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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which our hapless male hero enacts his escape plan. Role reversal with almost all content from the GTS perspective, to include anal, masturbation, and a blowjob. About two sentences of tiny vaginal insertion.

This was not the first time that Emma had been in public with a butt plug, so she was a bit surprised that it had taken this long for it to occur to her that the little man would make a perfect one. It wasn't quite the vibrant stimulation of a vibrating plug, but she could feel his squirming and it was just as good, especially knowing that it was the struggles of a tiny man trying to keep from getting sucked up into her asshole.

After thoroughly inspecting herself in the mirror to make sure that nothing showed, she left, feeling quite satisfied with herself. Just a quick trip to the grocery store and back, she promised the little man silently. See if you can hold on that long. She'd have to think of things to do with him when she got home; an hour or so with a living buttplug would get her pretty worked up. 

Interesting fact: there was an entire subreddit devoted to her bum, which was flattering in a voyeuristic kind of way. She had a pretty firm policy against nudity, but that didn't stop the creeps from salivating over every angle they could find of her. She wondered how many of the perverts would switch places with her little toy if they had the opportunity. She could, but she didn't particularly want to, at least not yet.

Maybe when they got back. An idea of how she could use the little man started to form in her head, and she was getting horny enough that it sounded like damn good fun.

As she walked around, feeling the little man's continued struggles against her ass, she guessed with a mental shrug that she really couldn't judge the creepers. They might like looking at her ass, but she had a human being trapped inside hers at Aldi's. That was a level of sexual perversion way above a bit of celebrity porn.

She didn't even realize that the gentle tickling was making her flex her pelvic muscles involuntarily until the tenth or so time that it had happened. When she finally noticed, she had to stifle a giggle. That had to be painful for him. Just for fun, she stood straight and clenched her asscheeks together, as hard as she could.

He struggled quite a lot when she let go, and she giggled again, and carried on with her shopping. The only time she had to really worry about him was when she got into the car, taking care how she sat down so that her weight didn't push him all the way inside her. Then, during the twenty-minute drive home, she slowly shifted her weight so that more and more of it was pressing down on his head, feeling his struggle to stay free intensify. It was like turning the vibration on high.

The very first thing she did when she got home was strip herself completely naked to give the little man some air to breathe. Then, as she started putting the groceries away, she said, loud enough for him to hear down there, "We're going to switch spots, okay, love? Kick a little if you can hear me."

She felt the dull pressure inside her as he kicked his legs, and she smiled. "I want to enjoy a little bit of what you've enjoyed, so you're gonna take over up here and I'll take over down there. Sound good?"

He didn't respond for a second, then she felt him kick again. She gave him a playful squeeze and giggled. "Don't do anything that would make me punish you, okay? Remember, I can check in any time."

She let him into her mind in preparation for giving him control, then a thought occurred. "Oh, and, one last thing. If you shove me all the way in there, the game's over. You can stew in there yourself."

Emma gave him control and switched to her mind. The assault on her senses was overwhelming, exactly what she had hoped for. She couldn't masturbate as him or risk sliding in, so she waited to see what her little toy would do now that the roles were reversed.


Suddenly, he was Emma Watson. In the few seconds he had before the transition, he thought of every way possible that he could use the opportunity to escape his situation, but every single one of those could be stopped before he even hit the door. Even so, this was the first and best chance he got to escape this ridiculous life as her sex toy.

But the shock of the transition, the moment he turned into her, made him forget about that for a moment. He was compelled suddenly to learn his way around his new body, feel its strength and its shape. He had spent plenty of time behind Emma's eyes; able to experience everything she did but unable to control it; so he was familiar with the weight and rhythms of her body. But he had never had the chance to inspect her this way; even when she looked in a mirror, he couldn't control the focus of her eyes.

He raised his... her... right arm, marveling at how light, how thin, how almost fragile it seemed. His left hand ran up her thigh, fingers playing across the smooth skin and gentle curve, gripping her ass briefly just to feel how it felt. It didn't really have the erotic thrill he expected. 

He cupped one of her breasts, looking down in fascination as he gently squeezed it and ran a thumb over the nipple. It stiffened almost immediately, and he felt a shiver, a gently whispered promise of ecstasy, wash up and down her body. That was the thrill he had been expecting, and a subtle but insistent voice in the back of his head rose up, demanding satisfaction. He instinctively knew how to get it, too, but he suppressed the urge. He didn't have time for that.

He had to figure out how to escape. He didn't know how long he had, but it wasn't long. Emma was in his body, apparently either perverted or horny enough to enjoy the experience that had been his torture for the last few hours, but she could get tired of it any moment and steal control back from him without warning. She could even be watching him right now, making sure he didn't do anything like exactly what he was planning to do.

Jesus, could she read his mind? She hadn't given any indication that she could yet, but he was thinking her own thoughts in her brain, and she was in his mind. He didn't know the specifics of her powers, nor did he really know that much about biology, but that uncertainty left him scared. 

There was no way to help it. If she could read his mind, she was either playing with him or would have shut him down already. In either case, he had to figure out what to do, and fast.

He had to distract her, that was the key. Do something that make her want to stay in his body. He could feel the pressure inside him; even the subtle motion of her struggling to keep from sinking further in was a strong, highly sensual feeling. That was when the most obvious choice in the world occurred to him.

