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Author's Chapter Notes:
In which Dominique checks up on the shrunken protagonist. Mostly plot, a tiny bit of mouth play, and a vague overview of the travails of a shrunken man used as a permanent sex toy.

It took a few days before Aaron finally realized that Emma didn't really know what it was that she wanted with him either. He was shifted unpredictably from full sized, to toy-sized, to microscopic, and it seemed to follow no pattern and was done without any of his input whatsoever. He knew that he only had about a week before he was going to be able to see Dominique again, but, with Emma exploring her role as his mistress, and him forced to go along like he actually wanted to be her slave, it felt like an eternity.

Put the kettle on.

Fuck me raw.

Do the laundry.

Sleep inside my asshole.

Give me a massage.

Pleasure me from inside my panties.

Clean the dishes.

Aaron was jerked back and forth between humiliating subservience to her sexual desires, absolute boredom, and literal slavery. Over the course of a single week, he was doing her chores, he was being used as a dildo, or he was left to linger for hours of nothing in whatever place she felt was safe storage when she was busy doing other things. Sometimes it was in the darkness of her underwear drawer, sometimes it was in the heat and stench of her actual underwear.

But she never really let him out of her reach. He suspected it after the promise that he would be giving her press release live and in person never materialized, but it became clear that; she didn't seem to trust him being anything more than a few seconds away from being literally under her thumb. Whatever Dominique had promised about his obedience, she didn't seem to fully believe it, and it meant that he wouldn't have been able to try an escape anytime soon.

If she ever let him into her mind, it was rare that she gave him control over her body. He couldn't tell if her mind was in her body with him, but he did notice that she never left him completely unsupervised, if only by his own body. If she had to leave him out of sight for a while, she did it at a size and in a place from which he would never really be able to escape. If anything, she seemed most comfortable leaving him in his own body, at some diminutive size, trapped somewhere on her body where he was completely subservient to her.

In her underwear was clearly her favorite. Top or bottom, bra or panties, she liked to leave him barely an inch tall and pinned against steaming-hot flesh by a tight cotton prison. He was already tired of it, but he had to endure multiple hours of it a day, sucking down the stink and often the fluid of her, completely at her mercy for when she decided to let him free, or to do something a little more... energetic with him.

The night before she had to finally drop him off with Dominique for the first time, she shrank him down to half an inch and left him on the carpet of her bedroom. She turned it into a game, promising that she would allow him to accompany her full size if she managed to go through her full morning routine without finding him. He tried his best to hide, and spent the first thirty minutes after her alarm went off cowering in a tiny nook between one of the feet of her bed and the carpet.

But she found him, of course, and while she was only half-dressed after getting out of the shower. She didn't bother changing his size or even explaining herself, she just popped him into her mouth and spent the next hour and a half sucking on him like a piece of hard candy, showing him every part of the inside of her mouth, an overactive tongue tossing him about like a rubber ducky in hurricane-churned waters.

He was almost at Dominique, though, that's what he told himself. The only person in his life now who treated him like a person, the closest thing he had to a friend anymore. And his only chance out of this hellish, sex-addled life. Maybe he'd have to endure another week, maybe two, maybe even a month or so, but she would save him eventually, right?

When his saliva-soaked prison finally opened, and Emma's forefinger and thumb pinched his tiny body off her tongue and pulled him into the open air, he was honestly expecting to see Dominique there. Instead, it was Suzy. Full-sized and wearing a loose-fitting bathrobe that made it very clear that there was absolutely nothing underneath it. When she saw his tiny body trapped between Emma's fingers, she broke into a wide, almost overjoyed smile. But, at his size, all Aaron could see was the snarl of a predator.

Ah, fuck.

If anyone asked her, if she ever had the chance to write a memoir about this shit, Dominique would say that she forced herself to live in Suzy's body as she exacted absolute humiliation on the shrunken man after Emma dropped him off. She had to know exactly what was happening, she would say, both to make sure it couldn't get out of hand and to remind herself of the moral weight that rested on her shoulders.

But it couldn't get out of hand, she knew, the shrinkee was functionally immortal. And, truth be told, some part of her deeply enjoyed it. She could never do to these people what Suzy seemed to relish doing, and, even if she could get away with doing it to Suzy, even if she could bring herself to do it, her own little shrunken woman would love the experience. So the sense of humiliation, of absolute domination wouldn't really be there.

These were thoughts she tried not to think. It made her concerned that she wasn't in this for the right reasons. But she couldn't deny that she felt the same thrill that Suzy did when she bid Emma farewell and immediately tossed the tiny man into the rubber cone that fit on the head of her Hitachi vibrator and started to masturbate with it.

Suzy wouldn't even experience anything unique having the little man there, and all he would experience would be a few minutes of painfully violent, noisy vibration. But it was about the domination. She wasn't pleasuring herself with his body, but with the knowledge that his body was her property.

But Suzy, with a seemingly limitless sex drive and a desperation to please her mistress, carried it just a bit too far as usual. One orgasm wasn't enough for her; she spent a few seconds gasping in the bed after the first, and then went for a second. Then, after her whole body heaved in the throes of another climax, her bathrobe slipping off her shoulders, she plucked the tiny man out of the rubber cap, and instead put him directly on her clitoris, underneath the vibrator, for yet a third orgasm.

