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“So, BRO,” Hannah’s enormous face hovered millimeters away from Jeff and Gordon’s cage. Her lips twisted in a mocking smile, a slight hint of morning breath wafted through the vents in the terrarium as she spoke, “did the team foot massager give you some survival tips last night?”

Jeff looked at Gordon, whose eyes were fixed on the ground. “Y-yes, Hannah.” He said, trying to keep his voice neutral.

“I’m not Hannah to you anymore. You’re lucky I even remember your name, my tiny little foot toy. I bet your body is surviving mostly off my foot sweat right now, isn’t it?”

Jeff wasn’t sure if he should answer or let her enjoy her rant.

“Isn’t it.” Her voice lowered to a dangerous whisper. This was not a question.


“Yes?” She asked expectantly, raising a giant eyebrow. Jeff absentmindedly notice some drool crusted on the corners of her mouth. She must have just woken up. “Yes, what? Did you mean, yes master?”

“Yes master.” Jeff managed to say, nearly gagging on willingly subjugating himself to her.

“Good boy. You want to see a trick?”

“Yes master.” Jeff repeated.

Satisfied, Hannah lifted the top of their cage and reached a giant hand in. Jeff tensed, expecting to feel the hard flesh of her fingers surrounding him. But, instead, felt a light wind as her building-sized arm rushed by him. He blinked, watching the nearly invisible hairs that covered the human body but were visible at his size fly by. The tendons in her forearm clenched and Jeff looked over his shoulder to see her fingers wrapping around Gordon. The man exhaled in pain as her careless grip dug into his bruise but otherwise remained silent.

Her other hand entered the cage, holding a small squirt bottle. The label on it had large, bold words. “TINEE SEALANT. LONG-LASTING PROTECTION FOR HARD TO REPLACE POSSESSIONS.” She aimed the nozzle at Gordon and started spraying. A fine mint-smelling mist settled around Jeff as he watched Hannah cover Gordon in the clear liquid. Then, almost massaging him, her fingers rubbed it into his body, making sure the man in her fist was covered head-to-toe in the shiny goo. His body stiffened imperceptibly in her grip. His eyes remained open.

Jeff clapped his hands over his mouth, trying to stifle his scream as Hannah tossed her head back and threw Gordon into her open maw. Mouth open, thin strands of drool breaking and falling from her lolling tongue into the cage, Hannah presented Jeff with a view only prey could ever witness. Gordon lay unmoving on her tongue, the pink muscle flexing slightly as she savored his taste. At this angle, Jeff could see straight to the back of her throat. Light reflecting off the saliva highlighted the void of her throat, her heavy breathing more than audible. A thin white layer coated her tongue, another reminder this was just another morning to her.

Then, her teeth snapped shut, lips still open in that cruel smile. Gordon vanished behind her pearly white barricades. With a loud GULP she swallowed hard. Her fingers traced the barely visible lump traveling down her throat, past her chest, and settling on her stomach. A small burped escaped her, followed by a giggle as she looked at Jeff’s terrified face.

“Come on slave! Figure it out! He’s not deeeead.” She drew out the last word to taunt him. “Why would I put TINEE sealant on him if I wanted to kill him? He’ll pass through me unharmed. Well, physically unharmed.” This statement was followed by a cruel giggle. “Most TINEEs don’t handle the small intestine well, from what I’ve been told. But he’s the team slave so I’m sure he’ll come out…” Another giggle. “…Just fine.”

This was brand new to Jeff. Never in his life had he known there were other TINEE products available to women. If Hannah was telling the truth, and she had no reason to lie unless she wanted to tease him further (a very real possibility, he admitted), there was much more to being a TINEE than he realized.

“Your turn.” Cool liquid doused him as she turned the nozzle toward him. It felt like ice, but just for a moment. The liquid seemed to crystallize as it made contact with his skin. Her warm fingers pressed relaxingly into his body, massaging the rest of the liquid across every nook and cranny. Just a couple days ago, this would’ve been humiliating, having her fingers so carelessly brush over his most private areas. He also forgot to close his eyes, not realizing how fast he would lost the ability to move as the substance hardened. Satisfied, Hannah brought him to eye level, the sudden motion bringing butterflies to Jeff’s stomach.

She winked, his entire field of vision obscured by the massive eyelid briefly covering the bright green of her eye. Then she tossed him over her shoulder onto the bed as she fished around in her closet for a clean outfit. The trip through the air was a new kind of terrifying. Hannah’s room was an expansive blur, full of brightly covered posters and furniture. The descent brought her bed into hard focus, the rumpled blue sheets coming closer every passing moment. Unable to move at all, Jeff could only watch as his body screamed at him to break his fall. He bounced, feeling no pain as he bounced off the soft mattress. Shellshocked, he tried to orient himself in the tangle of Hannah’s sheets. what just happened? Did she make him invincible?

Something eclipsed the overhead light of her room. In the second he had, Jeff’s recognized this as Hannah’s ample ass, covered in a pair of sporty black panties. One of the titanic globes landed directly on him, revealing far less fat than muscles as Hannah settled onto him, humming happily to herself. Huge muscles flexed as she moved her legs, pressing Jeff further into the mattress. Unbeknownst to him, she was bending her left leg to put on a sock. She rocked back and forth ever so slightly, grinding against him and grating his face and torso into the soft cotton layer doing little to conceal her ass. Her fingers held him in place as she struggled to pull a pair of tight yoga pants over him. Satisfied, she gave her cheek a little spank, making Jeff’s ears ring as her powerful hand slammed him into the unyielding bubble butt.

“Almost.” Jeff heard her say, her voice distant and muffled by the clothes trapping him against her ass.

The pressure let up for just a moment as one hand pulled the back of the pants open. The other reached in, pointer finger outstretched, and crudely jostled him closer to the center of her massive ass. Jeff became sandwiched between the cheeks, fabric pressing in on him from both sides as she clenched several times, just to be sure she had him where she wanted him. Fully wrapped up in her panties and sealed in by unreasonably tight leggings, Jeff was cemented in the warm crevice. The faint smell of citrus body wash remained from her shower the night before. Jeff guessed this pleasantry would not last long as Hannah went about her day. At least she didn’t seem like she wanted to break him.

“Let’s see how long it takes the other one to travel through me. Isn’t that a fun game, little TINEE? You could be just inches away from each other, only my butthole separating you two. If only you weren’t frozen, maybe you could hear his screams as my body treats him just like everything else that needs to be expelled. Think about that.” Her cheeks clenched around Jeff again as she wiggled her ass in pleasure.

Interestingly, Jeff was much more aware of the world around him than when he was trapped in her sock. The thunderous sound of her shoe hitting the ground combined with the wickedly painful impact of her toes on his body with each step left little room to process anything else. But, trapped under her ass, Jeff had little to do but listen as Hannah went about her routine. Who knows, he might even learn something at school today.

Poor Gordon…


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