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Lisa waltzed into the lobby, her heels clicking softly against the tile floor. She smiled as she glanced at the concierge desk, noting that the employee there was both female, and full size. The young woman looked up from the round desk, and returned the smile to Lisa as the HR manager stepped into the elevator. The remaining space filled up quickly with other office drones, and Lisa resigned to one corner of the small enclosure. She fidgeted as she stood, trying to adjust the small lump pressed against the arch of her left foot.

Desmond winced as the doughy flesh thickened and clamped against his battered body. Though it was still early in the morning, his body was drenched in sweat from Lisa?s massive foot. Not that he had really dried off properly since the day before. Between being pinned under her foot and wedged in her ass, Desmond hardly had a single breath of fresh air. And the things she did to him after dinner made Desmond shudder in disgust, hoping to never experience a woman?s body that way again.

Apparently Lisa had neglected to wear any kind of stockings today, so every drop of sweat pooled onto Desmond within the tight confines of her heel. He kept his lips pursed together, trying to seal out the salty droplets from souring his tongue. It was almost effective, save for the few times that the clenching sole above him squeezed his ribs tightly, forcing a contorted groan of pain from him.

The elevator dinged, and the metal doors parted at the seam. Lisa shifted her hip away from the wall the was leaning on, and walked briskly into the office. The clicking of her heels continued until the border of the carpet, where it was replaced with a soft pattering sound. Turning the doorknob to her office, Lisa swung the door open, squinting as the ?Manager? placard on the door reflected the early morning sunlight into her eyes. She nudged the chair back with her foot, sending a jolt through her sole, and the tiny occupant in her heel.

Lisa heard the latch of the door engage behind her, and sighed in relief. Quickly bending down so that her ass pointed in the air, she slipped off her heels and lifted the left one into the air. Without a word to Desmond, she flipped the heel upside down over her chair, dumping him unceremoniously onto the leather cushion.

Desmond yelped as he was thrown into a free fall without warning, tumbling for the short trip through the air. He landed against something squishy, and was immediately hit with the smell of stale sweat and ass. The memories of yesterday came flooding back as he gathered his bearings, instantly recognizing the position he was in.

Lisa dropped her shoe back to the floor, watching it flop underneath her desk as it bounced off the carpet. Her gaze turned to the tiny man on her chair, and she could already tell that leaving him unrestrained wasn?t going to be an option. Desmond had already hopped to his feet, and was stumbling towards the far side of the chair, probably to jump to what he assumed was safety on the floor. Lisa smirked, and darted her hand after him.

The edge of the chair was just a few steps away from Desmond when he felt something lunge into his back. His balance was upset, and the force sent him flopping face first against the edge of the smooth cushion. Desmond pulled himself closer to the leathery cliff, his head and shoulders hanging over the precipice. From this height, the drop was surely going to hurt, but he had survived worse falls before. He braced his arms against the ledge, ready to propel himself down to the carpet, when something latched onto his ankle and dragged him back. He let out a cry of despair, and tingles of pain shot up from his leg as he was wrenched backwards.

?Ah ah ah...? Lisa taunted, dragging the tiny man back to the center of the chair. ?You?re on probation for trying to escape now, so it?s only fair to secure you for the time being.?

?Probation?? Desmond shouted. ?You said I was fired!?

Lisa snickered, ?Oh, you?re fired from working here, that?s not what I was referring to though. You?re on probation from me, which means I?ve got to punish you until you get the message.? She kept one hand pinning Desmond against the chair, but turned her face away as she reached for something on her desk.

Desmond felt his blood run cold. ?What... message??

Lisa paused her rummaging, and stared back down at the small man trapped in her clutches. ?The message that you are mine now, to do with as I please of course!? She continued to fumble for what she was after, until a whispered ?yes? escaped her lips.

Desmond fought against the thick fingers holding him down, but it was no use. All the strength in his body couldn?t even lift one digit, let alone her hold hand. He grunted in frustration before slamming his fists against the index finger pressing down on his chest. He watched as Lisa turned back to face him, her other hand holding something thin and shiny.

The piece of tape fluttered like a flag as it stuck to Lisa?s thumb. She quickly lowered it towards Desmond, who was beginning to put up quite a struggle once the tape came into his field of view. She pressed the tape across the squirming man?s chest, the adhesive clinging to both him and the leather seat on either side of his torso. She stood up, and placed her hands on her shapely hips, admiring her work.

Desmond wiggled uselessly against the sticky film. His arms were pinned to his sides, and every hair on his forearm tingled as it was snatched up by the glue holding him down. A growing rage built inside him as he looked up, the smug grin on Lisa?s face making his blood boil. There was no way she could treat him like this! It was against everything she claimed to stand for by working in HR!

His anger transformed into fear as Lisa spun around, her skirt twirling about her waist as she moved. Desmond was treated to an unobstructed view of her smooth thighs, and the round curves of her ass cheeks, a pair of thick moons that he was already all too familiar with. He grunted once more as he tried to tug himself free, his voice growing louder as the sky above him began to fall.

