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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Emma tries to drive her toy's new place in life home. Shower POV, a bit of low-impact foot crush, vaginal insertion, and anal insertion. Updated at the same time as Chapter 8.

The sink cut off and Aaron felt a quiet thud in the pipes below him. Emma dried her hands quickly, then turned back. She placed her hands on either side of him and leaned over; her brown eyes seemed to stare directly into his soul. She wore no makeup and her hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail, but that didn't stop her tight-lipped, half smile from looking absolutely malicious. It took all his strength of will just to meet her eyes.

"Just so you know," she began. That British acccent that he had heard for so long from inside her own head sounded very different now that he was outside her body again. "You didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to show you what that was like. It wasn't pleasant, was it?"

Aaron finally broke eye contact, letting his gaze fall and shaking his head. "No," he muttered.

"What was that? Speak up, love."

"No," he repeated, louder.

"That's why I didn't make you ride out the whole thing. Just a little taste of it." She giggled, crouching down and folding her arms on the countertop. She rested her chin on her hands and eyed him for a few seconds. "It wasn't a punishment, just a taste of one." She reached out and put a single giant finger under his chin, lifting his gaze to meet hers. Her expression was very serious now, her eyes at a height with his head, "I'd never do that to you. Not unless you make me, understand?"


"Yes, mistress."

"Yes... mistress," he repeated. Her finger came away and his gaze fell back down. 

With that, Emma stood back up, and, with a rustling of cloth, peeled off her sweatpants and sweatshirt, revealing just a pair of pink boyshorts underneath. He knew what was there already, he had been in her mind when she put them on the morning before, but he still couldn't help but look. She was an evil bitch, but, God, she was pretty.

She reached into the shower and turned it on, then stripped the boyshorts as well, kicking all the clothes into a pile on the far side of the bathroom. Aaron felt the room start to warm as steam slowly wafted out of the shower, and just watched, appreciating a view that he knew that most people didn't get, as Emma walked around stark naked to discard her scrunchie, let her hair down, grab her towels and place them just outside the shower.

She opened the door, then paused, looking at him. "Well?" she asked.

It took a minute for him to process what she wanted. She wanted him in the shower with her? That was... different. He approached the edge of the sink, and looked down at what felt like a fifty foot fall apprehensively. He looked back up at her to protest, and she cut him off, "It's fine, just jump, you big baby."

That was a hard thing to do, but he forced himself to do it, hearing the sternness in her voice and afraid to anger her any further. He hit the ground with a thud and collapsed facefirst onto the cold tiles. He heard her stifle a giggle, but it didn't really hurt. He struggled up to his feet and started walking towards the shower, breaking out into a jog when he saw her eyebrows raise impatiently.

He had to climb over the lip into the shower, the green tiles at about waist height for him, and then he scurried over into a corner where the water wouldn't be striking him directly. The water flowing over the tiles and into the drain was at ankle height for him, but he had to fight against it in certain places to keep from getting swept off his feet.

Emma followed him in and shut the door, trapping the heat and steam in and making everything echo. Aaron looked up at her from midway up her ankle, admiring the jiggling of her ass that came with every little step.

"So you understand," she said, as she soaked herself down and started to shower. Hot water bouncing off her body struck him as a fine haze, but it felt like a shower all of his own. "My panties, my bra, my pussy, they're the best places I can keep you. It's not a punishment if I shrink you down and tuck you up under my clit, it's just normal."

Aaron had to dodge her foot as she turned around to grab her shampoo; she wasn't even looking down at him. She just left it unsaid that it was his responsibility to keep from getting caught underfoot, and, if he failed, that was his problem.

"If I give you the chance to please me," she continued. "You take it. You should want those chances, even if you don't like being in my panties now. So letting you into my mind isn't a reward, it may just be because I'm tired of masturbating.

"If I punish you, you'll know it, and you'll know why. Having sex with me, being allowed to walk around my apartment, joining me in the shower like this, those are rewards."

A sudden deluge of soapy water struck him like a brick wall, driving him to his back. Before he could get back up, Emma's foot swung around and landed right on his upper body. All her weight settled down on him immediately, and he kicked and squirmed, but she acted for all the world like she didn't even notice. Jesus, this was a reward?

He could still hear her booming voice, though. "So enjoy it while it lasts. In case you didn't know, this is just a 'thank you' for enduring that little trip through my intestines. You had to see what it was like eventually, and you have been good enough not to really deserve it."

Her foot lifted up, and he quickly scampered to safety before it came back down. He heard a thud, and Emma muttered, "Fuck." He was just barely able to notice that she had dropped the bar of soap before she dropped into a deep crouch to recover it. Her ass came down on him faster than he could believe, and drove right down on his head, knocking him down. When she stood back up, she shifted her foot, sweeping up a huge wave of water that carried him helplessly across the slick tiles to the drain.

