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Women took over, shrinking men and reducing them to objects. Follow the journeys of these hapless men, nothing but playthings subject to the every whim of the woman that purchased them.





Rated: R
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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.)
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Published: July 03 2018 Updated: October 23 2021

1. Chapter 1: This will be on the test by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (1822 words)

2. Chapter 2: An Example by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 0] (1098 words)

I haven't said much about the story so far, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Future chapters will probably involve different tags - or maybe not - I do read all the reviews so if this is what readers want I'll keep up with it.

3. Chapter 3: Something salty something feet by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] (1276 words)

4. Chapter 4: Flavor of the Day by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 0] (1914 words)

5. Chapter 5: Giantess giveth by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (529 words)

6. Chapter 6: Maybe... Not so bad? by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (860 words)

7. Chapter 7: Teeny Tiny Routinee by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 0] (1421 words)

8. Chapter 8: Sole Searching by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] (1039 words)

9. Chapter 9: Contemplations by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 0] (1014 words)

This is much more heavy on world-building... But action will be returning in the next chapter!



10. Chapter 10: Crushing Revelations by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 0] (1379 words)

11. Chapter 11: Under the Dome by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1544 words)

Hey y'all, hope you're enjoying the story so far. I'm trying to keep some semblance of an over-arching storyline through the different ordeals Jeff has to go through so I hope you're enjoying that too. Reviews are always appreciated, especially ones that give me an idea about what you want to see - I know what I like in these stories but writing just that can get repeititve. Cheers.





12. Chapter 12: (Ass)imilation by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (986 words)

Frozen in place, Jeff is forced to think about what he really wants... And what he can realistically expect as a TINEE. Is there ever going to be a new normal?

A slightly shorter chapter, concluding the frozen-in-goo-that-makes-him-invincible arc. Who knows what's next? Not me



13. Chapter 13: Intermission by mg2sio4 [Reviews - 1] (2614 words)

Gordon's backstory. If you don't like male content skip the last couple paragraphs, you've been warned.