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Lauren paced back and forth on the ticket counter as thousands of passengers milled about the terminal. A towering screen behind her glowed, lines containing flight numbers and times flickering as they updated their information. Lauren smiled as one of the lines updated from ?On Time? to ?Boarding?, the letters turning bright green. She turned to face the attendant at the desk, waving her arms over her head.

?Excuse me, sir?? She called out, her voice drowned out by the racket of the passengers around her. ?Sir?? She trotted towards the middle of the marble counter, one hand swinging above her head. Finally, the attendant turned to face her, a slightly startled look on his face.

?Sir, my flight is now boarding. Could you help me get to the aircraft??

The man smiled at the six inch tall woman, the stubble of his five-o-clock shadow drawing a sharp outline of his jaw. ?Certainly, miss,? his hand extended towards Lauren. ?I?ll get your ticket scanned now, and we?ll get you onboard.?

Lauren reached into the small handbag slung over her shoulder, the tan pouch a pleasant contrast to her blue top and gray skirt. She unfolded a crumpled slip of paper, a string of numbers and letters printed in large font, at least to her eyes. Handing the paper to the attendant, she watched as the man squinted for a moment, then clacked a few keys on the computer.

?Okay, miss... Lauren... you?re good to go!? The man?s smile returned as he looked back at the small woman. He reached his hand back down, passing the miniature ticket back to Lauren. ?Do you have any luggage besides your carry-on??

Lauren shook her head, tucking the ticket into her purse. The man opened his hand, his fingertips resting against the edge of the counter.

?Then allow me to give you a lift.?

Lauren adjusted the strap on her shoulder, and stepped onto the man?s open palm. The surface beneath her feet changed from the hard countertop to something softer, yet still firm. She extended her arms out a bit to steady herself as the man began to move, his fingers cupped around her slightly.

From above the tips of the attendant?s fingers, Lauren watched the flurry of passengers moving around the terminals, lining up at their various gates in neat, orderly lines. She turned around as the man began to walk down the jetway, the chatter of passengers dying down as they walked down the long, chilly passageway. The atmosphere was suddenly dry as they approached the end of the ramp, the faint odor of jet fuel lingering in the still air. Lauren glanced up at the metal frame of the door as the attendant boarded, a jumble of numbers and letters emblazoned on a small plaque above her.

?Do you remember your seat assignment, miss?? The attendant paused at the front row of seats, turning his attention to the woman in his palm.

?I think it?s 12B or C,? Lauren replied, reaching into her purse to retrieve her ticket. ?Um.. yes, 12C please.?

The man nodded, and shifted his hips as he walked down the narrow aisle. The cabin was almost completely empty, save for a few flight attendants and an older couple sitting near the forward bulkhead. As they approached the twelfth row, Lauren heard the attendant mutter under his breath, ?of course.?

?Is something the matter?? She piped up, noting the look of frustration brewing in the man?s expression. Immediately, the attendant?s face softened as he turned his gaze down from the row numbers and to his hand.

?Oh, it?s nothing, miss,? he said quickly. ?It?s just, Row 12 is an emergency exit, and I can?t allow you to sit there. Whoever printed your ticket should have realized that when you checked in, and they... uh...? he stammered, trying to find the right word to convey that her height was the issue without possibly offending her.

?Saw my size?? Lauren finished his sentence.

?Uh, yes,? the attendant sputtered, a tinge of color flowing to his cheeks. ?I can seat you in 11C, however, and you can inform the passenger whose seat that is that they can have your 12C. It has more legroom anyway, and if you run into any trouble, feel free to call over one of the flight attendants, I?m sure they will help.?

Lauren nodded as the man lowered her towards the seat. The seat cushion was a little softer than his palm, and she was thankful she had decided against wearing heels as she stumbled to catch her footing. Vibrant patterns of blue and green stretched up the length of the seat back. Lauren walked towards the edge of the seat, her head level with the bottom of the metal arm rest jutting out before her.

?Oh, one more thing!? The man reached into his pocket, removing a small harness. ?Please make sure you strap in, you still have to wear the seatbelt, miss.? He fed a pair of loops through the seat?s normal belt, then buckled it and cinched the belt tightly into the corner of the seat.

