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Desmond grunted as the overpowering sole rested on top of his body. The weight pressing down on his chest was almost too much, his ribs creaking in protest with each breath he took. His back sank into the worn insole of the heel, the stale, rubbery leather yielding to his body just enough to prevent him from being completely crushed under the massive foot resting against him.

The stockinged sole shifted, and Desmond grimaced as the damp nylon fibers brushed against his face. A thin film of sweat smeared across his cheek, filling his nostrils with the stale scent of Lisa's foot. He groaned and began to squirm once more, still determined to get out of this nasty prison.

Lisa smiled as she felt the tickling sensation return within her shoe. The little man had been relatively still for the past hour, and she had begun to suspect that he may have passed out. Whether he had or had not was unimportant, he was rubbing the bottom of her foot with his struggling, and that was all that mattered to her. She adjusted herself as she typed, crossing her thighs as she continued typing. Her foot dangled a few inches above the ground, and she felt Desmond moving more with his newfound freedom.

The gap between foot and insole widened as the cruel woman shifted her heel, and Desmond saw his big break. He strained to pull against the leathery insole, dragging himself along the base of the woman's arch. Sweat dripped down his face as he grunted and clawed his way towards the beams of light leaking into the shoe, marking his finish line.

The ceiling above him quaked, and Desmond yelped as he was sandwiched between the firm insole, and the sweaty heel mashed against his back. His murmuring was inaudible outside of his prison, his face driven into the leather surface below. Years of old sweat mingled with worn leather filled his mouth with an acrid taste, and Desmond fought the urge to vomit.

Lisa adjusted her foot within her heel, a sly grin sparking across her lips as she felt the tiny man wiggle beneath her sole. She leaned her foot back, balancing the weight on the base of the heel, and rotated her foot back and forth. The struggles beneath her foot gave her an odd pleasure, as she pivoted her foot on the spike of her heel.

After a fem minutes of toying with her feet, Lisa leaned forward, and tugged her foot free of the heel. Below her stocking-clad sole was the little man, smushed face down into the insole her her shoe. She chuckled as the feeble limbs began to move, lifting the man to his hands and knees.

"You know, you should've gone into the massage business after your shrank," she chided, "You'd make an excellent foot rubber I'm sure."

Desmond lifted his head to face his heckler. His eyes traced the pillars of her legs up to the seat of the chair, where they disappeared into a black pencil skirt. A pair of green eyes sparkled down on him, although he was sure the smile on Lisa's lips wasn't a friendly one.

"Come here, Desmond," she said sternly, leaning further forward as her hand extended towards the exposed man. He flinched as the soft digits wrapped around his body, squeezing a little tight for comfort. His heart pounded in his chest as the woman lifted him in front of her face. Her tongue traced the length of her lips, bathing them in a thin coating of saliva. The maroon lips glistened just a few feet from his head, and Desmond tried to put the horror stories he had heard about shrinkies being eaten out of his mind.

Lisa slipped her foot back into her shoe and sighed, her breath washing over the tiny man in her grasp.

"You know..." she began, her voice losing its stern, professional tone, "I could always find a use for you now that you're unemployed." Her free hand tugged at the collar of her shirt, revealing a hint of the canyon between her breasts. With a snap of her fingers, the uppermost button came undone, exposing the lacy outline of her bra as it struggled to contain her bosom.

Desmond squirmed in Lisa's hand, which only gripped him tighter in response.

"You can't do this, asshole!" He shouted as she tipped him upside down, his hair hanging below his head. "I'm a human being, dammit, this isn.....MF!"

Lisa giggled as the tiny man was silenced, his head shoved between her breasts. She pushed him a little deeper, until only his legs were free from the warm embrace of her cleavage.

"Hehehe! That tickles!" She giggled, biting her lip as she began to fondle her breasts. She could barely hear his muffled screaming, but she sure could feel his struggles. Her hands cupped around her breasts, and she began to rub them up and down, churning Desmond in a sea of mammaries.