He lay there on his back, looking up at her body from between her legs. It was an unflattering perspective, staring up at where her thighs met her hips, the fold of her ass and the brown wrinkle of her labia. It wasn't pleasant, either, as water ran down her body and dripped from her crotch directly on to him. But it was probably the safest. Who stepped on their shower drain on purpose? 

Aaron stood back up, noticing with disgust the tangle of red hair that was on top of the drain. At least here he could get a secondhand shower from the soapy water that dripped off her body.

"I've got a few things to do today, so you're coming with me once I dry off," she continued. "My boyfriend is out of town, so you know what to do. I might let you out when we get home if you're good."

The sound of running water came to an abrupt stop when Emma shut off the shower. Then, either by accident or out of malice, her foot swiped Aaron hard, knocking him clear out of the shower and onto the cold, tiled floor of the bathroom. As Emma grabbed a towel and dried herself off, the drops of water that flew off her body hit him like cannonballs, driving him helplessly to the ground. Aaron tried to struggle to his feet, find a safe place from the routine of the giantess' life, but every move she made seemed deliberately intended to torture him. Eventually, her right foot kicked him clear across the room, and his chaotic tumble only came to a stop when her left foot came down on his chest. He was pinned, helpless, as the full weight of her body pressed down on the ball of her foot. 

Aaron looked up, gasping under the pressure, at the beautiful shape of the giantess' body. The pale, well-muscled flesh of her thighs leading to the gentle curves of her ass. The spread of her legs protecting the wrinkled brown skin of her lasbia. A thought flashed through his head; what would it be like to be jammed up in that hot, sensual mess; and it was immediately suppressed by disgust. He had already spent days under the torture of Emma's genitals, how could he lust for more?

Both the question and the answer was immaterial. Emma bent down and snatched Aaron from underneath her foot. The sudden release of pressure left him gasping, but it only lasted a few seconds as she straightened up and led his tiny body between her legs. He didn't even have the time to catch his breath before he was rocketing towards the heat of her crotch. 

Before he knew what was happening, his back was pressed against the hot flesh of her pussy. Her middle two fingers supported the weight of his body, and the rest of the fingers on that hand were drawn back in preparation for what came next. Struggling did nothing, but his instincts would not be denied. His hands gripped her fingers futilely, and his legs kicked under the false impression that there was anything he could do to stop the next step.

He had a split-second view from between her legs, the expanse of her thighs reaching down to the ground far below. It was the view he imagined her clit enjoyed every day. He could get used to seeing the world from that perspective, but he knew already that he would have to endure much, much worse from Emma before he would see that sight again.

Suddenly, her middle two fingers slammed against his chest, and he was driven ass-first into her vagina. The bright, airy sight of the world outside was replaced with an oppressive universe of heat, flesh, and wet. Every move he made was accompanied by the pounding of the giantess' heartbeat; the squelching of lubricant against flesh was the only noise that could overwhelm the rapid thud-thud of the giantess' heart.

Aaron was folded in half like a dollar bill, the pressure of the giantess' pussy squeezing him together harder than he knew they were capable of, and bending his body further than he knew he was capable of. His head was between his legs, something he had never done by himself, but at least it didn't hurt. God only knew what contortions his body had undergone when he had been trapped between Emma and her lover when they had sex, but this incredible expression of flexibility was the first that had lasted long enough for him to appreciate. If he could have bent over any more, he'd have been able to suck his own dick, which was, against his better judgement, painfully hard right now.

That was something that had been a constant lately. Maybe the profound sense of intimacy with the giantess was more significant than the helplessness he felt as her toy. Maybe it was the voyeurism of the routine sight of the most private parts of her body, or maybe it was just the hormonal overload of being forced to taste her pussy day in, day out. But his dick had been hard for the last few weeks even though he had felt no desire to relieve himself. Release had come on its own through various ways, including the impossible extreme of Emma taking control of his body and using him to fuck herself.

But his body seemed to be so much hornier than he was. He sought not sexual release but just a way to make himself more comfortable. The blood was pooling in his head, making the noisy rushing of the blood in his ears almost as loud as the distinct thud-thud­ of the giantess' heartbeat. But the worst part was that he didn't have near the strength to right himself. He was able to get his arms underneath him, but just pushing up far enough that he could bend his body straight up felt like trying to right himself when there was an elephant sitting on him.

After about five minutes, Emma rewarded his efforts with a quick squeeze of her pelvic muscles, which slammed his face against the opposite wall of her vagina and left him gasping with exhaustion, more fluid than air sliding down his throat with every breath. Aaron stopped trying to right himself, enduring the torture of her everyday motion instead. The booming of her heart pulsed the walls around him, every step she took shook him left and right, and his entire world was run through with oppressive heat, overwhelming stench, and a seemingly endless source of salty bodily fluids.

