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Cicadas chattered among the hickory trees, patches of sunlight streaming through the canopy of branches. Bundles of shrubs huddled together around the trunks and other high spots in the marsh, clumps of moss and twigs floating idly in the murky puddles dotted across the ground. The bustle of civilization hardly audible over the sounds of the Mississippi wetlands. A crackling of sticks approached, followed by a splash.

?Haha! That was a deep one!? A raspy, yet feminine voice hollered. Another splash echoed through the trees, followed by more hoots and laughter. A young girl, no older than fourteen, trudged through the sticky marsh, her shins halfway submerged in the watery landscape. Clad in nothing more than a pair of muddy overalls, knee high rubber boots, and a ragged red t-shirt, the girl stomped through the serene wetlands. Mud sloshed against the brim of her boots, adding another splatter of brown to the faded denim.

?Betcha I can jump that rock over yonder,? she cackled, seemingly to herself. Winding up, the girl scrambled up the side of an overturned log, leaping into the air as she passed the cluster of roots protruding halfway out of the ground.



The girl stumbled in the soggy puddle, catching herself on a tree trunk next to her. She giggled, and reached down the front of her shirt, her freckled smile beaming as she fished around down her top.

?Where?d ya go, little bro?? She said, probing her fingers in her bra, searching for her elusive toy. ?Aha! There you are!? Her hand retreated from behind her collar, and she held a tiny boy in front of her smiling face. The tiny squeaks from her palm made her giggle, her hand shaking slightly.

?Not funny, sis!? The small boy yelled up at the freckled blonde. ?Take me back home!?

The girl?s smile widened. ?You?re always such a complainer, Billy.? Her Southern roots evident in the drawl of her words as she spoke to her miniature sibling. ?Mama said to take you with me today, so that?s what I?m doin!?

The boy crossed his arms, his expression souring as she spoke. Finally, he piped up, shouting at the top of his tiny lungs. ?Elise, that?s not what Mom meant, and you know it!?

Elise rolled her eyes. ?She?s not even your mama, Billy. You and your daddy have only been here a few months, so you can?t know what she meant. Plus, that pea brain of yours probably isn?t the brightest, now that you?re so small.? Ever since he had shrunk a few days ago, Elise knew her mother was less than thrilled about suddenly having a shrunken stepson. Given the shift in sizes, whenever Elise pulled a stunt like today on Billy, she usually got away with it, for who would believe a sweet little Southern belle like her would do such a thing to her poor, defenseless little stepbrother?

Billy whined in Elise?s palm, ?She is too! Now take me back h...whoa!?

Elise swung her hand over her shoulder, and dropped Billy down the back of her neck. She felt his body tumble down the length of her spine, settling at the top of her underwear. Her hands reached behind her, one hand pulling her waistband back while the other prodded her little stepbrother into position.

?Here, maybe this?ll shut ya up for a while. Hope you don?t mind a bit of sweat, Billy!? She giggled as she yanked her panties up, giving herself a wedgie and driving her stepbrother into her butt crack.

Billy squirmed as he was shoved into a completely different swamp, one fueled by sweat and noxious gasses from Elise?s asshole. He shouted as his stepsister pushed him deeper, his clothes absorbing every drop of sweat around him. This wasn?t his first time being shoved up her ass, but it was just as unpleasant as before.

Elise shook her booty a few times, feeling her cheeks bouncing against each other, smashing the little boy between them. She snickered at the ticklish feeling of him wriggling around, and clenched her cheeks around him.

?I think I?m gonna keep hiking for a bit, get comfy back there Billy!?

The mountains of sticky flesh churned back and forth, grinding Billy between the muscular cheeks. He kept his mouth clamped shut as best as he could, but some of the salty sweat still managed to squeezes its way through his pursed lips, reminding him of the stale taste of Elise?s ass.

?Elise! Let me out, this isn?t funny!?

Elise heard a few angry cries from her behind, but failed to understand him, her firm little tush muffling Billy?s shouts. She slapped her hand on her butt, jiggling the cheeks and shaking Billy around in the sweaty crevice. The sensation tickled her ass, but it felt a little pleasant as she trudged through the mud. Elise decided to quicken her pace, her boots slopping through the soft terrain as she pushed deeper into the marsh.

Billy?s muted shouting was drowned out by the churning ass around him, his body compressed on both sides as the powerful muscles squished him like putty. After several minutes of trying to escape, he finally grunted in defeat, his struggles ceasing as he continued to be jostled around in Elise?s butt crack.

The time dragged on for Billy, as he was slowly wedged deeper into the foul smelling crack. Sweat had soaked every inch of his body, and his limbs ached from being tugged in all directions by the firm cheeks around him. Finally, the jarring movements stopped, and Billy began to stir. He glanced up towards the sliver of light leaking in from high above, a trace of the outside world slipping in between Elise?s curved cheeks. Her back arched into the sky, rivulets of sweat trickling down towards him. Billy shut his eyes tightly as one of the drops splashed into him, the warm, salty fluid soaking into every crevice of his small body. He sputtered as the sour flavor tingled the tip of his tongue. As he wiped his eyes to clear the sweat away, Billy felt his stepsister begin to sit down, and screamed.

Elise sat down on a severed stump, her butt compressing around Billy?s tiny frame. She reached back with one hand, slowly digging into her crack to retrieve him from her swampy ass.

?Eww, you stink bro!? She shriveled her nose as she held him up, before bending forward and placing him on her knee. Her hand flicked at the chunks of mud on her jeans, not caring if any of it splattered onto Billy.

