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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Dominique and Suzy begin their training program for our shrunken protagonist. A bit of crush, domination, some very explicit POV scenery, and moderate plot development.

Dominique had watched the entire thing from the corner of the room. At his size and in his position, the shrunken man stood no chance of noticing her until she intentionally presented herself, so she could observe Suzy do her work. And she did not disappoint. This whole part of the routine was the good-cop-bad-cop bit, and, at least this early, it worked for both men and women. It had to be tailored a bit, obviously, depending on the subject, but she trusted Suzy to set the stage.

And she was in rare form today. Her performance was so convincing that Dominique wasn't quite sure it was just a performance. She could hear every word her little toy said, and she could see enough of what she did to wonder whether or not Suzy's 'bad cop' act was actualy an act. For all the people she had broken, she had never been anything but professional, but this seemed like something else.

Maybe she was imagining things. Suzy finished her routine and walked away from the stunned shrunken man, striding casually off the edge of the table and onto the pillow that waited below; she had to disappear, but the shrunken toy couldn't hear the sound of the tiny woman's body hitting the floor. Dominique drew a breath and set herself in the mindset of the careless dominatrix, the woman who made a business turning living people into broken, willing sex toys.

She walked towards the table, clothed in nothing but her underwear, with utter confidence. Despite her experience, it took a bit of effort to exude that air of pure fearlessness of whatever judgement her shrunken audience could pass on her body. She had done this so many times, and there were so many men and women out there who had seen her like this, and it was still a challenge. Doubly so now, with the stakes as high as they were with this particular contact.

No, her appearance wasn't important, but how she treated the tiny man, in this delicate stage, was crucial. She had actually learned quite a bit from Suzy in this respect; she had to treat them like they wanted to be a sex toy, like it was something they should strive for. After some experimentation, somewhat unintuitively, the message was best communicated in skimpy garb, rather than fully-clothed or even in the nude. Frankly, she didn't like it, but she accepted it as part of the cost for letting her own shrunken toy manage the training the process.

But, with Aaron specifically, there was nuance. She couldn't afford to make him her enemy. She could lean into the 'good-cop' bit, but she could not let him develop any sense of distrust or resentment against her. Otherwise, everything would be ruined.

"Hey, you're finally awake," she said softly as she approached the table. "Good to see you up. You feeling alright?"

She gave it a beat before she kept talking, but she didn't really bother waiting for a response. "So I've heard that you've had trouble... You know... Getting your girl across the finish line," she said, letting the most passive-aggressive twist onto her face that she could muster. She saw the shift in his tiny face, confusion mixed with embarassment. That was a good sign. "Don't worry about it," she continued in a consoling tone. "Me and Suzy... We can fix that for you."

She sat up on the table, which creaked notably under her weight. She couldn't help but notice that the shrunken man's eyes lingered on her ass as it spread out under her. She smiled; she had him right where she wanted him.

"Oh, come on," she said, her voice growing breathy, "I'm sure you can show us what you're made of, right?" She leaned down, not so far as to be imposing, but enough to drive the point home, "Big guy like you, it doesn't matter how tall I am, does it? I bet you can make me come any time you get the chance."

Dominique lowered her voice and leaned in just a bit more, her tone becoming almost conspiratorial, "Suzy doesn't want you to beat this, but I think you're better than her. I'll be watching; if you can make her come, I'll give you a little treat."

She stood straight up, a sultry smile on her lips. "Yeah, I think you're good for this. The ones before you were trash, some of them were so bad that I just let Suzy keep them, but you're better than that, aren't you."

It wasn't a question. It was a fact, a challenge. She left it at that, turning on her heel and walking out of the room, giving as much swagger to her step as possible. She knew that the Aaron's gaze was fixed on her jiggling, panty-clad ass; she could expect no less from a man. But she also knew that Suzy was about to punish him for it, so she felt a little guilty that she had let herself get involved at all.

Aaron watched Dominique leave the room, enjoying the sight of her hips shifting back and forth as she walked away, but wondering what on earth was going on. Suddenly, a massive foot slammed down beside him, followed by another one on the other side. Each impact was so hard that was almost lifted straight off the ground, and he looked straight up to see the most incredible sight of his life.

Suzy stood over him, in all her clean-shaven glory, at full human size. He hated that he thought of it that way, but it was the only way to describe it. He was barely as tall as her ankles, but she stood straddling his tiny body, her hips tilted back and her torso bent forwards. The massive, muscular columns of her legs led upwards for miles, ending finally at her wide hips. Between her legs, he could see the wrinkled brown flesh of her vulva, pointing up to a tight, flat stomach, an appetizing view from beneath her breasts and, finally, her stern and disappointing gaze.

He immediately regretted the fact that he had allowed his eyes to travel so rudely up her body. He let his gaze fall as soon as he met her eyes and saw the look in them, waiting for the inevitable punishment. Maybe her weight would come crashing down on his head, maybe she'd shove him up her ass, or maybe she'd just straight-up eat him. Didn't matter at this point, did it? He was here for his 'reeducation,' and he had no say in how he was going to be treated for an indefinite amount of time.

"What are you looking at her like that for?" a booming voice asked from above him. He looked up and saw Suzy's severe stare still fixed on him. "What the hell would you do to her even if you had the chance?"

Suzy fell into a deep crouch, bringing her face down to meet him, along with a wash of the warm, fishy smell that emanated from between her legs. Her presence drew close to him in sight, sound, smell, and even the warmth of her body so rapidly that he couldn't suppress the fear that rose in his gut. She didn't seem to notice his eyes widen, or his brief attempt to scramble backwards.

"You had a gorgeous woman shove your entire body into her vagina, or nestle you right up against her clit, positions that any man in the world would envy," she said, sounding almost bored, "You should have been able to control her like a puppet from there, and yet you did so poorly that she brought you here, to me."