Lisa pushed her butt out slightly, and lowered herself to her seat. She could hear Desmond?s protests from beneath her suddenly go silent as her rear made contact with the soft leathery cushion. The only indication that he was there was a firm lump wedged between her butt cheeks, wiggling down there beneath her weight. Lisa smiled, and shook her hips back and forth a few times, working her butt deeper into the chair, before grabbing the sides of her desk and scooting herself forward.

Desmond could hardly breathe, the fleshy tomb surrounding him pressing down firmly on his chest. Within seconds, the temperature around him began to climb, going from a cool office climate to a thick environment of stale sweat. He could feel the humidity on his brow, tiny droplets of perspiration collecting on his forehead as the heat of Lisa?s body radiated all around him.

A low grumble sounded in the distance, and Desmond felt a rush of panic. The night before had been plagued with memories he?d rather not relive, but as the rumbling grew louder, his hopes were snuffed out. The walls around him clenched tight, followed by a long, fissured hiss of hot, foul air.

?Heehee!? Lisa cupped a hand over her mouth, feeling the fart sift through her crack. Her choice of Mexican food the night before was still wreaking havoc on her intestines, though the worst had surely passed the previous night. She flexed her glutes a few times, enjoying the increased struggles from her fumigated lump under her butt.

?Guess you didn?t like that, huh?? She said to herself as she logged into her computer. Trying to focus on her work was going to be difficult, knowing that she had a former employee lodged in her ass all day long. Lisa had a bit of a dominant streak in her, and the thought of subjecting Desmond to the smells of her body against his will was food for the devious parts of her brain. She felt a slight discomfort in her gut, and rubbed her hand on her abdomen.

?Oooo, I hope you can hold your breath, little guy,? She muttered. ?Otherwise, this is gonna be a long day for you...? Her voice trailed off as another small hiss escaped from her ass, prompting more squirming from Desmond a few seconds later.

?Guess he can?t hold it very long after all,? she giggled to herself, her enjoyment cut short as the phone on her desk chimed to life. She sighed, and lifted the receiver to her ear, brushing a lock of hair aside as she began to speak.

Hours ticked by in the office, with Lisa remaining firmly planted in her seat. Only the occasional ring of her phone or the gentle tapping of her nails on the keyboard broke the silence, her bouts of gas simmering down to an inaudible warm breeze. Lisa mused that maybe Desmond was proving to be useful, silencing her farts as she worked. Maybe he was worth keeping around after all.

Useful or not, Desmond was in hell. Choking in a lungful of sulfuric gas, he felt his lungs burn in protest of the foul odors he was forced to inhale. His face was mere inches away from the puckered ring that provided him with the most horrific stench imaginable, a thin strip of a thong the only thing separating him from a point blank blast. He whimpered as his fear began to evolve into despair, and shifted his arms in discomfort.

His arms moved.

Desmond froze for a second, processing the grimy sensation on his arms. The sweat from Lisa had saturated every inch of his body, and had gradually worn away the adhesive holding him captive! He slowly pulled his left arm up, feeling the tacky glue yield to his muscles. Next, his right arm slid free, a thin strand of adhesive trailing down from his elbow as he lifted both arms above his head. Desmond felt relieved to have any sort of mobility, and decided he could to use it to his advantage. He tucked his arms back in, making sure to leave a small gap between him and the tape, lest the glue decide to work once the sweat had evaporated. now all he had to do was wait...

Lisa glanced at the clock, and smiled. Lunch time had finally arrived. She shifted her weight back into her chair, the lull in movement from under her ass noticeable. With a soft huff from her lips, Lisa stood up, and turned around to see Desmond passed out. She bent down and squinted, looking to see if he was even still alive. The lingering smell of her farts rose from the leather, and Lisa crinkled her nose in disgust. Poor guy must have blacked out from being so close to the source! Still, she could see his chest rise and fall slowly, indicating that while he may be unconscious, the sweet mercy of death had not fallen upon him yet.

Without a second thought, Lisa stood up straight, and turned to leave. She made sure the door behind her locked as she stepped out of the office, her feet turning swiftly towards the break room.

Desmond could hear the sound of her heels fade in the distance, his eyes bolting open. He wiggled his arms out from under the strip of clear tape, the sticky film beginning to regain its strength as the moisture of Lisa?s sweat began to wane. He twisted his body back and forth, the tape feebly grasping at his abdomen as he inched his way higher. Once his legs were under the tape, he sat up and scooted backwards, quickly removing himself from the clear restraint.

The ledge of the chair surrounded Desmond. He wasted no time in running, heading straight towards the side facing the desk. Without even glancing down, he leapt into the air, eyeing the soft carpet below.

Even from such a short distance, the landing was anything but soft. Desmond bent his legs and leaned into the landing, tumbling haphazardly into a roll to dull the impact. His shoulder tapped against the hard surface beneath the fibrous strands, and he let out a yelp of pain. Standing up, Desmond clamped his hand over his shoulder, as pain sparked through his upper body. He hobbled through the carpet, his eyes locked on the gap beneath the door frame.