Dominique didn't need to stick around inside Suzy's mind. She didn't have to watch everything that she did with Aaron's miniscule body, but she chose to. She told herself noble reasons why she did so, but the truth really was that, at some level, she liked it.

When it was all over, Dominique returned to her own mind and walked into the kitchen. Suzy, her face flushed with pleasure, tiny man trapped between her palm and the mattress, looked up at her with adoration. She had no idea what Dominique actually thought of the whole thing; her expression said plainly, "Did I do good, mistress?"

"Well done," Dominique said, bending down and giving the other woman a kiss on the forehead.

Suzy beamed. She looked down at her hand, raising her palm just enough that Dominique could see the poor little bastard trapped underneath it, then she looked up at Dominique as if she was revealing some carefully-guarded secret.

God, in all her years doing this, Dominique had never met anyone as enthusiastic about size play as Suzy. For practical reasons, Interpol couldn't ensure that she would be paired with someone who had her same mission when she started this job, but she had anticipated someone who had been shanghaied into the Program against their will. She had not been prepared for the bizarre, undeniably pleasurable experience of an eager, willing servant.

Suzy had thrown Dominique's entire world into question. She still held hard to her mission, but she was constantly plagued with doubt. How many of the people shrunken by the Program were as eager as Suzy? How many of them had volunteered for it? Or what if she was a spy, and her eagerness was being used to coax blackmail from Dominique? God knew that her seeming love for her job had brought Dominique to tolerate some... less than savory things. She had even done things that she never would have done if she knew that her shrunken partner wasn't loving every second of it; was all that part of a strategy as well?

Dominique remained committed to her job, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had been... polluted somehow. That, even if her witness would be accepted in a court of law, it would be received somewhat less favorably by St. Peter.

That's what made Aaron so important to her. Maybe saving him would provide redemption for her as well. "Leave him to me," she told Suzy.

Suzy hopped to her feet; Dominique couldn't help but glance downwards when her breasts bounced up at the energetic motion. The other woman noticed her glance, and drew her bathrobe over her shoulders, looking up at Dominique with a playful sort of bashfulness. She drew close, fillng the space between them with the heat that radiated from her bare skin, and reached up on her tiptoes to give Dominique a peck on the lips.

Dominique smiled in return, almost sincerely, and Suzy wordlessly lifted her hand to present the shrunken man like a gift. The little guy was a pathetic sight, smaller than her palm, stark naked and curled up into a fetal ball. She knew that it was her job to help him, but he seemed so helpless, so weak...

With both her hands, she lifted Suzy's hand to her mouth, and slurped up the shrunken man like a piece of candy. Suzy's mouth opened in shock and excitement, and Dominique grabbed the back of her head with force, and brought their lips together.

Suzy exhaled in surprise, but folded into Dominique's grip without resistance. The other woman's tongue wormed into her mouth, buffeting against the microscopic man and introducing him into a world of true chaos.

At some level, Dominique knew that she had to keep track of Aaron. She couldn't let Suzy lose him or, God forbid, swallow him. At the same time, she didn't really care what happened to him. If she had to explain herself, she could just brush off whatever she did as necessary to maintain appearances, and he wouldn't know any better. Hell, if she seemed apologetic enough, he might even appreciate her for it.

But, today, Aaron's size was on a schedule. Dominique dislodged her tongue from Suzy's mouth, and she made sure that the tiny man was carried along with her. As their lips parted, Suzy looked up at her adoringly, seemingly waiting for what she would do next.

Dominique had a mouth full of shrunken man, so she couldn't just tell the other woman to go away. Instead, she put her hand on Suzy's shoulder and turned her around, then gave her a light slap on the ass.

Suzy hopped up at her touch, letting out a light gasp and drawing her bathrobe a little closer. She looked over her shoulder at Dominique with a mischevious expression, but she seemed to take the message. She put as much swagger in her step as she could, practically begging Dominique to come back to her, but she did finally make her way to the door. She turned back, blew a kiss at Dominique, and finally vanished.

Dominique locked the door behind Suzy and glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. 18:59. Shit. She spat the little man out of her mouth and into her palm, and dumped him onto the rumpled bedsheets that Suzy had vacated barely a minute ago.

Only a few seconds later, Aaron exploded into the person that he actually was. Dominique wiped the spittle from her mouth, admiring the tight, muscular body that the shrinking process had left him with. But, God, he had been in her mouth not seconds before. There were some safeguards, but when you didn't control a toy's size...

"Welcome back," she said. She lifted her own bathrobe off the hook on the back of the door and held it out for him, inviting him to cover up if he wanted. He leaned up and glanced at Dominique with a skeptical expression that made her worry, for a second, that she had lost whatever trust he had placed in her, but he took the bathrobe and let his gaze fall to the floor.

As he draped the pink terrycloth around his shoulders, it was not lost on Dominique that he was bigger than her, stronger than her, and probably very frustrated with her. He would only have the size advantage for about an hour; keeping him full-sized any longer would arouse Emma's suspicion; but the door was locked, Suzy was certainly out of earshot, and there was a lot that he could do in fifteen minutes if he wanted.

