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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm a long time lurker/reader and this will be my first ever story on here, so please give any criticism! This chapter and the next will mostly be setting up characters.

Jake had walked through the school doors, yet again. It was just another school morning like any other day, kids and fellow classmates were flooding the halls, as Jake made his way to his locker.

It was kind of hard for Jake to maneuver through crowds, because even though he was a junior in high school, he was only 5’3. He would generally get eye-level views of shoulders and chests most of the time, but he had grown used to it by now.

Finally, his locker was in sight and he needed to get a textbook for his first class. Suddenly, Jake felt something pull his foot back as he tried to step forward. He lost his balance and fell facedown, fortunately he had caught himself with his hands before faceplanting the ground.

Jake looked ahead of him on the ground, and to his surprise, there were a pair of big feminine feet mere inches away from his face. They were sandal-clad, light brown skinned, her toes were long with bright red nail polish. They were big, yet beautiful and soft looking, Jake couldn’t help but stare from his viewpoint.

Ever since his adolescence, Jake had discovered he had a thing for women’s feet, he could never explain to himself why. However as Jake was admiring the feet that could easily belong to a Greek supermodel, he managed to snap out of it, albeit too late as the huge feet took a small step back.

He tilted his head up and his eyes ran up along this girl’s feet to her tight yoga pants shaped nicely around her calves and thighs, up past that was her upper body covered by a hoodie with the school’s mascot. He couldn’t help but notice the large bust size and even through the hoodie, he could recognize the curves on this girl, he was beginning to realize whose feet he had been ogling…

Finally, his eyes had reached her face, and more specifically, her eyes. This had confirmed his suspicion, it was Ashley Anderson, the star player of the girl’s high school basketball team. The star player, because of her height, she was easily a foot taller than Jake, the tallest girl in the school in fact. She was no string bean either, but she wasn’t fat, just muscular and fit, like an amazon, and from Jake’s vantage point, she truly looked like an Amazonian warrior ready to stomp him out. She had long black hair tied up in a ponytail; her brown eyes were glaring back at Jake.

 “You get a good look, freak?!”  Ashley had a look of disgust on her face. She had clearly seen Jake staring at her feet.

“Oh uh… No! I didn’t- I wasn’t- I mean, sorry I uh fell, heh.” Jake pleaded awkwardly.

“Whatever, weirdo.” she replied brushing him off, already looking ahead, and walked past him going about her day.

“Geez… What a woman…” Jake thought to himself, as he picked himself off the floor, although he knew a short guy like him would never get a tall popular girl like her, he still dreamed about it. He then heard a familiar giggle erupt behind him, Jake sighed, ”Jesse.”

He turned around and as expected, his friend Jesse was laughing at him. Jesse had long brown hair and eyes to match, she was wearing pants and a t-shirt, with a jacket on. Unsurprisingly, Jesse had tripped him, she was always pulling these teasing antics on him. Jesse and Jake had been friends since middle school, when they were roughly the same height. Now however, Jesse had 7 inches on him, standing at 5’10, and she never let him forget who was taller.

“Thanks for that.” Jake said sarcastically, Jesse still laughing. She stepped closer to Jake, throwing her arm around his shoulders.

“I’m sorry, shrimp, it’s just… you’re so fun to push around!” she said while leading Jake to his locker, easily swaying the short guy with her size.

“Good to know I’m just a target for your teasing.” Jake replied as they got to his locker.

“Oh but you’re much more than that!” she hugged Jake tightly as said that, and ruffled his hair up a bit.

“Yeah, yeah… Whatever.” Jake says while fixing his hair back. Jesse let him go and leaned against a locker next to Jake’s. She reached in her jacket pocket and pulled out a bag of gummy bears she had been snacking on earlier. Jake had hardly paid attention, focusing on shuffling things around in his locker.

“So, Jake-y boy… You finish your chemistry homework?” she said as she shoved a couple gummy bears in her mouth.

Jake sighed. “Let me guess… You didn’t finish?” he turned and looked at her, eye level with her mouth, she was obnoxiously chewing her candy, he already knew what she wanted. He couldn’t help but look at her open mouth chewing though, then she stopped and smiled real wide, tiny chunks of gummy candy wedged between her perfect pearly whites could be seen.

“Please? Por favor?” she said in her most angelic expression. She knew that he knew what she wanted, her copying Jake’s homework had become quite too common since they started high school.

“Fine, just be quick about it.” Jake answered as he dug his homework out of his bag. Jesse plopped another gummy bear into her mouth while Jake was fishing through his bag. “Here… Take it.” He handed the paper to her.

“Thanks Jake! You know there’s a reason we’re the bestest of friends!” Jake had been looking at her mouth again, watching the gummy bear inside hopping up and down and getting thrown around by her tongue as she spoke. He looked up into her eyes to see a look of delight. Jesse smiled and stuck out her tongue, the chewed up gummy bear resting on it. “Ithsa gumwi behr!” Jesse tried to say with her tongue out. “Would you like one?” She brought her tongue back in her mouth.

“Uh no, I’m good.” Jake answered.

Jess stuck her tongue out again, and pinched the slobbery gummy bear between two fingers and pulled it out. “Oh come on, Jake-y boy! I chewed it up just for you!” she brought the gummy bear close to his face, but Jake swatted the hand away. Jesse however persisted, “Open up for the gummy plane!” she advanced on Jake, backing him up to his own locker.

“Stop Jesse!” Jake commanded, to no avail. She had her two fingers with the saliva covered, mutilated gummy bear inches away from his face. Jake had his arm on her wrist, desperately trying to push it away. Jesse was stronger however.

“Come on, you know you want it… Hehe!” Jake now had both his hands on her wrist, trying to push it away. Weight wise, Jake wasn’t very big, he was scrawny in fact, and his 5’10 friend was overpowering him. The gummy bear almost made contact with Jake’s face, when Jesse finally relented, laughing. “Fine, shrimp…” she took a step back from him. “But you can have it for later, if you want.” She stuck the still very wet gummy bear to the inside of Jake’s locker door. “Consider it a ‘thank you’ for the homework.” Jesse smiled. She began to walk away, “Now go have fun being the teacher’s pet!”

“Hey! I’m not a… eh, whatever.” Jake stepped forward to rebuttal, but Jesse had already been halfway down the hall. Jake turned back to his locker and grabbed his chemistry textbook, then he couldn’t help but look at the chewed up gummy bear stuck to his locker for a moment. Jake sighed, and shut his locker door.   


Chapter End Notes:

The shrinking should happen at the end of the next chapter!

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