Several minutes passed before Desmond reached his destination. He wasted no time in dropping onto his stomach, his shoulder stinging in pain as he began to crawl on his belly under the wooden slab. As he poked his head out, Desmond glanced to the side and retreated, a pair of heavy footfalls approaching. The black dress shoes thundered past, sending small shockwaves through his tiny body as he crouched beneath the door.

Finally, the coast was clear, and Desmond scurried out from under the door. He bolted towards the elevator, hugging the wall as he went. If he could hop on it before Lisa returned, he might have a chance at getting someone to help him. His mind was so focused on the metal doors in front of him, that he didn?t even check the cubicles as he ran past. Suddenly, he heard a loud booming behind him.

Glancing over his shoulder, Desmond?s blood ran cold. He didn?t know how, but Lisa was right on his tail! He began shouting for help, but was quickly silenced as Lisa bent down, and roughly snatched him in her fist. Desmond tried to scream as she squeezed tighter, but his lungs were completely deprived of any air to make a sound. His vision began to blur, then darken, as the lack of oxygen set in. Pain scorched through his body as his ribs felt like they were about to implode.

Lisa stormed back into her office, the door slamming shut behind her. Without a word, she threw Desmond down onto the chair, and promptly slammed her ass down onto him. He wasn?t centered in her crack anymore, and she didn?t care. Her cheeks were flushed with red as she drew a deep breath, her anger and fear mixing together in her mind.

Desmond caught a single breath, before Lisa sat on him. He couldn?t breathe under her cheek, the expanse of skin sealing him underneath her. The weight of her body kept him completely immobile, through every neuron in him screamed in agony at the crushing force bearing down on him. Any second now, he thought he would pop like a grape under her butt.

Lisa stood up, scooping Desmond up in her hand. She held him in front of her face, glaring at him.

?You. Little. Shit.? She said slowly, punctuating each word as her fingers wrapped around Desmond?s tiny body like thick vines. ?I should just crush you now for trying something like that. But that?s too nice, you?d be getting off too quickly.?

Desmond could feel the blood pumping through her veins, the rapid thumping of her heartbeat carried through her fingers as they pressed around him. She was no longer crushing him, but there was no way he could wiggle his way out now. He sat motionless, his own small heart racing in terror as he listened to her continue, a captive audience of one.

?Not only did you try to escape, you made me miss my lunch break,? she hissed. ?And that?s not going to fly with me.? Lisa raised Desmond above her head, holding him upside down.

?Consider this as me serving your termination papers.?

Desmond screamed as the fingers sprung open, sending him into a short free fall. His face slammed into Lisa?s tongue, followed by the rest of his body sliding over the bumpy surface. His damp clothes were quickly soaked through once more, though this time with her saliva instead of sweat. The light behind him quickly disappeared, as Lisa?s mouth closed.

?Let me out!? he shouted, struggling as the slimy organ under him sprang to life. Up he rose, until his spine pressed against the roof of her mouth. Desmond couldn?t move, his body sinking into the thick tongue as it lapped every inch of his body.

Lisa tossed the tiny man around in her mouth, her cheeks bulging slightly as he fought to break free. She had never swallowed someone as large as Desmond before, but her mind was made up, and size wasn?t going to stop her. She positioned him so his head stuck out from between her lips, and began to suck on him. His cries for mercy were snuffed out as she slurped him back into her mouth, and she tilted her head back.


Lisa felt the man brace his arms against her throat, slowing his descent enough for her gag reflex to kick in.


She could hear his last scream fade away as he was sucked down her esophagus. A bulge slid down her throat, disappearing just below her collarbones. Lisa sighed, then let out a short belch as Desmond plopped into her stomach. She patted her tummy, feeling the frantic struggling from deep within her.

Desmond pounded his fists against the slime covered walls. Everything was dark, and constantly shifting around him, His lower half was submerged in a thick liquid, and his skin was starting to itch. He screamed and pleaded, only to be silenced by a deafening gurgling sound from above. Something cold began to wash over him, causing him to sputter and stumble about in the darkness.

Lisa tilted her head back, draining the entire water bottle in one go. She could feel the water sloshing in her gut, likely making her latest meal swim for dear life. Though it would inevitably wear off, Lisa knew the water would delay his digestion, allowing her to enjoy his pleasurable struggles for another hour or two at least. Maybe if she drank another bottle later, he?d make it until she got home.

She grabbed her toned tummy with both hands, and leaned forward. Her hands shook her midsection back and forth, helping churn whatever was inside around. The squirming inside subsided for a moment, presumably as the tiny man regained his composure, before tickling her once again seconds later.

A smile curled on her lips, and Lisa resumed her work. Her stomach began to rumble, starting the first steps of dealing with the visitor she had given it. She covered her mouth as another burp crept up her throat, and chuckled as she realized her lunch now had that much less air to survive.
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