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Melissa sat up breathless, her heart racing in her chest. "Damn, what a nightmare," she thought to herself, the visions of being kidnapped still floating in her mind. She turned onto her side, her hands gliding across her blanket. Well, a napkin, but it was her blanket for the time being.

After giving herself a moment to calm down, Melissa shifted in her makeshift bed, sitting back up. Her back ached as she stood up, sore from sleeping on the firm cardboard floor. A dome of wire mesh surrounded her, removing all sense of privacy. In the dimly lit room, she could faintly see the other cages lined up next to hers. As Melissa scanned the room, her eyes darted back to the cage next to her. It was empty last night, but now it appeared to have a new occupant.

Melissa walked over to the edge of her prison, and reached her hand through the metal strands. She tapped her knuckles on the adjacent cage.

"Hey, you okay in there?"

The napkin stirred, and Melissa heard a soft groan. A patch of red peaked out from under the napkin, followed by a very sleepy face. The girl's eyes quivered, then shot open as she made eye contact with Melissa. In a heartbeat, she was scurrying on her hands and knees to the far side of her cage.

"Get away from me!" The girl screamed as she cowered behind the napkin, crumpling around her like a cocoon.

"Shh!" Melissa hissed. "Whatever you do, don't make a scene!" She glanced around, noting that several others had woken up to see what the commotion was all about.

The girl's breath was shallow and rapid, but she slowly poked her head out from under the napkin. Her little blue eyes were wide with fear, and Melissa could see tears beginning to well up in them.

"It's okay, nobody is gonna hurt you," she said softly, her hand still extended towards the girl. After several moments, the girl inched forward, closing the distance between them.

"Where... where am I?" She asked, her voice quivering.

Melissa sighed, her head tilting down slightly. "I don't know exactly, I was grabbed one night and woke up here, just like you." She paused as the girl began to cry, tears trickling down her freckled cheeks.

"Hey, hey!" Melissa cooed, "Nobody is gonna hurt you. They haven't hurt me since I arrived last week."

The girl continued to sob, burying her face in the napkin draped around her body. Melissa patted her hand on the girl's shoulder, trying to offer some mild comfort in this traumatic situation.

"Bu-but, but why?" The girl sniffled, wiping the back of her hand across her cheek.

Melissa opened her mouth, then paused before speaking. "I...I don't know, I'm sorry."

In truth, she knew exactly why. When the shrinking epidemic struck the globe, a black market for shrunken people had cropped up overnight. Rumors of people being grabbed off the streets, even in broad daylight, haunted the affected population. Most of the rumors were written off as a means to explain some of the many accidents that claimed shrinkies in the first weeks of the epidemic, but others had their doubts.

The people in the cages were victims of this black market. Snatched from their homes, or their jobs, or public places, they were considered property now, to be bought and sold as trinkets or slaves. Melissa couldn't bear to burden the girl with this reality yet, not until she had calmed down a little from the shock of being kidnapped.

After several minutes of silence, a metallic rattle filled the room. All heads turned towards the source of the sound, and Melissa squinted as a burst of sunlight filled the room.

"Hey, what's your name?" Melissa tugged at the girl's shoulder.

"Huh? Oh, I'm Abby." The girl replied, glancing at Melissa's face for a moment, before returning her gaze to the source of light.

"Okay, Abby," Melissa said, "Whatever you do, don't be scared, and do exactly what you're told."

Abby jerked her head back to face Melissa. "Wait, why?"

"Shh! Just do it!"

Melissa scooted over to the center of her cage, sitting on top of the wrinkled napkin. The light dimmed as the crack of a door slamming shut caused many of the tiny prisoners to jump.

A portly man walked over to the row of cages, a pair of spectacles clinging to the brim of his nose. He glanced at each cage, taking a count of his stock. He grunted, then turned away.

Abby crawled to the edge of her cage, and reached her arm towards Melissa. BEfore she could speak, the door swung open again, bathing the cages in warm light for a moment. Another man walked in, talked and much leaner than the first.

"What's going on?" Abby whispered to Melissa.

"Shh!" Melissa's finger darted to her lips, and she widened her eyes as she backed away from the wall of the cage. Abby seemed to grasp the urgency of Melissa's warning, and cupped her hand over her mouth.

