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“Here. Drink up little guy. You’re really gonna need it.”

Jeff lay on the floor, panting, exhausted. Instinctively, he opened his mouth, too exhausted to question his actions. Serena’s face was obscured by the bright lights above her, like she was blocking out the sun. Light reflected off a thin line of spit slowly making its way from her mouth to his face. A wave of the frothy liquid hit his body, filling his mouth. Serena’s spit tasted like sugar and artificial flavoring, like candy. He drank it, his body grateful for water, no matter its source. Puh. She spat quietly, the rest of her spit trailing down and washing over Jeff, hard. There were her smiling lips, puckered slightly, high above him.

This was just a brief respite from the torture the girls were putting Jeff through. All of his tasks involved climbing the girls somehow. Whether climbing up a shaking leg or balancing across all of their asses, Jeff had muscles aching he had never even felt before.

“Aww he looks so tired already.” Said Hannah. “What a useless little toy.” She picked him up, holding him uncomfortably tight in her fist. “Eew! He’s sticky… Serena!”

“Soorrryy” Serena sang, very clearly not sorry.

“Wash him off then, geez. Learn some manners.” With these words Hannah flung Jeff across the room to Serena. Jeff screamed for his life as he experienced the strangest rollercoaster ride imaginable. Amazingly, he didn’t splatter against the wall. Serena gently caught him, cushioning him in her palms as they wrapped around him.

“So, you, like, like that right?” Serena caught him off guard.


“Like all this stuff. Being played with by girls. You know.” She looked at him blankly, like he wasn’t human.

“Yes… But I’m just so tired.” Jeff hoped yes was the right answer. Truth be told he had been excited at times. Having Serena give him a tour of her body like that had been wonderful. But what he wouldn’t give to be normal size right now.

“Hmm.” They reached the bathroom. Unceremoniously, she began to scrub his body in the sink. The roar of the water drowning out anything she was saying. “…if you didn’t have to move?” The water stopped and she was blinking at him expectantly.

“W-what?” Jeff stuttered.

“So you’d like it if I did something to you if you didn’t have to move?”

“I guess.” Jeff was still unsure what she was asking.

There was that smile again. She looked like a goddess. Jeff barely noticed being lowered down until he passed her waist. “See you in a few, cutie.”

Her other hand hiked down her shorts, exposing a pair of modest black panties. Then, shadow. Her face was hidden by a matching black bra. The fabric of her shirt swayed above him. She rubbed him against very soft, very warm fabric. Oh. Her thighs were like giant tree trunks around him. And he was looking at… oh. Oh no. Jeff realized what he had just agreed to.

On cue, her other hand reached slowly to pull her panties aside. The heat was much more intense here. Preparing for the worst, Jeff closed his eyes. His feet touched something soft and warm… And wet. He kicked slightly but couldn’t find any hold on the slick surface. Then she pushed him inside her. Her muscles clenched around his legs as she continued to push. The heat and the pressure around his body increased as she inserted him further, now past his arms. He flailed uselessly against her labia, brushing her clit briefly and eliciting a soft moan from above. With one last push, the tip of her finger left his head as she fully inserted him into her pussy. Squeezed on all side by her contracting muscles, Jeff wasn’t uncomfortable. The air was humid and full of her scent but somewhat breathable. Sure, he couldn’t move but overall, the best place he’d been in all night. He was inside his crush, feeling the flesh walls around him clench in pleasure as her body shuddered. Her heart thumped increasingly fast, reverberating around him like a bass drum. The pressure and frequency of the squeezing increased. He could barely make out muffled moaning as Serena tried to keep quiet. Final, crushing contractions made Jeff feel like his body was about to pop. But soon she relaxed, breathing heavy, satisfied.

“Can you hear me in there? TINEE? Jeff? I hope so. I’m just gonna keep you in there for a bit. God, you feel so good. Anyway, relax, and try to enjoy the ride.” She squeezed him again, laughing slightly.

Jeff could hear muffled conversation as Serena returned to the other girls. Suddenly, laughing and shrieking. Jeff felt slight vibrations as the girls slapped Serena’s stomach. He figured she must have told him where she hid him. What would Hannah think? Jeff wondered if this would set a dangerous precedent. He didn’t want to be a sex toy… But better than being food or crushed…

Soon, they distracted themselves with something else. Jeff was left inside Serena’s pussy, an occasional squeeze reminding him who was in charge.


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