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My Tiny Life Cover

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1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume)


My eyes slowly opened, followed with an attempt to get comfortable as I rolled around in my bed. The mattress I slept on wasn’t very comfortable, and the blankets and sheets were quite scratchy. Needless to say I never seem to get a decent night's sleep. I rolled onto my back, and stared at the smooth ceiling above. The sun pouring through my window gleamed off the ceiling, shining into my eyes and causing me to squint my eyes as I held a hand to my forehead.


“Ugh… God dammit…” I groaned as I tossed the covers off of me and swung my feet over the edge of the bed.


I stretched my arms and let out a yawn as I forced myself awake. I stood to my feet, scratching my itchy ass cheek as I stumbled towards my rather crowded closet space. I dug around until I found a half decent outfit to wear and put some clothes on. My head was aching and I was having a hard time not falling back into bed. I headed around to my nightstand and opened the drawer, grabbing some tylenol and plopping a few pills into my mouth before swallowing them down.


I let out an annoyed sigh and tossed the packet of pills onto the nightstand before making my bed. Once I tucked in the covers I grabbed my cell phone off of the nightstand and headed towards my bedroom door. As I opened my door I froze as what seemed like distant sounds of an earthquake ensued; but I only listened for a moment before continuing through the door.


I walked into the kitchen and headed towards the fridge, grabbing the milk from inside and setting it on the counter. I opened the pantry and grabbed a box of fiber one cereal. I’m trying to keep a healthy diet going so I figured lots of fiber in the morning would help right?


As I started pouring the cereal another quake erupted in the distance. I ignored it and filled my bowl to the brim. I reached for the milk and opened the lid, immediately cringing from the repulsive odor that spewed out of the jug, “Great… Rotten milk…”


I rolled my eyes in annoyance, before dumping the jug of rotten milk down the sink. I squeezed all the air out of the empty milk jug before tightening the lid and tossing it in the trash under the sink. I opened the fridge and looked to see if I had another jug of milk, but unfortunately all I had was almond milk. Not very delicious to be used with cereal, but I was starving and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping with my roommates this week so I was limited on my options.


I grabbed the almond milk and carried it over to the bowl of cereal before pouring it. After I was satisfied with the amount of fluids in my cereal, I put the almond milk back in the fridge and grabbed a spoon from the silverware drawer. I grabbed the bowl and headed to my living room. I walked over to the chair next to the window, and sat down. I began to eat my cereal, whilst looking out the window.


I could see the sunrise, with it were birds that were flying in all directions as they began the start of their day. In the distance were the extremely tall buildings and highways that made up the entire city. I could see the roads filled with traffic already, as was most days while people scurried off to work in the big city.


“Good morning Seattle…” I scoffed with resentment.


Bite after bite, I found myself having an increasingly difficult time trying to finish my cereal. Fiber One cereal was tasteless enough as it is, but to add almond milk made it very unsatisfying. The cost of staying slim I suppose. I set the bowl aside on a nearby end table and pulled up my phone. I accessed my facebook feed and scrolled through it to see if anyone else was up this morning. All the posts I saw were from yesterday however.


The thunderous quakes were getting louder now, and closer. My ears perked as I lifted my face from my phones screen. I looked down the short hallway towards my front door, where I saw an enormous shadow moving around just outside my home. The walls of my house were shaking now, my chair sliding around a bit as the quakes became much more noticeable.


I let out an annoyed sigh, followed by a sly smile as I stood to my feet and slid my phone into my pocket. I headed down the hall and towards the front door just as the doorbell rang, “On time as always…” I muttered.


I opened the door and stepped out. Carpet surrounded me and my tiny home, two enormous feet planted before me. The toes wiggled, scrunching into the carpet fibers. Her toes were painted midnight blue, which tells me that she had likely gone out the night previous. I tilted my head upwards, a feigned smile spread across my lips.


“Good morning Kali,” I greeted.


Kali beamed down at me with delight, as if she had great news of some kind, “Jessica! Guess what happened to me last night!!!”


I rolled my eyes, “Oh gee… What?” I responded with sarcasm.


“He asked me out!” Kali nearly jumped with joy.


