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The lobby of the towering steel structure was bustling with people headed in a hundred different directions. Tinted light filtered through the thick glass panels that comprised the outer walls, illuminating the sprawling room in a mild aqua hue. Amidst the sea of people man sporting a suit and tie glanced around, visibly lost in the flurry of people.

An oval wooden desk in the center of the room caught his eye; the concierge! Perhaps they could help him. He skirted around a woman standing in the way, her attention devoted to the phone she clasped against her ear. As he neared the desk, his heart sank at the sight of an empty chair. Defeated, he leaned against the dark walnut frame, and decided to wait for the attendant to return.

"Welcome to the Vivaldi Building, how may I help you today?"

The man jerked away from the desk, the voice to his left startling him. He turned to look at the desk, and saw a small figure climb onto the top of the desk, aided by the decorative grooves in the wood.

"You look lost, my good sir!" The figure said, his small voice amplified by the small earpiece he wore. Standing on the top of the polished counter, he was no more than three inches tall. Dressed in a simple collared shirt and slacks, the tiny man looked like an action figure come to life, his movements appeared almost animated as he walked to the edge of the desk. A small black satchel was slung across his shoulders, and bounced gently against his hip as he moved.

"Uh...yes, actually," the businessman replied, "I am a bit lost. I'm supposed to meet with a Mr. McCarthy, but for the life of me, I can't remember the number to his office!"

The smaller man chuckled. "Not a problem, sir!" He reached into his satchel, removing a small tablet, and began to sift through the office directory.

The businessman stared in awe as the concierge tapped a few times at the screen. "Wow, they really thought of everything for you guys, didn't they?"

"They sure did," the smaller man replied, not bothering to look up from the glowing tablet in his hands. He was well aware of the wondering eyes that watched his every move, and even though it had been a full month since he had shrunk, it was still a little unsettling to be watched like that.

A joyful ding sounded from the device, and the concierge looked up. "Floor 23, Suite 10. The elevators are behind you, and to the left."

The businessman smiled, and grabbed his briefcase. "Thank you, um..."

"Desmond," the concierge replied, "and you're welcome! Feel free to stop by if you have anymore questions."

Desmond watched as the man turned and walked towards the elevator, before sitting down on the edge of the desk. He swiped through several screens on his tablet, catching up on company changes. Every so often, someone would approach seeking assistance. Some gawked as he worked, others didn't seem to mind his smaller stature.

As the morning progressed, the lobby became quieter, with only a few people quietly rushing between the elevators and the glass double doors. Desmond glanced at his watch. 11:58, almost time for lunch. He stood up and stretched, then started towards the center of the desk. Hopping down to the lower section, he walked over to a corner filled with miniaturized items. A small refrigerator, table, and chair were nestled in the back corner of the desk, with an LED bulb expertly tucked against the underside of the upper counter. Desmond flicked the small switch ingrained in the wooden wall, bathing his little break area in a soft white light.

Sitting down on the plastic chair, Desmond lifted a finger to his ear. A short tone chirped in his headset, followed by a soft feminine voice.

"Yes, Desmond?"

"Hey Sylvia, just a heads up, I'm going on lunch break." Desmond said as he unpacked his lunchbox, scattering the contents across the table.

"Understood," the voice in his ear responded, "let me know when you're done."

"You got it," he replied, before removing the headset. He leaned back in the chair, casually munching away on his sandwich. The lobby was quiet, save for the mellow tune of music playing in the background. Desmond sighed, and stretched his legs out alongside the table.

"All things considered, this isn't too bad," he muttered to himself. He flipped a switch on the headset, setting the proximity alert for the lobby, before tilting his head back and closing his eyes for a brief nap. His thoughts wandered about as he daydreamed, his breathing slow and calm in the peaceful lobby.

Just before he drifted off to sleep, his headset began to chirp, and Desmond heard the dull swoosh of the glass doors opening. He leaned forward and quickly donned his headset, leaving his lunchbox open on the table as he trotted across the desk.

"I'm back, Sylvia," he depressed the button by his ear, ending the connection. A few short hops later, and he was on top of the firm wood counter, watching as a woman approached. She was dressed in a brown shirt and skirt, with a matching baseball cap. As she hustled towards the concierge desk, Desmond flipped a switch on his headset, activating the speaker.

"Welcome to the Vivaldi Buildi..."

The woman slammed a package down on the wooden surface, cutting off Desmond. 

"Need you to sign here," she said dryly, obviously annoyed that she had to deal with someone of his size. Her slender hand shoved a thin piece of yellow paper towards Desmond, who took a few steps back as the page fluttered to a halt.