She looked up, her expression softening into disappointment. "And you're ogling the woman who I love like you could do even half of what I do," she said. After a moment's thought, she looked back down, and let her ass fall to the surface of the table, shaking his world so hard that he was nearly lifted off the ground again. Even amidst the chaos of the moment, he couldn't help but notice how her breasts bounced when she hit the tabletop.

Her legs stretched out, her thighs flatting against the hard wood of the table, and closed, her feet touching far behind him. Panic immediately set in as he realized that, at a whim, she could crush him with her legs. He couldn't escape even if he wanted to. He looked fearfully up at the massive woman, trying not to let his eyes drift down between her legs, where the dark, warm flesh of her labia hung invitingly over the twin globes of her ass that held it up. Her hips were tilted in such a way that he could almost barely see her asshole as well, and she was leaned so far back, her arms holding her weight behind her, that her face seemed a million miles away.

He could absolutely still hear her voice, though, and her gaze was inescapable as she said, "So you think you can please a woman like that, why don't you try to please a woman like me?"

He looked down at her pussy, nearly as tall as he was and almost so far off the ground that he couldn't reach it, then back up at her with disbelief. In response, she drew her feet a bit closer to her, spreading her ass enough to show the dark pucker of her anus, and opening the wrinkled flesh of her vulva just barely enough to reveal a sliver of the bright pink beneath. "Yes, I'm serious," she purred. "Show me what you're made of, little man. Maybe you can prove we should let you go right now."

It was false hope, he knew it, but it still drew him forwards. The thick, heady smell drew stronger with every step, until he thought he'd choke on it. As he got closer, the nauseating smell of shit hit him as well, wafted up from her exposed asshole, creating a truly disgusting mix of body odors. He grit his teeth and accepted this as something he had to do if he wanted his freedom.

The problem was that her pussy was too high up. God forbid she lean forwards and make it easy for him. He drew within arm's reach of the massive woman's crotch, contemplating how he could get up to really start working at her clit, when he heard the booming voice above him, "Hey, I don't have all day."

Fuck. Could he even win at this? He reached up and got both hands between the bottom of Suzy's labia. The flesh was soft, wet, and pliant, but he weighed so little that it barely moved for him. He was able to pull himself up enough to plant his bare feet on either side of the woman's vulva, wedged into the wrinkles between her thighs and her hips. If she opened her legs at that moment, he'd fall down. If she closed them, he'd be trapped. He just had to trust her goodwill, which he absolutely did not.

He slid one of his arms deep between her labia, feeling the warm, wrinkled flesh of her vagina. He hoped that it would anchor him a little better and he could pull himself up, but it just made things worse. Miles above, Suzy giggled, and her entire body responded, the muscles of her vagina siezing rhythmically. Each pulse drew him further in, despite how hard he tried to pull out, until his entire arm was buried in her vagina, his shoulder lodged between her labia and his head turned outwards in an effort to keep breathing fresh air.

Okay, so care was needed. Slowly, using the lips of her labia as leverage, he drew his arm out and started to climb further up. He heard a satisfied moan from the giantess, but it caused no motion in his narrow world of heat and hormones. After only one or two minutes, he got to the point that he could get his lips on the massive woman's clitoris, hidden though it was in her vulva. He was in a precarious position, but he had no choice, he had to make her come.

So he planted his lips on what he hoped was Suzy's clit, and started going to work. He was so tiny that just licking wouldn't do it, he had to bite and chew; not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to at least dent the flesh. Hopefully, it would be enough stimulation to bring her to orgasm, and he'd just have to endure whatever her body did when she finally came.

But nothing happened. After a long, painful sixty seconds, his arms shaking from the effort of holding him up, the massive woman sighed. The expression carried all the way down to him, nearly shaking him lose as her vagina clenched hard. She leaned forwards, and that did shake him lose. He hit the table beneath her just a second before her pussy came crashing down on top of him. All he could see was the soft pink flesh, all he could hear was her heartbeat, and all he could smell was fish.

Great, he thought. If you wanted to come, you should have done this earlier.

But her voice was still loud and clear. "Was that it? You definitely got me horny, but you did nothing else?"
She lifted herself up, just a bit, just enough that he could feel the fresh air and she could grab his fluid-smeared body out from underneath him. In a quick, stomach-churning motion, she drew him up right in front of her massive face. Her dark-brown eyes were as big as his head, and seemed to penetrate to his soul as she said, "So all I want right now is to use you as a dildo." She bit her lip, desire bleeding into her expression, and she looked down, tilting him down as well, just enough that he could see the hot junction between her spread legs. "Is that what you want?" she asked, tilting him back up to look her in the eye again, "You want to be a living aphrodesiac that occasionally gets used as a dildo? If that's so, we're done already. You're ready."

She stared at him for a moment, and it took more than a few seconds for him to realize that she was looking for a response. He hurriedly shook his head, and she continued, "Okay, then, you want to be better. If so, I'm about to tell you a truth you won't like."

Suzy drew him a bit further from her face and said, with nothing but bare naked honesty on her face, "I felt you down there. You shouldn't have bothered with the clit because you didn't have the leverage. You should have just gone straight inside. Do you know where the G-spot is?"

Aaron tried to keep his expression flat, but he was worried that his surprise showed through anyway. He kept silent, hoping that this was one of the massive woman's monologues again, but, unfortunately, it wasn't. A long, awkwardly long period of silence passed before she asked, "Well? Do you?"

After another long, painful period of deliberation, he finally shook his head. "No," he admitted, not even sure she could hear his tiny voice.

"Okay then," she said, nodding. To his surprise, there was nothing on her expression but acceptance, as if he had told a mechanic that he had a flat tire. "We can fix that."

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