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Mia looked down at the terrified faces on her desk as she sat up, feeling the nano girl she swallowed glide smoothly down her throat. Well, as smoothly as she could with all that kicking and screaming she could also feel. Regardless, the tiny body couldn?t help sliding down like she would in a waterslide.

Mia sat back upright in her chair, far enough from the table she could barely see the little specks that were the other tourists. She smiled to herself as she saw some of them get to their knees, as if praying to her.

?oh good, they're finally accepting who's in charge? Mia thought to herself.

The giant girl relished the view of them kneeling for her, just begging her let them go. Saying they won't report her or anything. Well of course they won't, she thought, they're not going anywhere.

Mia lifted up her right foot off the ground, slamming it down on the table and surprising the tiny tourists who were lucky enough to be out of the way.

Her foot was absolutely massive to the spectators just below it. Even her pinkie toe must have been three times their height! Some marveled and others cowered away from the sole, knowing exactly what it could do in a second.

One person even made a break for it, running in the opposite direction on the table, hoping he couldn't be seen while the girl leaned back in her chair.

His hopes were dashed, however, as Mia brought up her other sole. Lifting it onto the table, the man barely had a chance to scream before her soft doughy heel fell from the sky, landing on him with a sickening pop and crunch that Mia neither heard nor felt, completely unaware until a woman ran to that sole, bursting in tears.

?JOHN!! JOHN NO!? She cried, getting on her knees before the heel, pushing the soft skin as if she was trying to get flesh off of him. It was completely useless, the woman couldn't make it budge an inch. Instead she resorted to hitting the sole out of anger and frustration.

?YOU WITCH!! YOU KILLED JOHN!!!? she screamed.

It took only a second for the sole to rise up once again, and the woman saw a large bloodstain on the table that could only have been her John. She fell to her knees in tears at the blood, just until she noticed what was above her. She looked up and saw the slightly red underside of Mia's heel, hovering just above her.

?You want your John?? Mia said in a mockingly sympathetic voice.



Mia brought down her sole onto the begging woman, squishing her the exact same way she had the tiny man.

?Pathetic,? she said with obvious disgust. To think that girl had the gaul to hit the soles of her owner.

?The rest of you,? Mia began, ?start rubbing my feet, and clean them as well, I want a good job done from you all, right now.?

The Nanos took no time in getting ready, they'd just seen that happened and did not want the same fate. They'd rather rub her soles than be under them. Some couldn't help but cry at their situation and for the loss of their friends. They'd come with twelve people, and already three of them had been eaten or crushed. What was going to happen to them? They thought this and much more as they kept rubbing this German girl's soles, hoping, praying that they'll find a way to get out, a way to get home. Even if it now seemed impossible.
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