"No problem, miss!" He responded, trying to sound chipper. He reached into his satchel, and removed a thick pole about the length of his arm. With a swift flick of his wrist, the pole extended with a audible click, and Desmond began to write. The custom pen handled much like a mop, with Desmond dashing about across the signature line, a thin trail of ink left behind as he dragged the pole along the paper.

With a twirl of the pole, Desmond retracted it to it's original size, and placed it back in his bag. His feet had barely left the paper before the woman snatched it up, sending a small gust of air across the countertop. 

"Uh, miss? Where is this package going?" He called out after her, but the woman didn't respond. He crossed his arms as he watched her leave, pushing the giant glass doors open and slipping out into the midday heat. Shaking his head, Desmond turned his attention to the package waiting beside him. The box was about twice his height, and he didn't see a label on any of the wides as he walked around it once. Grumbling to himself, he tapped the button on his headset.

"Hey, Slyvia, I've got a package here, but I can't read the label. Can I get a hand?"

"Okay, I'll page someone from the mail room to assist," the feminine voice crackled in his ear. 

"Thanks, you're the best!" He replied. A series of beeps filled his ear, and he sighed. "And if you can, have them bring a fresh battery for the headset, this one is almost out of juice."

"Understood, Desmond," voice in his ear faded as the headset began to shut down. 

Desmond grunted, and removed it from his ear. A small red battery symbol blinked on the side of the headset, signaling the death of the little communication device. He sighed as he stepped to the edge of the desk, sitting down along the beveled cliff. His legs dangled idly as he gazed out through the glass walls. Cars and trucks whizzed by, the sounds from their engines muted by the thick transparent panels. 

A tapping sound behind him caught Desmond's attention. He scooted back from the ledge, and stood up to dust off his slacks. A woman approached from the elevator, the click of her heels against the tile floor echoing through the empty lobby. Desmond glanced up for a second, then did a double take as his mind processed the beauty walking towards him. She was really quite cute. Her olive skin contrasted pleasantly with the simple ivory buttoned down shirt and denim shorts that she wore. The top three buttons were unclasped, presenting Desmond with an alluring view of her cleavage as she approached.

The woman stopped in front of the desk, and looked down at Desmond. 

"Is this the package you needed help with, sweetie?" She smiled, revealing a perfect set of pearly white teeth behind luscious pink lips. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle in the daylight, mesmerizing Desmond. He stood there gawking for a moment, before snapping out of it. Embarrassed, he waved his hands over his face, hoping she couldn't see his cheeks beginning to redden.

"Oh, that's right!" She exclaimed, "they said your headset wasn't working." The young woman crouched slightly, bringing her pretty face down to the countertop. "I forgot to grab a set of batteries for you, I'm so sorry." 

Desmond felt the warm breath from her lips drift past him as she spoke, the air tinted with just the slightest scent of spearmint. He watched as she cupped a hand to her ear, waiting for his response.

"It's okay!" He shouted up to her, not annoyed in the slightest that this beautiful creature had forgotten the batteries. "But if you could, would you mind bringing me some soon? If it's not too much trouble, that is."

The woman's lower lip protruded slightly. "I have to get back to the mail room after I deliver this box, sorry." She tapped her finger absently on the countertop, sending weak vibrations through Desmond's feet. Her lips parted into a smile, and she rested her hand in front of Desmond, palm up.

"I know! You can come with me, and I'll grab some batteries for you on the way back down!" Her voice was almost angelic, and Desmond felt compelled to say yes. He could always explain his absence to Sylvia later, plus, the early afternoon was rarely busy anyway.

"Okay, I guess I can step away for a few, Miss uhh..."

"Amy," she responded, her voice rising in pitch, betraying her delight in his answer.

Desmond chuckled, "all right, Amy, let's get this package dropped off."

Amy's smile broadened as her palm registered the man's tiny feet stepping onto her soft. She watched as Desmond sat down in the center of her hand, crossing his legs as she lifted him up to her face. 

"So, um..." Amy began, "I'm going to need both hands to carry this, so can I put you, uh..." She giggled nervously, her lovely emerald eyes glancing down at her ample bosom.

Desmond felt his cheeks flush with color at the thought, but he eagerly nodded in agreement. As her fingers approached, he stood up and raised his hands, allowing her delicate fingertips to grip the sides of his chest. He turned his head from side to side as she settled him in between her breasts, his eyes drinking in the spectacular view. He rested his arms down as her fingers retreated, gently holding himself up. His lower body felt like it was trapped between two warm mattresses, and he could faintly smell a lingering perfume on her soft skin.