Melissa motioned for Abby to back away from the edge of the cage, hoping the poor new girl wouldn't drawn any further attention. She watched as the stranger walked slowly towards the row of cages, his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans. The faded blue denim had lines of dirt smeared across the thighs, traces of mud from the countless times the man had wiped his hands off on the worn pants. Melissa watched as the man's eyes scanned over the cages, a blank look on his face as he looked at the tiny captives.


Melissa turned her head away from the man for a moment, and locked eyes with Abby. The frightened girl had a small glimmer in the corners of her eyes, a solitary tear sliding down her right cheek. Her lower lip quivered as she held back her sobs, trying to remain quiet like Melissa had instructed. The light entering her cage was slowly obscured as the man stepped closer, bending down slightly to get a better look at the poor girl.

"You look pretty new, aren't you sweetheart?" The man mumbled, resting his palms on the table as he leaned closer. His index finger tapped on the corner of the metal cage, each clink of metal sending shivers down the girls' spines. Abby simply curled up into a ball, clutching her knees to her chest as a metallic rattling shook the cage.

A whiny creak from the hinges sent chills across Melissa's skin. She watched helplessly as the man opened the door and reached his hand inside, fingers outstretched towards Abby. The terrified girl let out a shrill scream, and she scampered on her hands and knees towards Melissa.

"Get away from me!" Abby shrieked, stumbling over the napkin blanket strewn across the floor of her cage. The human claw continued to descend towards her, herding her towards the wall of the cage.

Melissa felt a lump in her throat as she saw the terror in Abby's face, her freckled cheeks streaked with tears. Pushing her desire of self-preservation aside for an instant, she scooted hastily across the cage floor, and reached her arm between the wire bars. She glanced up at the man, who seemed to pay little attention to the tiny limb poking towards his prize.


Melissa stretched out her hand, her fingers brushing against Abby's before the little redhead was lifted high into the air. Melissa watched as the giant man's hand wrapped around Abby, clutching the screaming girl in his meaty fist. Her cries were silenced, a tiny pair of legs kicked uselessly from the bottom of his grip the only indication that she hadn't been crushed to death by the man's grip. Melissa stared in horror as the man's other hand reached down towards his waist band, his thumb tucking behind the denim at the zipper.

Melissa's throat tightened up as she watched the man pull the waistband away from his hips, and press his fist against Abby. In one fluid motion, the grip around the flailing girl released, dropping her towards the abyss. A short scream echoed through the room, before the man released his thumb from the waistband. His hand cupped around his crotch, scrunching slightly as he adjusted to the new occupant in his underwear. Melissa swore that she could see a faint lump moving after the masculine hand retreated, and turned her eyes away as a sense of pity and fear welled up inside her.

The man grunted slightly, obviously aroused by the sensations coming from his latest purchase. He turned his back to the cages, and walked away briskly. The bell on the door jingled as he pushed his shoulder against it, sunlight spilling into the room.

Melissa sank back against the wire wall, her heart still racing from the events that had just unfolded in front of her. She closed her eyes and sighed in defeat, hoping somehow a merciful soul would come through that door to her rescue. Her mind began to drift off into a fitful slumber, when the clanging of the doorbell jolted her back to reality.

The sunlight flooding into the otherwise dismal room cast a silhouette across the floor, and Melissa squinted at the shadowy figure. It looked feminine, certainly not as tall as the previous customer. As the door closed, Melissa's eyes readjusted slowly to the dimly lit room. The figure walked towards the cages, a soft clicking sound echoing through the musty air with each step taken. A feeble yellowish glow from a hanging bulb illuminated the new customer in a hazy light. A pale face framed by jet black curls towered above Melissa and the others, devoid of any emotion of expression.

Melissa watched as the woman placed her hands on her hips, a slight huff of air blowing her curly hair away from her lips. The woman turned away from the shelf of cages, looking over her shoulder towards the door.

"This all ya got last night?" She called out, a tone of annoyance in her voice.

A gruff voice replied from the shadows, "That, and one already sold this morning. Early bird gets the pretty worms."

"Ugh," the woman muttered, turning back to face the row of cages. She paced slowly in front of the cages, staring down the bridge of her nose at the tiny occupants. Melissa felt a chill on her skin when her eyes met with the woman's as she stared her down. Her heart dropped as a pudgy hand reached towards the door of the cage, flicking the metal latch open with a metallic clink.

"I guess you'll have to do, this time," grumbled the woman, her gaze never leaving Melissa's body.

