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And, last but not least, Hannah.

Jeff was pretty certain that he was more saliva than person at this point. So many tongues had played with his body that he felt raw and sore, like all his skin was painfully exfoliated. The girls who weren’t currently sucking on him or toying with him in their mouths gossiped and acted like any girls at a sleepover. Between cavernous giggles and various deafening sounds like coughing or lip-smacking, Jeff got a crash course on high-school drama. Jeff was surprised by how the girls’ mouths actually varied – size, teeth arrangement, tongue size, breath, Jeff was really becoming a connoisseur. If only he had a choice in the matter.

“What now?” Hannah asked the rest of the girls after Jeff successfully named all of them. She held him loosely between two fingers, pressing him against her lips like a cigarette.

“He did so good, first try on all of us! We should give him a reward.” This was Serena, a tall black girl that, when he was normal-sized, Jeff actually had a crush on. She had large, deep-black eyes and sharp cheekbones that highlighted her face nicely. And, you know, a perfect combination of athlete’s body and curviness. Jeff didn’t mind the time spent in her mouth, although he always pictured himself looking down on her, not looking out from inside her.

“What do TINEEs even like?” Allison spoke up.

“Dummy, they’re just tiny people. He wants what any teenage boy wants from an all-girl sleepover.” Hannah answered.

“Oh. OH.” Allison lit up as she understood. The girls giggled.

“You’re the one who offered, Serena.” Hannah turned to the girl, holding Jeff in her outstretched hand. “He had a huge crush on you too, you know.”

Despite his constant humiliation Jeff blushed as he was handed into Serena’s light-brown palm. Looking up at her, she was like a goddess. Her fingers closed around him, clutching him firmly but carefully and he felt himself moving upward towards her body. Then, tumbling down. No matter how beautiful her skin was, it offered little protection from the bone underneath as Jeff rolled down her collarbones to her chest and, finally, landed in a heap in her cleavage – perched tremulously on the wire of her bra.

“Ooh not very stable hold on.” Serena’s voice came much louder from directly above him. Jeff was engulfed by the two softest, warmest masses he had felt in a long time as she pushed her boobs together. She laughed as his form disappeared from view.

The girls resumed their activities, gossiping, fiddling with each other’s makeup, etc. Serena, while chatting, periodically, reminded Jeff of his situation, massaging him between her breasts. Occasionally she rubbed him against her nipples. Jeff enjoyed this. Her skin here and around the areolas was even darker. Her nipples hardened as she tweaked them with his body. Jeff got aroused, knowing that he was pleasuring her, however slightly.

“I hope you’re nice and relaxed.” Serena whispered down to him – was that a note of genuine concern in her voice? “You’re gonna have a rough night after this.”


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