He couldn't enjoy any of it like she said he should, but he knew that, eventually, she would want something else. She would probably use him as a sex toy, and he could endure those few minutes to earn a new, more comfortable position. In all likelihood, he wouldn't be stuck like this for more than a day, and that was something that he could endure.

Something inside him rebelled against that line of thought. That was what she wanted, he told himself. She wanted him to break, to become used to the torture of being stuck inside her body. If he came to view even one of his experiences inside her as favorable, she had won. He had to fight constantly, regardless of the consequences, and eventually he would know freedom.

That realization reenergized him, and he started to squirm. Basically all he could accomplish in his position was a very aggressive massaging of the walls around him, but it was enough to get the giantess' attention. Emma punished him with a brief squeeze of her pelvic muscles, but he had the will to wait until the pressure had passed to keep struggling. The third contraction that came lasted for a full minute, and he couldn't tell if it was the natural response to his efforts or a willful contraction. But Aaron was confident that continuing to struggle, proving his worth as a human being who didn't deserve to be treated as a sex slave, would turn out well for him in the end. The moment the pressure let up, he started to squirm again. But his freedom, such as it was, only lasted for a few more minutes.

Before he knew it, Emma's gigantic fingers dug into her vagina. Her middle two fingers forced themselves between him and the fleshy walls. She pulled him out in a flash, and, free from the pressure of her pelvic muscles, he unfolded into a wet, overheated mess in her palm, coughing up bodily fluids and taking his first desperate breaths of fresh air.

"You almost got me there. I guess you took my advice to heart," she said in a low whisper. Amidst the shock of being reintroduced to the outside world, Aaron was just barely able to process his surroundings. He was in a public bathroom, it seemed, and Emma sat on a toilet with her pants and underwear around her ankles. What advice was she talking about? Was it that one-sided conversation in the shower? He had spent the entire time trying not to get crushed underfoot, he hadn't really been paying attention to her dominatrix monologue.

She drew her face closer to her hand, or her hand closer to her face; it was hard to tell at this size. All he knew was that the pale skin, lightly-dusted freckles, and penetrating brown eyes of her face grew to a terrifying scale. There was a hunger in her eyes, and a half-grin below them. She chewed on her lower lip contemplatively for a second, then said, "I have an idea. You're not gonna like it much, though."

Aaron was terrified that Emma would swallow him alive, but what came next surprised him. Emma lifted her ass off the toilet seat and bent down into a deep crouch. As she shifted him around in her hand, he didn't realize that she had been playing with his size until he was fully six inches tall. 

He didn't realize her plan until he felt his feet pressed up against her asshole. He tried to struggle but he was fighting against the strength of a fist that was a hundred times stronger than he was. Before he knew it, his body was consumed by her anus up to his waist. Her grip shifted on his tiny body, and another thrust pushed him all the way down to his chest. Only the spread of his arms kept him from sinking any further in. 

Her hand drew away, but she stayed in the deep crouch. Aaron could feel the slimy heat of the giantess' colon enveloping his body to his chest. The massive bulk of her buttcheeks threatened to consume him the moment she stood up, and there was nothing he could do to escape it. The stink of shit was overwhelming, even worse than the fishy stench he endured while stuck under her vagina. 

"Don't move too much unless I say," the giantess' voice echoed down from far above. "Or you're going all the way in."

With that, Emma stood up, and the muscular flesh of her buttcheeks clamped down on Aaron's head. Only the breadth of his shoulders kept him from getting sucked all the way into her colon, but her ass still closed down with a predatory will on him. His thin view of the outside world narrowed to nothing as the giantess' ass pressed down on his upper body. And even that narrow sliver darkened as she pulled up her underwear, then her pants.

The extra pressure of her pants pressed her ass cheecks down even harder on him. Every step she took was torture. The gentle swaying of her hips was nauseating enough when he was sheltered inside her, but now her ass cheeks clenched against him every time her foot hit the ground, and jiggled spasmodically when her foot lifted.

It was like her ass was trying to chew him alive. The muscle on one side flexed hard, forcing him mercilessly into the other one, which bounced like jell-o before clenching without warning and shoving him back.

He had no doubt it would have been a nice thing to watch from the outside, but, from here, the almost-rhythm of the motion was pure chaos. The heat and the stench was overwhelming, and the pressure exerted on him by the flexing muscles felt like being crushed under a steamroller. A steamroller that rolled over his back, then his front, then his back, alternating over and over again forever.

To make matters worse, he constantly had to fight just a little bit to keep from sinking further in. Every time she took a step, he slid an inch or so into her anus, and, if he didn't push his way back out immediately, the next step would have forced his arms over his head and he would have completely lost his leverage.

He wasnt confident that Emma wouldn't have enjoyed having him lost all the way up her ass, but it was absolutely the last thing he wanted to happen. So he put all his focus on staying out, however torturous the innocuous routine of her walking was, and trying to move as little as was required to keep his head out of her asshole.

God, how long was this supposed to last?

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