"Please, no..." Melissa whimpered, watching in fear as the wire door squeaked open. The hand hovered in through the opening, creeping towards Melissa. She curled up in a ball at the far end of her prison cell as a shadow descended on her, and a short yelp escaped her lips as the thick digits encircled her.

The clammy palm squished against Melissa, hugging her tight in a fleshy embrace. All of the sounds around her were muddled by the skin pressed around her head. A sense of vertigo began to overwhelm her nerves, as she was swung carelessly back and forth in the closed fist.

The woman began to speak, something Melissa couldn't make out. A gruff voice replied with a short grunt, followed by the ding of a cash register. The fist wrapped around Melissa tightened slightly, compressing painfully around her chest. Suddenly, the pressure was gone, and Melissa felt weightless as she gasped in a full breath of air. Before she could scream, her body slammed into something hard, knocking the wind right back out of her.

The light around her quickly faded, and Melissa coughed and wheezed in the darkness. Her ribs felt like they had been set ablaze by the impact, and she winced as she prodded her tender side. Nothing felt cracked, but she was sure she'd have a nasty bruise soon enough.

As she sat up, the ground below her shook, sending Melissa sprawling on her hands and knees. The air had a thick smell of perfume mixed with leather; Melissa could only assume she had been dropped into the woman's purse. She clutched onto something hard as it bumped into her, jostled back and forth with the rest of the contents.

"Thanks for the ride, lady," she sighed, shaking her head as her skull pounded from the impact.

In the pitch blackness of the purse, Melissa could only hear muffled sounds from the outside world. The familiar jingle of the bell hanging from the door rang above her, and the purse heaved to and fro like a ship on the high seas. Melissa could hear the muted clicking of heels on concrete as the woman walked, taking her to some unknown place. She tried to push the horror stories she had overheard out of her mind. Tales of shrinkies being used as slaves, or kept as pets for their owner's entertainment. Still others, like the fate that likely befell Abby, were even used as toys for their master's pleasure.

Melissa lost track of time in the darkness, the rhythmic jostling within the purse tumbling the contents around like a ship on he high seas. The confined space was heating up as time dragged on, causing Melissa's skin to form a thin sheen of sweat. The air began to smell thick and muggy, the scent of warm leather filling her nostrils as she bounced against the wall for the umpteenth time.

After what seemed like hours of tumbling helplessly in the dark, the movement stopped. Melissa looked up, hoping for some form of light to finally enter her darkened leather cell. Instead of light, she felt the floor fall out from underneath her like in elevator in free fall. A short yelp echoed within the purse as she collided with the ground again, surely adding another bruise to her collection.

Melissa moaned and rolled onto her side, her head pounding from the trauma of being a human rag doll for the past hour or so. Somewhere above her, the ceiling rustled, and she watched as a thin slit of light peeked through the blackness. The sound of a zipper unwinding reverberated within the purse, increasing in pitch as the beam of light expanded into a wall of blinding brightness. Melissa squinted and held her hand to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the overwhelming illumination.

A voice from above called out, making Melissa wince and cover her ears at the volume.

"Darci! Come downstairs!"

Melissa's heartbeat began to accelerate as she heard a dull thumping in the distance, quickly growing louder as someone approached. The thundering footsteps suddenly stopped what sounded like mere inches away from the leather walls holding her captive. She slowly scooted herself backwards towards the shadow in the corner, pulling a tube of lipstick in front of her. She knew there was no place to run, but hiding behind something gave her a small comfort for a moment. A shrill squeal ripped through the air, making Melissa's ears ring in pain.

"Now now, Darci," the woman said sternly, "you need to be more careful with your pets. They aren't cheap you know."

"Oh mommy, I promise I'll take better care of this one, honest!" The younger voice sounded nasally, maybe fourteen or fifteen years old at the most.

Melissa cringed at the thought of being some spoiled teenager's pet. The idea of being kept in a cage like a hamster revolted her, and she curled her legs to her chest as a shadow began to hover over the purse. A set of slender fingers began to lower towards her, each pink tipped nail closing in towards Melissa as she began to whimper. As the soft pads of skin brushed against her bare skin, Melissa caught a glimpse of a young girl's face, her beaming smile plastered across her lips as she wrapped her fist around the diminutive woman.