"Ready, little guy?" Amy giggled, practically ecstatic that Desmond had agreed to going along with her. She grabbed the box from the desk, and began to walk towards the elevators. Each step jiggled her breasts, and she could feel the tiny man's hands brace against her skin as it rippled against him.

Standing before the elevator, Amy leaned forward slightly, her hands not leaving the brown box as she shifted to press the call button. A muffled ding resonated through the air, slowly getting louder as the elevator car approached. Finally, the silvery doors parted, and Amy stepped into the vacant lift. 

Desmond was in heaven. Every move Amy made shifted the yielding flesh around him, slowly burying him in the warm confines of her cleavage. The fine threads of his shirt and slacks glided against the shifting walls around him, making it difficult for him to support himself. As the elevator began to ascend, Desmond felt gravity tugging as his feet, pulling him deeper between the soft mounds. His hands slipped against the smooth skin, and a sense of panic crept in as his arms became wedged against his sides. He wiggled from side to side as he sank, the tempting valley between Amy's breasts swallowing his small frame like quicksand.

Amy's mouth popped open, her glossy pink lips forming an "Oh" as she felt the little man in her cleavage slip deeper. Her wide eyes glanced down just in time to see his head disappear under a sea of breast flesh. She giggled at his predicament, then bent over to set the box down. Her hands reached up to her chest; one hand spread her breasts apart slightly, the other probed within her cleavage. 

"Where'd you go?" She mused as the elevator rolled to a halt. Her fingertips brushed against something foreign, and she smiled as she wrapped her hand around the wiggling lump. Amy plucked the tiny man from her cleavage as the doors slid open, then looked up. She gasped as she realized the floor that was open before her was Human Resources. A woman stood in the doorway, her brisk walk paused for a moment as she processed the scene before her. 

Amy quickly crouched, dropping Desmond roughly onto the top of the box before picking it up and standing straight. The smile had vanished from her lips, and her face began to pale as the woman entered the elevator. She stood motionless, her eyes staring straight ahead as the new passenger pressed a button, and the elevator doors closed.

Desmond brushed off his shirt, and slowly stood to his feet atop the cardboard surface. A quick look at Amy's expression told him something was wrong. He looked around, and spotted the other woman standing a few feet away. She was dressed in a simple black blazer and skirt. A name tag pinned neatly to her chest read: "Lisa, Human Resources". Her face was void of emotion, her icy blue eyes framed by a small pair of glasses.

"That explains her mood change," he muttered to himself, feeling a bit sorry for putting such a beautiful girl in this awkward situation.

Before the elevator reached the next floor, Lisa spoke up. "Young lady, what is your name?"

Amy turned slowly to face the other woman. "A...Amy, ma'am."

Lisa blinked once, then proceeded to question Amy. "From the mail room, correct?"

Amy only nodded in response, her mouth devoid of words.

"And you, sir?" Lisa crossed her arms, an air of impatience in her voice. "You're the concierge we had to keep after the incident, am I mistaken?"

Desmond grunted, annoyed at how this woman was brushing off his condition as if it was a common cold. He shook his head, not giving Lisa the benefit of a verbal answer.

"And where were you two headed, may I ask?" Lisa continued, her cold voice instilling a sense of anxiety in Amy. She tried to speak, but her mouth felt dry as she tensed up. Desmond stepped closer to the edge of the box, and cupped his hands around his mouth.

"Lisa, someone dropped this box off at my desk, and I requested help to deliver it," he shouted. "My headset is dead, so I asked to go along to get new batteries for them."

Lisa raised an eyebrow, not quite believing the small man's words. She looked at Amy, "Is this true?"

Amy nodded again, a weak "yes ma'am" escaping her lips. She watched in nervous anticipation as Lisa tapped some notes into her phone. After several agonizingly long seconds, Lisa finally looked up.

"Well, Amy," she said dryly, "Since help was requested through the proper channels, I can say that you were just doing your job. I don't want to know what I saw as I got on this elevator, but I'll let you off with a warning this time."

Amy breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, ma'am," she said softly. The elevator chimed, and the doors opened, bringing the uncomfortable trip to an end.

Lisa's gaze turned back to Desmond. "You, on the other hand, can come with me. We have a little matter of leaving your post to discuss." Without warning, her hand reached out for Desmond, her slender fingers curling around his body.

"Hey, what the f...mmmf!" Desmond shouted, his voice cut off by the pad of Lisa's finger pressed against his mouth. Lisa stared at Amy and raised her eyebrows, as if challenging her to question her actions. Amy sighed, and stepped out of the elevator. She turned around as she heard the elevator doors begin to close, and a look of regret fell over her face. Her little break from the mundane was over, and she huffed as she began walking down the narrow corridor.