?Are you familiar with how to put this on?? The man asked politely.

Lauren hobbled over to the harness, and began to slip her shoulders into the restraints. Seeing her actions gave him the answer he needed, and the attendant began heading towards the front of the cabin.

A moment later, Lauren ran into a snag. The loop meant to wrap around her waist was twisted, and her small arms couldn?t make the stubborn knot budge. She turned around, hoping to catch the attendant, but he had already reached the front of the plane and was exiting. As soon as he left her field of view, Lauren saw the first wave of passengers begin to board the plane. One by one, they filed into their assigned seats, seeming to pay no attention to the small woman standing in the middle of seat 11C.

Sarah hauled her bag onto the plane, and glanced at her ticket. ?11C? was plastered across the slip of paper in bold black letters. She tapped her foot as the passengers ahead of her seemed to take their own sweet time finding their seats. ?Boarding at the end of a group sucks? she thought to herself as the last person standing between her and her seat finally sat down. She yanked at the handle of her suitcase, lifting the blue bag into the air. Sarah hardly noticed her leg bump against the seat as she adjusted the bag into the compartment above her.

A pair of blue jeans stopped mere inches away from Lauren, bumping the edge of the seat as she hoisted a bag into the overhead bin. Lauren stumbled onto her rear at the unexpected jolt, and pushed her arms against the spongy surface to stand back up.

?Excuse me, ma?am?? She hollered up at the taller passenger who had inadvertently knocked her over. ?Could you help me??

The woman turned around, curious as to where the small voice was coming from. Her eyes widened slightly as she spotted Lauren, her tiny arms waving over her head.

?Me?? Sarah pointed to her own chest, her finger indenting the dull grey shirt she wore.

Lauren gave the woman a thumbs up, then shouted: ?my harness is tangled, can you help me please??

Sarah glanced at the bundle of loops on the seatbelt, then back at Lauren. ?Why is that on my seat?? She demanded, a sly grin tugging at the corner of her thin lips.

?I was supposed to be in 12C, but I can?t be in the exit row because of my size,? Lauren shouted, her hands cupped over her mouth. ?Are you able to take it instead please??

Sarah huffed, then leaned down towards the jumble of a harness on the seat. ?Ask me to fix your little mess, and then tell me to take my seat?? She muttered, unbuckling the seatbelt and removing the harness in one swift motion. ?What?s this for, anyway??

Lauren looked at the harness, watching as the woman picked at the knot. ?It?s my seatbelt, since I can?t use the real thing.?

Sarah?s lips pursed as her fingernails pried at the knot. Another wave of passengers was beginning to board, and a thought crossed her mind as she glanced back at the small woman. The woman in her seat. A small rush of adrenaline filled her veins, as gears in the erotic corners of her brain began to turn. She had always wanted a tiny for herself, and here was one just waiting for her!

?You know,? Sarah said, balling the harness up in her hand. ?I don?t think you need this, why don?t I just hold onto it for now, yeah??

Lauren tilted her head. What on earth was this woman talking about? ?Of course I need it, I?d rather not be a projectile if the flight is turbulent!?

Sarah chuckled, and tucked the harness into the pocket of her jeans. ?Not if I hold you, you won?t.? Her baby blue eyes darted towards the front of the aircraft, eyeballing how long she had until the next passenger could see what she was about to do. the rows further behind her were still completely empty, so she was in the clear. Her hand shot forward, grabbing the tiny woman before she could even scream.

?I?ll hold you for the flight,? she giggled as she turned around to face the front of the plane, her hands reaching behind her back. ?Well, my butt will hold you at least.? With one hand holding her jeans open, she shoved the flailing Lauren down towards her waiting ass crack. She shifted her pants for a moment, wedging the six inch woman further into her voluptuous rear end.

Lauren let out a short scream as she caught a glimpse of the pale butt cheeks slide up either side of her body. She could feel the damp skin drag against her as she tried to wiggle free, but her movements only aided the woman in shoving her in deeper quickly. The air was no longer cold and dry, the thick scent of sweat filling her mouth and nose as she wailed in the confined space.

