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Author's Chapter Notes:

Frozen in place, Jeff is forced to think about what he really wants... And what he can realistically expect as a TINEE. Is there ever going to be a new normal?

A slightly shorter chapter, concluding the frozen-in-goo-that-makes-him-invincible arc. Who knows what's next? Not me




Mercifully, or maybe just because it was more convenient for her, Hannah had left her in her gym locker after she changed. Maybe she was worried he would fall out of her panties. In any case, he was left on a cold shelf within the locker, above her backpack and street clothes. Her phone was placed next to him, reminding him of what she thought of him now, her own brother, nothing more than an amusement. Soon, the sounds of the girls milling about faded as they left for the gym, replaced by an eerie silence interrupted only by the dripping of leaky showers. The cold metal permeated his naked body, making him think of the warmth and softness of Hannah’s ass, especially the fat that gave it its signature shape. If he could shiver, he would be curled up, trying to save any warmth possible. As the situation was, Jeff had no choice but to endure, counting the seconds until she returned him to his, likely much less fresh-smelling, prison.

“Heading out, Julie?” A voice Jeff didn’t recognize broke the silence. This was an adult woman’s voice, maybe a gym coach?

“Yeah, it’s time for the mile. Of course, all the kids are too busy playing with TINEEs to care if I’m a little late.” Another woman, her voice a little deeper and raspy than the first.

“You ever mess around with those things?” The first woman asked.

“Nah.” Julie answered. “My husband gets too squeamish. His brother became a TINEE and he worries every day that he’ll be next. I told him, ‘it’s been twenty years, you’re one of the good ones’ but you know… Men.”

They shared a brief laugh. “I’ll tell you; my husband is the exact opposite.” The first woman said. “I think he’s got a fetish for seeing me mess with them, especially eating them. Can’t do it too much though, or I’d burn through my paycheck in a week.”

“You into it?” Julie asked.

“Oh you know, I had my fun in high school – like these girls – but if I were single I’d be over it. Maybe keep a couple as servants to pamper me, but sexually? I could give it or take it.”

“Remember high school? We were crazy back then. All those men we killed. I guess they were deemed useless to society anyway. Wild times…” The conversation faded as the two teachers walked out of the locker room.

Time passed. Occasionally Jeff would hear an extra-loud yell or squeak of tennis shoe on the gym surface. He lost count of how much time remained in the period. Then, he heard a door slam open and a stampeded of shouting girls hurled the locker room into chaos. Almost instantly, the heat of the room rose. The humid smell of sweat filled his locker, wafting from the girls’ cooling bodies. With a metallic creak, light flooded Jeff’s senses as Hannah opened the door. She was deep in conversation with a friend out of Jeff’s view. Hardly paying him a glance, she stripped efficiently and replaced her gym clothes with her normal clothes. Uncaring hands, slick with sweat, gripped Jeff. Relief and warmth washed over him as his body physically relaxed in the warmth and support of her fingers’ grip. She brought him around to her back end where her other hand was already holding her panties open, exposing her ass to the air, his prison waiting for him. Her skin was flushed with exertion and Jeff could already see beads of sweat rolling from her back, down and around her ass, and down her legs. She hadn’t taken the time to shower.

Still, although the heat and humidity was stifling, the smell of sweat was no worse than being trapped in her sock during volleyball practice. Drops of sweat, the size of his face, broke against his face and the salty fluid leaked in between the slight part in his frozen lips. He was able to swallow it down, thankfully. Even as a TINEE, choking to death on his sister’s ass-sweat is not how he wanted to die. Once again, he was plunged into semi-darkness as she let her waistband snap back into place. And once again, he felt her hard fingernails dig into her panties as she pushed him slightly deeper between her cheeks, giving herself a slight wedgie on purpose to cement him against her body.

Anticlimactically, the rest of the day passed much the same as the beginning. Hannah paid him no mind and, eventually, her body returned to its pre-workout state. Her sweat dried but not enough time passed for any body odor to develop. Jeff’s prison grew and shrank with her ass as she switched between sitting and standing. Then, finally, the last bell rang, and it was time to go home.

That… Wasn’t that bad. Jeff caught himself thinking. If every day was like this… I could… get used to it? The thought repulsed him but, given the horror stories he had heard about how women treated TINEEs, even just how casually the two gym teachers talked about killing them, being an ass-toy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Though he had yet to meet her hole, he reminded himself. That could definitely change the dynamic. He wondered how many times Gordon had traveled through a girl’s body, and if he would ever be forced to experience that horror. And besides, he was still subject to Hannah’s cruel, random whims. No, I still want to get to Allison if I can. He decided this as Hannah returned home, her bodyweight crushing him into the couch cushions as she decompressed with some television. No matter what plans Hannah had in store for him, it would involve being crushed in some pitch black part of her body, or shoes, or who knows what. Almost anything would be preferable.


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