A childish giggle filled Melissa's ears as she was scooped out of the purse. The flesh surrounding her felt warm and sweaty, causing her skin to tingle unpleasantly. She felt a warm gust of air drift between the fingers that encompassed her body. A sugary scent filled her nostrils with the sweet aroma of cherries; it was pleasant, yet unnerving at the same time.

Melissa was tossed about as the girl holding her adjusted her hands, cupping them to form a crude sphere around the tiny woman. The tiny glimmers of light that pierced through the cracks of the slender digits around Melissa provided only a partial view of her new surroundings. On one side, a wall of pink fabric obscured her view, the neon colors extending beyond Melissa's field of vision. The rest of her view was too choppy to make out where exactly she was, but the room was brightly illuminated, with pale white walls adorned with various picture frames and paintings.

Melissa crawled towards a gap in her giant captor's fingers. Her movement was met with a gentle shake that sent her flying about within the girl's cupped hands. She yelped as her side slammed against the firm palm beneath her, jarring her head painfully to the side. The tossing about within the giant's clutches continued for a minute or two, coupled with the rapid clapping of bare feet on a hardwood floor. The thumping finally dulled, then stopped, and Melissa heard the light metallic click of a latch locking into place.

A wall of light poured in over Melissa as one of the captivating hands lifted away. She was in the girl's bedroom, and glanced nervously around at her new surroundings. The four walls were coated in a cheery pink pastel, the afternoon sun beaming in through the window on the far side of the room. A collection of music posters dotted the walls, spaced unevenly and secured by thin strips of tape on the corners. In the back corner, a large bed was snuggled up against the wall, the headboard almost completely obscured by a pile of pillows.

Melissa's heart sank as she caught a glimpse of a metal cage resting on the nightstand by the bed. She had little time to analyze the details of the room, however, as she was suddenly thrown across the room. She screamed in terror as she hurtled towards the bed, her arms and legs flailing wildly as she crashed into the stack of pillows. The feather-stuffed wall absorbed most of the impact, and Melissa's body bounced like a ragdoll on two more pillows before coming to a stop on the covers.

"Owww..... what the fuck?" She groaned, rolling onto her back as the screeching laughter of her tormentor rippled through the room. Her head was still spinning from the short flight across the room, but as her eyes began to regain focus, she could see the fuzzy outline of the girl approach and become crystal clear.

"C'mere, you!" The giant girl giggled, reaching an open hand towards Melissa. She rolled onto her stomach and began to scramble for a gap in the pillows, but was stopped by a vice grip on her leg. She yelped in fear as the girl dragged her by the leg, her body bumping along the quilted surface of the bedsheets. The fingers unclamps do from her leg, and Melissa whipped around onto her back as a shadow loomed overhead.


Melissa shrieked as the girl's titanic thighs slammed into the mattress mere inches from her body. The force propelled Melissa into the air, her limbs swinging blindly around her. She landed with a dull thud, the wind knocked out of her lungs.

"Hehehe! Bounce little pet!" Darci raised her butt from the bed, slamming it down over and over, each time sending Melissa screaming into the air. After toying with her new plaything, she stopped bouncing, allowing the tiny woman to regain her breath.

Melissa coughed and struggled to support her own weight on her elbows. Her ribs felt bruised and swollen, the mattress absorbing less of the torment than she would have liked. Before she could stand, a shadow began to creep up around her, eclipsing the light from the window. Her eyes bugged out in horror as the horizon was enveloped in long blonde strands of hair, and the terrifyingly playful face of her captor began to descend towards her. The bright red lips puckered together, a thin shimmer of saliva coating the plush surface.


The girl pulled her lips away with a wet pop, leaving Melissa's face and chest covered with lipstick and spit.

"There!" Darci giggled, poking at Melissa's stomach with her index finger, sending the smaller woman sprawling onto her ass. "Now you're officially mine! Sealed with a kiss."

Melissa didn't bother to try and stand up this time. She crossed her arms and scowled at the larger girl, slowly realizing that she wasn't going to be able to reason her way out of this situation. She glanced nervously up at the girl's face, the grin plastered on Darci's face sending unpleasant tingles down her spine.

The two sat in silence for a few minutes, staring intently at each other. Finally, Darci leaned closer, her face stopping inches in front of Melissa.

"Aren't you gonna run?" She asked curiously. "All my other pets usually try to run away as soon as I set them down. You're just...sitting there." A small frown began to brew on her lower lip, and Melissa shifted her bottom as she became increasingly uncomfortable with the close proximity to the girl's enormous face.