?Elise, you can?t just treat me like an object!? Billy shouted up at her, his shirt drenched in his stepsister?s sweat. His face was red from the heat and exertion of being trapped in her butt for the past half hour, but his spirit wasn?t broken yet. In the week that he had been shrunk, Elise had picked on him here and there, but it didn?t seem too be much different than when he was full sized. The whole morning, however, had been getting worse from the moment he woke up being shoved into her pants, followed by this stupid hike into the wetlands.

Elise giggled, and tugged at the black rubber around her shin. ?Sure I can, silly! You?re itty bitty, like the dolls I used to play with as a kid.? She stopped shuffling her boot around for a moment, poking at Billy?s abdomen playfully. ?And since you?re the size of a toy, I?m going to play with you however I want!?

Billy felt a chill roll over his skin as she said that, the humid air around him suddenly clammy and still. He took a step back, turning to see if there was anywhere to run. There wasn?t.

?Billy, my feet are sore. Why don?t you help me with that??

Billy spun around to confront her, but was met with her finger jabbing his stomach again, harder this time. he shouted as he tripped, falling off the edge of her knee and tumbling into the outstretched mouth of the rubber boot.

Elise broke into a fit of laughter as she watched her little stepbrother bounced deeper into her mud boot. His renewed struggles tapped against her ankle, and she fidgeted at the tickling sensation. She wiggled her foot, lifting it up from the damp insole. A few gentle taps of her heel was enough to dislodge Billy, and slip him under her heel.

?Ahh... much better! What do you think, itty bitty Billy?? She cackled as she felt more struggles under her foot, a strangely relaxing massage at the base of her foot.

Billy screamed as he was pinned under the massive, sweaty sole. His face and chest were smeared with grimy sweat as Elise shuffled her foot back into place, the crushing weight pushing his body into the squishy insole. The air was tainted with the pungent odor of feet that hadn?t been washed in a few days, marinated in the gallons of stale sweat from the summer heat.

Content with her squirming new insole, Elise pressed her foot down into the mud, shifting her weight onto the tiny boy lodged in her shoe. He felt like a little pebble under her heel, stuck to the thick, wrinkled underside of her foot. Instead of a nuisance though, Elise felt a strange satisfaction knowing the lump in her boot was her tiny little stepbrother. She snickered at the thought of him pinned down there, her foot a perpetually stinky and sweaty roommate for him. She kicked her legs in the air, bits of dried mud flinging off the treaded bottom of the thick rubber footwear.

?Hey Billy,? She jeered, ?How?s my foot smell? I bethca it?s pretty ripe, I didn?t wash yesterday so they?d be ready for you.?

In the cramped darkness, Billy struggled for air. The weight on his ribs was excruciating, and what little gasps he could squeeze in were tainted with the musky flavor of Elise?s rank foot. Sweat pooled around his body, the heavily worn insole forming a slight indentation around him as he was crushed under thousands of tons of foot flesh.

Elise stood up suddenly, her feet sinking into the soft earth below her. The mud slowly folded on top of the rubbery toe box, coming up past her ankles. She felt her weight bearing down on her heels, and twisted her foot from side to side. A faint squelching came from her boots, the mud creating a suction against the waterproof shoes.

Every tendon in Billy?s body was on fire, the grinding and twisting motion threatening to rip his limbs from their joints. Unable to cry out because of the wrinkly sole mashed against his face, Billy simply whimpered into the salty skin, his eyes watering from the sweat and the pain. The weight on top of his puny body was almost unbearable, and the only reason he hadn?t been ground to a pulp was the soft mud provided a bit of spring to Elise?s steps.

Stomping through the piles of moss and leaves, Elise relished in the fact that her little stepbrother fit so perfectly under her foot. The ground began to grow firm under her feet as she approached a road, the incline rising slightly.
She quickened her pace as her feet gripped the solid earth, feeling the little lump pushing harder against her heel. She stepped up to the street, pausing only for a moment to check for cars, the tips of her shoes resting against the broken asphalt on the border of the road. Seeing that the coast was clear, Elise took a quick step and began to cross.


Elise stopped dead in her tracks, one foot still on the pavement.

?Uh oh,? she mumbled, the lump under her heel now flattened into her insole. She winced slightly as she twisted her heel on the asphalt, feeling a tiny puddle under the bottom of her foot. ?Guess you don?t do well on the road, little bro.? She turned around, sitting her rump down on the edge of the road. Her boot slid off slowly, her sweaty legs adhering it as she tugged it off. She waved her hand in front of her nose as her foot slid free, the musky aroma of her toasty, damp soles escaping into the atmosphere.

?Whew! These were ripe,? she muttered to herself, turning the boot upside down and shaking it. She expected something to fall into her hand, but nothing came out. Peering down the length of the shaft, she could see the little imprint of where Billy was smushed into the insole, but Billy himself wasn?t there.

Elise stifled a laugh as she turned her foot over to inspect the underside. She wedged her fingernail under the limp body, peeling him off the sticky heel.

?How am I supposed to explain this to Mama?? She whined. Her eyes stared at the lifeless body pinched between her fingers, then wandered across the tree line. After sitting in silence for a few moments, Elise huffed and stood up, balancing on one foot.

?Well, it?s not like I?m gonna get into more trouble that I?m already in,? Elise sighed. She looked like a barefoot flamingo poised on the weathered road. Her bare toes curled reflexively as the relatively cool air wafted over them, though the Mississippi climate was far from chilly. She bent over, maintaining her balance by stretching her foot out behind her. With a simple flick of her wrist, she dropped Billy?s lifeless form back into the empty boot, and wiggled her foot back into place. She checked around her once more, then skipped across the road and up a gravel driveway.
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