efforts were rewarded with Sally rolling away, her face shifting to face the ceiling. He grunted in frustration, and trotted towards her hair. Grabbing a fistful of the jet black strands, Travis pulled himself up, slowly climbing the smooth cliff of her cheek. Standing atop her forehead, Travis began to poke at her skin with his heel. Starting with her eyebrows, he tapped his foot a few times, waiting for some kind of response.


"Okay, how about her nose?" He crawled onto his hands and knees, slowly scooting his way down the bridge of her nose. About halfway down, he felt the skin beneath him wrinkle in response to his movements. He took the opportunity, and slapped his hand against the side of her nose.

"Sally! Wake up already!"

His actions finally got a response, but not one he was expecting. Travis looked up, hearing the sheets rustling in the distance. A lump rushed towards the edge, and an enormous hand slid from under the silk blanket. Travis watched in fascination as the behemoth hand soared above him, moving faster than he would have believed possible. Suddenly, it dawned on him why the hand was above him, and he gulped.

The droopy fingers lowered down over his body, as Sally unconsciously scratched at the irritation on her nose. Her fingers pushed Travis from his perch on her nose, and sent him tumbling down between her nostrils and upper lip. Feeling the itch moved, but not completely dealt with, the probing digits followed after him, gently nudging him towards the plush red lips.

"Woah, wait!" Travis shouted, feeling his body slide effortlessly across the slick surface of Sally's lips. He scrambled to grip the skin, but the remnants of her lipstick denied him a solid handhold. Travis screamed as he slowly slid towards her open mouth, his chest smearing with the ruby colored lipstick.

In her drunken slumber, Sally felt a mild tickle on her upper lip. She reflexively pursed her lips, puckering them and prodding her tongue against the inside of her cheeks. The squirming between her lips increased, slowly nudging her back to consciousness.

Travis heard a groggy sigh far below him, and he redoubled his efforts to get Sally's attention. His body was smushed between the juicy red lips, his legs dangling uselessly in the abyss of her mouth. He pounded his fists against the soft flesh, ignoring the sticky residue that transferred to his hands as he repeatedly smacked against her lip.

Sally finally began to stir, the spell of sleep falling away from her body. She opened her mouth wide, releasing a long, drawn out yawn as she stretched her arms up to the headboard. She smacked her lips together a few times, her tongue lazily lapping at the smudged lipstick painted around her mouth.

Travis immediately began to panic, his body now plastered to the lower lip of the waking giant, but his position was tenuous at best. The pink beast of Sally's tongue washed over him, saturating his clothes with a generous helping of saliva. He gagged slightly at the overwhelming odor of her morning breath as it permeated his nostrils, the oaky smell of whiskey still lingering in her mouth. He felt the moistened lipstick begin to slide, and he let out a short scream as he was swept into the moist cavern by another passing blow of Sally's tongue. He watched in terror as the morning light was cut off, as the beautiful but deadly rows of teeth came together, sealing him in total darkness.

Sally didn't even register that something had entered mouth, her mind still waking up after a night of drinking and partying. She thought she felt something on her tongue, but she didn't dwell on it as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Whatever was in her mouth was gone now, and she didn't give it a second thought.

She rolled onto her side, and noted the absence of Travis. "Should've known he'd be gone by morning," she grumbled, before settling back under the covers. Her stomach growled as she closed her eyes, demanding something other than beer for a change. She patted her belly, and glanced at the clock on her dresser: 8:47am.

"Eh, guess I better get up," she sighed, pulling the covers down to her waist. She stood up with another long yawn, raising her hands high over her head.

Travis didn't even get a chance to climb out of Sally's mouth. The moment his landed against her throat, the muscular walls had sucked him down her esophagus, muffling his short cries for help. He struggled to breathe as the slimy tube squeezed him deeper into her body, sealing his fate for good. His feet were met with a short resistance, before his body was unceremoniously expelled into a pitch black cave filled with liquid.

The stench was unbearable, and Travis felt like he would be sick from the nauseous fumes that surrounded him. The pool of digestive juices sloshed around him from all directions, and he could feel his skin begin to tingle as the acids began their work of breaking down Sally's food.

That's all he was: food. The macabre notion settled in Travis's head, and he began to panic. Splashing about in the darkness, he searched for the wall of Sally's stomach, hoping that somehow he could get her attention from within her gut. After floating randomly in the darkness, he finally felt his hands brush against a slimy wall, and he clawed at it for dear life. Slowly but surely, he managed to pull himself out of the pool of digestive juices, buying a few more minutes in this hellish chamber of a woman's stomach. His reprieve was short lived, as the walls began to rumble and shake violently, tossing Travis back into the bubbling pool of acids and bile.

Sally trotted down the stairs, and into the community kitchen. The scent of freshly brewed coffee touched her soul, and she smiled as she took another deep sniff of the heavenly aroma. Her stomach gurgled loudly, repeating its demand for sustenance. Sally chuckled to herself, and patted her tummy as she poured herself a cup of steaming black coffee. She set the cup down at a table, and turned to begin preparing her breakfast.

Travis was beginning to lose hope. His skin itched all over, and his clothes were beginning to fray from the early stages of digestion. The sea around him was calm for now, but he knew that it was only a matter of time before that changed. Above him, he could hear a rush of liquid approaching. He closed his eyes just as a torrent of hot coffee flooded into the dark chamber, churning the pool of acid around him. The air was filled with the overpowering smell of coffee, a welcome change to the caustic odor of stomach acids.

Another wave of coffee poured in, and Travis began to worry. The levels in Sally's stomach were rising, and so was the amount of gurgling sounds around him. The walls twitched more frequently, churning the mixture of coffee and bile around him. Suddenly, something warm and squishy slammed into Travis, threatening to drag him under the surface. He flailed to stay afloat, and swam to the edge of the rising lake of acids. Another wet splash echoed in the darkness, spraying him with the acidic juices once more. Over and over, lumps of food tumbled in to keep him company, mixed with the occasional downpour of more coffee. Slowly, the lack of fresh air began to get the best of Travis, and he felt himself slipping into unconsciousness as a final lump of food plowed into his body, driving him deep below the surface of stomach acids.

Sally leaned back, patting her tummy in contentment. She tossed out her plate and cup, and headed up to her room to study, the disappointment of her romp last night already fading fast from her mind. Flipping onto her bed with a book and highlighter, she skimmed through a few chapters as her stomach processed its latest meal, including a special little treat.
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