?Let me out! Please!?

Though Lauren?s cries were muffled, Sarah could still hear her, which meant the other passengers might be able to as well. Planting her thumb on the top of Lauren?s skull, she gave the tiny girl one final push, before removing her hands from behind her, and slamming her ass into the seat. What little noises she heard a second before were now silenced, and Sarah smiled as she pulled the belt over her hips, latching the metal buckle with a soft click.

The pressure around Lauren threatened to crush her into paste. Her ribs ached with each breath, and her face was wedged against the deepest part of the woman?s ass crack. She could feel something moving against her chest, no doubt the woman?s asshole twitching as it felt the newest occupant of the musky, humid crack. She didn?t have enough air to scream, not that she wanted to open her mouth to do so anyway. Small droplets of sweat pooled around her, trickling across her face and neck, and soaking into her clothes upon contact. Whimpering in the heated darkness, Lauren wondered how her day had gone downhill so fast.

As the attendants made their rounds, Sarah shifted in her seat. The squirming beneath her ass felt amazing, and the tiny woman?s legs were pressed against the base of her pussy, the minuscule feet sending tingles of pleasure through her body. She snapped out of her trance as the attendant tapped her on the shoulder.

?Huh?? She turned her head to face the woman, a blonde mane framing the attendant?s face.

?Have you seen a smaller passenger, miss?? the attendant asked, addressing Sarah and the two passengers beside her. ?She was supposed to be moved from the exit row, but we haven?t seen her.?

Sarah glanced around nervously, then shook her head slowly.

The attendant stepped back a bit, then asked, ?Would you three mind standing up please? I just want to make sure she?s not stuck underneath anyone by accident.?

Sarah undid her seatbelt, and stood up along with the others. As she stood up, she clenched her cheeks tightly, crushing any air out of the tiny girl?s lungs.

Lauren felt like she was going to implode as the soft walls around her turned to concrete, squeezing her like a grape in a wine press. Her face contorted in pain, but no sound left her lips, her body completely starved for air. Stars began to dance around the edge of her vision, and a surge of dizziness overwhelmed her.

The attendant glanced across the seats, then apologized for the inconvenience as the three passengers sat back down. Sarah wiggled her butt back and forth, hoping she hadn?t broken the woman in her pants. A slight struggle resumed beneath her, and she sighed in relief. Her heart was racing, and Sarah began to think of all the possibilities her new little toy could offer. She scooted her butt back a little further in her seat as the plane began to taxi onto the runway, and bit her lip to suppress a gasp as she felt a rumble in her stomach.

?Well, she better get used to it down there anyway,? she thought to herself, ?might as well start now.? She flexed her abdomen slightly, pushing a small puff of gas from her rear. The intense squirming underneath her was immediate, and Sarah?s smile grew wider as she wiggled her hips slightly, then plugged in her earbuds.

Lauren wretched as the smelly orifice expanded in front of her, releasing a torrent of hot, noxious fumes. Her lungs burned, and her eyes watered as the stench of sulfur and worse seared into her nerves. She began to cry softly as struggled, her efforts not budging her an inch in the cramped crack of the woman?s butt.

The rumble of the engines grew louder, and Sarah felt the plane roll forward down the runway. She pushed her butt harder into the seat, feeling something press against her tight asshole. She suppressed a chuckle as the G forces helped wedge her butt deeper into the cushion, further crushing the poor woman pinned underneath her.

Lauren screamed as the slimy pink ring lurched forward, smacking into her face with a wet splat. She convulsed in disgust as a thin greasy film coated her face and neck, the rubbery hole puckering and twitching as it brushed against her chin. ?Eww!!? She shrieked before her face was pressed against the foul orifice once more.

Sarah began to drift off to sleep as the plane leveled out, the soft tickling in her bum beginning to die down. ?Poor girl must be running out of energy,? she thought to herself, giving her glutes a quick clench. Her flexing was met with a small spasm of squirming, sending a wave of pleasure through Sarah?s bones. She reclined in her seat, and shut her eyes. ?Only six more hours to our destination. This should be a nice flight.?
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