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Author's Chapter Notes:

I haven't said much about the story so far, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Future chapters will probably involve different tags - or maybe not - I do read all the reviews so if this is what readers want I'll keep up with it.

There was no ceremony, neither pomp nor circumstance. Hannah jumped out of the car and ran to her room, carrying the TINEE brand package that contained Jeff. The house he once lived in flew past him, a blur of giant appliances and furniture that no longer belonged to him.

“We’re turning your room into a game room Jeff” said Hannah casually, grabbing a giant pair of scissors and haphazardly freeing Jeff from his plastic prison. Dry, warm skin enveloped him as she reached into the packaging and pulled his naked body free. Cracks of light shone through the gaps between her fingers, obscuring his view, but he could feel himself rising. Her hand opened and he found herself lying flat on the soft skin of her palms, the lines crisscrossing her skin were like fissures to him. They were in her room, a place he had only been in a few times. She held him at eye level, cold green eyes staring at him, shining with concealed excitement.

“Hannah, I… I always tried to be the best brother I could to you -”

“Jeff” she cut him off, “I don’t care. You had your chances as a man in this world and you failed. You’re an object now. The fact that I’m talking to you right now IS the special treatment you’re getting as an ex-member of the family. I can do whatever I want to my property. Watch.”

Her full lips curled into a smirk. Jeff noticed she was wearing blood-red lipstick. Hannah tossed him onto the dark blue sheets of her bed. Jeff closed his eyes in anticipation of the crash but despite his small size his body merely bounced off the padded mattress. Apparently, he was more durable than he seemed. He looked up to see his gargantuan sister towering above him. Staring at him to assert her dominance, she quickly slid out of her crop-top and jeans to reveal a black thong and matching bra underneath. Jeff couldn’t help but stare at her curves, made more pronounced by the hip-hugging thong. Puberty had blessed this 17-year-old girl.

She turned, offering Jeff a view of her massive, toned ass. The string of the thong hid nothing. The sight was so mesmerizingly unusual that Jeff couldn’t look away, even knowing that she was his sister (although she didn’t view him as human anymore). She rooted around a drawer before pulling out another TINEE package holding another shrunken man. With a few deft cuts she held the man in her hand. He began apologizing and begging for mercy, crying and screaming in fear.

“Shut up or I’ll kill you.” Hannah said this so dispassionately that even Jeff shuddered. The man immediately quieted. “Good, now watch this Jeff. And remember, this still could be you.”

Hannah jumped on the bed, the impact flinging Jeff up into the air. He landed on her pillow. She rose to her knees, still looking like a mountain compared to Jeff. Then, she turned so her ass was facing him, still clutching the terrified looking man in her hand. Her other hand explored the muscular bubbles that were her ass-cheeks. Her hands ran over the flawless skin, marked only by a tiny mole about the size of Jeff’s torso on her left cheek. Two fingers slid the string of the thong to the side, revealing the darker puckered skin of her butthole. Jeff saw it pulsate as she clenched the muscles of her sphincter in anticipation. The man, realizing where he was going, began to panic again but Hannah quickly doused his screams by jamming him in a small tub of lubricant. Sputtering, her victim was too busy trying to clear his eyes to notice his rapid approach towards the hungry hole. She craned her neck to look at Jeff. As she inserted the head of the man into her ass she involuntarily bit her lip and let out a shuddering moan of pleasure. Her eyes closed, rolling up into her head as she pushed him deeper inside of her. His flailing arms disappeared, then his waist, then his thighs… Soon all that was left of the man were two hairy feet sticking out of her hole.

Hannah bucked slightly as her hips gyrated, enjoying the sensation of the struggling man writhing in the folds of her ass. She bent over so that her ass eclipsed Jeff’s vision before reaching her hand back and daintily pushing the man’s feet fully inside her with a single finger. As the last of the man disappeared her hole constricted again, sealing the man in the oven of her anus.

“I think they usually suffocate in there” said Hannah, breathing heavily, her body quivering. She was still obviously enjoying the near-orgasmic bliss of trapping a person inside of her. “Sometimes I remember to take them out and reuse them. God if you could only know what this felt like… Well… I guess you’ll probably experience the other side of this soon.” She let out a breathy laugh.

Jeff was stunned, terrified, turned on, and so many more things. He couldn’t imagine actually being inside the ass of his sister, trapped and terrified, as his struggles only served to pleasure the body that would probably end up smothering him.

“Oh fuck.” Hannah’s legs gave out as a vicious wave of pleasure ran through her body. Her face thudded into the pillow Jeff was currently perched on. A fleck of drool escaped her slightly parted lips as her breath stuttered mid-orgasm. Her eyes shut and a pink flush rose in her cheeks as her body reacted to the man’s futile efforts to escape. Cute squeaks of pleasure forced their way out of her mouth. Her face was like a wall from Jeff’s perspective. He was being treated to a front row seat as his sister orgasmed. He was able to see every muscle twitch in rhythm with the high-pitched moans escaping from her open mouth. A final wave of pleasure wracked her body, she spasmed, then led out a long, deep breath.

“Whew, that was a big one. I think I’m gonna leave him there for a while. Hopefully I didn’t crush him, I bet my ass got pretty tight during those last moments.”

Jeff didn’t respond, it seemed like she was talking to herself.

“You’re a dildo now Jeff. Or my servant. Or my food. Or any combination of the three. Or anything else. The point is, no one and nothing can change your situation right now. So, you better work damn hard to make me happy.”


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