Lisa's cold expression concerned Desmond. She was part of Human Resources, so there was no telling what was going on inside her mind. He pushed against her finger, straining to pry it away from his face. After several feeble attempts, he finally gave up, letting his body hang limp within Lisa's grasp. The elevator began its descent, the destination unknown to Desmond.

The metal door opened, and Lisa stepped out briskly, making a beeline for her office. Desmond didn't hear the tapping of heels on tile as she walked, and realized they were not on the ground floor. His vision was obscured by the fingertip pressed against his face, and any attempt he made to shift his head was met with a firm squeeze. 

Desmond closed his eyes, and focused on the sounds around them as Lisa carried him. A phone rang across the room, before a smooth male voice answered it. The hum and whir of a printer passed by his left ear, before trailing off into the background noise. He heard the metallic rattle of a latch releasing, as Lisa opened a door. A moment later, the audible click of the latch engaging with the doorframe echoed within the new room.

Lisa dropped Desmond unceremoniously onto her desk. A small yelp rose from his tiny lungs as he landed with a muffled thud. She smiled darkly as she sat down, watching as the little man struggled to stand, clearly shaken from the fall. Her left foot pressed against the heel back of her right shoe, holding it in place as she wiggled her right foot free. She glanced at the man on her desk again, noting that he looked quite upset.

"What was your name again?" She asked, her fingers beginning to peck away at the keyboard. The sharp clicking of her acrylic nails on the plastic keys chattered as Desmond shouted his name. Her eyes wandered to the screen as she clicked a few times, opening the personnel files.

"Desmond... Des..." she muttered to herself as she scrolled. "Aha, here we go. Oh dear... you've only been here eight months."

Her attitude of feigned remorse was obvious, and began to irritate Desmond. He cupped his hands around his mouth, and shouted, "what's what supposed to mean?"

Lisa grinned, and leaned back in her chair. "It means you're fired, of course. You haven't been employed here for a year, and I'm sure you remember our zero tolerance policy."

An anger boiled inside of Desmond. "Are you serious?!" he lashed out, no longer needing to project his voice with his hands. "I was on my way to get..."

"I don't care," Lisa interrupted, waving her hand dismissively at Desmond. "you left your post without permission, end of discussion."

Desmond was fuming. "You can't do this, you bitch!" he shouted, raising his fist above his head. "I demand to speak to your manager!"

A wicked grin flickered across Lisa's face. "I am the manager, and my say is final. Now shut up while I finish the paperwork." She returned her gaze to the monitor, and began typing again. Desmond's small voice grew in ferocity, as he shouted obscenities up at her.

After a few moments of trying to ignore him, Lisa huffed.and glared at him. "Ugh, I'm not discussing this with you any further." Her hand shot from her keyboard, grasping Desmond firmly in her fist. His shouts were quickly muffled, the vulgar words now unintelligible. She scooted back in her chair, the plastic wheels gliding against the tile floor. Lisa leaned forward, and shifted her right foot away from the heel.

Lisa's fist hovered over the mouth of her heel. "Maybe you'll learn to keep quiet, before you put your foot in your mouth." Her hand sprang open, dumping Desmond into the leather cavern below. His shouts were punctuated with a short grunt as his tiny body collided with the firm black insole. 

Desmond groaned as he stood to his feet. The air was stale and humid, and he wrinkled his nose as a shadow darkened the ground around him. He looked up just in time to see a massive foot plough into the entrance of the shoe. The thick toes slammed into his chest, knocking the wind from his lungs. Desmond landed on his back as the mammoth foot drifted millimeters from his face. He took a deep breath as the titanic weight began to settle on him.

Lisa slid her foot into the heel, wedging her sole on top of the squirming man. She smiled darkly as she felt his pathetic hands tapping against the arch of her foot. Her eyes glanced up at the door, ensuring her privacy. With a wicked chuckle, Lisa grabbed the armrests of her chair, and began to push her weight into her foot. Slowly, she twisted her foot back and forth, the frantic struggles within her shoe sending flickers of pleasure up her leg.

"Mmm... I think I'll keep you there for a while," Lisa muttered, her voice too quiet for Desmond to hear. She reached for her phone, and punched several numbers into the keypad. Her finger casually twirled the black coiled phone cable, as the speaker rang gently against her ear.

"Hello, Sylvia? This is Lisa from Human Resources. I'm sorry to inform you that your concierge, Desmond, has been terminated, and will not be returning to work."

The hollow click of the phone latching on the receiver sealed Desmond's fate. Lisa leaned back in her chair, scrunching her toes against the new insole in her shoe.

"Looks like it's going to be a long day for you, little man."

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