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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there my little insects, here's a special double length chapter, since this is the only chapter I'm doing with this story. Hope you enjoy it, and he sure to follow and comment, always love hearing from you guys ;). Also don't forget to watch me on DeviantArt, link at the bottom .

[This story takes place in my previously used world I call the 'Nanoverse?, wherein the population is divided into two groups, Giants and Nanos. The Giants being those of normal size like you, and Nanos being incredibly tiny in stature, roughly 2 millimeters tall on average. This story is also for going more in-depth on the running of this world and the relationship between Giants and Nanos, enjoy.]

The smooth wood floor vibrated softly inside the gigantic dance room, each vibration like a rhythmic thudding of perfectly timed earthquakes. Boom. Boom. Boom. The Nano students in the room, along with the puny teacher, were all rigid with fear, each knowing the hell this class would be. This was dance class, class 4A that usually finished the day. The class was made up of 99% Nanos, this, of course, meant there was a rather large 1%. The original plan was to make this class entirely comprised of Nanos, as most physical education classes tried to be to avoid accident, injury or death to Nanos. However, there was a minor error in the class placement and one Giant girl had gotten placed in it. By the time they noticed the school year was just about to begin, so it was too late to change it now; the principal thought it would be okay so long as the student was cautious and responsible, plus he didn't want to have to go through a lot of paperwork over the mistake. Besides, there seemed little reason to worry, the student, Jessica, had been in many dance classes before, so it wasn't likely she'd be clumsy, this was the advanced class after all; she also had fairly exceptional grades and no history of misbehavior. It seemed like a matter of little consequence; but of course, they were wrong.

Some more exposition on the world to better understand this scene. Nanos of this world, while often tried to be treated the same, are often viewed as pests by the general giant public. Nano communities are usually very much separated from the surrounding giant cities or towns, surrounded by large walls to keep dangerous things out. As a result, there hasn't been as much cooperation as there should between the size races, meaning less protection for the bug-sized Nanos. It isn't even considered a crime to crush a few, given their population is so high in their towns and the rate of accidents being extremely high. Nonetheless, there are still operations and facilities such as these that try to bring people of different sizes together, to hope for a safer future for the Nano race. It doesn't always go as planned though.

Jessica stepped into the large room, her feet patting loudly against the floor, echoing against the mirrored walls and back at her. Her feet were bare, that's how Giants were supposed to be in physical classes with tinies, it reduced the risk of crushing any tiny students; her toenails were painted a lovely pink with dark purple waves on the big toes. Higher up were her smooth, slightly tanned legs leading up to her black gym shorts with a white line going down each side. She wore a standard grey shirt that had been part of the gym inform (nothing with a design or constricting was allowed). Her hair was dirty blonde in a ponytail, pulled just tight enough that it barely bobbed with each step she took. As she walked in through the Giants? door she couldn't help but smile at her scared looking classmates, some of them obviously looking in freight at her massive feet. They all sat in their rows for the teacher to call attendance, which took a minute because there are around a hundred students present, including Jessica, who made her way to her spot and sat down, nearly stepping on two students along the way with only her right pinkie toe. As she sat down there was another rippling thud throughout the classroom as her weight crashed down onto the floor; now she was a girl of average weight for a girl her age, but what she had was a slightly larger, more round and robust ass and a decently sized pair of breasts. The male giant students often talked about her to each other, mostly on the topic of girls they'd have sex with (freshmen boys?) and all agreed that she was ?thicc?. The students behind Jessica in the roll call lines couldn't even see the head of the class, only her large black-clad ass obstructing their view like two towering mountains, along with a little peek inside her shirt for the closest of Nanos. Suffice to say, the small boys behind her didn't mind this part at all, some barely even being able to control their erections. One even decided to secretly fap in his pants while he had the view (which is understandable, given that some students didn't know if today was the day they'd die or not). Many Nanos actually had something of a Giant fetish, and vise versa; the Nanos enjoying the mountains of sexy flesh while some Giants enjoyed the domination aspect, though inter-size relationships weren't widely practiced because of the obvious reasons, though it wasn't out of the ordinary.

The Nanos to the sides of Jessica couldn't help but look over and see the soles of her absolutely gigantic feet. Even her smaller toes would dwarf their houses and could easily crush countless numbers of the students. The soles were a nice shade of red and obviously very soft with wrinkles easily forming as she sat and occasionally curled her giant toes. She raised her hand and said ?here,? as the teacher called her name (as if it wasn't obvious she was there); and with that began dance class.