A knock at the door of Lisa's office snapped her back to reality.

"Shit!" She hissed under her breath, as she quickly snatched the flailing legs from between her boobs. She glanced at the door, then at the struggling man clutched within her fist. Thinking quickly, she rocker her body to one side, lifting up her left thigh from the chair. In one swift motion, Lisa tucked her hand under her leg and slammed it back down into the chair, silencing the short protests from Desmond.

"Come in!" She called out, adjusting her butt in the chair as she acclimated to a new little lump under her asscheek. She looked up as the door clicked open, and a petite woman's face poked into the office.

"Your three-o-clock is here, ma'am" the woman said softly, her delicate voice matching her frame. "Shall I send him in?"

Lisa brushed her hands down the front of her shirt, and buttoned her collar back up. Desmond's struggles for air tickled the back of her thigh, and she leaned to her side slightly, crushing him under her full weight. As the squirming beneath her ceased, she looked up at her secretary and spoke.

"Yes, send him in."

The woman nodded, and her head  disappeared from view before the door was pulled shut. Lisa stood up quickly, her chair rolling back a few inches as she did. She turned around and bent down, reaching for the man plastered to the leather seat.

Desmond was dazed from the combination of being steamrolled by Lisa's thick legs, and the lack of oxygen in his lungs. He gasped as the polyester wrapped mountain of flesh lifted from his body. His chest burned as it expanded, his lungs gulping in fresh air. Before he could regain his bearings, her felt something warm wrap around his body, and lift him into the sky.

"If you're gonna squirm around so much, might as well make use of you." Lisa snickered, turning back around to sit. She held Desmond against her hip, and moved her hands behind her back. Her fingers pulled at the taut waistband of her skirt, revealing her milky white ass to Desmond.

"I'll deal with you after this meeting, little guy."

With that, she released her grip on Desmond, sending him on a short free fall down the back of her skirt. When she felt his tiny body collide with her crack, she began to lower her ass, spreading her cheeks slightly before slamming down into her seat. To her delight, she felt Desmond's tiny body wedge into her crack slightly, and she wiggled her butt a few times before a knock at the door startled her.

"Come in," she said warmly, leaning back in her chair. The struggling in her bum intensified as her hips sank into the seat. She turned her attention to the door, as a young man dressed in a suit and tie walked in.

"Good afternoon," she said, leaning forward to shake his hand. While her gaze was on the applicant, her mind was on Desmond, as she felt his wiggling form slide lower when she leaned forward. As she sat back down, she felt him frantically twist back and forth, in an attempt to escape the prison of her ass.

Desmond could barely breathe, the weight pressing down around him from all sides squeezed him like a fleshy vice. The air was hot and moist, and what little air he could breathe was tainted with the faint smell of shit. He groaned as Lisa's ass cheeks clenched, crushing his poor body in their sweaty grip. His hands were pinned to his sides, and he could barely see the outline of the pale moons that weighed him down.

Lisa adjusted her position in her chair several times throughout the interview. Whenever the squirming in her ass died down, she would clench her cheeks to stir up some action in her pants, then returned her focus to the applicant. He was shy, but once she got him talking, he seemed to go on forever. Normally, Lisa would have been bored and ended the interview several minutes ago, but the tickling within her butt provided her with some amusement and pleasure as the young man rambled on.

"Any further questions, ma'am?"

Her mind had begun to wander below her waist when she snapped back to reality. Her cheeks flushed a light rose color as she apologized, then responded with the usual, "we'll call you in a few days" line. She dismissed the man from her office, standing to shake his hand. His grip was much weaker than when he had arrived, and Lisa couldn't help but notice the sparkle in his eyes were absent. She loved having control over the male applicants like that; leaving them guessing as to whether or not they had received the job. Something about the power she wielded gave her a little thrill.

But now, she had control over a man in a way she had never experienced before. To think, a full grown man, struck by the unfortunate circumstances of the shrinking disease, was now trapped in the sweaty confines of her ass. As she watched the applicant leave, she flexed her thighs a few times to fuel the man's struggles inside her skirt.

