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Jen climbed up the crumpled track shorts, the headphones dangling just out of reach. She reached up and swung her hands above her head, her tiny fingers slipping against the smooth rubber earbud. Suddenly, the gym bag shifted, and the titanic speaker slumped down on top of Jen.

“Ow...” She grunted as she hugged the squishy material, trying not to think of the flecks of earwax embedded around her. The cable pulled tight, and Jen was whisked up into the air as the headphones were extracted from the stale atmosphere of the duffel bag.

Jen squinted as light poured over her body, her eyes adjusting to the glare of the fluorescent bulbs far above her. She turned to get her brother’s attention, but froze when she saw the hand pulling the earbuds into the sky. Her brother didn’t have neon pink manicured nails! Jen glanced along the length of the hand, down the arm and to the body it was attached. It wasn’t her brother, but his girlfriend, Laura.

Jen felt a shiver run down her spine. She had only met Laura once before, and something about her screamed danger in her mind. Although her brother was considerate of her tiny size, Laura seemed to pay no heed to anyone affected by the shrinking epidemic.

“Laura!” Jen cried out, cut short as the headphones swung around the giant woman’s neck. She scrunched her eyes shut as a forest of blond hair rushed past, the scent of lavender shampoo filling the air. As she opened her eyes, Jen felt her body turning upside down, the earbud now dangling from Laura’s ear as she tucked the rubber wire behind her lobe.

Jen shifted her weight to remain on the earbud, fearful of what a fall at this height might do to her. She sucked in a lungful of air to shout, but winced in pain as a jarring blast of music surrounded her. Her eardrums were pounding, but Jen couldn’t let go to cover her own ears, lest she fall do her death. Hanging upside down and swaying gently with Laura’s steps, Jen was slowly inching closer to the cable when everything lurched sideways.

Laura reached up and plugged her earbuds in, twisting the tiny speakers into place around her ears. She reached into her pocket and tapped the volume button up a couple of times, drowning out the various clangs and groans of the gym surrounding her. Her left ear didn’t feel quite right, but Laura wrote it off as simply how her boyfriend’s earbuds fit her, and she headed for the treadmill.

Unfortunately for Jen, she hadn’t crawled far enough in time. Her head was stuck between a small gap between the rubber cone and the speaker body. Her arms and legs were sandwiched between Laura’s skin and the earbud, rendering her completely immobile. The sound around her was deafening, and her body was vibrating with every pounding note Laura heard. She tried to wiggle free, but the spongy surface pinning her down simply absorbed her movements, holding her firmly in place.

Stepping onto the treadmill, Laura pressed the big green Start button, and began walking. She stepped in long, graceful strides as she warmed up, feeling her thighs stretching against her tight black yoga pants. A few of the guys peeked at her shapely rear as they passed, and hustled off blushing she caught them staring. She smiled smugly to herself, feeling a rush of pride knowing that not only her boyfriend found her attractive. Pressing another button on the panel, she increased the speed and started her run.

Jen felt the bouncing up and down getting faster, and she renewed her struggles to get free. Her ears were ringing profusely, and she was beginning to wonder if she was going deaf. The temperature was slowly rising as Laura’s workout progressed, and Jen could feel the skin against her back getting damp. She yelped as a small chunk of earwax broke loose, landing directly on her mouth. She shook her head back and forth, succeeding only in moving the chunk to the side of her face.

As the workout continued, Jen felt her limbs aching for freedom. The heat had increased considerably, to the point that Jen was beginning to sweat herself. The skin around her had a thin film of perspiration forming on it, and Jen could feel her tiny clothes were already soaked through with Laura’s sweat. She resigned herself to defeat, when suddenly the rubber boulder pining her down moved.

Laura pulled one earbud out, and hopped off the treadmill. Sweat trickled down her forehead, dripping off the tip of her gently pointed nose. She smiled as she mopped the sweat off her brow with a towel, tossing it over her shoulder as she headed for her next exercise.

Jen was suspended above Laura’s shoulder, her body pressed into the plastic and glued in place with sweat and earwax. Her face was cherry red, both from the exertion of trying to escape, and being held upside down for such an extended period of time. She flailed her arms at Laura’s hair, hoping to grab a lock of brunette strands as they danced around her. Finally, her fingers intertwined around a few hairs, and Jen grunted as she tugged herself free. Her body peeled away from the rubber earbud, a dimpled outline of her tiny frame left behind before the squishy material reformed itself.

Holding her own weight in one arm was straining Jen’s muscles, her shoulder and forearm aching as she swung loosely over Laura’s shoulder. The jostle of the larger woman’s footsteps shook Jen, her grip weakening with each booming footfall. She spun around just in time to see the toned wall of Laura’s shoulder blade rush towards her. Jen let out a short squeak as she slammed into the tan skin, the lifeline of hair racked from her grasp by the impact. Her voice cracked as she screamed, tumbling down the back of Laura’s workout shirt.

Laura stopped walking for a moment, pausing for a moment as she whipped out her phone. She absentmindedly stretched her leg out behind her, the tendons in her thigh pulled taut as she flexed her glutes. As she hit the Send button on her phone, she reached behind her back and adjusted the tail of her shirt, the stretchy material ruffled up against her lower back. She also gave the waistband of her shorts a gentle tug, securing the elastic above the gentle swell of her slender hips.

Jen grunted and yelped as she bounced between the shirt and Laura’s back. The descent was painful, but didn’t cause injury to Jen as she collapsed into a fold at the bottom of the polyester garment. She felt the fabric shift, as a shadow in the shape of a hand reached towards her. Her attempt to scurry away was futile, and the canopy of grey was yanked out from under her, sending her flailing towards the twin mounds of Laura’s ass. A narrow gap at the lip of her black shorts beckoned her in, and Jen shrieked as she plummeted into the dark depths of Laura’s crack.