He ran her left hand between her legs and slowly started to massage, rubbing her fingers in circles until he closed in on the spot, and a gentle spike of pleasure made him gasp suddenly.

If she let him keep doing this, it meant that she wanted to ride it out in his body, or so he hoped. He was slow, trying to keep a clear head as the pleasure became more pronounced and the lust more insistent. He needed some way to get a message to the outside world in a surreptitious way.

There, a stack of sticky notes on top of the refrigerator. He grabbed one and the pen that was next to it, trying to click the pen as quietly as possible. He even let out a little moan to cover the noise. He wrote his note and quickly put everything back.

She hadn't stolen control from him yet, so she didn't notice, but he had to put the note somewhere where she wouldn't find it, but her boyfriend would. The bedroom was across the apartment; that was the best spot, he figured, since she always slept on the same side of the bed. So, still rubbing her clit, he made his way quickly to the bedroom and crashed onto the bed.

Slipping the note underneath his pillow, he leaned back, tilting her hips up so he wouldn't smother his own body underneath his ass, then gave completely into the building lust.

He alternated between massaging her clit and fingering her, aggressively seeking more and more pleasure instead of savoring the rise to orgasm like she did. He had been behind her eyes when she masturbated before, and the pleasure that her body gave her was like nothing he had ever experienced as a man. But being in control of it was a totally different animal. Feeling the penetration but not being able to control it had an uncomfortable similarity to being raped, but now he could lie back and enjoy it thoroughly.

The sensation of his body struggling in her asshole was electrifying, too; he could totally understand why she had done it. He could feel his body in her ass through the wall of her vagina, and tried not to let the thought of being back in his own mind spoil the mood.

She came in about five minutes, and he lost everything to the pleasure. Her entire body seized up, desperate gasps escaping her lips, her back arcing and her pelvic muscles squeezing almost painfully hard. It was incredible. It could have lasted five seconds or five hours; in that moment, he had no concept of time.

When he came down enough to control her body again, he tried starting again, going back for the clit before her muscles had stopped clenching. But it was far too sensitive. He couldn't even touch it without gasping, so he just lay back, face flushed and breathing heavy, as he rode the steadily-declining wave of pleasure.

Suddenly, he could no longer control her breathing, and he knew immediately that she had locked him out. "Wow," she said aloud. "That was so fucking hot. I'm glad you had fun, but you didn't let me get any." 

She rolled over onto her side and bent one of her legs up. She reached behind her and grabbed his tiny body by the arms, pulling him out of her asshole. He was tickled for a moment by how much the sensation felt like taking a shit, and was surprised when he heard the tail end of a giggle escape her lips.

He was in control again? He rolled over and saw himself standing there, a full six feet tall again, stark naked, hands on hips, and with a raging erection. He eyed her... himself, for a moment, confused, until his own body said, in a British accent that seemed wildly out of place, "Well, go on then, suck it."

What the fuck? What kind of twisted shit was that? A tremendous range of conflicting emotions ran through his head, not the least of which was disgust. He had never even thought about sucking his own dick before, but now he had to do it as Emma Watson? 

The only comfort was that it was far from the most disgusting thing she had done to him thus far, and, when he was done, she would be left with the taste of cock in her mouth, not him. Slowly, reluctantly, he brought her body up to his, and she took a step back, forcing him to get off the bed and onto his knees. He gave himself one last look, and his face just raised its eyebrows pointedly. 

Think of it as getting a blowjob from Emma Watson, he told himself. You can even make the bitch swallow. Wondering how the hell his life had gotten to this point, he wrapped her mouth around his own cock, trying not to gag at the salty, fleshy taste.

Just get it over with. He started sucking, licking the shaft up and down, fondling the balls, trying as hard as he could to do it without opening her eyes. He tried every trick he could think of, but there was no way he was good at this. What guy possibly could have been?

The only silver lining was that, after being worked up for so long, his own body barely lasted two minutes. His body groaned above him, and the flex of his own cock and sudden shoot of sperm into the back of her throat took him by surprise. He forced himself to swallow it as quick as possible, slurping down as much as he could before she recovered from the orgasm and took control again. 

It was disgusting and slimy, but not anything he hadn't experienced tiny already. At least this was some small bit of revenge. As he felt his cock go limp in her mouth, he lost control again, and Emma stood up and stepped back. He watched through her eyes as his body rapidly shrunk, and she wiped her mouth. "I was wondering if you'd swallow. You must like the taste more than I thought."

Before he knew it, he was back in his own body, barely four inches tall and staring at a giantess as she straightened her hair miles above him. "I get why guys like that so much," she said, bending down and grabbing him. She didn't even care to look at him. "You don't have to do anything."

Without delay or preamble, she shoved him headfirst into her vagina. The cool, bright air of the outside world transitioned into the heat, pressure, and fluids of her body in a way that he had experienced a hundred times. It still never ceased to be an assault on his senses so profound that his body started to involuntarily struggle, some deep-seated instinct that told him that he was being swallowed and had to fight with his life to escape.

There was no escape, though, and his struggles ceased in seconds. He could never fight against the strength of her body at this size. But now was different, now there was a sliver of hope. A tiny seed planted that, if he was lucky, would blossom into freedom at last.  

He could only hope that she didn't find out too soon.

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