"Go on, run!" A finger playfully prodded Melissa's seated body, knocking her onto her side. "I want to play!"

Melissa rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself up. Her muscles ached from being tossed about so carelessly, and doing what this little brat wanted was last on her list of things to do. She knew running was pointless, and it would give Darci exactly what she wanted. Standing upright on the squishy bedsheets, Melissa crossed her arms in front of her chest, and huffed in defiance.

Darci cocked an eyebrow at the tiny, surprised at the tiny woman's resistance to her simple demand. A smirk began to curl at the corner of her lips, as she realized what she'd need to do to break in her new toy.

"Well, if you're not gonna run away, I guess I'll have to find another way to make you useful." Darci stood up swiftly, and began to slip her shoes and socks off. Melissa waited for the bratty girl to bend over and reach for her second shoe, then she turned and ran for the mountain of pillows. Within seconds, she was scrambling to fit between two of the plush boulders, when she heard a screeching cackle behind her.

"Took you long enough, little pet!" Darci snickered, "but you were defiant, and now when I catch you, you'll have to be punished."

A wave of fear surged through Melissa's veins at the word "punished". She doubled her efforts to disappear among the fluffy landscape, her breaths quickening to keep pace with her heartbeat. Above her, the rustle of fabric being lifted away pushed her on, as one pillow after another were removed from the pile. Melissa gasped as the ceiling above her rose into the air, and sunlight bathed over her.

"Aha! There you are!"

Melissa shrieked as she was plucked up between Darci's fingers. She felt her body hoisted into the air, only to be loosely dropped back onto the center of the bed. Before she could react, Darci lifted one foot into the air, and brought it down on the screaming woman.

Darci giggled as she rubbed her foot up and down along the length of Melissa's body. She began to work her shirt up over her head, revealing a sparkly pink sports bra as she tossed the shirt aside. Her attention turned back to the woman squirming under her foot, her feeble protests ticklish against her foot.

The air around Melissa reeked of sweat, and the pungent odor of Darci's feet clung to her body as tiny droplets of sweat rubbed across her face. Her poor clothes immediately felt damp from the stale moisture, acting as a makeshift sponge for the teenager's sole. The springy mattress molded around her body, compressing her between the sheet and Darci's damp toes. After several humiliating minutes, the weight finally lifted from Melissa, and she gasped a breath of fresh air.

Darci lowered her foot to the ground, and wasted no time in dropping her skirt to her knees. A tingle of delight wound its way between her legs as she watched the tiny woman on her bed try and wring out the sweat that had soaked into her top.

"Oh, just take it off," she said, placing her hands on her hips. Melissa stopped twisting the hem of her shirt in her hands, and turned to face Darci.

"Take them off, now."

Melissa shuddered at the thought; she didn't want to risk pissing off this bratty little girl, but there was no way she was going to strip in front of her. She slowly shook her head from side to side, her eyes widening as a mischievous grin formed on Darci's face.

Darci leaned down and picked up Melissa between her fingers, bringing her up to her face. "Listen here, twerp," she muttered to the terrified girl dangling girl in front of her, "One way or another, those clothes are coming off." Without another word, she opened her mouth, and plunged the tiny woman in headfirst, wrapping her lips around her waist before she could even scream. Slowly, she began to suck on the squirming woman, giggling as she heard a muffled shriek from inside her mouth.

"Let me out!" Melissa screamed, her hands slapping feverishly at the darkness, trying to fend off the lurking tongue that probed her face. She was drenched in saliva, her hair clinging around her eyes and cheeks. Suddenly, she felt Darci tug on her legs, pulling her from the moist cavern with a wet slurp.

Melissa collapsed in the girl's open palm, gasping for breath and frantically trying to brush the spit from her face. As she wiped her eyes, something yanked at her shorts, practically tearing them from her hips. Melissa let out a small yelp as she was jarred back and forth, Darci's dexterous fingers removing one article of soaked clothing after another. Within a minute, Melissa was picked clean by the ravenous fingers, her clothes discarded across the landscape of the bedsheets. Curling up into a ball, Melissa hardly noticed Darci shifting back and forth and she began to wriggle out of her panties.

"You didn't taste too bad, pet," Darci giggled, "but I think it's time I broke you in like the rest of my toys."

Melissa looked up in terror. Break her in? What did she mean?