Hopefully, all he wanted was a friendly chat. "How was the week?" Dominique asked.

He sighed. "Not what I expected," he muttered, still looking down at the floor.

Seated at the end of the bed, slumped over and naked beneath Dominique's ill-fitting bathrobe, he cut a pathetic figure, somehow even more so than when he had been helplessly small in the palm of her hand. "How so?" she asked.

"She just... uses me," he complained. "I don't know what she wants, she just does it."

"She doesn't know either," Dominique told him soothingly. "And she's not sure if she can trust you yet."

"I do everything she asks," Aaron protested.

"I know, it just takes time," replied Dominique. "And you'll get a feel for what she wants from you as well."

"But I don't want to be her fucking slave!" he yelled back. "I just want this to be over with."

Dominique sighed. "I know, I know. But it takes time."

"How long?" he demanded.

"Months, I think."

Aaron groaned and fell back onto the bed, and Dominique continued, "If you try to force it, it'll take longer. And, the more she trusts you, the more you get to live a normal life."

"As a slave."

"But not shrunken," Dominique told him. "She has more use for you at full size if she can trust your loyalty."

"She still uses me as a fucking sex toy."

"And she probably will in the future. But being used as a dildo for a few minutes is better than being two inches tall and stuck in her sock for eight hours because she can't trust you out in public," Dominique said sternly. "It's not just about getting free. It's about earning a less shitty life for yourself in the meantime."

Aaron sighed again, and rolled off the bed to his feet. Dominique held her ground as he stepped up to her; even slouching, he loomed over her, seemingly filling the room. Who was the shrunken one here, again? "What can do you?" he asked, spreading his arms helplessly.

"I can hurry it along," Dominique answered. "I tell her that you can be trusted, that you're eager to please, that you just have to be given a chance."


"But you have to promise me you'll actually do that," Dominique continued. "That you won't bolt the first time she leaves you alone in her flat."


"And I might be able to convince her to give you some autonomy when we meet next week," she finished. "Can you do that? Can you wait for a week?"

She could see Aaron grinding his teeth. The last week must have been miserable for him. Surely it hadn't been as bad as how Emma had treated him before bringing him to Dominique and Suzy, but there was something about hope that made suffering even worse. "Do I have a choice?" he asked finally.

"The choice is to wait a week, or to wait a month," Dominique answered. "Trust me. Go along with it."

In response, he just shrugged, and Paige turned her back on him to procure a measuring tape from her nightstand. Even though, in more ways than one, his fate was in her hands, she still felt keenly vulnerable alone in a room with him. She found herself racing to find the measuring tape to keep her back to him for as little time as possible.

"Arms out," she commanded, spreading the tape and turning around. Despite her fears, he had not taken those few moments with her eyes off him to strangle her from behind. He was still standing there, looking sorry for himself.


"Arms out," she repeated. "I'm going to measure you for clothes."


Dominique looked up at him like she couldn't believe how dense he was. "Because, if you have something to wear full-size, she's more likely to make you full-size more often. Now, arms out."

Finally, he complied. As Dominique took his measurements, she explained, "I'll grab a set of clothes and give them as a gift to her next week. I'll tell her to find an occasion to let you wear them, and that you can be trusted out in public. You can make my job easier by making sure that she'll actually believe me when I tell her that."


"Fortunately," she continued, "You have a body worth showing off with the right fit." She leaned down and reached into the folds of his bathrobe to measure his inseam. She was careful to let the back of her hand brush up against his junk when she did so, and she heard him take a sharp breath.

"Like what? A French Maid outfit?" he asked.

Dominique snorted. "Is that what you'd like? I don't think you can pull off fishnets."

"Couldn't hurt to try."

She reached up to take his neck measurement, and he looked back down at her with the closest thing to levity she had ever seen on his face. She looked back up at him, into his bright blue eyes, and was shocked, for a moment, by just how open he looked. How honest. God, he was practically a kid; what did he do to deserve getting wrapped up in this?

She cleared her throat and pulled the tape away from his neck. The moment of intimacy was over, and she felt dirtier for it. Tomorrow morning, she'd be giving this man back to Emma, who believed that he was not only her property, but that he wanted to be. She certainly wasn't the cruelest mistress, but it wasn't an enviable position for anyone with even the gentlest owner.

Aaron, for his part, seemed to notice that he had crossed some line, and quickly cast his gaze downwards. It just made Dominique feel worse. If she actually gave a shit about him, about the person that he was, she'd do something to save him from this life of slavery as soon as she could. But, in all truth, what could she really do?

"Alright," she said, putting on a businesslike air, "You've got until the top of the hour at this size." She stuffed the measuring tape into her pocket and made her way to the bedroom door. "Kick back, relax, whatever. Emma will be back to pick you up in the morning. Do you need anything?"

Aaron seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sudden shift in her attitude. "Uh..." he began.

"Great. Just let me know," Dominique said. WIth that, she ducked out of the room, and slammed the door shut behid her.

Ah, fuck. What was she doing with her life?

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