Desmond felt his body slip further into the abyss as Lisa clenched her meaty thighs, the undulating muscles squeezing around his battered frame. The cramped atmosphere was unbearably hot and humid, and Desmond's face and clothes were thoroughly soaked with sweat. He tried not to linger on the fact that most of the sweat probably wasn't his own, as the damp garments stuck to his skin. He hoped that Lisa would soon get bored of him, and let him go.

Boredom hadn't even crossed Lisa's mind. The tingling sensation in her crotch was beginning to awaken a flame inside her, and she knew she would need more from Desmond. She shifted back and forth in her seat, grinding her ass into the leather cushion. The chair creaked in protest, likely mimicking the silent cries from the man trapped beneath her ample booty.

A dull chime sounded outside the office door, and Lisa glanced over at her clock.

"It's five already?" She mused, leaning forward and pressing her weight into the chair. "Time flies when you're having fun, I guess."

Lisa stood up slowly, lifting her hands above her head. Her legs snapped together as she stood on her toes, stretching her muscles after hours of sitting. The wiggling in her bottom had subsided as she stretched, something Lisa wasn't going to let slide. She reached her hand down the back of her skirt, fishing around for her new little boy toy.

"Where did you squirm off to..." she mumbled, before her fingers felt a tiny limb brush against them. "Aha! There you are!"

Desmond recoiled form the monolithic digits as they poked and prodded for him, but it was no use. The ridged fingertip grazed his leg, alerting his captor to his location. He screamed as the hand pounced on him, wrapping around him and plunging him deeper into the sweaty pit of Lisa's ass.

Lisa pushed her fingers deeper into her crack, until she felt her thumb touch her thong. Grinning mischievously, she began to press the tiny man into the soaked thong, rubbing him up and down against the damp fabric.

"Might want to get comfortable back there, little guy," she cooed, removing her hand from within her skirt. "You'll be spending a lot of time in my ass the next few days."

She couldn't hear what Desmond said, but the squirming so close to her asshole was the only answer she needed. Picking up her purse beside her desk, Lisa stepped out of her office, flicking the lights off as she left. The walk to the elevator never felt so short as she focused on the wiggling between her ass cheeks.

Every step shook Desmond like an earthquake. His face was mashed against the sweaty thong, filling his mouth and nose with a noxious odor of stale sweat and shit. His arms were pinned tightly to his sides, and only his ankles were free of the crushing grip of Lisa's ass. He prayed that this nightmare would end, that he would wake up and this all be a bad dream. A rumble from deep within the darkness sent shivers down his spine, and he renewed his struggles to escape.

Lisa felt a bubble in her abdomen as the elevator doors closed. Thankfully, she was the only occupant, so she rubbed her stomach, encouraging the rumbling to continue its journey.

"Oh, and you might want to get used to this too," she said, feeling the gas accumulate mere inches away from Desmond. "Hope you don't mind Mexican, little guy!"

Desmond sucked in a deep breath, and winced as a blast of hot air washed over his face. He held his lips shut, holding onto the last precious gulp of fresh air as long as he could. Suddenly, the mammoth cheeks clenched, crushing Desmond's lungs into submission. As the pressure subsided, he had no choice but to inhale. The smell was sickening, and Desmond coughed and gagged at the retched odor.

Lisa felt Desmond's squirming hit a fever pitch as she squeezed her thighs together. "He must have caught a good whiff of that tamale," she thought, giggling at the notion of a tiny man choking on the noxious wind. As the elevator came to a stop at the ground floor, the struggling subsided again. Lisa frowned, and clenched her cheeks a few times. No response.

"Aww, guess that was a little too much for him," she said to herself, her heels clicking softly on the lobby floor as she headed for her car. Her mind was already plotting what to do when she got home, all the pleasures she could glean from her new little pet. A smile crept across her lips as she planned out her night, one sexual game at a time.

"We're gonna have so much fun, little guy."

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