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Light came into the windows of the bus again as two fingers wormed their way between Mia's breasts. The Nanos around the passed out girl screamed in terror as they were slowly pulled from the crevice, sweat stuck to the windows of their vehicle in small droplets, through the front window they could see the breasts jiggle from their exit.

?Hehe, I know you enjoyed that,? Mia said as she brought the bus back up to her gigantic eye. ?Oh? One fell asleep?? She said, just barely being able to see a tiny form on the bus floor. Another smile spread across her face as she got a wonderful idea.

Pinching the bus between two fingers, Mia used the index finger of her free hand to dig into the top of the bus, just under the roof. Unfortunately for the Nanos inside, they soon found that the toy bus had an added feature that would spell out their greatest fear, the top was removable.

As Mia peeled back the top of the bus and tossed it aside, the Nanos inside couldn?t help but scream and try to hide under the seats as the face they feared from behind plastic and glass now hung over them with an evil grin. They could only see this face for a moment though, before they felt themselves sliding around as Mia tilted the bus. Some hung on to the seats as tight as they could as the bus was turned upside down, others simply fell, plummeting the few inches onto the desk. The few hangers there were soon let go after Mia began shaking the tiny toy bus, it took so little effort for her to get them all off before tossing the bus to the side next to where its roof landed; she?d put it back together and use it again later.

Mia looked down at her now free prey, most looked to be in pain from the fall, with the occasional broken arm or bruised side, otherwise they were alright, as far as she cared anyway. The only one not moaning or crying of the tiny group was the girl who?d had a panic attack and remained unconscious, even after the fall. Before anyone could run to check on her, a massive shadow cast over them, Mia?s fingers came came down slowly once again, and with a loud thump landed their large tips on the table with the girl between them, slowly coming together until the girl?s body was trapped between them. Friends who finally managed to stand up quickly ran to the titanic fingers and began banging on the nails, yelling, ?LET HER GO!?.

How pathetic, Mia thought, they think they can stand up to me to save their friend. No matter how hard they tried they couldn?t even hope at chipping her nail, hell, even a clipping of her nail could fall on them like a tree, it was utterly pathetic. Mia raised her fingers up and away from the tiny crowd and, as luck would have it, that?s when the Nano girl woke up. She began screaming in pain and terror, the pressure from Mia?s fingers almost enough to crack all of her ribs at once.

When Mia raised the girl to her face, she could definitely hear all her screaming and pathetic begging. ?NO!! PLEASE NO DON?T KILL ME!? The girl?s face showed nothing but absolute fear, with maybe even a trail of tears flowing down her face as she continued to beg, ?PLEASE PLEASE, I?LL GET YOU ANYTHING, JUST DON?T KILL ME PLEASE!!! I DON?T WANNA DIE!?

?Hmm? anything?? Mia asked, still smirking at the girl, who?s tears and cries stopped as she heard this. She thought, could this really be her chance at freedom???


?Hmm?? Mia began, looking up as if thinking it over, ?there is one think you could give me.?

?YES, PLEASE, ANYTHING!? the girl shouted back, actually smiling now. However, the smile faded as she was moved closer to the Giant?s scarlet red lips.

?What I want?? Mia said, her voice surrounding the tiny girl in her fingers, her breath almost like a furnace of hot air, ?is a snack?.

The next few moment passed in a blur.

?Wh-what?? the Nano girl said confused, just before- ?AAAHHHH!? she screamed as Mia?s tongue came out of her mouth and licked the Nano girl, taking her from between the fingers and sticking her onto the massive wet tongue. When Mia?s lips came back together they formed a wide smile. She could just barely feel the tiny girl squirming on the tip of her tongue, pressed up tight against the roof of her mouth. Mia couldn?t help but blush at the feeling, this girl was completely helpless in her mouth, probably screaming, begging, trying her hardest to escape or even to breath while being soaked in the German girl?s spit. Helpless as a crumb.

The other Nanos could only watch in horror as the scene played out, their hearts all plummeting to shock as they saw their friend getting licked up by this blonde behemoth. After seeing Mia move her tongue around for a moment their hearts skipped a beat as she looked back down at them.

Without even saying a word Mia pushed back her swivel chair just enough so that when she leaned forward all the way her chin rested just below the edge of the desk, very close to where the nearest Nanos lay terrified. Mia let her jaw open to show them the inside of her mouth. They all stared inward in shock as they could barely make out a tiny frame laying on her tongue among the taste buds, they could also hear the chilling screams coming from the tongue, ?NO? PLEASE.. HELP ME! DON?T SWALLOW!?

But it was much too late for that. Mia?s mouth closed as the girl kept screaming until no one could hear her anymore. Mia lifted her head back up slightly, and as they all stared at her neck they heard a soft *gulp*... and a small bump move slowly down until disappearing into her body.
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