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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry if this starts off slow. I want to get some good characters in this story, so there probably won't be any fetish content for the first few chapters.

The train zoomed under ground. Although Max couldn't see much of outside, he knew that it was just a bunch of rocks. After all they were under ground. He looked around the train getting bored. He couldn't count how many times he had seen the words GROUP: B-276 or, TRAIN: B-276.

Max wasn't new to these numbers. They had been plastered everywhere. Back at his group home or SITE: B-276 as it was called, the little code was on beds, doors, packages, pens, and even clothes. Max looked down at his own seeing 14B-276. He looked up and saw his friend Russell come towards him. 

Russell has caramel coloured skin. Standing 5' 1" tall, he has narrow shoulders and strong arms, a broad torso with defined muscles, a non-existent waist, round hips, and weak legs. His black hair is very short and thick. He has an angular face, a pointed chin with no facial hair, puffy cheeks, and small ears. His eyebrows are thin, and his little, knowing eyes are brown. His nose is turned-up and he has narrow lips. His particularly noticeable features are his tired eyes.

Russell and him had been friends for a long time. Well as far back as he can remember. They has been assigned into the same play group as young kids. Russell thought this was because their numbers were both in the range of 10-20. His was 11B-276.

"So do you know when we are getting there?" Asked Max. "Ya, we should be there in an hour." Responded Russell. "Do you know where we are going." Asked Max a little more impatiently. "No they wouldn't tell me." Said Russell, sounding a little frustrated, his eyebrows scrunching in contemplation on why the supervisors wouldn’t tell them where they were going.

Max also wondered. They usually told them everything they needed to know, and if they asked the supervisors would do everything they could to help them. It was not like them to withhold information.

Max looked up and saw that a supervisor was nervously pacing the rows. He stood up, and left Russell to his thoughts. This supervisor was in the usual supervisor garments, a navy button shirt, black pants, and a hat that hid their hair. His dark, lean face was not clean shaven, but did not have a beard. 

“Are you ok sir?” Asked Max, not knowing his name. “Huh?” Said the supervisor. “Oh ya, I’m fine.” He said going back to his position, being snapped out of whatever trance he was in. “It’s just,” Said Max, wanting to know more. “You looked kind of nervous.” “Well I was just thinking back to my matching…” Said the Supervisor. “Matching?” Asked Max. “Oh no! You weren’t supposed to know that…” He said panicking. “What do you mean?” Asked Max eagerly. “I can’t say much anymore, just be careful.” The Supervisor said before walking rather hastily off somewhere. 

Max was curious on where he was going, but he was more engaged on the fact that they were holding information back from them. But why? This thought frustrated Max, but he decided to leave it alone and go back to his seat. 

Russell was of course still in his seat thinking. “I just don’t understand why they won’t tell us..” He said. “Well I don’t know, they seem pretty nervous.” Said Joseph, another boy in their group.

Joseph had dark skin, slanted shoulders and short arms, a weak torso with no muscle tone, a straight waist, broad hips, and long legs. He stood 5’ 11” with his long and curly black hair naturally styled. He has a wide face with a pointed chin, and his droopy, soft eyes are hazel. His nose is well-formed and he has full lips. His particularly noticeable feature is his nice smile. His number was 29B-276.

“Ya, one of the supervisors said something about a matching, but wouldn’t tell be anything else.” Said Max. “You know, some boys are saying that they take you, and pick off the weak ones.” Said Joseph. “So good luck to you guys.” Joseph said with a goofy smirk. “Oh shut up!” Said Russell, which made Joseph laugh a bit. “Oh come on I was just joking.” He said. “Besides, how would that have anything to do, with something named the matching?” “Ya, matching means to make something harmonious…” Said Max “Or to make even…. which would make sense with whole ‘weak one’ thing he said.” Russel said gesturing towards Joseph. The boys looked at each other and fell silent.

The boys were silent for the rest of ride. Occasionally they spoke with others, but we careful not to bring up the matching in conversations. Other boys joked, and eventually Joseph left to join them. Then Russell left to ask about food, leaving Max by himself, with only his thought. “What could matching mean..?” Thought Max.

Finally Russell returned. “They said that we will get food once we arrive there.” He said. “Ok, but where and when is there?” Asked Max. As if answering his question the speakers came on. “Hello boys.” Said a higher pitched voice then usual. “The girls are very excited to see you.” “Girl..?” Asked Max. “What’s a-“ But he was interrupted by the speaker. “Please step off your train and come up to SITE: G-276. Then the doors opened, and Max could see a room.


Chapter End Notes:

Hope you liked this. There is more to come. Comment on what you thought. Thank :)

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