“Well of course he did,” I retorted, “You’re a catch and you know it.”


Kali blushed and waved her hand is if to denounce the compliment, “Oh come one… I’m ok I guess,” Kali calmed herself down a bit, “Anyways, I just wanted to make sure you were up because we gotta leave in ten for work!”


“As if I needed a reminder…” I snapped jokingly, before heading back inside to grab a few things before heading out with Kali.


My name is Jessica, and this is probably a good time as any to explain my odd and tiny life that I have going on for me right now. I am roughly two inches tall, which isn’t exactly a safe size to be at in such a big world I know. Honestly though I’ve made quite a life for myself, considering my obvious disadvantage.


Kali is my best friend, so bestest in fact that I’d consider her a sister if we’re being honest. She is also my roommate, along with our third wheeler Madison. Madison usually keeps to herself though. Kali has beautiful brown hair that runs down her back just above her ass. She has a luscious full figure, and is probably the sexiest girl in Seattle. If it isn’t obvious, we rent an apartment in Seattle, Washington.


Living in a big city seemed like a very dangerous endeavor, however me and Kali have made it work in our favor. She looks out for me, and I help keep her employed so to speak. To be honest, Kali only has a job because if she didn’t then I’d have quit a long time ago. We both work at the Unicorn bar on east pike street. The owner was rather fond of my size, and gave me a business proposition a few years ago when me and Kali had first moved here. Of course I asked that in return Kali get a job as a server.


It hasn’t been an issue since, mainly because I draw an enormous crowd almost on a nightly basis. The Unicorn is the best bar in Seattle for guys and gals in their twenties, and it certainly has been proven to be the millennial hotspot! I’ll dress in revealing skirts and crop tops to appease the horny men and lesbians that come to see me, and on special nights I’ll just wear my bikini. I’m not really into it or anything, but it pays very well and I get a couple hundred dollars in tips a night! Needless to say, Kali and I do quite well for ourselves.


“So, are you still having issues with your bed?” Kali asked, focusing on the road as she drove us to the Unicorn.


I was in the passenger seat, strapped into a special “booster” seat of sorts and looking out the window to admire the tall skyscrapers that surrounded us, “Yeah… Do you think your friend can hook me up with a better bed? Maybe something with memory foam if it’s possible?”


“I mean he designed an entire dollhouse to be fully functional! I’m sure he can come up with a memory foam bed or something for you,” Kali reassured.


My entire home is out in the living room of our apartment, placed next to an enormous pane window so that I can have a decent view and don’t feel so out of place. It has working faucets, a working toilet and ever working heaters! Kali’s friend is some kind of inspired inventor and built the entire thing from scratch just to suit my needs. Of course I’m very thankful, however it’s still painfully obvious that it’s just a dollhouse from the inside interior alone. Everything has a shiny plastic look to it and it just feels odd and out of place.


You may be wondering why I am this size, and how long I’ve lived a tiny life. Well to be honest it’s not really something I can answer with clarity. According to my parents, I started to shrink around the age of nine. By the time I was nineteen in college I was only two inches tall. It’s that simple… Of course I’m cutting out the juicy details of what happened in between. No worries though, my past will soon reveal itself as I tell the story of my tiny life. For now however, I think we are just getting started!


“We’re here!” Kali exclaimed as we pulled into the parking lot behind the Unicorn.


“Yippee, now I get to be gawked at by the local sex addicts,” I retorted as I undid my fastening.


Kali laughed as she unbuckled herself, “Oh simmer down you, they just want to fuck you because of how sexy you are!” Kali gave a sexy wink as she bit her lip, teasing me.


“Oh please, it’s you that they’re all looking at,” I said as I walked onto Kali’s hand that had been placed down flat beside me.


“I’m not the one making two hundred dollars in tips a night,” Kali responded, carefully lifting me off the “booster” seat as she exited the car with me in tow.


“I suppose…” I responded, taking in a deep breathe of fresh air as Kali walked us towards the employee back entrance.


“I know you don’t like what you do here… But trust me you are damn good at it!” Kali stated, an attempt to cheer me up.


“I know I am…” I responded, “I know.”


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