Before she slid to a halt, the light above Jen was shut off. She was sealed in as Laura fixed the placement of her waistband around her hips. Jen immediately became aware of the intense heat surrounding her, and the dampness that permeated both the atmosphere, and anything she touched. The underwear that she clung to for dear life was flimsy, nothing more than a thin black strap that descended further into the canyon of Laura’s mighty ass. Jen crinkled her nose at the pungent smell, and tried to secure her footing on the sweat soaked thong. If she could prop herself up, she might be able to survive the remainder of Laura’s workout in one piece.

Her efforts were almost successful, but the towering thighs shifted without warning, sending Jen sliding further into the darkness. The thong became a silken slide, guiding her towards the center of Laura’s derrière. Jen screamed and held her hands out in front of her, the damp flesh around her sliding against her open palms with little resistance. The terrifying ride came to a stop as Jen’s legs wedged between the powerful thighs of her unaware captor.

Jen’s eyes began to adjust to the dim lighting of her environment, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw where she had become lodged. Just out of arm’s reach was a puckered ring, twitching softly with every step Laura took. A few droplets of sweat dotted the plush walls, one trickling down and soaking Jen’s leg in a warm, salty embrace. She shivered in disgust at the gross situation, and tried to push her hands into the soft cheeks to pull herself free.

Laura swiped a pair of barbells from the rack, and held them at her sides. She extended her arms forward, bending her knees as she squatted towards the floor. Her round as hovered mere inches from the hardwood floor, bouncing softly as she silently counted to five before rising back up. A rush of endorphins coursed through her veins as she continued, her muscles tensing and relaxing in rhythm to her workout regimen.

Jen had no warning within Laura’s underwear. The fleshy walls spread wide, and Jen was propelled forward as the thong stretched to accommodate the sudden movement. Her arms still outstretched, she had no time to react as her head slammed into the oily sphincter. The foul stench of sulfur and sweat was smeared across her face, and wretched as the pink ring twitched in response to her touch. Her screams were muffled by the acres of flesh surrounding her body, her arms pinned outside the thong as it stained to contain the mammoth ass.

The pressure suddenly subsided, and Jen gasped for air. An oily film coated her face and hair, and she dry heaved as the smell of shit burned its way into her nose. She struggled to free her legs, but just as they began to wiggle loose, the slimy orifice descended on her once more, munching on her head once more. Her shoulders prevented her from being slurped into the foul anus, but it took several seconds of Jen pushing with all her might to free her head from the awful clamping ring.

Laura felt a slight tickle in her bum as she bent down. She glanced around, keenly aware of the dozen or so other gym members around her. Scratching the itch would have to wait until she went back to the locker room, and hopefully it would go awa on its own. She resumed her squats, and clenched her backdoor as her butt floated above the ground.

The tiny screams from Jen were growing hoarse, and were silenced each time Laura squatted. She felt sick to her stomach, her body covered in sweat and... Jen shook her head, trying not to think about it as the puckered ring receded. She crossed her arms over her face, and whimpered as she felt Laura’s ass start to lower again, mashing her into the sweaty asshole once more.

After finishing her reps, Laura returned the barbells to the rack, and tossed her sweat rag over her shoulder. She walked briskly towards the locker room, the itch in her ass starting to annoy her. The rubbing of her cheeks back and forth as she walked wasn’t helping, and it seemed to be working the itch up, as if it had a mind of its own.

Stepping into the locker room, Laura headed for the bathroom stalls, and shut the door behind her. Her hand reached down the back of her pants, a solitary finger tracing the slick thong to the source of irritation. She massaged her fingertip against her asshole, the thong rubbing whatever was bothering her bum against her anus. Satisfied with her work, she removed her finger and adjusted her shorts. However, before she could unlock the stall door, the itch returned, this time a bit lower between her asshole and pussy.

“What the hell?” She mumbled to herself, her thumbs tucking under the elastic waistband and shimmying the shorts down to her knees. Her eyes scanned the soaked thong, spotting a small lump in the center of the silky strap. She squinted and reached her hand down, pinching the lump between her thumb and forefinger. Holding her hand up to her face for a closer inspection, Laura gasped as she recognized the tiny between her fingers.

“Jen?! What the hell are you doing in there?”

Jen coughed, and tapped her fists against the crushing digits. Laura flinched, and placed Jen on her other hand, her palm hovering closer to her face.

“I didn’t mean to, Laura!” She shouted up to her giant friend, her hands cupped around her mouth to amplify her tiny voice. “I fell in your bag before you left the house, and was trying to get your attention!”

Laura could barely understand what Jen was saying, but she felt a pang of guilt in her stomach. What had she just subjected her friend to while she exercised? All that sweat, and moving around, she could’ve been crushed down there!

“I’m so sorry, Jen,” she said softly, her eyes watering up. “I didn’t know you where down there, honest.”

Jen held up her thumbs, her parched throat too sore to continue speaking. She sat down in Laura’s hand, sweat dripping slowly from her own clothes onto the wrinkled skin below.

“Let me wash up, and I’ll take you straight home, okay?” Laura’s concerned look never left her face as she stepped out of the stall, and placed Jen next to her duffel bag. She quickly rinsed her hands and sweat rag, wringing the excess water out with a few quick twists. When she turned back to her bag, she could see Jen passed out, leaning against the zipper. Laura reached down, and gingerly scooped up the tiny girl, placing her in an empty pocket.

“I promise to be more careful next time, Jen,” she whispered, zipping up the pocket to keep her small passenger safe as she left the gym.

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