As if on cue, Darci held up her panties in her other hand, dangling them from her thumb by the waistband. Melissa shook her head slowly her lips mouthing "no" over and over, though she said it too weakly for Darci to hear.

"Now, all you need is a little lube..." Darci cupped her hand around Melissa, and moved her lips above her. A thick glob of saliva pooled behind her puckered lips, then dribbled down onto the small woman. Instantly, Melissa squirmed and tried to clear the viscous liquid from her face, fearful of suffocating on the brat's drool.

Darci watched intently as the saliva slowly rolled down Melissa's face, then breasts, then down between her fingers and the woman's body. She giggled, and began to lower her hand to her waist. The squirming in her fist intensified as Melissa finally saw where she was headed.

"No, please! Don't do this!" She pleaded, her voice wavering as Darci's sculpted ass came into view. She was treated to a front row seat as Darci slowly bent over, parting her cheeks with her free hand to expose her tight pink asshole. Melissa's pleas turned into screams as the fist holding her captive began to move closer to the pale cheeks.

"Stop! Please, anything but this!" She cried, tears mixing with the girl's saliva as she sobbed.

"What's that?" Darci said, her hand inching closer to her anus. "You want to go in my ass? Headfirst?" Her knuckles brushed against the soft curve of her ass cheeks, and she heard the tiny' screams increase in pitch. "Okay... if that's what you really want..." her voice feigned hesitation, but Darci's pulse raced as she continued pushing Melissa further into her ass crack.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna feel so good in a minute." She sighed, and focused on relaxing her ass. A light tickle at her back door sent a shiver up her spine, and she began to move her fist in a slow circle, rubbing Melissa's face and her spit around the rim of her clenched sphincter.

Melissa retched as her head was dragged around the wrinkled skin. The spit coating her body mingled with a fine sheen of sweat along the crack of Darci's ass, and Melissa whimpered as she felt the pressure increase. She took one last deep breath, before her head was engulfed by the pulsing asshole.

Darci felt the delicious intrusion, and let out a contented sigh. She always loved breaking in her new toys, they were so feisty the first time she punished them in her ass. With one final push, she felt the tiny girl slip in up to her waist, and Darci placed her thumb against her anus and rubbed gently. The tiny legs flailed uselessly against her thumb, sending a mild tickle through her nerves.

If hell was real, Melissa was in it. The heat from Darci's rectum radiated through her, and the smell! Melissa gagged and coughed as she finally took a breath, and wished she had just held her breath until she faded into unconsciousness. The muscular ring wrapped around her waist clenched, making her wince in pain as she felt something poke her legs. She tried to move her arms, but the slick sphincter just tightened more, pinning her hands firmly against her hips. Melissa began to sob between dry heaving at the foul odor that clouded the sweltering atmosphere.

Content that her new toy was secure, Darci let go of her ass cheeks, allowing them to clap together and seal Melissa's fate. She stood upright and flexed her cheeks, smiling at the uptick of squirming in her ass. Picking up her phone from her nightstand, she sat down along the side of her bed, feeling her butt compress around it's tiny occupant. Darci scrolled through the countless notifications on the screen in her hands, occasionally pausing to grind her ass back and forth if the struggles from Melissa died down too much.

"Darci! Dinner's ready, come downstairs!"

Darci sighed and stood up, her stomach gurgling softly at the mention of food. As she pulled her panties up, she brushed her fingers along her butt crack, poking at the tiny legs still sticking out of her asshole.

"Better hope Mom didn't make something spicy," she giggled, feeling her panties hug tightly to her developing butt. A small lump at the base of her cheeks was the only visible sign of Melissa's torment, a sight that was soon masked by Darci's skirt as she hiked it up around her waist.

Embedded in the foul orifice, Melissa sobbed and struggled, her lungs burning from the noxious fumes that surrounded her. She shut her eyes and prayed that her mind was playing tricks on her, that this was all a bad dream. Deep within the darkness, a low rumble approached, a wet gurgling that slowly grew louder. Melissa whimpered as the temperature began to rise, and a new sickening stench trickled into her nostrils.

Darci raced down the stairs, her feet slapping loudly on the wooden boards. A smile beamed across her face as she felt a silent fart hiss out of her ass, the gas shaken loose by her sudden movements. Her smile stayed glued to her mouth as she felt the frantic squirming in her crack, and sat down at the table for dinner. She couldn't wait to get back upstairs and play with her new toy...
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