The dance to be learned today was the Marange, a Latin ballroom dance that many students found fun. The gentlemen all stood in a relatively large square around a portion of the room, while the ladies stood with them until they switched partners; this was to help get the understanding with everyone so they could all help each other. The teacher stood in the center of the square so everyone could see her, though because of the size of the square she found herself rather close to Jessica's heel, able to make out the finer wrinkles and details, this scared her slightly.

The ones most terrified, though, were the gentlemen who had to dance with the massive girl. Many of them, and some girls, had been crushed already under her towering soles and by her massive ass when she sat down. Each time Jessica had shrugged it off as an accident and didn't get punished in the slightest, the ones who made the punishments didn't really care about Nano lives, and no laws even protected them either, so it was technically legal to murder at will; though the majority didn't do it intentionally, out of their sense of humanity. Jessica was an exception, however. Every time she crushed she'd give a smile and giggle at the snapping or popping sounds. One ?accident? even involved Jessica just walking to the other end of the room and sitting on three girls who were only standing and talking in the corner of the room. All the office said was to go and wash the blood off of her shorts and go back to class.

The teacher stepped nervously away from Jessica's titanic doughy heels and had the teacher's assistant come help her demonstrate the dance. She began with the simple steps and the timing; she held her partner's hand and walked backward, moving her hips, and then forward doing the same while moving her arms. An important part of the dance was to always keep your feet moving. This was a big mistake. The thumping of students feet as they tried to mirror their teacher's moves were drowned out by the even louder thumping of Jessica's feet as she stepped back in time. The teacher and her assistant had to jump out of the way so they weren't immediately crushed under the giant student. The accident came a moment later, the teacher had demonstrated a twirl after the steps; screams could be heard from Jessica's partner as she stepped forward and swayed her beautiful hips. Her toes and the ball of her foot came closer with each step, the pounding like earthquakes nearly knocking her partner over. She stepped forward but went too far, taking an extra step. There was a shriek as the beautiful and pillow-soft ball of Jessica's foot quickly came down onto the small boy, knocking him onto his back against the floor and immediately flattening his pathetic tiny body, exploding him as if he was a tiny fragile bug; though in reality there wasn't any difference to Jessica. There was a tiny popping sound that came from under her sole as she applied more pressure, accompanied by more crunches as Jessica twirled. She's lifted her feet to step back into position, revealing a smeared blood stain on the hard smooth floor. She smiled and have a laugh at the display, to think someone could be stepped out so easily was hilarious. Jessica reached into her pocket and took out a small handkerchief, she then lifted her foot up so she could see the bottom and the itty bitty blood stain near her toes. She chuckled as she wiped it off, she loved crushing these bugs, and it was too easy and it happened enough to warrant carrying around a rag to wipe the blood off her perfect feet.

The other students screamed seeing the display, they always hated seeing this. Death was a constant around them, being so small accidents happened all the time but it was worse when a giant willingly crushed them like this. You could never tell when or if they'd stop. At least this wasn't as bad as an internet rumor that was going around, where a Giant girl was an exchange student to an all Nano and ended up massacring thousands of them. Her name was Brianna or something like that, the stories were all jumbled, the only thing they all agreed on was that the girl wasn?t even punished, just a little slap on the wrist and an explanation saying it was an accident. Once again nobody with power cared and life went on with little to no change. No one wants to waste time protecting bugs.

After Jessica cleaned off her beautifully soft sole she decided to move on to the next partner. Every student ran to their next partner, Jessica was always the one who decided when they switched, and being ahead of her could be lethal if you weren't fast enough. This was the case right now, the girl in front of Jessica was running to her next partner, but the giant girl was too fast, the nano not even making it half the distance of Jessica's foot before it came crashing down on her. She screamed at the top of her lungs, ?JESSICA NO DON'T!? but her pathetic cries went either unheard or just plain ignored. Another pop came from under her sole as Jessica got into position once again; she didn't even bother cleaning her sole this time, it would all happen again soon. This was how every dance class was every day they had it, making it one of the most dangerous classes in the whole school for Nanos.

It didn't just stop inside the classroom, the class also held concerts a couple times a year for parents or students wanting to attend. The dances by the other classes were fairly decent with very few accidents, and the classes were almost always separated into Giant or Nano, with a large screen above the stage to project the small almost unseeable performances. Jessica's class was the only one that was mixed, forcing the school to also use the projector for them. But this only served to make the violence more intense. The audience could see in full detail how as the students danced the massive Jessica was casually trampling over them, leaving red stations for the janitor to quickly clean during intermission. The audience was shocked, some even left to throw up, others simply gave the dance a bad review. Jessica didn't like getting bad reviews, not at all; so she threatened that if they didn't do better she'd try a tap dancing routine in the concert.

This was the average life for these Nano students in the school, their very existence at the mercy of their giant classmates and the dance goddess that was Jessica.
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